The nice thing about playing against Mexican teams is people watch.


Leagues Cup 2023. Ratings higher or lower than a regular season Liga MX game?


Higher Maybe not forever but the novelty alone will make people tune in




> rumblings of a North American Super League again Over pro/rel’s dead body.


That's no problem. Liga MX has basically killed pro/rel already


I was skeptical about Leagues Cup at first. But then when I realized it would add 40+ games to the league’s inventory that would likely draw more interest than almost every MLS regular season game, I I understand why they would do it. When the current regular season format isn’t drawing on TV, there’s no harm in shaking things up a bit.


Leagues Cup will be 80+ gms.


I agree but it's sounding like TV networks aren't yet excited about it... [Per Sam Stejskal of The Athletic](https://theathletic.com/3194631/2022/03/18/mls-media-rights-deal-not-likely-to-be-a-game-changer-sources-say?source=user-shared-article) "Sources added that there has been little interest to this point in the English-language rights to the Leagues Cup. One said that ESPN would be interested in the English-language rights if the network can also obtain the Spanish-language rights to the competition for ESPN Deportes, but that MLS seems committed to working with Univision for that portion of the deal. "


expecting the Unimas number to be pretty massive


Yeah, it’s the one that’s free over-the-air.


There was a Unimas broadcast? Why is MLS so shit at promoting that. Every article I checked said TUDN or FS1.


And considering it was 10pm EST


I'm very eager to see the final numbers on this one. Probably had a LARGE number of neutral fans watching it, and I know a shitload of LigaMX neutrals were watching, if only for material to poop on Pyew-mas with.


That FS1 number is a bummer. Good for MLS on FS1, bad for a cup final overall.


It's pretty good considering the target market. Around half of that came from Seattle alone (which is a mid-market area). Meaning that people in Seattle were very excited about a final. The other half were probably neutrals. The English-language broadcast should grow if MLS teams start winning it again and again. However let's not forget that the game was easier to catch in Spanish. Not only was it on TUDN, it was also ota on UniMas. It wasn't just Pumas fans watching on those channels. A lot of Sounders/MLS fans were watching it that way too. I know I was. Frankly, the production was also better on TUDN/UniMas. They had an entire crew in the Stadium. Pre-game live in stadium and commentators up in the booths. FS1 didn't do any of that. Pre-show from a hand-me down set in Los Angeles, and the announcers were very obviously not at the Stadium. Which is par the course the way Fox has been treating MLS this season, and the very unfortunate way they plan to treat the World Cup later this year.


Yep. Plus lots of basic cable packages will have one of tudn or unimas but not fs1.


Unimas is OTA so it'll be on any package regardless; however, the rest is true. TUDN is more likely to be on the most basic package while FS1 is not.


It was a weeknight after 10pm eastern.


And it wasn’t overly promoted. I knew about it but most people I know who aren’t into soccer (but are into sports in general) had no clue it was on.


Yeah, that's fair.


A whole lot of the Seattle area wasn't watching this on FS1, they were at the game.