Look at this sheep lmao you just follow what people say, you commenting this type of stuff on the drake sub or all the other actual child predator celebrity subs or just joining that Kells hate train?


lmaoo SHEEP? ahahaha I HATE cancel culture usually but this fuckin cretin of a man....he needs fuckin a big slice of humble pie lmaoooo i just wanna fish out all his stans and piss you all of lmaooo u all fuckin love a paedophile who fucking killed his own rap career and then tried stealing a dead kids music career, hes a joke and he also is attracted to KIDS.....UNDERAGERS ffs man hahahah


Do you prefer em? cause if so he has multiple songs about beating his ex wife in front of his daughter and jerking it to a then 16 year old miley cryus while he was 30 something and plenty more like raping girls so.


yeah but see I can LAUGH at a joke but MGK was seriously admitting he was attracted to kids lmaooooo like wtfff and i actually hate cancel culture tbh but MGK is a cunt, he's the wallmart lil peep, he has tried too steal peeps style lmao, hes a cunt to his fans and he has admitted how he is attracted to kids and if you want all the evidence i got the receipts sis xoxo


Last i checked raping girls and talking sexually about minors or even beating ya wife ain't a joke if you find those things funny that says more about you as a person than it does anyone supporting mgk. His 2 comments around the time he was still trying to follow in em's foot steps make sense why he said what he said but why did em say half the shit he has? Peeps style isn't even original the dude can't own being sad Kurt cobain was sad way before he was and plenty of other people rocked face tats and pink hair too so peep aint original. He's never been a cunt to fans that weren't already being cunts to him it's kind of a 2 way street that way. I know the evidence and saying someone isn't allowed to be hot isn;t the same as sexual attraction meanwhile as said em has stated he'd jerk to a 16 year old girl.


Lmao this shit is so sad at this point


I've never seen an account with negative karma, so congrats on your sad trolling efforts.


He’s no a troll