> Other clubs interested 5-wood, driver, 3-iron...


Very eagle-eyed of you.


"Oh, fourteenth hole at Riverdale... some use a mashie, some use a niblick. Niblick. You get more loft, more backspin." (reference for maybe 2%)


Step 1: Gareth Bale leads Wales to the World Cup Step 2: Gareth Bale signs in MLS Step 3: Gareth Bale gets broken in half by a challenge from Roger Espinoza on a Tuesday night in KC Step 4: Gareth Bale is ruled out for the World Cup Step 5: The USMNT breezes past Wales in Qatar


Dave Kasper helping Gregg out with some 4D chess


Classic DCU FO. Throw out a big name, a week later we're "still talking," a month later quietly admit it's not happening.


Bale would likely help with ticket sales, so that would be good. Not sure it's our most pressing position, and not sure it wouldn't be better to use that same $$ to get 6 better MLS players instead...


Yeah, he'd definitely help with ticket sales but keep in mind, when you did this with Rooney, he didn't do it himself. He got the fans *into the door* to watch him but it was also the run of victories from DC United that kept fans coming back for a bit, the new atmosphere at Audi Field, and then the playoffs added to that. Once you guys went back to "normal" the next season, it slowly changed for the attendance and even the new stadium feeling goes away. The Chicago Fire are also an example. They signed Schweinsteiger in 2017, had a boost in sales while still in Bridgeview, and were winning games and that kept attendance going strong throughout the season as they got into the playoffs. In 2018, they went "back to normal" and not even having a guy who won the World Cup four years ago could bring a fan back. By then, anyone who wanted to see him live had already done so, and now "I can go back to watching my European team because you guys suck." Bale is good but you also need an overall good team still, otherwise Bale will be a very short-term boost that will fade quickly.




tbf some of those injuries were "injuries"


The only way he helps ticket sales is in the ven diagram that has 1) Soccer fans that are aware of who Bale was 2) Soccer fans that are unaware of Bale's club performance for the past several years. I suspect that intersection is fairly small. But on the plus side the Glazers may be in both those groups


Bale would easily be the best player in MLS history if he came here, even without trying he would walk the league. It literally doesn’t matter where our depth is, if we have the choice to get him, we definitely get him


Hasn't every aging European star who's come here said you can't walk the league with no effort? The reason Rooney was such a success for us was because he still out hustled a ton of players, even when he was already out skilling them.


Gareth Bale right now is better than Rooney was he joined us. Rooney didn’t take as much care of his body, and it showed in some aspects. Bale might not play for Madrid but he’s still a hella insane athlete


It feels like this gets said about practically every name-brand European who gets recruited to MLS


I wouldn’t say this about 99.9% of players. I am saying this about Bale. Idk why he gets so much shit, he was an incredible player.


Oh, he was and is an incredible player, when he feels like it. Would that let him walk the league? Don't think so.


The problem is Bale’s physicality is unmatched even among the most elite players in the world. It’s one thing if a player is old and slow, they can’t push around a 22 year old, but I’m very confident that Bale can handle that


Most skilled player doesn't make you the best player. The guy can't get up for club soccer in Europe, you think he is putting any effort into an Inter Miami vrs Dallas match in August... Then think about the impact that has on the locker room Would not let this guy work in the concession stand let alone aware near the locker room


I've heard of the guy, but I don't watch European soccer, so yea, I guess I'm in the Venn diagram....


Julian would be sad to lose FK duty...


Get him a membership to Congressional, get him a nice house off Brickyard Rd in Potomac and a driver to and from practice... and I bet he would sign the papers...


>Unclear yet, though whether DP summer signing will occur. Great. I thought they were all-in on a third DP signing? We gonna put that off til next season too? Can’t they find another Flores-caliber player that wants to come have fun and stay in our lane with Coach Chad?


if this team doesn't sign a third DP after the shitshow that theyve put us all through...


I doubt it happens. If Ashton gets good results, ownership will think we don't need one. If he gets crappy results, they'll just use that as an excuse to not spend more on the roster. I think the only way they bring someone in is if it's Bale, and I don't want that.


We’re 100% getting one of those 3 other Euro based players and they will be from a below average league and contribute maybe 2-3 goals a season for us.


The United WAY.


Does @ing people on Twitter count as “in talks”? Because if so I, too, am in talks to go on a date with Lady Gaga.


I understand why these big euro stars want to do a retirement tour in LA, NY, and Miami, I do not at all understand why they would want to go to DC


I’ve heard DC is a pretty fun city.


Money, nation's capital is interesting and still reasonable distance to Baltimore for a regular non-capital city, solid fanbase, easy travel to those fancy East Coast cities like NYC and Miami, easy flight back to Europe. Rooney (from what I gather) enjoyed his time there so he could be giving a good word. His wife, not so much.


I think his wife stayed back in England so I guess not Wayne had lots of fun though.


NOVA is good living bruh


DC is a beautiful city with a lot going on, with beautiful and affluent suburbs.


I’m holding out hope that Charlotte FC somehow gets him. Bale is a criminally underrated player who would make any club better and watching him take tiny Wales to the semifinals of Euro 16 and the brink of World Cup qualification was nothing short of spectacular. He would easily be our best player if we managed to get him. I think he either goes back home to Cardiff City or Tottenham however.