So charlotte starting off their expansion with some oddity alrighty


No wins this year, only vibes (if Tepper determines that vibes are okay from a cost-benefit analysis)


Lololol this is the …way?


I mean hey, the Panthers are already doing it, so why not us?


Just think, the panthers have to pay Darnold 19M next year. That will surely draw some vibes from the fans.


Idk, sounds like Sam Darnold has them right where he wants them.


It ain't working for the Panthers right now


>Marc Nicholls told me he’s leaving Charlotte for Columbus to work with a “storied club” and “incredible people.” He was also attracted by the “state of art training ground” and “brand new stadium.” Overall it’s, “the right role, players and coaches, from top to bottom.” > >When asked why he’d leave a club he helped build just before it takes flight, the answer was simple. The Columbus opportunity came up. https://twitter.com/m\_a\_h\_o\_n\_e\_y/status/1484289699879473158?s=20 Ohio is apparently still first in Flight.


Didn’t he leave the Sounders to come to Charlotte? He knew he was going to a brand new club then leaves to go back to a situation similar to where he came. I think something else may be going on.


He was Player Development Director at Sounders Academy, so Technical Director at Charlotte was a move up. But yeah, lateral move to another club... not a good look.


I expect nothing less. It’s the life of an NC sports fan


Lots of potential, over promise, under deliver, reset, repeat. Canes are crushing it right now.


This comment is a work of art


That’s some good CLT right there.




Do you encourage rubbing CLT on your nose? Haha


That explains the reports that Alex Villanueva is trialing with the Crew. Nicholls helped develop him and other Sounder Academy kids.


Next, give Hopeau a job.


He got cut. I think he could be a good USL player but he didn't work well in SA


SA was a really bad move for him, they had a lot of underrated talent up front already and not enough minutes to grow. The few minutes he did get, they played him at #10/second striker which is not really his skillset. I get it, there's too many young kids coming through the pipeline: not enough space at Defiance, not enough HGP slots in the MLS roster; it still seems he got shafted by the Sounders org and a Covid season. I think he's the perfect ilk for Right Back conversion, but we'll probably see him pop up at Austin Bold, San Diego Loyal, or Oakland.


Well, he was *technically* a technical director at Charlotte....


I'm not confident at all in what Charlotte is doing, its presason and they have 17 senior players. I think like 23 total but that includes the drafted players. I don't really see a clear direction of the structure on how the team is actually gonna play besides some "well heres some players rameriz coached at one point" Tepper has turned the panthers into a disaster and still hasn't talked to the media since the conclusion of the season. Charging insane prices they're gonna be more like Cinci than LAFC or atlanta. It just feels like a bunch of smoke and mirrors when you hear their media reps (who do a good job mind you but you can tell they don't have much to work with), and the bad part about atlanta's success is a bunch of clubs like Charlotte are going to hide behind a bunch of obscure youth international signings instead of real ambition as "see what atlanta did with miggy and josef!" but leave out the rest of the incredible roster with MLS vets like Parky and Larentowentz and hitting the draft incredibly with Robinson and gressel etc. So you end up with a bad imitation. I'll be at the opener but I'm not confident in the structure of the club. Honestly Greenville seems much better run than Charlotte at this point. But im a redditor so I'll be completetly offbase and they'll storm to the ECF year 1.


I think Charlotte is more likely on the Miami path but without the biggest names. They have very little MLS experience in the front office and coaching staff to properly work the archaic rules.


I've been much the same. This is either going to be a good team that surprises people...or a Cincy-level disaster that takes YEARS to come back from. Throwing out Garber Bucks for international slots all willy-nilly, PSLs and high ticket prices, a roster lacking in established solid MLS vets that still have something to give (they probably would've been better off keeping Blackmon and ITS but they needed the Garber Bucks because they needed a billion intl slots), and as much as I prefer the "traditional" style branding they played it way too safe... oh yeah and NFL stadium with no plans for a SSS, which only really works well if you have the fanbase to back it up. Atlanta and Seattle can do it because they fill the place up.


Charlotte also got rid of the amazing grass field and replaced it with turf.


Dammit I forgot about that


Like, I tend to be a bit of an MLS Pollyanna, but Charlotte worries me (and Vegas even moreso). It's not a knock on the Charlotte market, but rather the way the team has operated thus far.


Totally agree the market for a good team is here. But I think they’re going to bungle it big time and instead of being an Atlanta it’s gonna be a Cinci without a fanbase.


At least tickets are relatively cheap for FCC.


I only liked the last sentence ):


This story gives me a case of the (Meme) Mondays.


TD leaving before the first game they still have no striker. No idea what Charlotte is doing.


I think we have a striker, yet to be officially announced but I agree. Not a good look


Oh but we do. [https://sport.se.pl/pilka-nozna/reprezentacja-polski/karol-swiderski-zagra-w-charlotte-fc-znamy-szczegoly-umowy-astronomiczna-gaza-tylko-u-nas-aa-MeUq-AqCW-h5qB.html](https://sport.se.pl/pilka-nozna/reprezentacja-polski/karol-swiderski-zagra-w-charlotte-fc-znamy-szczegoly-umowy-astronomiczna-gaza-tylko-u-nas-aa-MeUq-AqCW-h5qB.html) But yes, I find this departure slightly troubling.


Average striker from the Greek SuperLeague? Uhhh…


Hopefully our Adam Buksa.


Ok. I’m not familiar with how expansion teams work, but we are 2 months out or less . . . . And we have no offense, no clear vision of how to play, and have had one practice?


Preseason started the same for everyone. Coach has VERY clear vision of how he wants the game to be played and has talked about it in almost every interview given for the past three years and there’s blog posts detailing his tactics, just Google his name + tactics to read up on them. No offense is fair, but club will announce their first DP tomorrow, a Polish international 24 year old striker. Charlotte is behind, but several teams are still adding key pieces so it’s not totally unusual.


Atlanta didn’t sign Josef Martinez until a month before their first game, relax. We will be fine. It’s also an expansion team so even if we are mediocre this year there’s no reason for the fans to burn everything to the ground. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


That’s true. Not sure why my comment needed downvoted to be seen less. I’m not wanting to burn it all down, but I am concerned when we are paying the highest ticket prices and have PSLs. Obviously not concerned enough not to pay. Haha. I’m so glad to Have an MLS team.


All of those season ticket holders may as well have said YOLO when they bought their seats at this point.


The team has a VERY aggressive sales team. They may be bad at a lot of other things, but they are optimized to suck money out of people’s pockets. To give Tepper just a smidge of an excuse, the expansion fees for MLS are absurd ($325 million). But overall they are taking advantage of people excited for a shiny new soccer team and regional rivalries which sucks.


Daaamn. This could *not* have happened at a worse time for Charlotte.