They should have guys put a hat on their hat when they re-sign.


Or turn it backwards, cause this time it's *serious*


and then turn it sideways, cause its time to get ZANY


If they're really committed to winning, they'd go for the inside-out rally cap.


I feel like I've been seeing a lot of Over The Top references lately and I'm okay with it.


Cool 'Cool Hat' Hat FC


This is messing with my mind


MLS should replace the Discovery List with the Sorting Hat


I don't like when that guy has the ball. Maybe he can play for you and not touch the ball? Kinda like some of our DPs?


Wait, your DPs play? Lemme check my notes because I don't think that's how we've been doing it.


We have DPs other than Chicharito?


Really interested to see if he's going to turn it back on again. He hasn't been as impactful since the 2019 season. Could just be natural decline from age, but I feel like he still has it in him to be a truly dominant player in MLS.


yeah, barely noticed him in the game at Seattle a week ago.


To be fair, he was a sub that game.


just not an impact sub.


In that game, no but I'd argue other than Frei, Rusniak and Arango no one really was "impactful" that game.


A coming back from injury sub.


He’s never really tried that hard, he’s just naturally WAY better than everyone else. I remember going to a game that year and watching him specifically: Unless there was a decent chance of scoring, he didn’t run, at all lol. He walked all game, didn’t help defensively, and only committed forward on like 70% of attacking plays; overall, if you just graded him on effort, you’d call him a lazy player. Here’s the thing though—he scored 3 that day. He’s just that much better than everyone else on the field.


It's not uncommon for forwards to walk and wait for their chances. That's what Ruidiaz does a lot, and nobody would say he's lazy. But I think you're right that Vela isn't trying as hard anymore. He went all in during the 2019 season, but hasn't shown that kind of commitment on the field since then.


Rui at least gets back to try to steal a lazy pass. Remember Eddie Johnson? Dude played zero defense.


He does get defensive every time Morris gets a raise…


He went hard as fuck during our CCL run as well.


That's not what Ruidiaz does at all. He has a ton off off ball movement.


I don't know if you've seen him lately, but in the last game against RBNY he frequently making defensive headers from corners. His defensive game has improved a lot and I don't know if his attacking has suffered because of it. Maybe he's been asked to drop back to draw defenders up the field.


I remember saying this about jozy..


Thanks for using the hyphen


All it takes is one off week to lose in the playoffs. This may not be the panacea that LAFC thinks it is. Personally, Im more worried about bale stiffing us of 3 points in the world cup this fall, we are going to need those points I think. He looked great in league of nations.


Yeah but now you're asking for an off week for Vela AND Bale AND Chicho AND Rodriguez AND Sanchez AND Acosta AND our entire backline all at the same time. I get your point, for sure, and I don't mean to jinx us, but our depth is stupid.


Well, that is a good point. No doubt this latc team is great. If they can hit a hit a season peak streak as they enter the playoff then they will be very hard to beat, that is the key to this current playoff structure., However, great teams get bounced out of the NFL playoffs all the time because of one off week, even deep teams. It's one reason why I was really opposed to the switch away from the legged structure and inclusion of a bye week in current form, which I believe is mandatory in MLS when it should be allowed for deferrment to another team. I think the bye week killed both #1 seeds last year.


To be fair, the two leg format actually led to MORE upsets bc it nullifies home field. Someone ran the numbers


I'm not sure that's the most precise way to measure it's impact. It's about hitting the hot streak at the right moment, and it's tougher for a streaky team to win legged matches simply because there are more of them. Also I think home field 'advantage' is a bit over blown and misjudged because it doesn't take into account travel times for distance. Does lafc at Galaxy really count as an away game compared to lafc going to New York or Boston? Yet both count equally in the stat column as an away game. It's only a one game difference but I'd wager the better team wins a larger share of the time, or is at least guaranteed to win a larger share of the time compared to one game. If a low seed can make it through all those legged matches victorious then perhaps they were actually the better team as opposed to a team on a hit streak that ran through a few teams on off weaks.


Home teams in one-and-done playoff series: **2003-2010 (CF only):** 16 attempts, 11 wins for the home team. **2011 (7-10 play-ins plus CFs):** 4 attempts, 2 wins **2012-2014 (4-5 play-ins plus MLS Cup):** 9 attempts, *8* home wins (the unlucky loser being 2012 Chicago, downed by Houston) **2015-2018 (3-6 play-ins plus MLS Cup):** 20 attempts, 12 wins **2019 and 2021 (single elim the whole way):** 26 attempts, 16 home wins. We should also note that one of the normal losses was TOR over NYC in 2019, when NYC was playing at Citi Field and not Yankee Stadium. In "normal" seasons, **75 attempts, 49 wins (roughly a 65% win rate) for the home side, and if you exclude the PK lottery (home teams are 3-7 in those) it's 65 attempts and 46 wins (71%)**. Even in 2020, home teams went 12 for 17 despite no or limited crowds and Toronto (one of those losses) playing in Hartford. Columbus never won a true road game that year and won MLS Cup playing zero road playoff games. This checks out with normal MLS regular season win rates, where away teams generally only win around 25% of their games. Let's compare this to two-legged aggregate series, first introduced in 2003 and abolished after 2018: **2003-2011 (Only the conference semis):** 36 attempts, 21 wins for the high seed. This includes a Galaxy-Chivas tie in 2009 when both teams shared a stadium, and the high seed won. **2012-2018 (Conference semis and conference finals):** 42 attempts, 20 wins for the high seed. **In 78 two-leg aggregate ties, higher seeded teams won 41 times, a rate of roughly 53%**. Take away a winning record in pens of 4-3 and a 2-1 edge in the away goals era, and you get, from 68 two-leg ties, a **51.5%** win rate that's barely turning a profit. Not to mention if a team has one bad day in the away leg, the home leg is basically a dead rubber (see: 2018 RBNY, who got flattened 3-0 in Atlanta) HFA is not overblown at all. There are so many factors in this league - climate, altitude, turf etc - plus the energy from typically-long league travel and the energy from the crowds that make this league a real bitch for an away team. Two-leg actually *BENEFITS* weaker teams more than single-elim and people are just being overly reactionary to one weird playoff (where people are blaming the bye week and I'm not sure I buy it - Bruce got out-managed by Delia who did basically the same thing in 2021 that Porter did to the Revs in 2020, dominating the midfield with a numerical advantage and isolating the Revs' solo DM, and the Rapids were the stronger team out of the gate against Portland (which, if they were *truly* rusty, they wouldn't be) but gave up a late set piece goal after getting battered in the second half.


Who comes off the bench when/if all these guys are healthy?


That's on Dolo. I can't wrap my head around it.


Honestly how do you fit all of these LAFC attackers in the same team? Maybe Arango is on the way out? But even then, it sounds like LAFC's looking for another attacker if he does leave? Cherundolo has a good problem on his hands, that's for sure.


But how does this impact the Sounders?!