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What a great way to end your career


I don't think Paul is the kind of guy who can ever actually voluntarily hang them up, although I hope he does — at this point it's a perfect ending.


He's not going to get a better retirement than that. That was picture perfect. He put him out face down ass up. 44 fights should be enough to carry you the rest of your life if you're smart with your money.


He has 63 fights he has 43 wins 33 by ko


That's fucking ridiculous


>That's fucking illegal FYFY


If MMA didn't have wrestling he would be undefeated


Nah nick tko’ed him but probably the best one round fight of all time tho


Stockton motherfucker!


scuse me?


He's a big enough name that he could do seminars all over the place, some UK ambassador work for MMA promotions and I'm sure he'll have some stake in a gym here. Can't imagine he'll have any massive money issues, but you never know with the older generation of fighters - lots of live life and worry later, before the money was huge.


He has a gym in Nottingham, has had for about 10 years now. I remember him saying (reading or in a video) several years ago he's waiting to have someone to focus on training, when the right student comes along.


Seems like that gym is cracking too. I remember him conducting classes during an interview with the MMA hour and it sounded busy. Came across like a character in a Guy Richie movie


My MMA gym is run by a guy that fought Muay Thai in the 90's. Dude is also a black belt in BJJ and yoga instructor. He pulls in $400k per year


Put him down like his name used to be Mrs.Ortiz


He was on Ariel's show and said he is ready to retire. He set up investments early on in his career and can retire comfortably.


What an end.


Daley should’ve had that second chance in the UFC, so many banger of matchups in WW


100% would have been some fantastic fights for him in the UFC. I wonder if he would've still be suspended in modern-day UFC considering some of the shit Dana has looked the other way on lately.


Paul Daley vs Matt Brown was something of a dream fight


Paul Daley vs Mike Perry back when he was peaking


Bryan Barberena. Li Jingliang.


Luque and Nate too


I mean the dude still has cement in his hands just a monster.


Yeah. Angry at Dana for many reasons but depriving the world of so many bangers with Daley is a big one


Forgot about that one. Still gives me a boner.


Depends how big a draw he became. British guy with a decent following, would definitely have sold cards in the UK.


Daley vs Nate or a rematch vs Nick. They should of let me back in and just put him against strikers which were guaranteed bangers. Daley vs Lawler would of been another one.


Matt Brown.


Hendricks pre-USADA


I of been excited about that idea for a while.


Such a shame when you consider the crazier shit that has happened with fighters since then. I’m very surprised Dana wasn’t able to swallow his pride and give Paul another chance considering the UK MMA scene wasn’t huge for a long time after his departure


I don't disagree but it's also a really bad precedent to be on TV violating the rules so blatantly. Rousimar Palhares, despite obviously being a different case kinda seems similar. Although with that in mind, it's insane Khabib got to come back when Daley didn't so idk.


The major thing was that MMA and the UFC were still seen as a underground sport in 2010 when the incident occurred.


Its weird that he got banned and yet ufc didnt cut masvidal.


What he did was in the ring. If it had been some personal issues that could have been different


Not weird at all lol


why? they both suckerpunched another fighter its just that Daley did it in the ring. Daley didnt even do real damage


That’s the why though, it was in the ring on camera, in front of the fans.


Honestly he would get trucked by the top ten, and I say that as a big fan of his.


I mean yes but also I don't think anyone here thinks he'd make a run at the title so much as he'd get into some wars with exciting strikers at WW who are either fringe top 15 or even just outside of it.


Off to bare knuckle boxing he goes


Old man Daley still has dynamite in his hands


The left to the body was clean.


Love to see when fighters mix that in there when the other guy is hurt. It opens up the finishing shot nearly every time


Nick Diaz was good at this. Put someone against the fence, throw some lazy straights, close the distance then throw 2-3 body shots and finish with a right hook over the top.


Dangerous game though, a looping body shot like that leaves you wide open


Fighting is always a risk versus reward assessment and in a scenario where someone’s visibly badly hurt, going to the body is sometimes exactly the risk needed to finish them. Especially the Homer Simpson types. Side note just typing this made me remember Adesanya’s first UFC finish vs Wilkinson. That was some nasty body work on a hurt opponent.


I agree, I think the truly great fighters can feel the hurt fighter isn't a threat in the moment, but we've seen plenty of guys get too excited and get caught


Bader vs Glover and Pat Barry vs Cheick Kongo are the two that jump to mind. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.


Now I wish we can see a trainer flying in to save their fighters and later do good deeds for the world


Yeah I agree. There are too many fights in MMA that should pretty clearly be stopped or are too one sided for the beating to be worth it.


Lol sorry I was making a Moe reference cuz u said Homer lol


Omg I am an uncultured ape but I do appreciate a simpsons reference of any kind. Never apologize for a Simpsons reference


That was the best part. I made an audible umph sound lol


One might even say, semtex


It's a gift, but I bet he still trains it Daley.


It's just sad seeing him get baited by Koscheck like that. What could have been


Daley just didn't do enough illegal violence. If he'd also stormed the cage, hit a ref, attacked a bus full of fighters and raped some girls and paid them to drop the charges, he'd still be in the UFC.


"baited by Koscheck" ? I never cared for Koscheck, and I've always been a Semtex fan, but Kos didn't bait anything, he was the same obnoxious and cocky top control wrestler he always was in those days. Paul was frustrated and he couldn't keep his emotions in check. I was sad we never got to see how he could have fared in the UFC, but he only had himself to blame. I'm glad he at least was able to have a relatively successful career, and honestly it might have been a blessing in disguise; the UFC WW div was lousy would wrestlers back then, and much like Nick Diaz, he gained a lot from leaving the UFC at a time when there was decently high profile competition to go to, and ones that had far fewer wrestlers. Had he stuck around, it seems like he may have found himself cut, but no Impact FC, or Bamma, or Strikeforce to go to, and without the mystique of the "What If' that he carried for the rest of his career.


That's actually a really good point tbf. Ive always been a fan of semtex but I don't think there's much "what if..." surrounding his career at all. He got cut after the Koscheck fight in 2010 with GSP as champ and like half a dozen phenomenal grapplers in the WW top 10. If Daley kept his cool and stayed in the UFC then I don't think his career looks much different tbh. He probably has some amazing fights with guys like Matt Brown, Carlos Condit, Dan Hardy, or Duane Ludwig. But he also probably has a bunch of decision or sub losses in the UFC to guys like Frank Trigg, Matt Hughes, Jake Shields, Jon Fitch etc. He headlines or at least main cards a bunch of UK events, then eventually gets cut from the UFC a few years ago and plays out the end of his career in Bellator. I love watching him fight, but stylistically he's always had a pretty clear ceiling on his career and its somewhere around the bottom of the top 10.


I mean, you and I both know, it seems unlikely that he would have been able to be a contender in the UFC due to the huge amount of wrestlers. But, regardless of that, I disagree that there hasn't been a mystique, hell even in this thread, there's several people talking about his wasted potential, and will never know how good he can be. It was always a talking point whenever he was spoken about. And, you know, there is some at least some merit to that. He never fully overcame his weakness, but his defense did improve. Hell even in this fight, this sequence came from him getting up from the bottom, prior to this. But had he stayed in the UFC and been forced to deal with it, perhaps he would have sharpened that skill. A year or so after his ejection, he fought early Strikeforce Woodley, who was a lot like early Kos in those days, in that he was mostly just a top control wrestler. Daley was at TMT, but started working a bit with AKA, and that was a close fight, a lot closer than his Koscheck fight anyway. The problem is he fought just the worst cans for long stretches, where he really wasn't forced to work on any of his problems, he was like -700 favourites, he was rewarded for doing exactly the same things for years. Then Coker had that weird run, where he seemed to hate him, and gave him the best he had, and worse match ups he had to offer in a row with Fitch, Lima, Ward, Rory, Larkin. He did 'okay' but not great, but at this point he was already in his mid 30's. But in the years prior to that, had he had consistent competition and was forced to adapt, and kept working with AKA (who were leading the way with the cage walk/get-up-meta to deal with wrestlers) then who knows? I'd still not put my money on Daley as a UFC champ, but I can see a path! Had he still been around in the Lawler days? It's possible! It's hard to count out a guy who hits as hard as Semtex, especially if he can stay on his feet!


Maybe I should rephrase, people certainly do buy into the what if mystique, but I don't think there's much there to wonder about tbh. You do make a good point about the quality of opposition potentially forcing him to develop his skills more, but I just don't see that happening to a degree large enough to win him a title tbh. He would almost certainly have been a better fighter if he didn't spend the latter part of his prime crushing cans, but I don't see him getting the title in a division that included Woodley, MacDonald, Fitch, Koscheck, and Maia all at the same time. Regardless though, I do still wish he'd been kept in the UFC or at least re-signed later. Him against Lawler, Condit, Cerrone, Brown, Masvidal or half a dozen other guys would've all been fantastic main card fights over the last few years.


Didn't Kos flop hard in their fight? Or was that against Rumble? Dude used to flop a lot.


If by flopped against Rumble you mean hit so hard that his axis shifted 80 degrees and I can’t believe he survived let alone won that fight then yeah.


Very happy for Daley.


Hands in his dynamite


I wish he had been given a second chance in the UFC, there was some wild fights there for him. We’ve seen so much worse shit than his cheap shot over the last 5 years.


Fuck, you're not wrong either. That was 12 years ago and the shit that has occurred since forms part of the hype reels for all these rematches and rubber matches.


I wonder if it was actually more profitable and better for his career/health being cut from the UFC


I still remember telling people that Daley was the real English prospect when him and Hardy were coming up together in the UFC.


I still think he was. I've always thought Daley had a much higher skill ceiling than Hardy, but he just made so many bad decisions and didn't take it as seriously - at certain points in his career at least. If that Koscheck punch never happened who knows what he could have done if he'd stayed motivated. One of those what ifs.


holy shit have the goalposts moved if you're a big enough draw


Wow, what a KO. Quite a way to go on your last one. Looking forward to his next fight.


laughs in BKFC


Nah go box and make better money


Daley can't make money in boxing. He's too old and would get killed by anybody who could draw money




Is he retiring or end of contract?






Like when Forrest Gump decided he was done running and wanted to go home


What a comeback ko holy crap. Just glad there were no illegal knees in the mix during that finish


It did seem like a knee was coming/belonged in that sequence. Good for Paul.


Did somebody get murdered on that canvas what the fuck


Charlie ward murdered someone on the prelims


More ground and pound right on the stain in the following prelim fight too between Andrew Fisher vs Attila Korkma


It’s 2022 and Paul daley is still gadooshing fools you love to see it


What a farewell, thanks for everything Paul!


Cor blimey, what a way to go out. UK MMA legend. So many great fights and put Nottingham on the map. Crazy to think one British city had two top 10 welterweights at the same time, in 2010. edit: here's a rankings snapshot, Dan Hardy at #5 and Paul at #6 [https://www.fightmatrix.com/historical-mma-rankings/ranking-snapshots/?Issue=116&Division=4](https://www.fightmatrix.com/historical-mma-rankings/ranking-snapshots/?Issue=116&Division=4) Sherdog, just after Dan lost to GSP: https://www.sherdog.com/news/rankings/5/Sherdog-Official-Mixed-Martial-Arts-Rankings-24133




Yeh both from Team Rough House at the time. Even Michael Bisping moved to Nottingham for a while to train https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/29879419


Big up Notts, we also had the Polish Zombie Marcin and Andre Winner too. It's done well for such a small city and Rough House were a pioneer team for UK MMA!


Dean Amasinger and Jim Wallhead too


Brutal right hand, didn’t even need his trademark left hook. Would’ve been more fun to see a bigger fight for his retirement but it’s still nice to see classic Semtex


Its a real shame that the UFC never tried to get Daley back. I know they needed to set an example, but damn I wanted to see him against Brown, Lawler and Condit (was suppose to happen)


I have always loved the way that Daleys power punches look. He's all back and shoulders, just fuckin ripping the torque. Good way to see him go out. If he stays out


All I ever wanted was to see Daley vs War Machine. Anyone else vote for that in 2013?


With War Machine’s hands tied behind his back. And no ref


That's fuckin illegal. (I'd be all for it though)


Remember the promo of war machine through the prison phone? I was so hype for the fight at the time


He's got to have the most faceplant KOs in MMA history.


Daley got bricks


Marge Simpson is the new Steven Seagal


Every time this fucker hits someone it has a sound to it. Like, you hear the impact. Fucking sick.


Totally amazing way to end it … losing and getting clowned on the ground, comes back and BOOM! No way he doesn’t do kickboxing or something else but this is a nice retirement … for what that means in mma.


I could see him in ONE


One of the GOAT KO artists


hit me with that right hook anytime, just don’t hit me with that left to the body. congrats to semtex


Why on earth would you stand up? Especially against Paul Daley who has 0 ground game.


Semtex has to be one of the goat fighter names in mma.


glad he's going out on a vintage KO win. one of my favorite fighters


Why do the gloves look huge?


Seems like Daley uses every muscle in his body when he throws a punch. Scary ass fighter!


Semtex is the coolest nickname I swear


And so fitting


Best way to retire for Daley, 35 pro finishes with 33 knockouts


Daley throws a pretty weak shot after the bell gets banned for life. Jorge follows a fighter and knocks him out and the president applauds it. Wish I could have seen more Semtex UFC.


Jorge who?


Daley may not be the most well rounded complete MMA fighter but damn he's fun when he's standing




The irony of Paul Daley ending his career with a right hook knockout


Can’t go out much better than that. Hell of a career


Looking forward to Daley vs. Perry in BKFC!


Heavy hands


It's a shame he's such a stubborn asshole. With a decent defensive ground game his nickname would be "motherfucker"


Nice to see vets go out with a win, especially a monster finish like that. Shame we never got to see Semtex vs Condit but still, Daley had some fun fights. The 1 round war with Nick Diaz will always be one of my favorites


face plant ko


Thank you so much for letting the clips run an extra few seconds past the finish, I love the reactions from everyone. You’re the GOAT. Other people would cut the clip right after the KO blow


I just can't believe something went well in Bellator.


One of the best ko artists in mma history and one of the most exciting fighters. Great win and speech.


Bellator gloves look huuuuge compared to UFC


All I was hoping is he wouldn't throw a stupid grounded knee; he did not. Am satisfied with that ending.


Comeback story of dreams! Great way to go out


Fuck yeah that's awesome


What a finish!


That was a nasty KO, he put him out cold.


Daley could probably still fight if he wanted to. That kind of power never ages.




Classic Daley finish, you love to see it.


he KOd giacamo like he owed him money


What a way to end his career!


Damn, what a body shot too in that sequence.


My dude


Such a legend. What a fighter, and the perfect way to go out. Huge Respect to Semtex.


Leaving on a high note! (until bkfc or celebrity boxing)


The crazy bastard did it. Enjoy the retirement


What a shot, what an ending.


Thought it was going to be a sad night, but he really never loses it




Anyone got something not in streamja? Shit never loads


BKFC for Daley?


Nah just let me be, he might actually kill someone in BK anyway


Pauls a legend. Dude who had some crazy fight and him vs Diaz will already be the best 1 round fight in MMA. Dude went out on his owns terms, and in Paul Daley fasion.


Good god!


Good kill.


Power is the last thing to go.


That shot just bought him a celebrity boxing match.


This is what Tyron Woodley should have evolved into


The Nottingham Nightmare


Feels good man


Daley threw that first hook like it was illegal.


Daley isn't the best, but fuck it if I don't love watching him throw hands. Damn.




Daley should have been allowed back in the UFC


That’s one to go out on, damn


Feel good moment man Paul Daley is a triple OG i hope he made decent money in Bellator


Can't believe this dude is 39 jfc.


The fuck was Giacomo doing there?


I wish for a Wendell Giácomo for anyone who is struggling.


Semtex baby.


Daley always delivers. That body shot… damn son.


So real question; what do y’all think he could’ve done if he hadn’t fucked up the UFC gig? Constant gate-keeper, multiple-title challenger, or eventual belt winner? One swing out of 10,000 cost him a lot I would think.


I think Daley goes into BKFC after this.


Even in his twilight years it never gets old watching Paul Daley completely glass dudes. Stupid power in both hands and natural killer instinct are his best traits.


You can't argue that Daley was a fucking fighter. Glad to see him go out(?) on a classic face punching.


Damn, classic Daley. I wonder if he actually hangs them up.


That is how I bow out


Daley is an animal. Picture perfect ending


Face-plant KO to call it a career? Sweet!


Daley looks juiced out of his mind... not that there is anything wrong with it, in my view.


One if the coolest nicknames in the sport. Paul “Semtex” Daley That left hand of his is an explosive.


Imagine if he never pushed koscheck, the fights we would have seen.


I big part of me always wished that he caught Koschek clean with that after the bell strike...


Daly came into my Mrs school and gave a talk. The talk wasn't really based on the theme of the week, but he said he was looking to retire after a couple more. Pretty sure he has his gym in Notts and has affiliate with I think it's alliance in Derby. He's got a few things set from what he was saying Hopefully picks up some commentary work still and can base himself in his gym, although Notts has rough house as well so high competition.


Please stay retired, that is the right way to end your career. We dont see these type of endings often at all, thank you Paul Daley for the fights and highlight reel life ending hooks.


Good lord Daley still has absolute thunder in his hands after all these years.