I don’t even want to click on this article. Is there even any legit rumors that dortmund is looking to sign this guy?


Ok so hear me out: I don't think the *puzzlement* in this comment section is off-base, for the lack of a better term, but I think there's a massive miscommunication going on between (1) the article title (2) the article contents (3) the flow of the article. If I were a professor grading this article, I would seriously question the direction of the article for a few things: * The title is clearly setting up the hypothesis that "Taty Castellanos could replace Erling Haaland at BVB". and then if you read the first few paragraphs, I think * The author was attempting to say "there's about to be a major re-shuffle in strikers at clubs across Europe," see this little part: >Dortmund will likely be in the market for a striker to replace some of Haaland’s production. Once Dortmund make their move, another team may have to start that same replacement process. Then the same process goes on and on at different clubs, and all of a sudden we’re looking at a striker carousel. So my understanding is that the author is setting up this idea that there's going to be a striker carousel that Taty could be in line to replace *one of those strikers.* Then author then writes: >With teams always in the market for a high-level No. 9, top European clubs like Dortmund (Bundesliga or elsewhere) should spend some time looking at Castellanos. That parenthetical, "Bundesliga or elsewhere", seems like the more likely of scenarios. 1. BVB sell their top striker so they go on the hunt for a striker 2. \[Insert Mediocre Club\] sells their top strikers to BVB 3. \[Insert Lower Club\] sells their top striker to \[Mediocre Club\] 4. \[Insert Lower Lower Club\] sells their top striker to \[Lower Club\] And the idea is that Taty could go to any of those clubs. For example, BVB just purchased Adeyemi from RB Salzburg so it's possible that Salzburg will be in the market for a striker where Taty could end up. It's really not a ridiculous hypothesis but it leans too heavy on this idea that Taty could replace Haaland when in reality, the author never really makes that direct argument - just that Taty is an elite striker that could fill any of those spots in the "striker carousel"


The site editor or chief of content could’ve played a factor in changing the title


Usually headlines/titles are actually written by the editor not the author.


Thank you for backing my claim


Taty in a RB shirt would make me vomit


This is the kind of article that the league website really really needs to stop doing.


The headline is also really poorly written - if they rearranged it, it could be ok (content aside lol) but as is, it's saying that Haaland is leaving *for* Dortmund, as in leaving Dortmund...to join Dortmund. Not that he's actually departing *from* them and in fact going elsewhere


it could be interpreted that way, yeah


[Lowery typing this up](https://youtu.be/PKxw2I-rdEw)


This is the kind of shit that makes American soccer look bad. Are these guys genuinely this delusional?


Joseph actually put his name on this.


It’s such a shame. I loved Total Soccer Show and I love Taylor, Graham, and Ryan but I just cant listen nearly as much due to Lowery. Idk what it is but man, some of his takes and some of the things he says, pain.


I usually stop listening once MLS and USL seasons ramp up. The only teams I have any time for are Omaha and NYCFC. The former never gets talked about (which is normally fine, but no mention after winning the cup last year). Latter has been consistently top 3/4 in MLS since 2018 and all they can figure to talk about is that the field sucks.


Article by Joseph C Lowery... More like Joseph Clownery Boom got em.


Holy fuck MLS social media is embarrassing.


Delete this nephew


Lol as a back up?? I love Taty but he's not BvB level


I’m not sure that he isn’t BVB level.. but he doesn’t fit the Dortmund mold. He’s already 23. Essentially signed to the group that own Manchester City. Dortmund tends to sign very young high ceiling players and flip them to the largest teams in the top 5 leagues. Taty’s potential ceiling vs cost just doesn’t line up with Dortmund’s signing strategy


I think Dortmund could likely get a player better than Castellanos. But I think people on this thread are way underrating Castellanos, and that he'd actually do well at Dortmund. I don't think he's way below their level or anything, and I think stylistically, he'd fit in really well with that offense. Yes, they have Haaland now, but they also went a season with like Paco Alcacaer, after a hlaf season of Batshuyai and like 18 months of Aubameyang not trying. Or trying to play an aged Mario Gotze up there. I think Castellanos is a LOT better than people on here seem to imply. But yeah, Dortmund can do better as well.


I dont think hed be starting caliber for BvB. Could he play? Sure but hed be a back up. I think Mid to lower mid starter kn any of the top 4 is where he is, and thats honestly due to his lack of consistency. If he was more lethal I could see jt.


He's not even BvB youth level. I can't handle this hype train anymore. He's a great striker...in MLS.


Ok he can definitely crack it on BvB just not as a starter.


River plate reportedly offered 12.5 mil for him. He was also linked to West Ham and some Serie A clubs. If those clubs want him as a starter then he's definitely bundesliga tier. Maybe not BvB but definitely not youth level.


Taty could definitely be a regular sub for BvB. Maybe not a starter all the time, but mid level prem clubs have been looking at him so it's definitely not too out there. That being said it seems unlikely he will got to bundesliga.


You’re eating a steady diet of transfer market rumors. Somebody set a remindme Bot - if that guy goes anywhere (first division) in England or Germany I will turncoat and become an NYCFC fan.


Theres no gurantee. But he could definitely crack it as a starter for any team in either league thats 7-20


!remindme two months


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I agree that he could 100% be a very useful and valuable sub for a team like BvB. But not at the level to start for a team thats trying to challenge Bayern for a title


TF is this


I read this last week and this is the sort of fan fiction I want to see less of from the league's world wide website.




This is a maybe an article that I would turn in for a Sports Journalism 101 class as an exercise, not something to be published on a league website lmao


Seems like weird ass title aside, only one person in the comments actually read the article. It never says anything about him going to Dortmund to replace Haaland. It says that the Haaland move will cause a carousel of striker moves across Europe that could cause a move for him to top league. It also points out what a statistical monster he is besides being the golden boot winner last year as his main argument.


based article


Taty belongs at Leeds


I think that makes a lot of sense. But IMO he belongs at NYC!


Can we block articles from MLSsoccer?


Lol. What a headline.


This dude is definitely class, but Haaland is fucking world class crazy solo finishing striker who owns CBs one on one.


this is dumb lmao they already signed adeyemi who obviously is the replacement


Did anyone read the article? The author might be pushing but between Castellano’s stats and the transfer history of MLS players over the last several years this is a lot less delusional than people think. Not sure Dortmund is quite the right level but Taty is more proven in MLS than many of the recent outbound transfers like Bryan Reynolds or Ricardo Pepi, for example.


It's delusional when dortmund has already signed their Haaland replacement and aren't going to need a striker whatsoever


Swap deal for Karim Adeyemi incoming




Taty has a greater chance of going to River than Dortmund. Stop doing these dumb ass articles MLS. You're embarrassing us.