❌ Fighter Removed: Belal Muhammad


Remember the username!




UFC: “Hey Belal there’s this new undefeated prospect ranked below you that we want you to fight and if you beat him it’ll put you in title contention” Belal: “Done.” UFC: “Hey Belal there’s this new undefeated prospect ranked below you that we want you to fight….” Shit I’d be pissed if I was Belal too


Keep fighting these prospects and I think he'll gain the support of the fans. But honestly most people just don't care about him. Leon literally had the same problem. Tough shit his division has a ton of stars.


I haven't watched him since the lay and pray on Wonderboy. Has he gotten any more exciting?


He had a fun fight with Brady. tko'd him.


Brady fight was solid, I didn’t think the Luque fight was too bad either.


12 Comments in and mf'ers are already lettin Belal know how they feel lmao.


I mean, I feel for him, but this forum isn't a soapbox for him to post his twitter screenshots.


I mean its not like we have quality content on this sub anyways lol




True. Always nice to talk to top 10 fighters


For real, having fighters shitposting is hilarious. I remember Rampage posting his actual phone number on sherdog back in the day. Tried to call but got no answer, lol.


Yeah right? All of us here are dumb goobers. Let the actual top ten fighter get too shitpost. Although Belal you need to put in more effort mang, Be like the costa.


get impregnated by Izzy


You’re trying to tell me *picture of guy who just fought* followed by “What’s next for xxx?” isn’t quality content?




People are actually upset about a top 5 mma fighter is talking and posting in an mma sub, losers man


If their favorite fighter was posting they'd love it. It's clearly people not a fan of Belal for whatever specific reason.


As opposed to random redditors posting other mma screenshots?


R/mma isn't a soapbox for twitter screengrabs?


Lmao this is exactly what we are


Exactly let him bang bro!


I do! I do. I do let him bang


Now i've heard it all


NO! It’s a soapbox for Twitter screengrabs *and* polls about who would win at size parity.


If a top 5 ufc fighter wants to post Twitter screenshots on Reddit, I’m all for it


Yea fuck that guy Belal is a top 5 fighter this is what we are fans fkr


I mean it people were literally just posting about this too. Are we really complaining about a ranked fighter posting here over the 1000th P4P debate


True but personally I’ll give the soap box posts a pass because having a high ranked fighter regularly posting on the sub is sick


Thats legit belal posting?




If you click on the username you can go back through his post history and read the ama he did like a week ago on here


I see a Gilbert burns or kamaru usman fight for belal in the future… but I thought he should’ve gotten the Colby fight for a number of reasons. I don’t think Colby’s deserving of a title shot. Leon has to rest and Colby’s been inactive. Belals ready to fight and so is Colby. Leon or usman literally just fought tonight and need time to recover. Sometimes Dana makes no sense. I’m gonna need somebody to put some respect on Belals fucking name


sure it is


Who cares this sub is so slow and posts unimportant stuff all the time


Nah see it's taking up precious dc is fat jokes.


Are you saying you aren’t interested in popular topics such as “DC is my actual father” and “it’s about time for (insert 23 year old fighter who got slightly wobbled once) to retire” or “the Diaz brothers are the pinnacle of intelligent humor”


Isn’t Reddit a soapbox in general?


It actually is, lol


What? So it’s a problem when the actual UFC top ten fighter posts this shit on here but not the army of anonymous fans?


That's an interesting take.


So... it's a soapbox for other people to post screenshots of his twitter?


>this forum isn't a soapbox for him to post his twitter screenshots. What a Karen statement lmao. Defending the integrity of the forum when 99% of the time, instead of the fighter himself, it is usually other people's tweets or just a YouTube video "Schmo interviews [fighter] who says he's winning and deserves X fight" and that's what the Reddit thread is on. Here instead of that, you have the fighter himself saying that and making an effort at fan interaction on our forum, and we have top minds like you deciding his opinions directly related to the state of his division right after a title fight are not what this forum is for. I mean seriously, only a casual ass MMA fan would find a way to bitch and whine about a top 5 athlete in their division in the sport of the subreddit interacting with the fans.


More interesting than the usual drivel here.




I heard the UFC wanted to call you for the backup position but they couldn’t remember what name to look up in the contact list




This was my cherry for the day


That was a nasty line by you


just so you know there never was no name


You are a frickin punk dude


Who let Sage back in?




Remember the eye...or something




Beautiful champ


Just follow his gameplan sit out until you get a title shot don’t fight shavkat and lose


Doesn’t work unless you have the star power of someone like Colby. Just the way it goes in UFC unfortunately…


At this point is Colby a star? Maybe it's because I'm biased, but I never thought he was anything special to watch on the mic or in the cage.


He has a certain fanbase, that Dana happens to also associate with




It’s blatant. And gross. Rankings once again are a figment everyone’s imagination. Ufc isn’t a meritocracy it’s favoritism all across the board and it’s one of the indicators ufc has gone to shit in terms of quality


Colby wants to be able to talk like Chael so bad


It's funny because if you hear Chael talk about being a heel and his "persona", it's like this dude was weirdly methodical and analytical in his approach to this. It didn't always worked, sometimes it could go too far etc. but he set up rules to follow, a code that would be part of his character, he knew the importance of creating stories and narratives when it comes to building up fights etc. While Colby is like a monkey launching shit simply everywhere lol


Chael is good at trolling because he is good at his persona. Colby is good at trolling because he's annoyingly bad at his persona. He's a crappy Chael knockoff which infuriates people in his own way.


Chael is good because even if he plays the Bad Guy, in his own narrative he's the main character and the good guy. Colby just wants to anger people. Remember when he would tweet movie spoilers and just be an annoying asshole for no reason whatsoever? He just took it as far as it goes until you absolutely can tell that its a caricature but he's just so in deep that he can't break character, even if it cost him his team and teammates.


He even stole some lines and did it badly, like the attacks on Brazil When Chael did it, it was funny, when Colby did it, it was just well... rude ? Like, there was nothing to it, and since it was so obvious he was trying to rile people, it was hard even for the brazilian to get offended. Even for his brazilian teammates who cut him off, I think they did more because that bridge was burnt/were more offended by the betrayal (ie, their relationship meant nothing, and he threw them under the bus for just a tiny bit of promotion) than by the insults themselves, if that makes sense. Meanwhile, I remember Brazilians actually be truly riled by Chael's comments


Bigger star than Belal for sure.


He's nothing special... but he's the only welterweight that tries to be exciting or fun in promotions so of course he's going to get the push


He definitely has an audience otherwise most of this sub won't be talking about him.


I too wish for meritocracy in this organization


Yeah not sure why Colby gets the shot other than the PPV draw. Colby is good but his lack of activity is lame af.


Is he a draw though? All of his big fights he’s been the B-Side Masvidal, Usman, Woodley, Robbie, RDA, Maia…


You're trippin dude. Watch some of those fights again. He always gets a massive reaction from the fans, even if it's negative. He got the biggest pop at the fights tonight, outside of Leon.


People underrate his popularity by a lot. People tune in to see him fight. Love him or hate him, guy has star power


does he pull big numbers tho? I honestly don't know but I don't think he's ever bee mentioned as a big puller. if anything masvidal is more of a draw. crowd pop is a factor but tickets sales aren't the only numbers that count


The only numbers we've ever definitively had showed that he wasn't a draw, but who knows if that's still the case.


But does he draw numbers. There's no proof. Had he fought Bella or Khamzat in the last year it would be clear.


It was funny when he arrived It was that Wmma fight which I half watched, then fans started to cheer. I wondered if something had happened, but Anik informed us that it was just Colby entering the arena, lol


He isnt a DRAW but he is a draw above a generic UFC fighter . The UFC atm doesnt really have that many big PPV stars excluding Conor and to a much lesser extent Jones . Even someone like Izzy isnt really selling crazy ppvs.


that's what the UFC wanted. They don't want stars making crazy demands. It's why Jon Jones didn't fight for 3 years and why Francis left


He is, UFC can tell a lot from social media numbers, and he's got better social media numbers than any of the other contenders (maybe the chimaevs hype is better dunno about now). It's weird but it's a solid indicator they use 🤷‍♂️


Isn’t it odd how dana always blasts social media posts he doesn’t like as ‘bots’ yet uses those numbers to make big decisions 🧐


>Yeah not sure why Colby gets the shot other than the PPV draw Which is all that matters. UFC just want cash. It's a bummer but look at guy eith huge streaks. You had Tony Ferguson and even Leon who didn't get much love.


I don't know about the numbers but majority of Colby's fight with top contenders are fight of the night contenders. So yeah, i rather see Colby vs Edwards than Mr. Pls remember my name.


Dariush x 5


You have a date with Shavkat my friend. I’ll be rooting for ya 🥂


Don't do him like that.


Dana said it’s a fight in the works


Only one way we get a finish in that fight


He literally knocked out Brady in his last fight


Brady is no Shavkat


Lmao Brady was still standing up in open space. Chiesa was rocking Brady, I literally bet on belal to win that fight by KO because it was so apparent that anyone that could neutralize the wrestling of Brady could knock him out. Look through Chiesa’s record, he has 0 KOs. No KOs, no TKOs, no doctors stoppages, not even a cut or a DQ or an injury his hands are so soft. In 24 fights, not 1, and he was rocking Brady.


He scored a nice knockdown over jorge masvidal back in the day. I do agree though chiesa's striking is so underwhelming.


1st finish in 6 years.


he literally did not knock him out. he rocked him, but it was one of those stoppages just from activity. belal whiffed and had a lot of glancing blows


Kinda true. You should have been there.


Colby got Dana White privilege and Belal gets Anne White treatment smh


What makes you think he was even asked? You think he wouldn’t have been there if possible?


Fuck the ufc for this bullcrap. I get less upset about fighter pay compared to the bullshit matchmaking


It’s all the same, it all boils down to $$ and Dana’s insatiable greed


Let’s be honest here real quick, colby doesn’t deserve a title shot in any world The only reason Dana would give him one is if colby told him he’d drop the charges against Jorge Dana gets masivdal back, masivdal doesn’t go to prison, Colby gets a title shot


That doesn’t make sense because Masvidal is literally being sent to to be destroyed by Burns and put an end to the last bit of hype he has left.


He’s literally being set up for a title shot if he beats burns


He doesn’t beat Burns.


I'm a burns fan but it's a fight and bigger upsets happen


If he has very seriously worked on his takedown defense, he might have a chance. But it's much more likely he'll end up being ground down against the fence for most of the fight like Wonderboy against Belal.


It's a huge gamble but if he wins, you can actually justify him getting the shot. Which is another reason why it's weird they're giving the shot to Colby, like what if Masvidal wins in two weeks? I know it's a big if but it'd be a waste of a great story for a title fight for what? For giving Colby Colvington the shot?


Its not weird. If Masvidal somehow wins, you get either Masvidal vs Leon (they have backstory 3 piece and a soda) or if somehow Colby wins vs Leon you get Masvidal vs Colby 2. UFC wins in both cases.


They know what they’re doing, the rat fucks




Yea Colby in no way deserves a title shot . He needs to get active . Dude is a clown


You should have been the next contender. I'm rooting for you my man. Your time will come soon.


u/Bullyb170 here’s some more constructive criticism. You said talking trash isn’t you. Well you know what is you? Being angry that you aren’t getting a title shot. Here’s what I would do, book a fight, win it, then get on the mic and air out your frustrations in an angry, violent tone. Yell and demand your shot, call leon by name. Tell us how you feel about him as a fighter. Tell us how you would beat him. You don’t have to talk trash. Tell us your thoughts dude.


Tell them that they’re taking everything that you worked for motherfucker


They took his jerbs




Yeah he should go full khabib calling out conor. JOE DO I DESERVE TITLE SHOT OR NO?!?


That’s what I’m saying! Make it uncomfortable! The Khabib kinda way, not the uncomfortable way like Dariush calling out Elon musk. Although that was effective in and of itself


This guy promotes


But maybe add some truth trash talking. When he was in the cage with you and felt your power, he wanted out. So he did what a coward does...stuck his finger in your eye to get the fight stopped, before you could stop it with your fists. Go get that belt!


But we all watched the fight lol


u/OMalley30-27, You let him know how it's done, champ!


Told em like I told Petr Yan


Get em champ


That would require some levels of charisma lol


Have you listened to his JRE podcast episode?


His podcast/game show Remember the Show is great. Jon Anik's twin is his co-host and every week they invite fighters to compete. Adrian Yanez and Yves Edwards were on one of his recent show. It's a great listen


No, because that would require listening to both Joe Rogan and Belal Muhammad.


He’s actually very well spoken on it lol they both are. It’s a good listen


This is the only comment that matters on here.


"Colby, you're taking everything I worked for, mother fucker. I want to sucker punch YOUR fucking ass. You know who the real shitposter is, it's me. Not those clowns you punked at the press conference, you know you lost to them already."


It's bullshit. I think Leon pieces Colby up anyway


Damn Colby played this perfectly. Sits out, collects 25k to make weight. Leon wins, and dream scenario for Colby emerges. Another title shot, not against Usman, without him having to fight any dangerous prospects. Meanwhile, Belal is taking fights against opponents ranked below him and bitching on reddit.




I think Colby needs another win to get a shot but to be fair masvidal fought for the title twice as well and lost badly both times (and got starched the second) whereas Colby did decently. Then Colby beat masvidal easily. But if masvidal beats burns then he deserves the shot? None of this shit makes sense lol But Colby needs another ranked win




Oh I was speaking about the sentiment on reddit in general, sorry. I've seen people justifying masvidal getting a shot if he beats burns but that Colby doesn't at all. Not even sure why I responded to you particularly to be honest lmao




I legit don’t know how you can watch Leon school usman and still come out of it thinking Covington wins lmao


Leon: Colby has been out, i dont want to fight him, blah blah blah Leon: Masvidal, yes, unfinished business. Leon: Belal is a mug. make it make sense


All he said was that if Masvidal beats Burns, he would be deserving of a possible title shot. Now you tell me, if somehow Masvidal beats Burns, does Colby still deserve a title shot over him? After losing two title fights and having only beat Masvidal, who is not even a top 5 fighter


I see what you mean, but he continues to downplay Belal and say that he doesn’t deserve the title shot, when he has an 8 fight streak, their fight ended with an eye poke… why not acknowledge


>why not acknowledge Edwards wants the $$$ ppv points. Belal not bringing a lot of that unfortunately. I want to see Edwards v Belal.


I absolutely agree, there’s no question that Belal is the one that should be fighting for the title next. The fact that Colby is the one being given a free title fight after being so inactive is ridiculous


it’s just so weird man… we aren’t even remembering, Conor is fighting at WW. If he wins, he’s definitely putting himself in the mix


Belal v Usman is the fight to make if Colby’s getting the title shot


You have to uncover some dark secret of Dana White and blackmail him, it seems to be working out with Colby


Maybe try speaking with an Irish accent?


Can I corner you next fight


Bro a lot of people feel for you. People aren’t gonna wanna hear this but the only way this Colby plan will be foiled is if masvidal wins. We know he will absolutely vocal about Colby not deserving the next shot


**hard to explain colby getting a third title shot right now...**


Can’t take UFC seriously anymore, it’s a drama league instead of an actual mixed martial arts league


If you finish shavkat you have to be next


Have fun w Shavkat


You absolutely deserve it over Colby straight up. If you fight shavkat instead you’re easily the biggest savage in the ufc


Number one bullshit


Khamzat should get the title shot


Matchmakers can't remember your name


If I were the top guys in the UFC I would just sit out and wait until I get a title shot. Fuck all that fighting with a chance to lose. Just sit and wait.


It feels a little silly for you to be posting things on Reddit to get sympathy.


I mean, I like Colby but its kinda horseshit to see. 8 fight streak. The current champ didn't defeat you. And to my memory, I think you've defeated four top fifteen ranked guys? Sorry to see this.


I like how when he did his AMA everyone was all polite and kissing his ass, now they're all like "sit down Belal"


Belal has misunderstood what we do here. He’s learning in this thread.


Leon's coach said "don't let them bully you son", can you blame them. ​ On a serious not, I think pretty much everyone here thinks Belal deserves the title shot. Colby has some dirt on Dana. 100% That said, I don't hate the Colby vs Leon fight. I'll definitely tune in.


The world will be a better place after Belal loses to Shakvat and he's back on the prelims fighting Michael Chiesa.


This prelim fighter will get a prelim fight on the Colby vs Leon card.


Well reporters are asking all these guys about you so you’re doing something right now, Leon was just in your same position and kept saying 9 in a row until he got it. You’re 1 fight away Id say.


You are not on an eight fight win streak, that is incorrect.


Dude cried his way to a NC after getting his ass handed to him in the first round by... Leon. And he thinks Dana is gonna send him in again, *in a title fight*. Lol


Belal, you should know better. Dana doesn't give a shit about Rankings or who really deserves the title shot, He just cares about who can cut the best promo. He won't admit it but he wants UFC to be like WWE.


Dude wtf. I hate this. Fuck Colby getting rewarded for squatting on his ranking man


Fiziev got the dogshit beat outta him


No one wants to see him vs leon again. Last time he nearly kicked your lazy eye into working


Damn didn’t have to do him dirty like that lol


I hear what you're saying brother. Belal vs Shavkat, book it Dana!!


Its bullshit but eventually they wont have a choice if you keep doing your thing and leon keeps doing his.


Mythical shitposting Belal has to be one of the most unexpected version releases to date.


Colby, Leon snd Shavkat are all horrible matchups for him but he still deserves his shot. It’s a shame to see fighters on long streaks being passed up.


Not to mention Edwards almost poked his eye out on the way to the title


Someone forgot to suck up to Dana. Winning fights is like 3rd or 4th on the list of things you have to do to get a title shot.


At least Leon in his post fight presser gave Belal some props.


I really fucking hope Leon refuses this shit. UFC starting to feel like a joke.


Dana White privilege


I agree with Belal


you deserve it bro even a story there with the eye poke in the last fight


UFC, the guys with access to the actual numbers: treat Colby like he’s a draw. R/mma, the guys with access to their own reddit account and nothing else: is Colby even a drawl, b? Here is the truth most of y’all don’t wanna hear: the ufc is in the business of selling ppvs. All of you are only pretending you care about Belal because you dislike Colby. Y’all mfs don’t even buy Francis ppvs. belal deserves a shot, but views are what get you there. And he ain’t got em


Maybe because he’s interesting


Belal "Remember the Nose" Muhammad


Cry about it


you cant even get top post. why would they give you a title shot?


That’s unfair to Colby coz he did beat Maia, Kim, Lawler, Woodley, RDA when they were ranked. That’s like saying Paulo Costa has no ranked win either.


Thats cause no one remembers your name, they just remember the decisions.


And Colby Covington is a knockout artist of course




The only Colby finish I can remember is the rib injury against the ghost of Woodley (and Colby getting finished)