That's not ideal


Welp we chose a good weekend to travel to see an away Charlotte FC match lmfao


they might call you into the team if you've got a jersey on


Perfect because I have my Świderski jersey with me


Montreal is an awesome city to visit at least!


Well shit


[adjusts fantasy team]


I've tried for several years to get into fantasy MLS and for some reason it just doesn't stick. This is coming from someone who played fantasy EPL for 15 years straight and only gave it up a couple of years ago. What's the secret?


Not sure what the secret is, but Fantasy MLS is what got me into the rest of MLS. I used to only watch Revs games. Then I played Fantasy and needed to know about players on all the teams, so I got MLS Live (and now ESPN+), and it makes me feel like I understand the league much better.


Similar here, as far as Fantasy MLS getting me interested in knowing what’s going on outside of LAFC’s games and signing up for ESPN+ to watch. For me, the “secret” has been playing in a league with people I know in person (who also mostly happen to be LAFC fans). That’s what I personally think has kept my attention for this long. I’ve tried playing Fantasy NFL and always stop checking a few weeks into the season because I’m playing against randoms and don’t care too much.


LAFC is too much fun to watch so you stop caring about your fantasy team. It gets annoying to look at lineups in the stadiums.


Do we know which players yet? Doesn’t seem like anyone knows as of now


The club usually posts a lot of videos of the team boarding the plan or doing various things throughout travel. They've been quiet on that front. The only confirmed one is probably Anton Walkes as hes on their match day post.


That’s almost like half our roster, not sure why the league wouldn’t postpone this.


Welcome to being a Union fan last December.


I hated that for you guys. I was so hype for the game then basically the entire starting line up was out.


I'm going to assume it's because players and teams should be well aware of COVID protocol by now and that Canada is very restrictive across all sports.


There's not really any restrictions anymore other than needing to have 2 doses of an approved vaccine. The testing requirement has been done away with since April.


Really new fan here, has there been a precedent of postponements? Because I can't see how this wouldn't qualify if there have been others


Same thing happened to the Union last year before the Eastern Conference final. 11 players were out and there was no postponement.


I will never forget that night and will probably never forgive the league.


The tiny banner in Yankee Stadium now mocks us.


Would have been a nightmare to reschedule that one; given the timing of their positive tests, postponing long enough for players to clear health and safety protocols would also have meant bumping MLS Cup final itself back. Which would mean bumping back the end-of-season date, and there's a whole lot of stuff that could inconvenience. People (not just players, either) who already have plans for the next week, like paid vacations or medical treatments they've been deferring. Potentially contract end-dates. A bunch of league deadlines, like roster decisions and expansion draft. Etc., etc. The league *did* reschedule a number of games in the 2020 regular season when too many positive COVID tests left teams shorthanded and there was still enough flexibility in the schedule to fix it reasonably. They've been pragmatic about when to postpone, when to cancel, and when to just tell teams to play short-handed.


They postponed games back in 2020, but I’m not sure about more recent games. I mean I get they can’t postpone games for a few players missing here and there, but like, to make us play with half a roster and probably need to call up Independence players for reserves seems excessive.


Too bad this couldn’t have happened last weekend, lol


Heck, why not two weeks ago when we were in Charlotte. :(


Yeah Canada doesn't fuck around when it comes to covid and American teams should know this by now.


Canada relaxed a bunch of their covid restrictions lately. For eg. don't need to be vaxxed to travel in country. Internationals still need to be vaxxed coming into Canada I think. Just like the States.


> Internationals still need to be vaxxed coming into Canada I think yes, had to fill out something through ArriveCAN with vax proof for my trip to the Toronto match this week. Literally the first time I've had to use my vaccine card since I received it


Time to see our depth. Let’s go boys. For the crown!!


Is "For The Crown" actually your teams motto? Lol


That, and "For your mom".


And your teams motto is??


I like how they just say Health And Safety Protocols instead of saying there's a covid concern. Why be vague? Is it to not scare the public with covid? Are people even scared anymore? I doubt it unfortunately...


Probably so that there isn't at all any possibilities of disclosing protected health related information.


There’s someone unvaccinated on the Revs (allegedly Kessler) so curious to see if we have a similar issue for tomorrows game