Bringing info to the top for ease of access. Thank you for sharing u/SorakaIsLife! The Wet N Wild YouTube channel has reposted a PR unboxing. Closer look at the eyeshadow palette [here](https://imgur.com/a/7HnLJsJ). Image album [here](https://imgur.com/a/daMrwoy). * Walmart 4/10 * [Ulta](https://www.ulta.com/brand/wet-n-wild?N=182keex&Ns=product.startDate%7C1) 4/18 online 5/2 in stores * Amazon 4/20 (a few items available for pre-order now, thank you u/PM-me-your-rolodex) * [Wet n wild](https://www.wetnwildbeauty.com/) 4/20 * [Walgreens](https://www.walgreens.com/store/store/category/productlist.jsp?Ns=Start_Date&Nso=1&N=351354&Eon=351354) 4/25 * [Riteaid](https://www.riteaid.com/shop/beauty?brands=Wet+N+Wild) 4/26 \----------- Will add confirmed pricing * Makeup sponges ($5.99 on Amazon) * SpongeBob highlighter ($5.99 on Amazon) * SpongeBob Flat Kabuki Brush ($8.99 on Amazon) * PR box is $51.31 on Amazon


Is this in store or online at Walgreens? I don't see it on the website


It says I can buy it on the wetnwild website on 4/20 buts 11 am on 4/20 and it still says coming soon. I'm Canadian if that makes a difference. I can't get it on Amazon either. I would've bought it off of ultas website but it won't ship to Canada.


Where can I find this in canada


Does anyone know what time it’ll be released on Ulta’s website!? This collection is so cute!


I can’t find a pr box on Amazon.




Per [rule 4](https://www.reddit.com/r/MUAontheCheap/wiki/postingguidelines) we do not allow linking to Amazon. Searching "SpongeBob Wet n Wild" brings up several items but the pr box is now oos.


I accidentally stumbled upon the SpongeBob collab yesterday at a middle aisle display at my local Wally World with other new Wet n Wild items. Like I'm so out of the loop that I hadn't even heard of it. I'm busy and stuff. So anyhoo, I'm 40 and you're gosh darn right I bought up that palette. I also got the Gary brush cleaner and the F.U.N. setting mist. My store had the entire collection but these were the only items that spoke to me. The highlighter was gorgeous in person, but ngl, it looked so much like Jeffree Star's King Tut highlighter that I was pretty meh about it (or because I'm on a highlighter no buy and know I have too many highlighters now). Regardless, it is all beautiful and fun and whimsical. I love the names of the shadows, but it would have been nice to see those printed with the shadow on the pan casing, rather than a sticker on the back of the palette. I'd say for those of us in my age range, it is also super nostalgic. I was 19 when the show came out and it carried me into adulthood (I'll watch cartoons til I die). I'm sure, for me, it will end up like my Colourpop x Animal Crossing collection, where I enjoy looking at it more than using it so I'll pick it up a few times a week. Sunday Funday. I'll been sitting down to play with the palette in a few minutes. I'm not hoping for anything specific, except that the shadows aren't patchy and dry. I have a long standing history with Wet n Wild shadows being too dry and patchy. Not as bad as Makeup Revolution on me, but close.


Any other Aussies wondering how to get this? 💔




Been to 4 walmarts and nothing. Cos employees haven't even seen it




Spongebob has been a pet peeve of mine since I was 3 (I apparently would throw a fit if it was on lmao) But I love the concept of the brush mat stack, if only it weren’t spongebob I would totally grab that. The rest meh I can see how if you love the show you would be into it but that brush mat stack is actually pretty innovative!


I’ve been wanting a different brush cleaning mat and I will probably buy this one when it launches.


Why? Didn’t they collaborate with hipdot?


So? This collection is way cuter.


The Patrick beauty blender is absolutely sending me.


Okay... I pre-ordered the highlighter! I have to have it. 🧽






Oh 💔


I decided I “need” that too. I may have 37 other highlighters, but this one is only 6 bucks and that thing is adorable!


Yikes. This gives me cheap kids makeup from the 90's vibes, and not in the good way. They literally printed Spongebob on an ugly brush and called it a day. Everything looks so amateur and cheap, it's like they gave the design team six hours to create the PR box and that's it. Most of this isn't even makeup, it's just a bunch of sponges and plastics. The pallete does not scream Spongebob to me, or anything really. It's not fun or creative at all and the color story is nonexistent. And that golden highlighter will be next to useless after the first editorial look.


I feel like they could’ve been way more creative with the brushes. Like the sponges are interesting and I think it would’ve been better for the brush handles to be in a vague shape of that character. Obviously it’s more expensive to produce, but would’ve made them more valuable as collectibles. I guess the palette is trying to go for a coral theme? I wish it had more of a story


Looks like a neutral palette with a few pops of color which isn’t my thing and, you’re right, it’s not very Spongebob. I like the Squidward sponge though. Where’s all the love for Gary?!


Ladies and gentleman. The library is open. Bitch you read that ad to filth. Wow. Bravo.


this is actually so cute and i love the krabby patty cleansing pads! that’s such an original idea that i haven’t seen anywhere else, and super specific to spongebob, which is exactly what i look for in collabs. so many of them nowadays are just like, let’s slap some branded logos and packaging on pre-made palettes with colors that have nothing to do with the property we’re collaborating with and call it a day.


Those sponges and brushes are the cutest thing ever!


Paging r/BikiniBottomTwitter


The packaging of that palette reminds me of elf’s retro paradise! I’m digging it!! One thing I’m curious about though is that some shades look to be pressed glitter? I’m not a fan of pressed glitter so I hope that’s not the case :(


Apparently sponge bob almost had a collab with Jeffree Star but it fell through. I can’t help but think it was an image problem! So glad the production company decided to give the rights to Wet n Wild instead


Oh my goodness I want this so badly. $51 doesn’t seem like a lot to spend but when you’re saving for a couch it does add up.


I read couch as conch and cackled, lol Side note couches are stupid expensive.


Ugh, in the same boat saving for a couch. Gonna try to stay strong!


Who knew couches were sooooo expensive?! You got this.


i feel like i need the sponges in my life


no collab has ever called to my soul like this one




Sandy _Cheeks_


Preordered! Now if they would just come out with Powerpuff girls or Rugrats...


If they ever come out with PPG I’d go broke 😩 It took everything I had not to toss my wallet at that Lizzie McGuire collab. I’m so weak for 80s/90s/early 2000s stuff it’s not even funny.


Apparently Inglot had a powerpuff girls collab but I fully missed it


I would LOVE a Rugrats themed palette!!


Wait how did you preorder!! Edit NVM


ahh! I need those make up sponge!


This show is my childhood. Plus my entire family quotes it all the time. Also it’s my dog’s favorite show to watch.


What's the little crabby patty!? Edit: a sponge!? Why would they not make a Spongebob sponge it just seems so obvious lol. Edit no 2: I am so dumb. There is a spongebob, patrick, and squidward sponge. Wow I need a nap.


Crabby patty is a brush cleaner


I feel like I need this. I normally am not sucked into collabs but I have loved Spongebob forever. Especially Patrick and Gary.


Not even a coral blue #2 semi-gloss lipstick? Jokes aide this looks pretty bad... I'll pass. That krabby patty lookin' mad cute though.


Ohhh we definitely need a coral blue #2 lipstick!


I’m gonna need that Pineapple House sponge holder. 🧽🤓


Right? I just pre-ordered it. Now I have to decide if Nautical Nonsense be something I wish...


Omg thanks for the laugh! For some reason I didn't even think about the song when I saw the palette was called Nautical Nonsense.


The eyeshadow palette is so cuuute. Does w&w have a good formula?


I like WnW’s formula a lot personally, but I know that sometimes collab formulas aren’t necessarily the same


It's not bad but not the best imo. Good for the price typically


i never get excited about collab a but omg i love this so much. need to get my hands on those sponges!


Done and done lol


I wonder if the PR box will be available at all stores or just Amazon?🤔


I'm assuming the listing for the PR box is hidden and marked as out of stock because it hasn't been released yet, but it looks like it'll be available online at Walmart ($64.99) too.


Yay! 🙌😊


*gasps* 🥺🥺🥺🥺


someone tag colourpop so they can see how to do a proper fully flushed out and thought about collab


Does anyone know what the crabby patty is supposed to be? Is it a makeup brush cleaner pad or something else?


Just looked it up on amazon and it looks like the krabby patty comes apart and offers different textures to clean brushes! Super cute




Yeah they’re makeup brush cleanser pads!


cool! I kind of want one :)


I love this!! I’m definitely picking up a couple things


The fact that there's no Coral Blue No 5 lipstick will disappoint me until the end of my days


OMG that would’ve been perfect!!!


Oh man this is actually super cute! I wasn't expecting much Wet n Wild really surprised me. Those sponges might make their way in my cart XD


Amazon has the PR box for pre-order! It’s expected to arrive 4/30


Im trying to find it on Amazon but with no luck. How is it listed exactly?


I linked it but it’s against the rules. Just search wet n wild spongebob.


I found it!!! I don’t know what my problem was before but now I see it!😃


I don’t think it’s there now.




Some people already found them out at their local Walmarts!


I came to the comments to make sure someone mentioned this! It's been all over my tiktok of people already seeing this out and available for purchase at Walmart


I kind of love this lol I definitely love the sponges. I'd love the palette, but from other photos I've seen, it looks like it has some pressed glitters in it, unfortunately.


Those sponges(?) are so cute. Makeup x nostalgia has really been trying to get me to open my wallet lately.


Does anyone else feel like Wet N’ Wild is a good brand for this collab since spongebob lives underwater... and being underwater makes you wet? Nope, just me? Alright 😂


*clutches my pearls*


The bob is definitely wet and wild


Well, when you put it like that.. 😂


I was about to come in here and talk shit, then I saw the sponges and realized I desperately need them in my life.


me, but with the krabby patty brush cleaner tbh.




Yeah other folks said you can take the pieces apart and each one has a diff texture for cleaning brushes! Super cool honestly.


Sounds like they had at least some good and authentic ideas to work with. The burger brush cleaner is a seriously cool and unique idea.


The Patrick sponge is definitely my favorite! But knowing me I need all three lol


I'm eyeing that Spongebob highlighter... I have a sudden urge to look like Spongebob. I wonder if it's going to be as bright yellow as in the picture!


It looks much more normal gold in another promo photo on their IG


I kind of wish it WAS this yellow lol, I want to look like spongebob himself


I definitely need those sponges lol


Now this is a pop culture collab that I can get behind


Omg 😂. My sister would love this!


This is actually really cute!


The Squidward sponge looks so funny to me that it's almost making me tempted to actually get one.


I gotta have the Sandy Cheeks kabuki, the pineapple sponge keeper and Gary brush cleansing puck, lol. Wish they had made a colour switch for this collection too- mine is old AF and due for a replacement.


I know it’s kinda silly, but I think using a Patrick sponge would put me in the best mood for the day.




I actually don't hate this.... I like that they stayed on-brand so well. Every product looks nice and interesting


Same here! I think they did an amazing job


The collection includes: 1. Nautical Nonsense Eyeshadow Palette 2. Patrick, Spongebob and Squidward makeup sponges 3. Pineapple sponge case 4. Krabby patty sponge and brush cleansing pads 5. Gary sponge and brush cleanser 6. Spongebob highlighter 7. Sandy round kabuki brush 8. Spongebob flat kabuki brush 9. B.F.F. and F.U.N. makeup setting sprays Will be available at the following retailers: Walmart: 4/10 Ulta: 4/18 (online) and 5/2 (in-store) Wet n Wild’s website: 4/20 Walgreens: 4/25 RiteAid: 4/26


any guesses on how much it will be?


If you search on Amazon there are prices and it’s preorder


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