Alonso. Chad Marshall. Oba.


Oba+Dempsey was so much fun to watch as a Sounders fan. I could understand why other fans hated that duo.


Fuck Dempsey. But Oba is cool.


I can forgive a lot from Dempsey solely for him making that hilarious [dumbass mocking face](https://imgur.com/DGYZE) at USMNT vs Jamaica game after the shit ref calls. Doubly funny because he made it to Ryan Johnson, who was playing for us at the time I believe. Plus, c'mon the red card wedding couldn't have happened without him.


Oba is a great one


How can you hate your Dad?


Dad Marshall


I can appreciate that those are three \*former\* (active) Sounders. That said, I like Diego Valeri a lot more now than I did a year ago. And while I still dislike other players named Diego, that will probably change and hopefully soon.


I was gonna say Alonso, but there's nothing that makes me like him in the slightest.


Then you should read up on the story of his life and how he got here, plus what he did (outside of soccer) once he was here


Fuck Ozzie




2nd for Wondo


Wondo for sure


Gonna have to 3rd that. Dude was so consistent and killed my RSL so many times. Of course we always remember the missed goal in the WC. But that guy was someone you wanted on your team.




For a long time Rimando was the quintessential player in this category for me. Killed it on the field, seemed like a good dude off the field, kept getting in the way of our shots.


I hate to admit this but I’m being honest. Josef Martinez. I hate him. He’s everything I wanted Dwyer to be for us. If he played for us I’d consider him a god. Now I consider him my own personal satan


I keep a creepy little Josef bobblehead on my mantle so I never get too comfortable with life


**Beckerman** (Solid and workingman ethic) **Rimando** (Likable and consistent) **Valeri** (Skill and poise)


I still think it was a mistake to leave out Beckerman vs Belgium in 2014 WC.


If you just add Wondo, this is my list.


I feel like these don’t fit for me. I certainly didn’t cheer for them against us but I never hated any of them either. I have nothing but respect for people who play the game the way those 3 did, even if it was frustrating to play against them


Oh for sure. These three fall into the “want to hate” category in OP’s question.


Diego Chara. Ruthlessly effective.


For me is used to be Valeri.


Yeah, dude was pretty good on his day.


Yup. Definitely an MLS Legend.


Ya Valeri was an icon


I hate the Timbers but could never bring myself to hate Valeri. The guy is just pure class


Me too. I couldn't fathom why anyone could dislike him. I mean, other than his shirt.


It was that video that the Charas and Roldans made together that really did it for me.


That was the content that 2020 needed




Chara is the answer for me. Seems like a super great guy, but man is his style of play frustrating for opposing teams. He is always breaking up any kind of rhythm to the game and could probably murder someone on the field before any ref will card him.


>before any ref will card him *twice* FTFY


It's that damn smile. How can you card that?


But I don't think there are any players who were injured by Chara. If you know of any, I'd like to know.


There’s exactly one that I know of. And it’s the funniest answer possible. Zarek Valentin.


Diego Chara for me too, and Valeri before him. I hated them but respected them, and I ended up respecting them so much I liked them despite myself.


Chara has a face like he just told like the elaborately filthy Colombian version of 'The Aristocrats' and he's just waiting for everyone else around him to get the joke. Fucking Chara..


I am keeping this. Laughing so hard.


Surprised by how little Ozzie Alonso is mentioned. Great backstory, but man.


Some recency bias, maybe, but also I wouldn't be surprised for a lot of rival fans to just hate him without conflictions.


Opposing fans can respect sweet goals from the opposition, even if they hurt their own team. Opposing fans really don't like that midfield destroyer that takes advantage of refs reluctance to hand out yellows (well except for the one on their own team)


I really think of all our injuries this year, he's the one that's going to be the most costly. All of our best teams had someone like Larentowicz to play the role of enforcer/master of the dark arts in the defensive midfield, and even if Ozzie wasn't going to play every match, we don't have anyone else who can approximate that role.


Ruidiaz for sure. I don't actually hate him for any reason other than he's really good and I'd kill for him to play for us.


Dude is the definition of clutch.


He is 🥲


The flea.


This is my answer.


Its his cheekbones.


Maxi Moralez. That fucking flea drives me crazy when we play NYCFC, but he plays with such skill AND fire that I really admire him as a player no matter how much I yell height related insults at him


In that case I pick Schlegel. For obvious reasons.


Wondo and Rimando for sure, those are the two biggest ones. Roldan is sneaking into that category too and I don’t like it


I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t at least have mad respect for Rimando. Fantastic guy


Roldan... isn't that the big pterodactyl-looking monster that fights Godzilla?


Yeah something like that


I assume you mean CR7? Or do you mean Alex?


Roldan, The Elder


Isnt that a Dark Souls boss?


The elder


Makes sense!


The one with the big head


Lol, Cristian is kind of a bobble head.


Robbie Keane: hated that guy but you had to admire his goal scoring and intensity/ love for the game.


Good call. hated when we played against him, but he’s always someone I reference when i talk about the type of guy I want to come over from europe to mls.


Set the bar high.


I think this is it for me. I wanted to hate him so much but man… in the era of retiree DP signings, Keane stood out as someone who actually gave a shit and wanted the league to grow. Incredible player and did a ton for the sport in the US But also, fuck him


That fucking cartwheel. Executed like a clumsy toddler. Infuriating.


Oh great choice!


I’m a Tottenham/Revs fan. We were linked with him forever so when he went to LA AND helped them win a Cup over us, it cut deep.


Spurs fan here, LET'S FUCKING GO


What happens when we lose 24-0 to Norwich?


Freaking Taty.


Sebastian Blanco. Seriously fuck Chucky, but didn't like seeing him wreck his ACL against us. That brace against SKC makes me worried about what kind of wundergoal he'll make when we play again this summer.


Zlatan. Such a dick but so undeniably great and raised the profile of the league immensely in LA God I hate him so much


I hate him, but I’ll always miss that battle between us! Legend.


We had a great rivalry with SKC when we each had a bunch of hateable players - Beckerman, Morales, shameless floppers like Burrito, and SKC had Feilhaber, Dwyer, etc. But then there was Ike Opara that I was supposed to hate too but how could anyone not like Opara? And Johnny Russell is just one of the most fun players in the league.


I'm not as familiar with our history but I would give my left nut for Bobby Woods to miss that shot that knocked us out of the playoffs last year in the 90th.


We beat you guys in the last season game in stoppage time to make the playoffs, knocking LAG out of playoff spot, knocked out Seattle without a single shot on goal, and knocked you guys out of the playoffs with yet another last gasp goal. We had no business getting to the conference finals, but by god did it feel good.


Some of my best sport memories


It was a hell of a run, glad you remember it fondly.


Seeing this era described this way makes a lot of sense. Always put these two camps in the same category


Wondo for sure


As a Quakes fan I upvoted everyone who said Wondo. I'd say Zlatan. He played for the most despicable team, but he's good obviously, and sometimes says some funny shit.


Same. Usually Wondo slander is unforgivable but in this context it’s great.




Beckerman/ Brad Davis/ And lastly… Stefan Frei


Ruidiaz, Andre Blake, BWP, Maxi Morales


Love to see Andre on the list


Who could hate BWP?! Oh. Wait. Yeah… he liked to punish y’all.


Jordan Morris. (And Castellanos, like everyone else...)


Somebody hates Jordan Morris?


USMNT fans don’t seem very fond of him


I'd say usmnt fans are pretty split cause of his injury history. I think some people are salty he didn't try to make the jump to Europe or go pro sooner, and others don't care for him cause of his injury history. Dude is a baller when healthy tho, and he's got GRIT


Never understood that. He’s a decent player. Just with a terrible injury record.


USMNT fans that don't know what they're talking about, or have only been watching for the last 18 months, hate Jordan Morris. He has a pretty stellar NT record but just hasn't been healthy enough to be consistently impactful.


I don't! Whenever he does well when I'd prefer the Sounders not to win (sorry) I still can't do anything but say "good job"


He got a lot of flack for turning down Europe to stay in the states. Because of that, I don’t think he gets the recognition he deserves from US fans


“Blowing out his ACL and being unable to play for a year” is not really the same thing as “turning down Europe” lol


I think they’re referring to him being offered a contract with Werder Bremen that he turned down to sign in Seattle. I’d argue he wasn’t ready to make that jump at the time, he needed more seasoning and he would have floundered in Germany before probably coming back here anyway, but some people still resent him for that.


Didn't Werder Bremen also have a flop of a next season? Or is that just wishful thinking?


forreal, he'd just have been Josh Sargent a few years earlier and not quite as good. I mean, Sargent is in the PL (for another week at least) so I guess it wasn't completely a terrible idea for him, but he's got 2G 1A in 1500 minutes.


Felipe Martins when he was on my team.


I’ve heard that his teammates feels the same way about him.


He’s VERY popular with the team and fans in Austin. Top level shit houser.


On BSI, Sal Zizzo talked about their time together on the Red Bulls and that he got under his teammates skin very often.


For me it’s blanco from timbers lol


It's impossible for me to hate (Valeri) Chara Lodeiro Ruidiaz. Those dudes are my homies.


Cade Cowell He is the Californian Jordan morris


Don’t worry, I’ve seen tons of late 90s made for tv extreme sports movies Cade Cowell always loses


Matt Turner. Hate him when he plays for NER, but not when he plays for the USMNT of course, so it's a bit of a "?" Rimando is the overall winner. Anyone who actually hates him is insane, though I couldn't stand it when he'd play against us, because he was always just so damn good. Wondo is definitely another, however. Great guy, super likeable, and bleeds black & blue, but dunked on the Sounders too many damn times lmao


We've like, barely ever played you since Turner started getting time, why do you hate him for us?


I also like other teams you do play lol


which one


Lucho Acosta. Dude was our kryptonite.


Sean Johnson, the man is out of this world good at what he does.


I love his eyes I swear if he can't reach the ball with his hands, and it's a life or death situation, he will just launch one of his eyes out of its sockets to deflect the ball




this feels like a 'stood behind him when he won the MLS Cup penalty shootout' and can't blame you. guy is so under-rated, even weirdly by our lot. Chara is my pick btw, love to hate that guy like lee bowyer back in the day.


Lol pretty close, I was at about the 18 yard line during the final. Even before that I’ve had some pretty huge respect for the guy and knew we were in for trouble.


as an englishman with a lot of history with PKs, and NYCFC fan... somehow felt calm with SeanJohn in that shootout. guy is the epitome of ice in the veins.


Giovinco and Almirón for me. Caused a decent amount of misery (in particular, that ridiculous run by Seba in 2015 is seared into my brain) but they were just ridiculously good players in their respective times in the league. (I tried to think of an MLS 2.0 answer to this question, and my first thought was "idk, Álvaro Saborío?", which really shows how the league has evolved)


Both Charas, they play with so much heart, I have to respect it


Walker Zimmerman with his stupid little blonde pony tail, like a lil Taylor Swift wannabe, but he’s such a good defender.


Johnny Russel for sure. Respect his game and attitude but got damn do I hate him on the pitch.


Big Robbie Keane energy, and he's another on the list


On the field my fear level of Russell is very close to KeanO, but not only did he take it to another level against the sounders and pretty much else, for some reason he was easier to actually hate. Just seemed kinda petulant and he had his stupid tumble after goals that was laughable.


Taty castellanos


>Taty Lol. Taty "He's an asshole but he's our asshole" Castellanos.


Luis Robles seems like a stand up guy


Maxi Urruti. I loved him and then hated him on our team. Now I love and hate to see him at Austin.


Johnny Russell


For me its Jesse Marsch, not sure if it counts, I hated how much he complained at NJRB and his stupid face. But I always appreciated the high press high tempo style of play and want to see him succeed outside of the MLS.




Ilsinho. Definitely Ilsinho.


I'd imagine it is mostly *that* one game.


Nah it happened a few times


Nat Borchers, but you gotta love his beard


Taty is the most obvious answer, but I will say that Tajon Buchanan frustrated me last season. He was so pesky and aggressive but man he’s talented.


Not because he victimizes the Galaxy, but Johnny Russell - he seems to be a terror for everyone else. I wish he was on the Galaxy.


Love Johnny Russel. Such a role model and shithouser


Former player, but Twellman. Had a top 10 most punchable face in MLS and had that swagger about him, but my god was he lethal back in the 2000s. So fun to watch. In the era of the Union for me...I actually don't really know. These days I don't consider Union-RBNY a rivalry like other Union fans do, though during the time I *did*, BWP and Dax were *infuriating*. Maxi Moralez maybe? EDIT: Actually wait, it is a Red Bull, and my disdain for him has nothing to do with MLS. It's Henry. I am an Ireland fan. The reason I dislike him is pretty f'ing obvious lmao


Andre Blake holy shit not even a question dude's gone Ultra Instinct on our asses for YEARS


I loved Blas Perez playing for FCD. Hated him going to Vancouver cause he’d pull the stupid shit there he did for us. 🇵🇦


First name I've read on here that surprised me with how much it resonated. Perez definitely caused KC plenty of trouble--and the US too. And his shameless pursuit of the dark arts... actually made me appreciate and enjoy the dark arts?


As someone who pulled for the Timbers before Charlotte was added to the league, I had the exact opposite experience with Clint Dempsey lol


Sounders fan. Clint was an asshole, but he was our asshole


I’m actually kind of shocked at the lack of Dempsey in this thread If he had played for anyone but us he woulda pissed me off too lol, even though I love him as a personality


Deuce is up there for me. Really don't like the guy on the field, and he's not helped by my having a strong dislike of both the Sounders and Fulham, but he's very entertaining as a pundit. Rimando seems like a great guy off the field but god damn was he just a brick wall whenever he played in Portland. Alan Gordon actually played for the USL Timbers (in addition to playing college soccer at OSU), but he was notorious for scoring key goals to deny points to the early MLS era Timbers. So I guess for him it's the opposite, I want to like him, but he kept making me hate him.


I'll go with Will Johnson, just because he and Ozzie engaged in some of the gnarliest midfielder duels at the time. Pissed me off whenever Will got the call but damn if it wasn't entertaining. Also Steven Lenhart, just an incredibly dirty player but hella fun to watch. Plus I hear he's an incredibly good guy off the pitch.


You might be the first person I have heard say they like Will Johnson


Yeah the guy tackled his then wife to the ground, hitting her head on a brick patio. Fuck him


Gyasi Zardes




Yep. I'm honestly surprised he isn't the runaway winner in this poll really.


~~Steven Fucken Lenhart!~~ I guess Wondo


Except he was always hate, never evolved to love


Agreed. I can respect the “annoying heel” role because my teams have certainly had some over the years, but Lenhart was too much.


LOLOLOL I miss Lenny


Castellanos. He's extremely fucking good and doesn't seem like a huge asshole. That video of his mom surprising him had ninjas cutting onions in my apartment. I love him all the more for getting a red in the playoff game that was called a draw after regulation and no extra time or penalty shootout was played and no team lost and I SAID NO TEAM LOST. Blake. Dude turns into fucking Oliver Khan against the Revs. It's infuriating. But his saves are always those ones where you utter "Holy shit" aloud. EDIT: If we're talking historically, I'd probably say Carlos Ruiz. He's such a fucking annoying piece of shit, but he also scored some absurd goals over the years.


Rimando is first on that list for me. I’m pretty sure his full name is actually “Dammit Rimando” because how many goddamn times have I said that, but he’s never been anything but class and humor. First rate. Frei. A f**king flounder but a stand up guy and a solid keeper. Oba was fun to watch. Deuce was an ass, but Oba was great.


Matt Turner for sure. Dude has kept out so many great shots thats its aggravating when you're a fan of the opposing team.


I'm more of a "love to hate" that a "hate to love" kind of guy.


Joao Paulo Michael Barrios


surprised no one's mentioned him yet, but it's vela for me. as a galaxy/usmnt fan, feel like i've got plenty of reasons to cheer against him. but...he's so damn good, and he comes off as a pretty likeable dude


The thing is, I don’t hate him at all. Even though he plays for LAFC. There are LAFC players I hate, but Vela’s having too much genuine fun for me to feel anything but happy for him. (FWIW, I have a friend who’s an LAFC fan and recently admitted she feels the same about Chicharito.)


I was coming here to say Chicharito and now this thread has me thinking Vela too. Dammit, I *need* to hate both those guys but I just...can't.


Paul Arriola. I had zero problems with him until he got to Dallas.


C. Roldan, Lodeiro, Valeri, Zardes. Lleget might be the only Galaxy player over the years where I just shook my head instead of throwing something when he scored in Cali Clasicos.


Just because no one mentioned him yet- David Beckham. I like the dude, but he was a menace scoring outside the box/with free kicks. Wondo has got to be my answer. Can’t tell you how many times he’s scored against us. I’d wager he had more goals against RSL than any other single player except maybe Donovan.


Alonso. Oba. About 2/3 of Pedro Morales' career.


I’d say Jordan Morris or Diego Chara. Both seem like great dudes but I HATE playing against them


Andre Blake. Makes some of the most ridiculous saves, incredibly fun to watch…but the number of times Atlanta has played against him and he’s made saves nobody should ever make is infuriating and I want to hate him but can’t 😂


For the first few years of Atlanta's franchise, it was Bradley Wright-Phillips. With the exception of one playoff game, the Red Bulls absolutely owned us and we had many frustrating games against them, yet I still couldn't bring myself to hate BWP.


Steven Lenhart. On the field one of the biggest villains for sounders fans, off the field a gentle caring soul who does a ton of community work.


Based on the Match threads, I'll say a lot of non Sounders fans will say Brian Schmetzer.




Chicharito. Mexican star that you finally see the human side of after he comes to the league. Can't help but root for the guy


As a USMNT supporter, it's Chicharito by a mile. See him so much differently not because of how he has respected this league in his time here, almost makes me guilty for rooting against him for over a decade.


Zardes, seeing him in person for the US did it for me. He's got real touch.


Well, it's only our second year but in 2021 I give this to Pepi


Sebastian Blanco. Was watching a game at Lumen and one of the Seattle fans in the pitchside seats decided to just rag on Blanco the entire game, verbally abusing him anytime he got within earshot. Blanco mostly ignored him, but every once in a while after making a good play, he'd look over at the guy as if to say "you're not getting in my head, buddy". After the game, Blanco strode right to the fan and had some words. I have no idea what they said, but they both broke out into huge smiles and hugged each other. I got the distinct impression they both knew that fan energy (positive or negative) was all just part of the game and each was doing their part. I soooooo wanted to have Blanco act like a bitch about it, but, alas, he seemed damn cool. Asshole.


Love seeing Wondo on this list as a Quakes fan since he’s probably the main thing that kept us relevant for about 10 years. His play style was basically attack positioning and vibes, and I loved every minute of it!


BWP. aside from being the all-time HRD top scorer, he was just class and knew how to rile Pigeons fans up. certified MLS legend tho.


its always Danny Royer for me. Just always a killer against us...


Vela. He’s always been my favorite Mexican player since way back. Then he signed for LAFC… It’s weird seeing one of your favorite players on your rivals team


As a United fan I would say Bradley Wright Phillips.


Sort of interesting how many more of these players are Western Conference. I think that probably speaks to where the biggest rivalries in the league are right now


Cavalinni is turning into that


Chara. I fucking love Chara. He's the best, but I live in Portland and when I root. I root for the Timbers! And I can see how the rest of you hate him. Just know that smile is real, he's just a dude having fun playing a game and living life as Diego Chara. He'll foul the shit out of you smile laugh and help you up. I can see how that's infuriating.


Even as a sounders fan I don’t understand why this is being downvoted lol


It's not supposed to be "players I like that everyone else hates"


Chris Wondolowski - One of the nicest guys ever. You don't want him to win, but you kinda do? Gyasi Zardes - Also one of the nicest guys ever, whose play belies the reputation idiots have given him over the years. Robbie Keane - Few DPs laid their heart on the field and showed up game in, game out, and championed the league as a whole whenever he could. Dema Kovalenko - A veteran of five teams, you hated to play against the guy, who had a dirty hard-nosed reputation, but when your team signed him, there was no one else you wanted anchoring the midfield. Also, the guy had a little chihuahua or poodle or somesuch he took with him *everywhere*. And an honorable mention in the **"I *like* you, stop making me *hate* you!"**-category: Zlatan Ibrahimovic


Rimando. RSL was one of my favorite matchups back then.