Doubt he goes to a club likely going down but he won't be in New York forever. Continue to wonder if Rangnick is really committed to Austria long term and if a top 5 DOF opportunity emerged whether he'd bolt and grab Struber to coach??? Let's go Charlotte and Florida draw!!!


uh.. why?


have you seen him drink water?


It’s easy to shit on Red Bulls and their “that’s so metro” moments, but he has taken a team that few thought would even make the playoffs before the year began to a potential home playoff game. I know some Red Bulls fans feel that he hinders the team in his in-game management, but him being from the Red Bull tree definitely helps his reputation, and I doubt he will have a hard time finding a job in Europe.


Struber has done really good work with NYRB if you look at the broad underlying trends. A lesser coach wouldn’t be even approaching the playoffs with the roster they have.