TMO the Adept mystery box. I’ve never tried the brand and they don’t recommend you get the mystery box if you haven’t, which I find weird. It’s 9 item for $135, which is a lot. I definitely do like mystery boxes but I usually get ones that are quite low priced for the retail value, like the Melt ones. I’m trying to be low buy and absolutely don’t need additional cosmetics in any category. I would like to try this brand. I like and use palettes like they offer. TMO/TMI


They said all the mystery box items will be available at a later date. So I would wait and just purchase what you’ll actually use. I’ve never tried the brand either but two of their palettes are on my radar for eventual purchases.


I don’t know about this brand in particular, but if you’re trying to be low buy, I would skip it. Save your money for intentional purchases that are the exact product type and shade you want. It’s not a good deal if you get a box of stuff you weren’t going to buy or use anyway.


That seems like a lot of money considering you've never tried the brand and don't know what you'll be getting! Why not buy one thing from them to try out instead, so you know you'll get something that doesn't overlap with your collection? Unless you have a big collection, then it's still a good idea to try out the formulas first.


OT. I am sick with covid (again) and don’t have the energy to create a post, but Caudalie is having a BOGO free promotion on select products. Just search for “BOGO” on their website.


I hope you feel better soon!


Thank you!


Feel better soon!


Thank you!


Question… if I bought a cosmetics product at Kohls and used/opened it but found store credit to another retailer that I could use on the same product, could I return the unopened product to Kohl’s? I hate returning used makeup bc they toss it but…. I don’t know what the barcode situation is. edit: so the returning the unopened one worked! The Sephora Kohl s associate triple checked to make sure it wasn't used either lmfao


OT: anyone have any experience returning an item at Sephora that you used either a credit card reward or the 500=$10 points? I used both a $5 cc reward and a $10 off from points on the new travel Mushroom brush set and another item, and the brush set is terrible! I returned it, but only received a return value of $10.38. Since I’ve payed for those rewards over time it seemed unfair I didn’t get the full value of the merchandise back ($15). I mean it’s about $4.50 but it still frustrates me that I basically lost $5 on making a return for an item that was smaller than advertised. Anyone have this happen? Will I get my CC reward back? TIA!


I have read about others running into the issue of the 500 point $10 reward. Basically they have been told you do not get the reward back if you return. I agree it does not seem fair but I am not sure you will have any luck with CS as this seems to be the boiler plate answer.


Gar!! Thank you for the response…. For some reason I thought I may have read that somewhere, my worst fear on this situation confirmed. I went in to pick up a BOPIS order when I did the return and an eyeliner was out of stock, but they’ve still charged me for the full order. I’m usually pretty happy with Sephora but I think I may give customer service a whirl on these two issues.


Good luck!


Does anyone know how to clear up those tiny white bumps that you get after a wax/threading on eye brows?


Not sure if it’d be different, since I pluck instead of wax/thread, but when I get those bumps, I’ll apply an exfoliating active and they go away the next day or day after. I usually use differin or Azelaic acid, but I imagine BHA/AHAs would work too. Those bumps are usually surface level, so increasing skin turnover should get rid of them.