Getting the schedule aligned is by far the best thing to come out of this. I dream of the day the MLS whip around show is the summer equivalent of Fall Red Zone. No MLS Sundays will suck though.


Yeah I really love watching my favorite teams on Sundays. It just feels right.


Saturdays are better for "enjoying" the game though, and make for better away trips.


> Getting the schedule aligned is by far the best thing to come out of this. I dream of a time when we're on week 16 of the season, and all teams have played 15 games. Nothing is more frustrating than looking at the table, seeing your team in 5th, but having played 2 more games than anyone else. And then, trying to explain to someone else that they're not as good as the table suggests. I don't see that happening anytime soon though


I dream of the day when the MLS Saturday evening whiparound show is the Summer version of Red Zone Sundays. MLS leaning into that along with promoting gambling could bring a ton of new eyeballs to the sport during the summer months when the only other thing to gamble on is baseball. The upcoming world cups could be a huge turning point in garnering and maintaining interest if the league plays its cards right.


>Nothing is more frustrating than looking at the table, seeing your team in 5th, but having played 2 more games than anyone else. And then, trying to explain to someone else that they're not as good as the table suggests Thats soccer across the globe. Even in this new format we'll still see teams have games in hand due to rescheduling for weather, CCL, USOC, Leagues Cup, etc


> Thats soccer across the globe. Is it? Aren't most other major top flight leagues scheduling regular games on regular schedules? > Even in this new format we'll still see teams have games in hand due to rescheduling for weather, CCL, USOC, Leagues Cup, etc Weather is one thing (and happens pretty irregularly anyway), but why do those others affect scheduling? USOC should be scheduled around league games, the rest are known well ahead of time, and the league should be scheduling around those. Nothing says your league games don't matter like allowing teams to front or backload schedules. Especially in our league where the summer window can have such drastic impacts (both players coming in, as well as players going out).


> Is it? Aren't most other major top flight leagues scheduling regular games on regular schedules? England moves matches around quite a bit with the teams that are in UEFA or that advance within EFL Cup or FA Cup or weather. Most clubs are within a match or two of each other but there are a fair number of bumps through the season. I don't mind the move-around stuff to accomodate continental or cup matches. I do mind when there are random bye weeks for some clubs but not for others...with a bye week built in later in the season for the others.


it's basically only england because they have 2 domestic cups. Germany only does friday/weekend matches, they don't have to reschedule anything. They are able to do this because they only have 18 clubs. If you've just finished GW 13, every club will have played 13 matches. Only time they didn't was because of covid


> Germany only does friday/weekend matches, they don't have to reschedule anything. Germany has a few midweek fixtures during the season. Typically 1-2 in the Fall, 1-2 in the Spring.


And they call it the "Englische Woche" or english week


Yes. Look at any league except as the other guy said apparently Germany. A majority of leagues will have teams with at 1 or more games in hand. Also scheduling for each competition happens at different times and is organized by different governing bodies. MLS only has direct control over MLS and half of leagues cup. USSF has USOC, CONCACAF has USL. And the other teams are in different leagues. So you take everybodies schedules into consideration travel, player fatigue, and the fact that the olayers have specific things they limit in their CBa,etc and sometimes its actually better to ask for a bye week. For instance in CCL if you are Seattle youd have to play somewhere in the US possibly travel, to costa rica and then fly back to the US all in 8 days. In my opinion, it can make the end of a season fun. But thats just me


In MLS, teams have played anywhere between 12 and 16 games right now. Obviously things have been exaggerated in Europe because of covid delays, but in general teams will play on the same weekends and midweeks with the exception of the latter stages of the domestic cups, and there are very rarely any league fixtures scheduled for "European" midweeks unless it's unavoidable. You're right that MLS can't control CCL scheduling, but that doesn't prevent them communicating with CONCACAF and coming up with a sensible solution that helps both competitions.


Easier said than done. MLS has unique constraints and in an ideal world im sure theyd like more consistency. But its not just whats prudent for MLS. CCL contains multiple teams, federations, and leagues. Sometimes whats most sensible IS rescheduling a game in MLS.


Had this happen to Republic in USL. We beat San Antonio, and their fans were complaining that they lost to a team barely in a playoff spot… except we had played 3 games less than the entire rest of the West.


>Nothing is more frustrating than looking at the table, seeing your team in 5th, but having played 2 more games than anyone else. And then, trying to explain to someone else that they're not as good as the table suggests. Sort by PPG.


Yes, I understand that. However, most non-soccer fans don't


I'm just saying that if you tell them the highest PPG at the end of the season wins, and sort it that way, you have a straightforward-to-explain accurate ranking.


If ESPN/FS1 get their one or two games/week, one would imagine those would be on Sunday. Fingers crossed.


This would be huge for growing eyes to the game. So many people only watch nfl red zone. A channel that only highlights goals/big plays would be amazing for casuals


Soccer isn't football though, is it. Red Zone is only great because there is so much dead time in an individual football game. Soccer has plenty of dead time, but it far less predictable.


Honestly, what they should do is fake the timing like they do in the Olympics. 'Plausibly live' I think is the term. When there is an exciting play or a goal, cut to it in the buildup like it was live. Sure Some people will be alerted on their phone or computer but it would make for pretty great watching if they have a few games to choose from.


This is exactly what I expect it will be


Going to be watching a whole lot of corners I think. But I like the way CBS does it. If they show every goal and highlight close exciting matches it could take off. It'll be great on decision day.


Honestly I'm glad Sundays will no longer be a thing. As a STH, I like my Sundays to be gym focused and when Atlanta plays on Sundays at home, it throws my schedule way off. Like this Sunday for example, its Fathers Day so I probably will not be able to go.


I love being on the west coast where I get to watch soccer all day and night


Lucky dude!


At least on the east coast you get to watch European leagues without waking up at 5am 😂


I will only watch the late games these days.


MLS is Back! Tournament was my favorite.


This is an unendingly fascinating stream of updates. I think at this point its best to reserve judgement till the end.


>I think at this point its best to reserve judgement till the end. Yep. Knowing our FO they'll probably schedule all our matches on Wednesdays so they can schedule concerts on the weekends.


On Reddit? I've never heard of such a thing before


Holy fuck thank god. Our schedule this year was awful. Friday games should’ve never been a thing and Sundays are a bit of a bummer for fans who want to let lose and drink at the game knowing they have work then next day (Ok that might just be me but still)


I like the occasional weekend afternoon game though. It would be nice to be able to take my kids to games sometimes. And I don't see the point in getting trashed on $30 beers at the game.


This feels like the league is getting its shit together before our eyes. (please save this post for the next time someone says I want MLS to fail)


Steady start times should've been a must a long time ago. It works for the NFL Wouldn't mind a Sunday night marquee however.


> Steady start times should've been a must a long time ago. It works for the NFL And soccer in England (for the most part) and Germany. There really is no reason why soccer in the US can't be more consistent on match schedules at this point.


They can, they just had to give up on national TV games on Saturday because no network is dumb enough to give them a consistent slot then.


It needed to hold at least enough sway to get broadcasters on board I would think


I know right? A deal like this (ignore the $ value) is exactly the type of thing MLB fans on /r/baseball have advocated for years. I am cautiously optimistic, I don’t see many downsides as long as the league agrees to a separate national broadcast partnership with ESPN or FS1 for a feature game or two each week.


Not having any locally broadcast games is a huge downside.


From what I can tell, the trick is that local broadcasts and blackouts seem to go hand in hand. I believe blackouts come from exclusive local broadcast deals. So its a little like pick your poison.


I mean this genuinely but why? I've found local broadcasts to vary like A TON to the point where I can see the MLS FO feel it's easier to ignore local broadcasts. My first thought it accessibility, it's a lot easier for the general public in the northeast to watch NESN or local NBC/CBS rather than Apple


Accessibility is the #1 answer for me. Last year when the Revs were good and I talked about them non-stop I had multiple friends and family who are not soccer watchers text me that they were channel surfing and ended up watching the game. I hate that we are losing those type of people.


MLS is banking on “channel surfing” becoming flipping between the Apple TV, ESPN+, Amazon etc apps.


Then you get Atlanta fans who couldn't watch local games because they were only on Comcast cable or DirecTV Stream because of Sinclair/Bally Sports, people who used YouTube TV, Hulu, whatever in the past were locked out through no fault of their own. A single service is the most accessible for the people who want to watch the game


In Louisiana I can’t even watch Pelicans games because our cable doesn’t have Bally. Extremely frustrating and you’re spot on with this


That describes me to a "T". Casually watched the Revolution last season when they were good. Now they will cease to exist for all intents and purposes. Out of sight, out of mind. Thankfully the Patriots should be quite entertaining next season.


Not just easier, they're already paying for it. I talk to my coworkers about the Revs enough that they'll occasionally catch a game on TV. They're never going to pay specifically to see a game. When I first became a fan, it was because I caught a game in person, then started watching occasionally on TV. MLS is putting a big paywall in the middle of that process.


The league is mainly attractive to millennials (and younger) who don’t watch ANY local TV. It’s a great deal on balance as many local markets couldn’t WATCH THEIR OWN TEAMS. Here, some games will still be nationally broadcast and some will be free to watch outside of being an Apple TV+ subscriber or paying for the MLS streaming service. As an NYCFC fan, I need to spend $100 / month on an expensive DirectTV bundle to watch any of our local broadcasts. It’s extortion!


Millennials don't watch local TV but many have access to it, be it an actual cable package, YouTubeTV, or just at their friends, parents or a bar. Now any casual fan is going to miss the game unless they subscribe specifically for MLS or it happens to be one of the games featured on their Apple TV+ subscription. This is a great deal for us MLS diehards, but feels like a poor choice for growing the casual fan base.


You know Millennials aren't kids, right? MLS is aiming at the generation (or two) behind Millennials.


I was referencing their use of the term millennial, which I took to mean people in their twenties and thirties. I do know what the actual definition is.


The oldest millennials are In their early 40’s.


Like I said I know, I'm almost there myself.


Hah. I misread that.


You ignored where I specifically spelt out that some games will be free and some will also be on national TV. It’s not just 2 buckets of games behind different paywalls. The Apple brand brings with it a massive cachet and attention (especially from millennials and younger), the league is hoping to leverage that to be perceived differently. There will be integrations with the News app that’s on every iPhone and that Apple specifically said they will be making sports enhancements for at WWDC last week. This was never going to happen by sticking with the traditional sports USA TV model.


Why wouldn’t bars get Apple TV - it’ll have some key NFL and MLB games.


Based on the media call, you'll have the option of local and national broadcast audio. Not sure every game will offer it but the local flavor isn't definitively going away.


You just made me very happy


Not talking flavor, I'm talking about not having the games on local TV. This isn't separate streaming rights, these are the only rights.


Eh…baseball fans have a conniption every time their team is on national television. This type of deal would be an absolute nightmare for 95% of baseball fans (and would never happen).


Its one of the reasons the average age of their fans is in the mid 50's. They have to start skewing younger. Or the sport may die in the next 25 years.


BAseball has a host of other issues besides national broadcast. Like the average age of their fans being in teh mid 50's being on national tv won't change that. Also similar to soccer. BAseball is a strong regional product. Where people will show up in person and watch on tv. But nationally not as strong until the playoffs and even then the regional bias is still strong.


This might be the most future proof statement you have ever made in here lol




This plus in house production of all games (which comes with cons I suppose) and we're looking at a consistent product from a presentation stand point. People know where to go, when to go, and what exactly they'll see and hear.


> People know where to go, when to go, and what exactly they'll see and hear. If nothing else, this would eliminate a whole lot of excuses for low ratings. That said, I seriously doubt we will actually hear what the ratings are under this plan.


The only metric apple cares about is new apple tv+ subscriptions gained through bundles and the only metric MLS cares about is 250m a year


THat seems incredibly short sighted for MLS if that is true. They should be way more focused on gaining cultural relevancy because right now they are at best the third most popular soccer league in the US and losing ground.


Was being facetious


you can have consistency while also having Sunday games what is the point of a Sunday with no MLS?


I think (from reading tweets) that it’s still possible that there can be a game or two on Sundays if it’s on a TV network like ESPN or Fox. The Wednesday and Saturday thing is just for most games.


"all" apparently means pretty much nothing in that context.


And the next part of the tweet, "except linear..."


More like "strong default"


During football season, I can get not having games on a Sunday. But when there is no football, a national Sunday game seems to me like a fun idea. Basically would be the MNF equivalent.


I’ll say I preferred attending Saturday games over Sunday games though


yeah this is a no brainer for folks attending.


The Wednesday after the mlb all star game should be a full match day


the day sports is dead... NO DOUBT!


Isn't that when the ESPYs are?


I think so...fuck em!


This is a fucking fantastic development. All the main problems we've had over the last decade are resolving thesmelves with this deal: - Want predictable kickoff days/times? You got it. - Want consistent production? You got it. - Want no blackouts for your local teams? You got it. - Want an all-in for one price? You got it. The details are immaterial to my excitement: The result alone is worth it. Bye ESPN+! Bye Spectrum Cable! Bye having to miss awkward 1pm kickoffs because I got stuff that needs doing!


PREACH. This is going to be a game changer as we will finally have some goddamn consistent viewing windows as MLS doesn't need to constantly bend over for whatever time ESPN feels like putting a game on. This deal is so fucking awesome.


Since they were on espn+. They could have had more consistent times. Its not like anything was stopping them on streaming. When games will be on ESpn or fox. They are still beholden to the bigger money makers. Lastly we are a big country. I'm glad they recognize that staggering start times is a must on Wednesdays and saturdays. But I do question wednesday night games. When Champions league and USOC are in full swing.


As Wednesdays aren't every week usually, I would imagine rounds with midweek league games will be used to clear out forthcoming CCL and USOC windows. This would probably mean even with CCL and USOC, teams would have a max of two games per week as policy. No more 3-in-5/6 bullshit to wear teams out. The worst it should get is 3-in-7. Very European.


There will have to be a whole new set of excuses for MLS having poor ratings now.


"It's on AppleTV+ behind a paywall!" "I don't have broadband." That's the only two good ones left, I guess. Flipside, "I can't afford/can't use VPN services" and "I never know what channel it's on" and "I refuse to keep cable just for my RSN" are out the window.




ESPN/FOX definitely aren’t airing games after August now if they get a simulcast deal done


It sounds like if a game is on ESPN or Fox (or some other network) they can play on a different day but most games will be on Wednesday and Saturday.


Nope. Id imagine they would air wednesday night only. And even then with so many college football games from smaller schools being played mid week on espn. Fox maybe the only player wednesday nights.


I like aligning the games though I wish they'd have an afternoon slate.


Agreed, its not a problem during summer. When we get to football season. Its going to be a big deal. There's alot more colleges games on broadcast.


Not a big fan of Saturday night only. I love staggered start times on weekends.


It’s definitely going to make MLS fantasy a lot more challenging.


but might make DFS and a whiparound show more appealing.


I’d rather have them staggered throughout the day. I guess it’s still possible to watch an east coast game then a west coast game which these days is probably my limit for sitting in front of a TV but it was nice being able to flip around and watch games all day. Also when I lived in Italy I cherished the Noon or 1pm games. Not waking up at 4am was great. Since this service is global occasionally throwing a bone to the other time zones wouldn’t be the worst idea. Hopefully they just mean consistent scheduling on Wednesday night and all-day Saturday.


Saturday afternoon games are definitely more fun to attend in person than Saturday night games. It also just makes more sense for fans who wanna spend the afternoon watching soccer. Standardized start times helps a bit, but I feel like "1pm, 4pm, 7pm or 10pm" is easy enough for fans to follow.


It's shit for people in colder climates.


I am a casual fan. I don't live in a market with a team, and my primary interest is related to the US National Team. But I want to be able to watch more MLS, I've engaged the league on pretty much every social media platform including this one, but the schedule being what it's been has made it harder to get in line with the inner workings of the league. This is going to be hugely beneficial for a casual like myself. And I think there are a lot more like me.


Yeah. I think this is a good thing, even for someone who’s been watching religiously for a long time.


I guess this is good. Although I don't mind Sunday games. Sunday is always the more relaxing day of the weekend, and enjoying an MLS game on Sunday was always nice.


Work just changed my schedule to where i am working on Saturday so I'm gonna go look for a new job


Just a guess Sat 3pm - Univision game (also on AppleTV+) Sat 7pm - Free game on AppleTV+ Sat 10pm - Free game on AppleTV+ Sat between 7pm and 10pm with staggered start times, 10 games on the separate Apple TV+ MLS subscription along with a whiparound show a la RedZone Sun 5pm ESPN game (also on AppleTV+) Then Wednesdays would be the same minus the Univision/ESPN games.


I agree... this seems exactly how it sets up...


You can have an ESPN game or two on Tuesday and then the remaining games on Wednesday. But yeah, the rest sounds about right. Would also love if Fox stayed on for a 7:30 Sunday game.


With Europe being 6 hours from the East Coast, is there an opportunity to broadcast competitive games in European summer? Would 4pm (10pm Europe) be a good idea to showcase the league in the old continent?


I like mls sundays, especially when it’s not nfl season. That said I don’t hate this change


Soccer Night in America!


Like, literally only Saturday *nights*? What?


I have a strong feeling that we are going to get a 5/730/10 pm start time window for these matches. The league would be stupid to do away with early evening matches that folks bring their 5 and 7 year old to.


Particularly for the cold weather teams that default to afternoon starts in March and April.


Yeah this is my only concern, we are waitlisted to add a seat for our 4 year old to our season ticket package and hate to have her out that late. A 4-5 pm kick is doable. 7-8 pushes it.


This -- really bad for families with small kids who live for afternoon games. I will probably just end up going to more NWSL games.


Those times are fine. At least you can get some west coast viewers in. But i don't picture many games eastern start after 8. The league is still primarily gate driven.


Yeah... sorry the 10pm start time is West Coast match for sure.


Thinking also about the European potential here. With 6 hours difference to the East coast, I don’t think it goes later than 7pm.


Sucks for DC that we pretty much can't have 730 start times because the stadium designers forgot the sun exists


Day games in the summer suck so damn much in Orlando though, so I’m happy with this.


Does this mean no afternoon games? That's a real bummer if so. It's nice to take the kiddo/fam to a nice relaxing day of tailgating and then a game and be outta there and home by 4-7 depending on the start.


I like afternoon games a lot— I wouldn't want all afternoon games, but having a balance is nice. Personally, my friends and I would usually do brunch before early afternoon games, and I'll miss that. It's also nice to have games to watch in the early afternoon when the European leagues are over and I don't have anything better to do. I suspect a lot of the people excited by this aren't season ticket holders.


There still can be afternoon games depending on the location. Its mroe about a consistent start time for tv for most game. If windows are 5est, 7pm:, 10pm. Central time zone west. There will be afternoon games. Eastern could be more uphill. But again majority of revenue still comes from teh gate. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.


I mean the argument that there will still be afternoon games for the West coast is a bit of a fraud when they had them for east coast games anyway and now we in the east only have evening or "fuck you and your sleep cycle" 10p games. It doesn't mean anything for us out here who like to take their kids/families to the games, particularly while these kids are still in the younger bracket.


Yeah the 12p starts are nice since we can hit a super awesome doughnut shop by the stadium (sells out by 7-8a) and do a breakfast then lunch tailgate for 5 hours or the 1-4 start range are nice, like I said, for the kid or to be able to do something after.


MLS Sundays are my absolute favourite.


I'm glad people seem to be excited about this, but it's a major bummer for me. I love day games. My friends who live further away from the stadium (Gillette) are more likely to come, and I have a toddler who came to an afternoon game this season and had fun, but night games are past his bedtime. Not to mention that I often spend the whole weekend watching games around the league, and now they're all going to be clustered together. I don't understand how this is fan-friendly.


I've got an 18 mo old. If half of my home games are on Wednesdays and the other are at 7pm on Saturdays, I have to cancel. I'll only go to 20% of the games.


They would probably be more like 20% and 80%.


But you'll buy 100% of the streaming package!


They are going to need Sunday games. If a team is playing Wednesday in Central America in the champions league they will need the extra day.


Yep champions league is on tuesday and wednesday nights. They woudl be cutting into the broadcast for those teams.


What does “linear” mean for a game?


Presumably on regular (cable or OTA) tv instead of on streaming.


Pretty sure it’s in addition to, not instead of.


Many Wednesdays don't have any MLS matches. So if you are busy on a particular Saturday then it will likely be a long stretch without any MLS viewing. This really lowers engagement. Especially compared to other leagues that have games on many different days like the EPL. I find myself filling my viewing time with USL and even Liga MX occasionally just because there is no other soccer on. I'm sure Liga MX is happy that MLS is surrendering Friday night to them.


They'll probably adjust schedule to have games on Wednesdays. There aren't many games on Wednesday now, but could have games every Wednesday next season


I mean the whole point is to have a predictable schedule since so many people complain about that. Just like people complained about blackouts and now they are complaining about losing local broadcast teams.


consistency is good I just wish it would be consistent on cable but it's still good


This… is certainly interesting….


Saturday night only is weird. Should be Saturday night through Sunday


the issue with that is as the playoff battles start rolling around, NFL season starts, never plays on Saturdays and Wednesdays, and almost always plays on Sundays Saturday evenings also removes the MLB as direct competition.


I get it. I just enjoyed watching a game or 2 to unwind before the week starts.


Apple making waves. Hopefully keeping rest days as equally as possible is a priority. It seems like a big competitive advantage to be on 6 days rest versus 3.


I’m actually more sad about this than happy. I generally only get to watch other MLS teams play on days when the Crew isn’t playing, so having lost teams aligned on the same schedule means I probably won’t watch many non Crew matches at all.


I have a feeling for linear they'll carve out a Sunday game. Plus linear should get full access to the MLS Cup Playoffs.


Unless their definition of night includes a window starting from 4pm EST, I can't imagine that being right.


I'll believe it when I see it


This is dumb. I guess no more weekends full of watching MLS.


Because fuck Sunday, right


I think they're basically admitting they can't compete with the NFL, but will try to take on college football




Bad move in these parts


Can’t wait for those Saturday night home games in February and March… This makes no sense attendance wise for the beginning and end of the season


I think next year with no World Cup you are going to see a later start date... Mid to late March...


With the Leagues Cup starting next year I could still see the early start. The 2019 and 2020 season (before the shutdown) both had an early start.


I love getting my non-MLS fan friends out to games. This may be tough bc they're usually busy on Sat nights


get em' busy with MLS matches!! That is my social circle...


Will games actually start on fucking time finally? I dont want none of that bullshit where a game is scheduled for 7:00pm but starts at 7:17pm....


This 1000%. If they are doing the wrap around type show all the games will actually start at the same time consistently instead of locally broadcast game add 10 minutes to start, FOX add 15, ESPN who knows could be 5 mins could be 25 mins. I’ve noticed with Atlanta United games the stands tend to be more full at the announced start time than they are 15 minutes later when the game actually starts.


I am super confused how this doesn’t fuck over season ticket holders (or people who actually want to go to the game)


It’s literally free to watch?


Apple TV+ ain’t free, plus some games are expected to have an additional charge on top of Apple TV+. But, people don’t buy season tickets to watch for free. Taking away Friday and Sundays sounds like there’s gonna be a shit ton more Wednesday games.


All mls games are free for season ticket holders on this deal.


People go out Saturday nights. Sounds like I’m going to miss almost all my team’s games? Wouldn’t mind a couple of start times, like 4:00 then 7:00.


I fucking hate this idea of eliminating Sunday games. I much prefer having MLS matches running more or less all weekend. If they are all Saturday night my ability to watch multiple live games over the weekend whenever I happen to be free is greatly diminished. Plus by having a mix of Saturday and Sunday home games it’s actually easier for me to make it to more games


This opens up the idea of watching recorded games.


I like this. But would like a Sunday game. Maybe a Sunday morning game of the week. Or a Sunday night game when NFL isn’t in season?


I have always felt that a Sunday 11am game in the Fall might do pretty well... NFL casuals don't really care about the pre-games.


A 10/11 AM game leading right into NFL wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maybe 10 so it gives people an hour before NFL. And you’re competing against what? Pregame that most people don’t care about like you said. You’ll lose some viewers due to church but not a big deal. There’s literally nothing interesting on TV at 10 AM eastern time.


I think it would be tough for fans and mostly players for a 10 am start


Would it though? For the players, that’s not an issue. Just make sure you don’t have say Vancouver playing in Orlando after a Wednesday game or something crazy like that. For the fans? Eh. Maybe. But I don’t see it as being as big of an issue as some people. You’re not going to get a ton of out of towners probably but who knows. If the time is known in advance, I don’t see it being a big issue. Id rather attend a 10 AM game on a Sunday compared to a Sunday night game if I have to work Monday morning. It also give you a chance to catch a flight or drive home if you don’t live super close.


Yes. I can 100% guarantee you that my 5 seats will be empty for any Sunday morning game. I wouldn't even waste my time trying to find someone who wants them.


You’re sounding like an Atlanta plastic right now. But in all seriousness, you’re gonna find people who will say that for any time you decide to have a game. The only realistic options are Saturdays.


I do think it would an issue for players. If most of your season your games are at say 7:30 you probably have a routine for the day. Now imagine pushing that routine 9 hours earlier. I agree they should do away with any start time after 5PM on Sunday but I don't think going to a morning game is the asnwer.


the issue with 10/11 am is that the EPL already has that time slot cornered. Fans also won't want to wake up early to make it to the stadium for 11 am. It's real easy for MLS fans to forget that EPL is competition in terms of league quality and outside of the domestic markets, the EPL viewership will trump MLS viewership. And the whole reason why we are seeing EPL at that time is because their tradition is Weekend Afternoon, not Weekend Evening.




Come on now...a little 8am soccer in the park...kegs and eggs baby!


yeah but you have to deal with teh premier league and other European leagues at that time. It woudl get last in teh wash


Those leagues all play saturday and sunday, basically all morning until mid to late day anyways. Add in NFL and you’re getting lost in the wash anyways. You could do a Sunday night game of the week before NFL starts though.


the sunday afternoon window for NFL is 3:30-7pm cst going into sunday night football. NFL sundays is an all day event. Its going to be hard to find a time. But at least in teh afternoons. There are usually less games.


NFL Sundays would only really work in morning. But when NFL isn’t going on, you’re going against what? Baseball and Nascar?


Depends on when the season starts. But you woudl be dealing with in season NBA, march madness and hockey. Shortly after the playoffs for NBA and NHL and baseball would have just started. That's not including any international tournaments.


So essentially the same issue we have now lol.


I don't have a problem with the Wed/Sat set up, but I do think it's a mistake not to stagger kick off times on the Saturday matches. Shouldn't the goal be to get fans to watch as any matches as possible? I don't care what kind of primo match up is scheduled, I'm watching NYCFC no matter who they're playing and I'm sure your thoughts are the same regarding your team. If you had say a 1:00-4:00-7:00 start times you're giving fans a chance to watch other matches of interest and people who may not be able to see a 7:00 match (you know, Saturday night, summer, other plans) a chance to watch an earlier game.


They are going to stagger the start times, it was stated in the sports biz journal article. My guess would be 7-10 minute differences


This just keeps getting better for me. The Sunday games come on Monday morning for me in Australia. 2023 can’t come soon enough.


MLS is dead


MLS announces a $2.5 billion streaming deal. Smoothbrain says: > MLS is dead


Long live MLS!


The revs are dead we know