We're going to lose to Seattle even in this competition, aren't we...


Hmm it'll be interesting. Though from a bird's eye view I can tell you that more people from California vote than people from Washington. But then there might be nefarious Galaxy fans voting against LAFC.


I've always disliked the Seattle logo and it confuses me people dig it so much. It looks VERY Web 2.0 to me. Like it feels a little outdated already.


Oh it's cartoony as hell and was dated the day it came out That's why I like it so much. If we changed to something modern I'm sure it'd be a circle with an S in the middle


If we get the same designer that did the defiance logo I'd be down with that


The Defiance logo looks awesome.


Haha, I don't think its cartoony, its one of the best logos in the league. It would be interesting to see an updated one though, as long as they don't do a Chicago Fire type thing lol


Yeah I guess I don’t mind that it’s a little goofy. Too many logos are self-serious. I’m sure LAFC will seem outdated soon too.


Don’t think Sounders is top 2 but as long as Austin wins then this is legit


Pretty sure people just voted against they’re Atlanta because they’re Atlanta. Austin’s branding is trash


I'd love to see the Sounders logo get just a slight modernization but I worry they'd go too far. What I want is a DC United style refresh but I'm worried we'd get a Chicago Fire style ruination lmao As is I don't think we deserved to beat Orlando but I do think we deserve to beat LAFC. Again.