Tom also added: [Additionally: The Philadelphia Union will receive a tiered sell-on clause between 10-20% for Brenden Aaronson's $30 million transfer to Leeds, per sources. Union already got $9m from original deal, with all incentives having hit. Stand to receive another $3-6m now.](https://twitter.com/tombogert/status/1528420258821939201?s=21&t=aCebGrLEEwnLQ4nBVu9-oA)


This is one of the first times I've seen a sell-on clause really work out for an MLS club. An extra $6 million would be huge.


Especially for us lol. Ernst will turn that into a couple smaller signings who become top contributors in MLS. Wagner is likely joining Brendan in the Prem this summer too based on rumors so we’ll need to get a replacement for a top LB too


If Leeds also gets Tyler Adams (who would definitely fit their system), RBNY would get one too. Nice to see these pay off


Red Bulls have a whopping 33% of Adam's next fee. So go Adams' agent go!


Serious question but why does the sell on matter when he went from one Red Bull owned team to another? Im guessing some GAM-TAM benefit


Well the fee now would come from Leeds which would just be split between Leipzig and New York. The fact that they share an owner doesn't factor in much here, it'd work the same as any two random clubs. NY would likely get another $1M in GAM with some additional cash from this transfer. The possible shadiness in this scenario is more when a player is transferred from NY to Salzburg/Leipzig. It's tough to guarantee Red Bull is playing fair with transfer fees.


But they’re funded by the same entity why does it matter if Red Bull makes the money through Leipzig or NY?


Because they’re still separate organizations


NY can’t spend Leipzig’s money and Leipzig can’t spend NY’s.


Financial Fair Play rules, basically.


Financial Fair Play. Any money Leipzig sends over to NY will count against their total spending for FFP. So instead spending 10M right away they can spend a like 5M and that's 5M more they can spend elsewhere without walking into FFP issues but still allows NY get the full money eventually and possibly more. Plus, I think you're right with the AM (someone more in the know may chime in here but) I think the sell on clause counts separately from the transfer fee so they can probably convert some of it to allocation.


So why if RBNY don’t splash cash just do a free with a large sell on fee?


That's a good question. Maybe the want NY to be able to double dip on AM just in case they wanna use it. I'm not sure.


You'd want the fee to be at least enough to get the maximum amount of GAM from the deal.




Maybe they'll bring back the other half of lot A lmao


hell yeah Brendan get you and us PAID


We're rich now! Money is no obstacle. I'm going to buy myself a nice watch to celebrate! Thanks, Jesse!


Lol. Anti-american bias is gonna ramp over 9000 with Leeds staying up and acquiring US players and fanbases


Armas is being rumored to become an assistant to Marsch. If that happens expect more 'Ted Lasso' 'jokes.'


Armas is no Coach Beard


The opposite, even.


March took over in 16th and finished in 17th...he's hardly set the world alight.


Well what was he supposed to do w leeds? They had so many injuries including their star striker out for almost the whole year. Surviving, regrouping in the off-season, and bringing in some players is all that could've been asked of him at this point.


Leeds had a *ton* of injuries and he hadn't had a transfer window. Just surviving is an achievement for him right now.


If you look at the injuries they had and how much better they performed on a points per game basis since he took over you’d realize he did a good job keeping them up


I keep seeing you wanting to point this out in a number of threads, but what you fail to mention is that 4 of the 5 losses since he took over were to Leicester, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Man City – matches from which any coach would have a very low chance of getting a result with Leeds' squad. This simple take doesn't mention or consider the strength of the remaining schedule when he took over.


...but in that time Everton also played Man utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham...and Everton went above them in the league.






Also seeing that Leeds [have interest in Tyler Adams](https://twitter.com/tombogert/status/1528421327723499522?t=SimB-RPLlY6wGnhqXF7Gjg&s=19). Seems like March might be lining himself up to be the next coach of the USMNT with both on the squad, should Berhalter not stick around post-2022 WC


I watched their game today and Leeds midfield was dreadful, they were giving up good counter attacks to Brendford even after Brentford had 9 men. A 6 like Adams who can play great defense and cover for mistakes is exactly what they need.


Leeds have also been decimated by injuries and were starting a guy in his first premier league start in the most important game of the season, but I would love to see Adam’s there anyway


Injuries and suspensions


Don’t even get me started on that two footed challenge by Ayling. Fighting for your life and you come in like that you deserve to be suspended for stupidity.


I didn’t watch the match today but I’ve seen plenty of Kalvin Phillips and I’d say he’s a pretty fantastic 6. Assuming he leaves this summer, I think Adams makes a lot of sense as a replacement, but it’ll be hard to fill those shoes right away.


Adams would thrived under Marsch at Redbull, I would love to see it.


This tweet is pure fanboy speculation.


I have a feeling he might have higher club aspirations. I think he wants to manage a big club


Yeah I don’t think he’s looking at the USMNT *yet*, eventually I’m sure he would love to but he’s trying to rise up the ranks in Europe first which is totally understandable


He is at a big club already…if he achieves some considerable success at Leeds then that would give him the basis for a USMNT shot.


If Leeds is a big club what is West Ham? Tottenham? Liverpool?


Also a big club…in recent sporting terms you could argue a bigger one than Leeds. Leeds though historically are big, had success and noteworthy milestones before, massively supported, global presence and a one club city. Same said for Spurs and Liverpool are a huge team. If Jesse can handle Leeds and the expectation there then he has something to work with in my opinion, he won’t necessarily need to go anywhere unless it’s a giant.


They have been left behind in the Premier League era. They were out of the Premier League for most of the 21st century and even fell as far as League One. They were a big club, I argue they are no longer on that level. Big clubs play Champions League now, not 30 years ago.


I think Brenden Aaronsen sees what I am saying. “I feel amazing, it’s an amazing feeling playing for an historic, giant club like this is. I think [what attracted me] was all the factors together, the fans, the club in general, the city, the family feeling that you get here, it was just everything.”


tbh this would be a brilliant business strategy for Leeds, provided the squad is good enough to avoid regulation with a bunch of US players. Shit, take Pulisic from Chelsea while you're at it.


Twellman corroborating: https://twitter.com/TaylorTwellman/status/1528423754660970499


Looks like it’s been deleted






$12-15m transfer for Aaronson is a nice bit of change


Awesome I was hoping Leeds stayed up for this reason, even before they hired marsch


Relegation battlers spending 30 million on a player that doesn't really produce many goals and assists. Strange times. If you are in the league you are spending bank. Not critical of the move, just remarking on how much money is in the league now.


Well that’s fast


I think the deal was in place last window and Leeds staying up triggered it.


You love to see it.