This is interesting MLS has been busy so far this year signing Sponsorship deals. Not even halfway thru the year, I count Sorare and 3 just this past few months Socios, Door Dash and Caterpillar. Whoever is in charge of getting Sponsors is earning their paycheck salute to them. Was noted for the start of the 2021 season MLS had $183m revenue from League Sponsors https://www.sportcal.com/Insight/Features/134712 With these four new deals to start the 2022 season League wide Sponsorship revenue should be over $200m. Though that's no where close to NBA's $1.2b in League wide Sponsorship revenue as recently reported for this past NBA season.


It’s good to see that mls is getting these sponsorships but what I want to know is the new tv deal they are going to get.


Not the only one man, last we heard was ESPN/Univision the givens with Apple and Turner/HBO Max getting worked on. I guess I rather them get it right and work out things we'll complain about if they don't get right. However the impatient inner kid in me is like TELL ME NOW! Lol


I haven't seen any reports but I want Paramount+ to get them. Between MLS, Serie A, NWSL, and Champions league, I'd have all my soccer in one place


Their apps are so bad though.


They work better than ESPNs tho


Not my experience. Paramount has half-ass production for the games they stream and it's sometimes difficult to find the exact game I want. With ESPN+ I have literally 0 problems (speaking as a fan who lives out of market for their favorite team).


Caterpillar Allocation Money when?


CAM for a CAM


Would it be CATbucks or CAMbucks?




CAM for a CAM ya dig?


Exactly how rich is this caterpillar?


On Monday he ate his way through one million dollars


But he was still hungry


Good thing we have plenty of Garberbucks laying around for him to snack on


Damn he gonna struggle when he gets to the GAMs on Saturday


Lol IIRC Caterpillar and John Deere are #1 and #2 in the heavy construction vehicle equipment industry. So they're pretty rich. Caterpillar is #65 on the Forbes Fortune 500 with $78.32b in assets.


Good OP


Thanks man!


Lol, I think anyone who has anything to do with the construction industry chuckled reading this They basically provide stuff. What stuff? A whole metric fuckton of stuff that you will see at any job site, multiplied by all the job sites across North America. They're probably doing pretty good financially.


I can picture the Audi Commercials the British guy sitting reading the paper talking about Audi? mixed in with Janelle Monáe singgggingg or speaking, followed by Contiental telling you hey when we first started the roads weren't paved. Then ending with a new Caterpillar slogan "Caterpillar Tough"


Not as good as Dick's... Is it in you? But it'll do.


Throw in the Wingstop ad with the elementary school teacher


Completely off topic. When I was in middle school I bought a Caterpillar "skelaton key" from some sketchy kid for 28 bucks (a strangely specific price, I didn't ask questions). I thought there was next to no chance it would actually work. At two in the morning my friend and I snuck in some subdivision being being built that was a cow pasture. We climb this excavator that is massive by even excavator standards. We turn the key and the damn thing starts. We were terrified but dicked around with it for about five minutes, I climbed on the digger as my friend moved it around. We ran across the field and over the barbwire fence and to his house. To have that damned key actually work was one of the most inconceivable and exciting moments of my life. I can't see a Cat without thinking about that night. Does any with experience in the field know how pulling something off like that is? It was 1998 but you would think skelaton keys for extremely expensive machines wouldn't be a thing. They certainly don't just fall into 13 year olds hands. The subdivision was right by the middle school. Did the lost key just work for that excavator and we just got lucky?


I think it's still a thing. I know guys who operate a cat skid steer with a forestry mulcher head and they mentioned a cat key works on any cat product.


I guess they are slow, big and heavy enough that it is extremely unlikely they would be stolen.


Would have been a cool local jersey sponsor for the Fire. Wonder if they tried to make it happen.


If anything it would be a good one for Nashville. Their financial headquarters is in Nashville and we already wear yellow :-)


CAT will always remind me of Ward Burton.


[That black and yellow car](https://m.psecn.photoshelter.com/img-get/I0000gZ9DI2sEZ9I/s/860/860/11200003.jpg) was a beaut. That era of NASCAR had some bangers.


It helps that they were painted instead of wrapped.


I have an autographed Scott Wimmer photo somewhere from his CAT 22 days I got in Fontana way back in the day


Instead of having a bunch of players competing in an Audi on a track, have tractor races!


I gotta get one of those Cat smartphones now


Genuinely CAT has probably the best flip phone on the market at the moment


Martinez was traded to San Jose for an international slot and 100,000 in Caterpillar Allocation Money. Caterpillar, building rosters. Building the world.


Well played sir lol


Definitely won't fucking buy a shirt with Caterpillar on it.


Manufacturer of Israeli ‘Killdozers’ used to destroy Palestinian communities. Do Lockheed-Martin next please!


Hey now, the original Killdozer was made by Komatsu.


How many trees died for this?


Or how many unions busted?


They can't bust Omaha!




if you know it, what kind of sponsors is the MLS looking for? Fortune 500, big brands from all around the wrold (for example Ferrari or Armani) or are they not very overly picky? In Italy there are are brands that would gladly pay to make themselves known in America, where a few people of Italian origin live (ok, the last part is ironic)..


A little of both in the past they've done Sponsorships with smaller start up brands like Head Space and AdvoCare. If there are indeed Italian Brands that would pay to make themselves known in the American market where there is a LARGE Italian-American population that could be beneficial.


>If there are indeed Italian Brands that would pay to make themselves known in the American market where there is a LARGE Italian-American population that could be beneficial yep, it it would help *infinitely* MLS and italian brands, the little problem is how to put MLS in contact with Italian entrepreneurship, if there was the possibility of organizing a tournee for MLS teams in Italy very probably Italian sponsors would be attracted.. and this tournee would help inifinitely also italian players..


Main Telephone(212) 450-1200 Primary Address 420 Fifth Avenue Seventh Floor New York, NY 10018 USA


it isn't so easy ;)..


Hmm have you tried any correspondence mail or calling. Dm me we can talk will have to hit up some of my contacts.


sent message