Did I read that correctly that the strategy items won't have speed on them? If so, this is the best news of the whole post.


"Core" ones won't. There might still be program ones like last year


As long as they expire after a while, then that should be good, but they did say there is only 3 slots now (offense, defense, and team affinity) so I wonder if they've scrapped the program specific ones?


Could see them being a time gated offense or defense. Or perhaps they will be in the team chem one and use the promos as the team aspect of kt


That's what it seems like to me as well. There may still be speed boosts for program specific cards (like there may be a headliners strat item that boosts speed to all Headliner cards) but that's way better than a +2 speed boost to all WRs/DBs like in 22.


This will save the entire year for me. No Escape Artist as ability, no speed boost on strats and a free battle pass makes this a year to look forward to


I can't find a single change here that I don't like; well done. Next up lets focus on H2H matchmaking!


They can fix H2H matchmaking by implementing the necessary gameplay changes to get the skill gap back where it should be. This year was overrun by the players who ran PA Crossers coupled with the Madden Man Defense Blitz Special.


As a solo battle player I don't like the 28 games a week change. Seems like a lot if you want to compete for top 100. Unless I'm missing something.


Sounds like there won’t be a top 100


Hmm that will be interesting then


28 games of that horseshit on All-Madden will be hazardous to my controllers.


This entire post is such a W….good to see that EA might’ve finally listened to the community so let’s see if they keep it up


I just want them to try this year. Don’t disrespect the legend on the cover. Just try EA. You’re doing really good so far


Agreed. 28 solo battles is scary but I'll wait to judge on that. I wasn't 100% sure I was getting this year's game but this article showed me enough QoL changes that I'll probably jump in even if I'm just playing casually this year.


28 is a lot but 4 a day is a good idea i think if you just knock them out fast. Agreed that the QOL changes are a great sign


You think we have to play all 28?


There are some genuinely fantastic quality-of-life changes in here. This is really good stuff -- can't wait to see it in action. Kudos, EA.


Wow. Lotta good menu/QOL changes. Here’s hoping the gameplays improved as well.


changes are a W especially sets in the binder


These all sound like walking Ws…..WHAT IS GOING ON




they are going towards the MLB the Show method and I can't be more happy about it


W post from the quality of life improvements with adding stuff to your set straight from your binder to being able to play weekend league any day of the week and getting rewards right when you finish.


Getting rewarded for playing squads with the bois is a nice feature that’s underrated. They went with the Diamond Dynasty model of reward paths and programs and it’s a W in my book.


Wait, what? EA got rid of rewards for squads? I didn’t read that in the article.


No they didn’t. But squads counts towards the comp xp path to card rewards


Ah got it! Now that I re-read your post, I get what you were saying. Scared me for a minute lol I hate that you don’t get crap for squads in the show.


I stayed cynical about madden after 22, but this sounds like a complete 180.


The only thing I’m curious about is they say the way you earn rewards from solo battle is through the competitive field pass which will be interesting


I hope this saves us from the Top 100 grind we all cheese through. Make it more FUN. Instead of the stress for playing a game.


I’m just hoping there’s enough rewards in the competitive field pass because it looks like you can work your way up that pass with h2h weekend league and solo battles


This feels huge. I’m sure there will be plenty of bugs in new features but it seems like they’re really trying with these changes.


They’ve crushed any exceptions I’ve had for this game out of the park. Yeah I wasn’t expecting much but this is wow.


The 16th can’t come soon enough!


Do you know--with EA Play can we play 10 hours of MUT 3 days prior to the 16th? (can I play MUT on August 13? lol)


That's not happening until the 16th. IIRC, they're doing the EA Play trial at the same time as pre-orders get early access.


Why did I get downvoted?


Not sure why but you def shouldn't have been. You were incorrect but people make mistakes and it shouldn't be seen as some awful thing lol


I was literally just asking a question lol. This community is so toxic


This is beast.


These all seem like huge, and much needed, changes. Obviously, we'll see how it is once the game drops, but I'm excited for the first time in a long time for a new Madden. ​ I'm really happy with the Weekend League change. I'm not home most of the weekend, so trying to squeeze out 25 games in 3 days is damn near impossible for me unless I'm stuck at home all weekend. Being able to play those 25 games over the course of a week is massive.


If this doesn’t make you excited then idk what will. Rare huge W for EA


Humongous W’s you can’t deny it. Cautiously optimistic as always


Wow. I’m shocked at all of the positive changes. I might finally come back to MUT after a few years away.


They should allow squad play in Solo Battles if its Objective Based. Would be great to have content to always play with my friends who never have a team good enough for H2H.


"For MUT Draft, we have removed Ranked in effort to create healthier matchmaking pools." I must be reading this wrong, as this makes me think you can no longer play human opponents in draft mode. Could that possibly be true? It is (or was) the best mode in the game imo...


I think that means it will just be a "Casual" mode. Against humans, but no leaderboard or ranking.


I wonder what that would look like in terms of the tournaments. If you win all 4 games, they don't keep track of it? Or even worse, you draft a new team every game? I wish they gave it more than one paragraph of explanation.


If that means MUT Draft is up-to-date again, then that's nice. I don't buy Madden anymore, but when it gets put on Gamepass, my brother and I like to snag it to play the draft mode against each other. It's pretty fun usually. But shoot even playing the game in February or March (whenever it was added to GP, can't remember), the draft cards were all still base cards. Kinda figured that meant it was gonna be removed this next year since they didn't ever update it, but I guess not!


Feel bad for all those “MaDDeN is just new rosterzzz” people who might miss out on some great improvements.


Most of all this is good and well done. Still iffy on powerups because getting rid of it and pup passes are just going to force everyone to after every single player card and it's going to make ppl spend more money most likely. Also disappointing to not hear anything about possibilty of having a mut practice mode. Doesn't seem like it would require much other than loading a users mut roster in practice mode. Also stats. Would love to see card stats work better than last year but even more franchise like stats. Even if its just a top 10 or 20. Mut passing leader qb their using same for rushing and wr and then defensive leaders sacks etc. Even it's just anything more than what we got. So far tho I like the way the passes sound and I like having more solo battles. Also from what I've seen broke down on streams the actual game play changes seem all good and also seem to benefit the way I already play so yea. Have not bought madden in 2 years but this year I got more into it and built the best mut team I ever had. My bday falls on nfl opening week so might just wait till then and ask for a Microsoft gift card or something so I can play all year for a change.


Rare W for EA. Stating off MUT season right.


Massive W




You get all of them, they just earn rewards differently than each other


Sweet! Thankyou that's great!


Just when I was about to take the year off they might have pulled me back in!


I'd love to get some input on the powerup situation. They say they are dialing it back this year and that when you obtain the latest and best version of a player, that’s it. Does this mean that RP auctionable players like the ones we are getting from the start wont hold their value as much? Meaning their prices wont rebound later in the year when people want to put them into powerups, instead they will just constantly lose value? Hmm.


RPs never went in powerups


I shouldnt have said RP then. Power ups in 22 would sometimes take a few different versions of a player and the cards that go in would fluctuate price. Does this mean that cards wont hold value as much is my question.


Probably yes. But to not have to sink training into upgrades and downgrades or rely on a LTD or redux card in the path is better for most in long run imo


Yes but you no longer have currency sink of having to put all that into power ups so now you can use those resources getting more cards. Madden has only had power ups for like 5 years. As someone who has played entire seasons of MUT with and without. Without is soooo much better


Damn near brought a tear to my eye. MUT IS BACK


i think MUT still needs a major overhaul. not excited this year at all. Really starting to feel like they are just stripping my team away and making me pay a shit load of money just to rebuild it. We need new players, new customized game modes, new team building features....something. QOL improvements are great but its not worth spending money on.


Eventually Awesome. Thanks EA! Excited for this year’s Madden.




I will miss the Top 100 Weekend League leaderboards. Other than that, this is a massive W


Curious about the 'one and done' mode Does that mean they will always be a house rules type option? If so that's a huge w


Imagine in 23 if you lose a H2H game you have one of your players taken 💀 or y’all actually bet on the game with coins,bucks, players or training pts.


Thank God power ups are gone. I remember the first year they started that. Disgusting


Cautiously optimistic, but it's mostly window dressing if the gameplay still sucks and rewards are more nerfed. We'll see.


I like the power up changes. It was getting so tedious.


I haven’t played ultimate team since Madden 18 but these changes actually kind of look nice. Moved to Diamond Dynasty but thinking of coming back.


RIP powerup pass madden 18-22


Quality of life yaaaay. Most likely the game’s still gonna feel the same as it has the past few years. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for the whole thing, I just don’t get so excited for menu changes. Glad they seem to have hit with the community tho. Bout time. Not like they don’t make billions off us in this mode


this is all sounding good...but if the menu/UI is still going to be ridiculously slow and laggy again this year that's a massive L. its great that they change all these colors and kinda change the layout...but the font is still small as fuck and the overall navigation of the UI is a mess. hopefully they did something to fix their server performance


So all madden seasons? Hnnnnnngg


Sooooo fuck MUT Draft again huh?


They’re gonna update it throughout the year? Not sure what you’re mad about


They took out ranked. Addressed nothing regarding rewards. Then only said they'd commit to updating player pool which they lied about all last year.


Hmmm. You’re rewarded immediately for Weekend League and Solo Battes?? Does that imply there won’t be additional rewards for top 100. Feel like most the excitement was striving for that top 100 finish


There probably will still be rewards for top 100 but there will be "milestones" you get for each win and top 100 rewards will be givin out after the week is over I assume anyway.


Makes sense


Now please redo the ugly purple menu. 👍🏻