Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega: Full Round 4 Beatdown

Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega: Full Round 4 Beatdown


Remember when this was Max's most one sided beat down?


Yair is next....


And My body is ready.


I like Holloway, but I think yair might win. We’ll see


Fair enough, good to see a different opinion for once.


That fight will never happen. Yair is allergic to actually fighting (even if most recently it was Max who was injured, I still blame Yair).


Max is sure bet but people seem to think Yair isn’t talented is own right I can see his body kicks and using his range to give Max fits


KZ pretty much beat the piss out of yair before the elbow, and Max is a better and, more importantly, smarter fighter then jung (still my boy tho)


dont forget he was trying to high 5 KZ and hug with everytime KZ got in a rhythm


If you think yair is going to have distance against max pressure you must have been hit in the head. Max will pace yair. Yair coming out of a almost 2 year layoff and get red to max. We will see if you are correct


I said I can see the path to victory for him and specified that Max is a sure bet regardless but that I’m not sleeping on Yair


he will be sleeping alone in octagon


Weird how something this measured gets downvoted lol. I'm a Holloway Stan but that's a reasonable take


Holloway buttfucks Yair. It won't be close.


Yair has some super crafty striking but I think max’s volume output and cardio will gas him. Max won’t be constantly giving yair hug breaks like Jung


Can't imagine a scenario where Yair wins, except by a random 6-12 elbow


Dudes the most inactive fighter on the roster I’m really really certain max beats anyone fs besides volk and possibly Ortega.


>possibly Ortega So I’m guessing you just ignored the entire video posted


hi yair, we know its you


I’ve called it. That fight will be UGLY


i bet yair will try to hug max when he start to get his ass kicked like he did to KZ


I think the Kattar fight as a whole was a lot more of a bear down than Ortega but nothing tops this round. Ortega looked like an actual zombie at the end of it.


I think that's what he meant. Like remember when Aldo was his most one sided beat down? Well pal, it gets worse


Fighters with cardio like Max give me a raging boner to watch and I’m not afraid to admit that


the OG is fighting tonight


If by OG you mean Old Guy then yes


OG is fat G never saw diaz like that


Really recommend watching Fab’s podcast with Volk, they talk pretty extensively about his fights with Max and Volk describes how Max’s excellent stamina is more a matter of smart management (output as well as in round recovery) than it is having an infinite tank.






Max with hair is enough to give me a boner.


Max is like the third Diaz brother, but the one who is actually championship level.


Wholesome elite Diaz


Nate if Nate could defend leg kicks and takedowns.


Ortega has a granite chin because Max was hammering his face the whole round. Dude looked like someone opened a can of tomato sauce and dumped it on his head.


Also, Max doesn't really have heavy hands. He wins because of his relentless volume, but he doesn't really have KO power.


Max’s hands probably feel a lot heavier when you’re gassed and have been taking consistent damage for 4 rounds. To quote Schaub: it’s a war of nutrition.


>To quote Schaub: it’s a war of nutrition. talmbout feedin' em fists, b


Talmbout innernet pawn, bapa? Water weed dune hair?


Yeah I agree And if I had to choose between fighting someone like Gaethje or Holloway I would definitely choose Gaethje as he would KO me quickly. With Holloway the beat down is worse, he doesn't KO but his volume pretty much guarantees you will have a shit time for a longer time.


Not to shit on you but I think Max ko’s you


Of course he would Not the point of what I tried to say He just better hope I don't see red bro


"yo hold me back!"


Definitely gonna kill me but I'd agree, Justin probably hits me with a leg kick or two and then takes my head off, with Max I'm probably at least spending a minute getting roasted with body shots before he catches up to me sprinting away and kills me then.


Nah bro he’d starch him, he’s built different.


Nah bro my gym has a heavy bag and sometimes after my work out I practice my sick combos and kicks on it so I think I could take max


Max would KO a lot of fighters if they tried defending a headkick or a knee to the face how a redditor would


Yeah, I love watching Max fight for that very reason. It is always a war of attrition when he fights and not many guys can match that. I think a third fight with Volk will probably happen.


Yeah, it is really entertaining and it is why I love watching guys with insane cardio and pressure.


It’s not like he doesn’t hit hard. Look at every fighter with a normal or below average chin he fights, he stings them bad both with combos and single shots.


The Mexican chin will always be a cheat code in fighting. It’s absurd lol


While I fully expect a Volkanovski win, this ass-whooping did in fact seem to rattle him enough to *seemingly* improve his striking quite a bit. Looked great against KZ, but obviously hard to make a proper analysis off of one fight. Overall I'm expecting a UD by Volkan.


Volkan …no time


To be honest, I think Ortega’s improvements are overrated. He essentially picked a good top 10 fighter, started drama to guarantee he’s fighting them, then prepared for two whole years for this matchup while zombie was fighting various different people. Volk is a different animal and I think Ortega has nothing more than a puncher’s chance. Like Volk said in the presser, Ortega deserves to be here (challenging for the belt) but he doesn’t deserve the belt.


> I think Ortega has nothing more than a puncher’s chance I'd give Ortega more than that considering his BJJ credentials


His takedown statistics are absolutely horrific. It's only ever going to the mats on Volkanovski's terms, which will almost certainly only be as a response to a massive uppercut. To be honest, i trust Volkanovski's huge striking advantage, more than i trust the very specific "Uppercut into Guillotine off of Volkanovski's concussed double leg" sequence


His finishing statistics are unreal though, he plucked them out of his arse consistently on his first run to the shot.


While I totally think Volk is going to win, Ortega has submission wins that he didn’t go to get ground to get. A sub from the clinch is a lot more likely than Ortega taking Volk down.


Doesn't need a takedown. Ovski is significantly shorter than Teggy. If they clinch, Teggy is throwing elbows and wrapping his arm around Ovski's neck.


No idea why you’re getting downvoted, Ortegas snap downs are probably the nastiest bit of his game. And Volk is a tiny man who likes to stall out on the cage or shoot takedowns to get a breather


It’s the terrible nicknames


“Volk is a tiny man” Lol


His devoted fanboys are out in full force again. I got nothing against Ovski (other than the fact that he's a boring point fighter these days), but triggering his fanboys is always fun


I’m a huge Volk fan, but downplaying how dangerous Ortega is isn’t the one. He has some of the highest level bjj I’ve ever seen in the octagon and some of Volk’s stalling tactics could get him into trouble. It’ll be interesting to see if he can go 5 round without some wall’n’stall or looking for takedowns or if he’s one of those guys like Frankie that needs all his tools working to get the job done.


If he stands his ground instead of staying mobile like he did vs. Max, he'll expend less energy and won't have to resort to clinch stalling. Footwork is a big part of his game though and I don't think he wants to risk getting countered on the feet. Doubt he'll shoot for takedowns until later.


Yeh I’d like to see him pressure Ortega. Even late I think takedowns are risky and give Ortega a way to finish the fight. I’d like to see Volk win on the outside and work combinations in the pocket


RemindMe! 1 day "Doesn't need a takedown. Ovski is significantly shorter than Teggy. If they clinch, Teggy is throwing elbows and wrapping his arm around Ovski's neck."


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Ovski and Teggy LMFAOOOOO


Your hot take is almost as bad as your terrible nicknames you've given them.






Have an upvote for those amazing nicknames


good luck taking volk down!


Don't need to take Volk down to sub him. I'm also picking Volk to win, but Ortega winning by a sub shouldn't be that huge of a surprise given Ortega's credentials


Look I think he’s getting out pointed but the amount of dismissiveness towards Ortega’s chances at winning from users here is a little wild


I think it's in response to the mega hype Ortega's assumed improvements are getting. He had an amazing performance vs KZ, but with how some have talked about him since then you'd have thought he was a complete can who went away and came back the next Fedor. So whilst personally I respect his chances I imagine a lot of it is the usual backlash we see. Sort of like when someone gets a bit of hype behind them then people start to post their losses on this sub.


I think its because people don’t like him lol


I think it’s gonna be very Rob vs Romero. Volk is going to win the majority of minutes but Ortega will have some big moments. And the fight will swing based on Volks recovery/if Ortega can capitalise


Great bjj, terrible wrestling/takedowns


I got downvoted to shit for saying ortega's kz performance was overrated. It was a solid win but nothing crazy. I just find it kind of funny that he had probably the worst ass beating in a championship fight and somehow got another shot after 1 solid win over a solid contender. I feel like volk was right when he said ortega didn't belong there. He was definitely was a gifted another title shot.


Its a good, fresh matchup. One that KZ wouldve gotten if he had won. One where the champ is not quite a 2:1 favorite Performance might be a bit overrated. But there really wasn't some other more deserving guy to give the shot to You ppl just complain to complain and then also offer 0 better alternatives


Betting lines don’t always tell the story. Holloway was an underdog for this fight


The fact that there's no one else isn't an excuse for the UFC, it's just indicative of the same sort of issue - that the matchmaking and incentives for fighters to take sensible fights is complete dogshit If guys like Ortega/Yair/likely Zabit had to fight down in the rankings after massive breaks instead of fighting laterally/up, there would likely be more contenders who actually deserve things. Instead, guys like Kattar/Allen/Chikadze have to do 5 times the work to get the shit those others get for basically free - and naturally, some of them are gonna fail in the attempt because they're taking risks that the others don't. And so there are no contenders left but the guys the UFC supported to start with The UFC can't sabotage a division, then use the fact that the division ended up sabotaged as an excuse to do whatever they want lmao


I agree with you in that the UFC matchmaking is shitty in general and is what led to this situation. It’s the sad result of reliance on star power and name value. However, in this case the rankings are already messed up and giving Ortega to Volk is the best you can do in a shitty situation


I suppose - and honestly, I don't hate Ortega/Volkanovski as a title fight at all. It's super interesting, and Ortega is like top-4ish in the division even if he didn't really earn the title shot imo But the fact remains, one win over KZ (whose own ranking spot has basically been grandfathered in) doesn't satisfactorily account for the shot he's gotten. It's a sensible fight that nevertheless might only be happening basically because Ortega slapped a translator and forced the Jung eliminator to happen against all reason


I mean they can if they want. It'd entertainment, it's not that serious.


Literally anybody else in the top 10 would've been just as deserving lol but go off man. Your boy ortega is really the most deserving after 1 win after the worst ass whooping I've ever seen. Shit yair is more deserving then ortega. He knocked kz out maybe they should've gave it to him.


Keep crying B


Shut yo bitch ass up . Hopefully your boy ortega can actually put a fight this time


Who else should’ve gotten another title shot? Do we rerun Max vs Volk again? (Max is set to fight Yair now anyway though he got injured halfway through the year)


Considering max is so far ahead of everybody at fw besides volk then yes he deserves it more then anybody. Ortega is far behind max and just about even with the rest of the top 10. Like I said he was gifted his shot. 2 title shots in 3 fights is sad. If he loses to volk and wins another fight after maybe we should give him a 3rd shot.


Mind you that ortegas best wins are kz, Edgar, and Swanson lol. Only one of those is in the top 10 still but I guess that warrants 2 title shots nowadays.


TKZ was gonna get the title shot if he beat Ortega. Ortega beat the next top contender. This isn’t like the situation at WW where everyone was getting title shots off of a dead Twood. If Ortega didn’t get the shot the Division wouldve just been held up or we would have Volk fight Max 3 times straight (which isn’t good matchmaking imo) Also Frankie is still a top ranked fighter at BW and he beat the shit out of Yair for god’s sakes


Tkz would've been on a 4 fight win streak if he won though. Just because you beat the guy on a win streak doesn't mean you take all his wins too lol how do you make a title eliminator with a guy that just got absolutely destroyed and outclassed his last fight for a belt. 3rd holloway fight is better matchmaking then ortega getting another shot easily.


What happens if Max wins the hypothetical 3rd fight? Do we just do Volk vs Max 4? Fresh matchups are better than setting a precedent for giving Volk the same guy for 3 times+ straight


Lol literally idc who gets a shot in the top 10 as long as they have a few wins stringed together and didn't just get their shit pushed back by max 2 fights ago. But yeah bro whatever u say just keep giving ortega the shot until he gets the title.


This situation is way better matchmaking than just setting up Max vs Volk 3 straight away. Max and Yair is the clear title eliminator, whoever wins that is getting the next shot probably. Meanwhile, Volk gets a fresh matchup against Ortega which allows him to take a break from fighting Max. In the occasion that Ortega wins the UFC can also market Ortega vs Holloway easier assuming Holloway also beats Yair. If Volk wins it just means that he gets to add more names to his list that isnt the same guy. It’s way better than the clusterfuck of a situation if ever Holloway loses to Volk again right away imo.


If max was still champ he wouldn't have gotten the shot. It's just due to shake-ups and luck and also the contender series agreement.


> Ortega deserves to be here (challenging for the belt) I dont even know how strongly I agree with that. He got absolutely obliterated in his last title shot, then went away and has won 1 fight in 3 years and gets right back in for another title shot? Always seemed weird to me. I think had he stayed active he would have been off the title radar for a long time given how badly Max destroyed him.


Ortega got so much hype over getting basically the elbow of his life and then beating a KZ that wasn't even in the fight. Volk should make it look easy unless he got seriously fucked by covid


He’s going to finish Volk with strikes tonight on the feet. Guarantee his improvements will not be viewed as “overrated” after tonight.


Oezdemir? Or like, “Volk” the lightweight? Because “volkan” is an entirely different fighter


Volkan, short for Volkanovski, same as Volk. I just used 2 more letters. Is there an official list for hypocorisms?


Bet the house on Al Vo


Volkan, and Volk are two entirely different fighters


Yep, but you knew I meant Volkanovski when I said Volkan right? You must have--or else you wouldn't have said anything. It's pedantry is my point. It's a hypocorism.


It’s not pedantry at fucking all. It’s a simple correction you’re for some reason too stubborn to admit to.


Uh no. I never denied it lmao. Please quote where I did so. I agree Volkan Oezdemir is a different fighter. **BUT** I also think it's pretty fucking obvious who I was referring to in a thread about Brian Ortega, who is going to be fighting a guy named Volkanovski today. A guy with "Volkan" in his full name. Context matters. Again, the fact that you knew exactly who I was talking about shows it's pure pedantry lmao.


This guy ain’t fucking with no pedants today


Like... I don’t see what the issue is and why “pedantry” is called into question lol It’s pretty cut and dry :( Volk =/ Volkan


Volk needs to use the entire game to beat people by points tho he’s goin to need to stay on the feet unless he is trying to lose his belt


Max looks a lot better now with long hair and loose shorts


The most correct analysis so far


Seriously, Max’s stint from this fight to Volk 1 with the dolphin shorts was just a mistake, and Max Hairoway was just added bonus


Max Hairoway new mythical fighter


I like the hair but I feel like the vale tudo shorts he used to use were more sophisticated, more clean and agile looking. Don’t like to see the shorts moving around all over the place while the they fight


Max was incredible this fight. last time I\`ve seen so much head action was from tito ortiz wife. edit: I only made this comment to farm karma. You guys really need to let go of that one chael sonnen press conference.. its been 4 Years!


To be clear, there never was no head.


>no head. *smashes phone into the road*


You’re a fucking punk dude


Holy moly when max did the “let me show you how to block punches” stint in the middle of the fight. My neck hairs were standing up shit was gangster


Did this and then followed it up with the even more gangster, imo, no-look dodging and punching vs Kattar after. These two moments are representative of the absolute peak of MMA excitement imo.


And before these moments, he went to the center of the octagon and just threw down with Ricardo lamas in a fight he has clearly won.


Skinny boi has no muscle. No power. He acts like a tough guy when he is beating up cans. but McGregor, Poirier and Volkanovski all exposed him for the fraud he in fact is.


I would take current Max over current Conor in a heartbeat even though Conor has the stylistic advantage of counter striker vs volume striker


At lightweight? McPimp dusts him in 60 seconds and his lifeless body thumps against the canvas and he tastes the darkness of being KO'ed stiff for the first time


Conor couldn’t finish him when he was still a top fighter. Max is much better than he was then while Conor has only beaten a sixty year old cowboy in like 5 years


Conor outwrestled him lmfao who else has he ever done that too


Yeah, Conor's overall mma game has atrophied after he fell in love with his own power.


He would knock you out


"A lot of blood coming off of Brian Ortega's face" \- Joe Rogan


Fighting Max Holloway is like signing to get a brutal boxing lesson in front of millions but you get a $50,000 bonus for getting your ass beat so entertainingly


Max puts a beating on people that would have taken them maybe 2-3 normal fights to accumulate the same amount of damage/punches absorbed


If Volkanovski can go 10 rounds with Max without getting KO'd by a knee or an Uppercut, i have no fucking clue what Ortega's gameplan could even possibly be. Ortega is something like 0-21 for takedowns in the UFC and Volkanovski wrestled well with Mendes. This has all the symptoms of a massacre.


Hopefully, hope Alex beats the breaks off him


Same, Ortega really lost me as a potential fan with the whole punching the K Pop guy


Jumping gilly like the Cub fight maybe?


Ortega is still a killer. I think Volk is the more polished fighter but I wouldn't be surprised to see Ortega KO or submit him


Ortega throws a lot harder than Max. That always gives people hope.


> i have no fucking clue what Ortega's gameplan could even possibly be. Hail Mary Guillotine, even Moicano was outstriking him before he took him down for some reason.


No one puts on a show quite like Max


Should have been stopped.


It was, but yes definitely should have been stopped mid round. If your opponent has the time to show you how to block punches mid fight and you're too tired to even adress it then yes it's time to step in


If the average person saw max walking down the sidewalk, they would never guess he's the Daddest man on the planet.


He looks a lot wider in person


Or the best boxer in the ufc bayyybeee! Or the freshman…who came to play


rogan sucks


honestly that was one of my biggest takeaways here too


Thanks OP. I hope Alex beats the head off Ortega. This beatdown aged like fine wine.


Max might be one of my favorite fighters. Hes a fuckin terminator holy shiyt


Max was an artist and Brians face was his canvas.


"Ortega looks sensational."


I'm so concerned for maxs chin. I get why the fans love him but man he's like Mark hunt. Invincible until cracked


You love to see it


Ortega by 3rd round


Ortega tried that spinning elbow and max said nah


Ortega rebounded surprisingly well from this fight. Usually this type of beatdown is career changing. Guess he's still young enough to bounce back.


Sometimes Joe's commentary is dumb. At around 3:18 in the round both guys connect. You see Ortega's nose get broken in the exchange, Max is fine and keeps pouring it on and Joe's all "Ortega with the right hand!".


i wish i was max Holloway


Always wanted to see a Holloway - Nick Diaz fight where there is like 8,000 combined total strikes


loved when he got his dumb ass handed last night.


Rogan really ruins this moment for me how he mostly ignores Max’s performance and gassed up every little thing Ortega does


Props to Brian for landing the spinning elbow but once KZ was knocked silly, the Zombie’s toughness (which kept him in the fight) made Brian look like he was in God mode for the rest of the fight. Alex will make Brian’s striking much less gangsta.


Ortega was winning the fight prior to the elbow, had scored a knockdown beforehand in fact


Saw this beating live! Was painful to watch and you could hear the hits landing from the 500's.


decision bot max ortega


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decision bot holloway ortega


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fak u decision bot Max Holloway vs Brian Ortega


I couldn't find this fight! Gonna guess... Max Holloway by knockout. [Troubleshooting](https://s3.amazonaws.com/decision-bot/error_message.txt)


fak me it wasnt a decision lmao thanks bot


Max is the human perpetuum mobile. Love the guy and his fights.


Difference between volk and max is the latter has fists made of pillows. Incredible output, minimal power. Fake Mexican has improved but idk if enough to not get tkod


Volk should've brought up that he beat Max who made Brian look like an amateur.


Max has got to have the record for the most badass in cage moments in UFC history. Pointed to the ground vs Lamas and swung for the fences during a fight he was easily winning in the cards. Called his finish of Aldo in between rounds. Schooled Ortega mid fight. And challenged the commentary team mid combination with Kattar.


Man I forgot just how much Max was ripping into the body with some of those shots. Brutal


Round 3 of this fight is one of my favorite rounds ever. The crowd alternating between Holloway and Ortega chants, and Ortega actually finding some success after two terrible rounds. I just remember it being hype as shit. Then Max just absolutely took over in round 4, a real too tough for his own good type beating.


Striker Holloway vs Punchingbag Ortega


Had to turn the sound of on this one, I can't listen to toe anymore, he's such an annoying fuck.


This is nothing compared to last night now. Ortega a voodoo doll someone else taking the damage for him now


The Cringe Express