Why not just run path?


I see your point about just running more removal, and it's a good point for sure. But Dryad Militant can both attack for 2 and you can find it with GSZ. Of course, it is susceptible to removal as well and there are other reasons why it might not be a good choice, but it would also be good against Loam and Pfire and stuff. Actually, a Pfire targeting it would still get exiled.


If you want a silver bullet that you can Zenith for, Scavenging Ooze would be a better choice. If you want to go deep and play Dryad Militant, you'll get more mileage from it as a playset. The card costs 1, so it's most impactful when you run it out there immediately. If you're burning a Zenith on it, that's going to be Turn 2 or later. Having four copies means you start with it often, and if your opponent kills it, you'll usually have another one. In general, the format isn't so graveyard-focused that Dryad Militant is worth playing. I played it during the Treasure Cruise era.


They really aren't the same slot, your Ooze would start doing something on turn 4 without acceleration, the dryad affects the game (differently) as soon as T2. When I wasn't on Breach myself, I played it a lot during that time, great card in multiple as you mentioned already.


I suppose it depends on the deck. I have never run Green Sun's Zenith in a deck without acceleration. In such a situation, it's a pretty slow card. OP didn't post a list, so maybe there are Mox Diamonds available and maybe there aren't. OP's intent is weakening Dragon's Rage Channeler and Murktide Regent. I think the plan of GSZ into Dryad Militant will simply result in it eating removal and not impacting the board, so I like the first suggestion of Path to Exile or supplementary removal. If played as a four-of, Dryad Militant should be able to buy a lot of time.


It could work, but it’s susceptible to removal, and it doesn’t stop their creatures. Since they are so threat light, your own removal would yield better results likely.


it doesnt seem worth it to me, they will just kill it.


I played militant in my deck when breach was legal and I was sad about it the entire time. I think against delver you just want more removal, plow and ending are just so good and you can even play path or run afoul