Weird, there's been a couple of these now where Nebraska isn't filled in despite me voting in every one. I even voted for the Galaxy!


Let me double check. Probably more an error of getting left off the map than anything with the data as I just create a big ol pivot table with the data and there's no reason for Excel to leave it off. Update: Oh yeah you were counted! I just neglected to fill in the state. Sorry!


How dare you! Thanks for checking


My goodness that Whitecaps-Galaxy vote was tight, tight, tight!


Surprised it was that tight, from the logo to the application, Vancouver has always been the gold standard for me in MLS


DC is an original, DC has championships, DC has a sweet-ass logo. Looking at overall brand, I truly don't understand the argument for Philly. And all that goes double for Galaxy, who despite getting shown up by LAFC the last few years still have the evil villain superteam vibes and the championships to prove it. Vancouver is one of the most forgettable teams in MLS. In what world does Vancouver have a better brand than Galaxy?


Simply hatred my friend people hate the la galaxy that's it really.