Discovery rights are so funny to me. I understand it's due to the single entity nature of how we operate, but the fact that Chiellini- a 37 year old who has played for one of the most well known clubs in the world since 2005- has to go through a "discovery," process as if LAFC found him first is just peak MLS.


From my point of view, MLS is the only league that respects the time honored ancient rule of dibs.


Gotta hand it to LAFC'S scouts. Discovering a talent like this, and all.


Thank you. I sent them a YouTube highlight reel.


Especially given he's been playing long before LAFC established itself as a franchise


Damn, their center back depth is about to be unreal….ummmm we’ll take one off your hands if you’d like 😁


already was unreal. we've been rolling out Fall and Ibeagha and they look top quality together. Ibeagha been perfect. Doneil Henry, Jesus Murrillo, Eddie Segura out injured but all expected back soon. Murrillo and Segura expect to be starters but so does Fall. adding chiellini to this mix is, I assume, for mentorship of Fall and Segura (and Leone) to help them make the jump to Europe.


FROM Juventus. That took me a second to get my head around


Wtf are discovery rights


It’s a mechanism designed to prevent teams from getting on bidding wars for non-MLS players. Because the league pays players salaries, they don’t want to incentivize teams to overpay. Teams have a “discovery list” of players they are interested in and if a player is on your discover list, you get the exclusive right to negotiate with that player. The league will step in though if a good faith offer isn’t made by the team that holds the discovery rights, so you can’t use the discovery list to prevent other teams from signing a player


Ahhh so collusion and monopolies to avoid paying players their worth! Cool!


You’re 100% correct but the league implemented these rules to protect itself from folding. Hopefully they’ll be a day where they completely rewrite the financial rules. Maybe that day has already passed. Idk. But they weren’t just making these decisions for fun


Players simply won't come if they don't think they're getting what they're worth. The ones that do come obviously feel like they are. What you're saying would only be effectively true if MLS were the only employers of pro soccer players.


Probably the most ridiculous MLS rule still leftover from MLS 1.0. It's a joke and needs to go away.


Oddly enough, this rule came in MLS 2.0


it is not really though... it is to avoid the league having a ridiculous bidding war over itself...


Yea no way it can’t exist in a single structure system.


Simple fix change the name to Allocation order and no one will care. It's literally the "Discovery" that gets people going huh WTF.


Sooo in other words does this mean LAFC have an incoming deal with Chelin if Whitecaps 'walked away'??


Pretty much. Since LAFC has discovery rights, they have to actually make bona fide offers, so whitecaps walked away because LAFC are actually serious on working out a deal.


😤😤 Very proud of LAFC for discovering Chiellini.


They need to change the name of discovery rights to like DIBS rights or something. That would automatically cut like 50% of the complaining for this process


Discovery Initiated Bidding System or DIBS


Wait, a big name from Europe NOT on Chicago Fire's list? How is that possible?


I’d rather my team discovers the next Messi or Ronaldo. Perhaps there should be a list of players that are “known” and don’t have be labeled discovered (ie Chiellini)


The point is so MLS teams don’t bid against each other for players. So it would actually be more beneficial for the league to label big names under these designations


I believe that, it’s such an odd rule. Imagine explaining to a stud player that he can come to the league but can’t sign with the team he wants because they didn’t discover him.


I want to see Chiellini’s face when he realizes he picked them wrong LA Team and he is NOT following in the footsteps of Beckham, Keane, Gerrard, Cole & Zlatan. Yikes!!!


You sound like the type of person to say cHivAs and LeVaS, too shelf comment


Nah! I’d rather call you the Clippers of MLS. LA has a little brother team in each sport.


Yea, there we go, same basura each time.


Sorry. It’s true Dodgers > Angels Lakers > Clippers Kings > Ducks Rams > Chargers Galaxy > lafc You guys are the perfect step child team.


LA resident here and LAFC is objectively more popular within the city and has a more engaged fanbase.


That’s a nice opinion. Compare our championship cases and you’ll notice you are closer to the Clippers than you are the Lakers. As far as more engaged fan base, the Galaxy are selling out a bigger stadium, does that make us more engaged? Not really. How do you quantify engagement?


LA Galaxy's popularity is solely due to two main factors: (A) First mover advantage. You guys are one of the original MLS teams and your first two championships were in a league with 10 total teams w/ rosters being made up of primarily substitute teachers and plumbers. Your next three championships were due to disproportionate buying power and star acquisition which brings me to. (B) Acquired (not grown) popularity. Your decade spanning shameless acquisition of dying stars from Euro leagues looking to retire in LA. W/o Beckham, Gerrard, Zlatan, etc, no one would care. Saying you're more popular than a team that is literally 20 years younger than you - despite that not even being true - isn't the dig you think it is. You \*should\* be. LAFC has had increasingly growing attendance rates (higher than Galaxy in 2021), this trend will continue. Clippers aren't taken seriously by anyone - and haven't been - whereas LAFC has been the better LA team since they started in 2018. Galaxy are a relic of the past. Corny name, corny branding, stadium in Carson, surviving solely off acquired star power. They're the NY Red Bulls of the West. No one will care about the Galaxy in ten years outside of old-heads.


Lol - Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. On the other hand. We have trophies and all you have are our 2014 3rd kit as your team colors. Bwahahaha


I whole heartedly empathize with the coping mechanisms necessary for supporting a team that is slipping into irrelevance within its own city. Please cling harder onto your championships that were acquired when the MLS was a rec league for people with part time jobs but just understand that you haven't - and never will - win again since LAFC have been in the league.


How many titles since we joined the league? I’ll hello you answer that 0. How many playoffs since we joined the league? 1 who eliminated you? LAFC Stopped being so pressed about us and focus on your shifty team.


Since your rebrand we have the same number of playoff wins. Lol


0 titles in a competitive MLS. 1 playoff appearance since we joined the league. Eliminated by the LA team


You guys have had the best and most talented team in MLS since your rebrand. It’s kind of a shame all you got was a supporters shield which you don’t get to keep. Lol


Idk about best and most talented in mls. Definitely in So Cal though. Is that why you’re mad?


I’m not mad at all. You guys have been great, yet continue to choke. We have sucked since 2017 and yet we have a winning record in El Trafico.


I don’t know when have we choked? You guys have a winning record in regular season, I thought you guys cared about titles and that bs lol. We have a winning record on elimination games against you and we will knock you guys out of the US cup in your stadium.


Well, despite his age Chiellini would've upgraded our shoddy defense, but maybe it's a good thing we walked from this because of his age. Also, it seems Sartini has ditched 3 at the back and gone for the traditional 4 at the back for our D, so maybe this is where the teams fortunes start to go on the rise. We still need upgrades on our defense though. But I'm not worried losing out on Chiellini.


still retirement league , why not sign Lukaku?


He should just retire. It’s not like he needs a payday.


He loves the game and who wouldn’t want to live in Cali? Not like he has a WC to prep for anyway I will say it’d be a bad look if he looks washed in MLS


Yes, instead of retiring a legend, let’s just go off to LA


And retire a God 🥰