Yeah nah definitely not going thru those hoops to vote


Confused by your comment. I just clicked the link and voted.


Maybe it has to do with already being logged in to this or that thing... I'm not gonna be doing that


It requires a google account login, to allow enforcement of one vote per account. (Someone could vote with multiple google accounts, but that’s kind of a bother relative to the stakes here.)


Same. Just make one damn poll for all matchups. I’m not logging in 8 times.


I appreciate OP and think it is fun, but I think it is dragging on too long.


The survey clearly says our email and Google account are not part of the response.


If you don't mind logging in to various Google doc stuff from Reddit links, then go right ahead


I do mind and I am picky when doing these surveys for fun, but do you not see on the survey the eye with a line over it that says, "Your email and Google account are not part of your response." So you have to be logged into your Google account, but on OP's end, they won't see our information. But I will also say that OP should not have had the option to submit multiple times on one survey turned on. And that a tournament like this should be done in one big survey than spread across many weeks.