Hard to believe we have been watching Diego play for the Timbers this long. It really flew by. Adios Troesma. 😭😭😭😭😭😭


I feel old and so depressed.


Big note from Tom Bogert (is he the Fabrizio of MLS?): * Valeri will return in 2023 for a testimonial between Lanus and Portland (playing a half for each club) * He will return to Portland at the end of his playing career as a club ambassador Naming him a "legend" is a sever severe severe understatement, it's amazing we've had two legendary Diego's with the club in the 2010s


> He will return to Portland at the end of his playing career as a club ambassador Best news I've heard all day. Hopefully he transitions to an assistant coach as well at some point , if that's what he desires. Either way though I'm so happy he's planning on coming back to work with the club in some manner going forward. Portland without Valeri is a gray-er Portland.


I wanna see Diego in Frankie Hejduk's role, just shotgunning beers with the TA


Nah, he's clearly gonna be the ultimate soccer dad. Once Connie plays for the Thorns, he'll be front and center in the Riveters, piss drunk chanting his head off.


That'll be Zarek when he moves back


Zarek was standing next to me and my brother for a little while at the MLS Cup final this year, I can report that no beer shotgunning was happening. But maybe that's just pandemic precaution.


Maybe he's just a greens-guy like myself


So, shots?


> Valeri will return in 2023 for a testimonial between Lanus and Portland (playing a half for each club) That is so awesome!


❤️ ❤️ ❤️, even from the Sounders ;) This is the best possible outcome for PTFC and Valeri to stay connected.


Tickets to the Lanus game may be the highest priced ticket for any game at Providence Park


[Everybody walking into Providence park like](https://c.tenor.com/o3oHSzKuQm8AAAAC/spider-man-peter-parker.gif)


Yeah, that sounds like the de facto Henry testimonial RBNY had against Arsenal on steroids (esp. considering that match was free for season ticket holders and the Timbers-Lanus match...probably won't be)


*Probably* won’t be?? The Timbers were purchased with Goldman Sachs money, by god they will squeeze as much money as possible. That’s probably why MP wanted to do this match


I’m ready to buy one right now


This doesn't quite feel real, it seems like he's been in MLS far longer than nine years. Is he the best MLS player of the last decade? I would argue Wondo is the only other serious contender (guys like Giovinco/Villa/Keane weren't here long enough).


I specifically think the division of the decade from 2010-20 is tricky. Lots of DPs didn't manage the longevity that Valeri had or they were signed around 2013-2016. Part of the context for that is how Javier Morales helped convince Valeri to come to MLS, who in turn spoke with people he knew in Argentina to sell them on the idea. Valeri - as a proof-of-concept DP - may be in the handful of game-changing signings alongside Beckham, Giovinco, etc. EDIT: And to think we wanted Mix and Valeri was the backup. Lmao. Fate saving GW from himself on that one.


>And to think we wanted Mix and Valeri was the backup. This never ceases to make me shudder at the "what-ifs."


[I made a thing](https://imgur.com/IbymzyM). Pulled names based guys who had at least one best-XI selection from 2012-2021, and took the top 16 of them in terms of matches played in that time frame. Then sorted by position; when positions didn't line up neatly, I just picked interesting matchups in similar positions.


Imo if wondo was on a good team, he would be best player. (No disrespect quakes but Portland has been much better over the last decade).


Truly the end of an era. I’m always in awe of guys who were able to keep improving their game as the league continues to get better year after year.


The year Valeri spent as a second striker and won MVP was incredible. Time after time, Valeri adapted to be what the team needed at the time. He did it right up until his legs got heavy. Incredible icon for Portland and a testament to MLS' growth.


Build the statue.


Larger than life equestrian bronzes tomorrow dammit!


Love the respect between Portland and Lanus to make this happen


Mad respects. Valeria was always a player I hated when the Sounders had to play against him. That hate is fueled from respect given how good he is, he is a legend and brought so much to not just MLS and Portland, but also the PNW. He will be missed. Glad to hear long term he will be back in the PNW.


I felt the same way about Dempsey. I had mixed feeling when he left, especially given the circumstances, and he left a hole in our rivalry.


Absolutely legendary player, not just for this club, but for the league. Build the statue.


Since I started following the league he is definitely one of the legends that comes to mind among others like Landon Donavan, Robbie Keane, and Giovinco.


He’s an amazing human.


Look, emotions are going to be high. Especially with unrelated off-field drama and the fact that his last game was a loss in a cup final. I get that lots of us are sad about this, and I certainly would have preferred to see him retire here as well. That being said, as soon as Diego decided that he wasn't ready to retire yet, this became the best case scenario. Diego goes back to the other club that he has a legacy at, we get a testimonial match (fully expect him to be put in the Timbers ring of honor as part of those festivities), and it's confirmed that he's going to continue to be involved with the Timbers in his post playing endeavors. As hard as it is to say goodbye, it's also important to realize that this is a win-win for everyone. Diego has a chance to get more playing time, and at his boyhood club no less, we get salary cap relief, and both Lanus fans and Timbers fans get a chance to say farewell to a man who is beloved in both clubs. Thanks for everything Maestro.


Agreed. This is bittersweet but Dv8 has earned all this and more from us.


I mean, I think most of us are satisfied with this result, right? It's a hell of a lot better than how things looked to be ending last year. Or was that the year before. . .


I've seen a tale of two platforms. On reddit, I think most timbers fans are sad, as is expected, but most people either seem to view the result as a win for everyone or at least understand it. On twitter I've seen a few people saying the FO forced him out, or otherwise trying to hold Diego's departure against the FO, which is silly. There are a lot of things people can quite rightly criticize the FO for, but this is not one of them. Edit: I should clarify that the majority of comments I've seen on twitter are thanking Diego, saying they will miss him, the normal expected stuff. It seems to be a minority that are expressing the above opinion, but it irks me.


Very very well said


build the statue


Maybe not the greatest player in MLS history (definitely up there, though), but if you take in his entire legacy in Portland, he's the greatest signing in MLS history.


Told y’all they had a role carved out for him :) Expect the same with Chara. I feel like I grew up with Valeri being a part of my livelihood on a weekly basis, and it’ll be weird not seeing him at Providence Park. A true MLS legend in every sense of the phrase. But all good things must come to an end, and it’s clear it was time. ¡Hasta pronto Troesma!


I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying. Who am I kidding, I'm fucking crying rn.


We’re all crying, every single one of us


I'm crying tears of joy




That's fair.


Build the fucking statue!


Even as an outsider, gotta respect Valeri and how much he gave for the Timbers. Think we'd all be lucky to have a player that loyal. At one point I expected him to retire there, but I get it.


I knew this day would come but that doesn’t make it hurt any less


An absolute MLS legend. Before Atlanta United existed I supported Portland and always loved watching him play. Love that they’re gonna do a testimonial match too.


Legend! So cool that we’ll host a testimonial next year! We haven’t many of those in the league so far. Last one I remember (and maybe the first one?) was Brian Ching’s in Houston. That was such a fun event to watch, even as an outsider. I can only imagine that Valeri’s will be entertaining and emotional. Have there been any other testimonial matches in MLS over the years?


DeRo had one, I believe.


It wasn't in the US but the Fire played Bayern in Munich for Basti's testimonial a couple of years ago.


Hard to even imagine Portland without Valeri.


End of an era. Always liked watching Valeri play.


A Timber I could never hate. Farewell to a NW fixture.


Big reason why I'd have been okay if we'd lost to Portland in the final - seeing Valeri leave on top would've been worth it.


It still kills me to think of it. If he would have put in a game winner in OT that would have been one of the most epic things I'd ever seen. The stadium would have turned upside down and the street party would have been unbelievable. It was all there, I felt like I was watching a scripted sports movie, I was so excited, and then going to pens just sucked.


Club legend. He’ll be missed!


Awesome player during his time in the league and just seems like a truly amazing person! Glad that he'll finish his playing career with his boyhood club but he will truly be missed by the league and of course everyone involved with the Portland Timbers; nice to hear that he will return in some capacity. Nothing but respect!


Great that he'll be returning as an ambassador. Awesome player, awesome guy.


Hasta pronto Maestro!


My favorite player to hate, the league and Portland Seattle rivalry won’t be the same without him.


Surely there's another Diego that you love hating more


Nah Valeri always annoyed me way more for some reason


Which is kind of weird if you think about it. Almost everyone in the league I've heard speak of Valeri has nothing but love for the guy and massive respect. Many describe him as very kind. And while Chara is certainly not a dirty player, the points in a game when he chooses to pick up his yellow card are oftentimes highly contested and very charged points, so even while opponents of his wouldn't call him dirty, they generally wouldn't call him kind either.


He's the smiling assassin. Scripted perfectly to be hated by enemies and loved by friends.


Too nice and good a person for a club run by Merritt Paulson and Gavin Wilkinson, honestly


Happy for Valeri :') thank you Maestro


What a legend! Congrats on his move to his boyhood club and I'm glad he gets to leave under good graces.


Are Portland fans happy with his performances and 1 MLS Cup? Or is it like a Drew Brees situation in New Orleans where they think he should have won more?


We are happy with everything DV8 gave us/accomplished in Portland


Awesome! I will watch a few highlight clips on YouTube in his honor


Three Cup finals, one win, and the MLS Is Back win. League MVP in a season without a deep playoff run or a golden boot, 3rd best goals+assists all time in the league. And on top of that he’s an absolutely lovely person. Obviously as a fan one always wants more, but it’s enough and then some.


Valeri made us a consistent danger for a decade. We made it to 3 Finals in that time. He adapted repeatedly to a team that often couldn't keep up with his talent. Yes, we only managed to win one Cup. Valeri changed this team in ways that extend well beyond the silverware. His partnership with Chara was a talisman to move us beyond the middling start to MLS.


I’m happy, but yes, it does feel a bit like we wasted some opportunities. Can’t help but feel that way when you lose two MLS cup finals.


Absolutely ecstatic to have had a chance to watch him up cloase and in person for nearly a decade. He was key to making a new team team relevant in MLS despite every obstacle, be it the smaller market, injuries, or a global freaking pandemic. He set the tone for what the team is now. In a (mostly) one-and-done playoff format, winning championships can be hard even when you have the best team, as we have seen over and over. So 3 cup appearances and a win, along with the MLS-is-Back trophy (it's a real trophy!), plus his MVPs and team records, definitely make me happy.


Sad but then happy Loon noises


And the terrible off season gets worse. Thanks for literally nothing Portland. This off-season Portland front office has pissed off its best player, pissed off their supporters group and now have gotten rid of a club legend. That’s called getting worse.


From a personal side, Valeri gets to retire at his boyhood club and be close to his family after losing his father. From a business side, Valeri was clearly past it and there was zero point delaying the inevitable with a cap crunch. > Thanks for literally nothing Portland I swear we have the angstiest fanbase for mostly irrational reasons.


Yeah I keep seeing that take and I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure it’s what he wanted.


> This off-season Portland front office has pissed off its best player, pissed off their supporters group and now have gotten rid of a club legend. I think OP is just combining a bunch of disparate reactions into one thought. But, the club pissed off Blanco for balking at paying him a salary that no other team is currently willing to pay. The SG has an absolute right to be pissed off about the abuse scandal, but as has been stated a billion times, the TA is always pissed off at the FO regardless of time or place. And they didn't "get rid" of a club legend: they parted ways at an optimal time that benefits all involved.


what? he gets to go back to his childhood club for one final season and then he will come back to portland as an ambassador, he wasnt gonna get minutes next season anyways this is a win for all parties involved


Well, this certainly is a comment. Not a very informed one, but what are you gonna do


Enlighten me on how my comment is “not informed” all of it is true.


Valeri and the club knew he wasn’t going to be playing next year when he stopped playing as much in mid season. The club did not “get rid of him,” nor did this decision happen in the off-season. We all knew this was happening. I would barely call contract negotiations ‘pissing off’ a player. And with Ayala coming in and possibly more, I would hardly call this a terrible off-season


Blanco seems very happy at the moment. /s


No, the Seba situation is not great. But sometimes that’s the way contract negotiations go (I wish they didn’t, but they do), and that does not make this a terrible off-season. Also, we have no idea what Blanco is feeling, let’s not pretend we do


The off season could improve. At this moment it’s been bad. Blanco has made posts on Instagram with his feelings toward all of this.


I disagree, I think the Ayala signing is better than everything bad that has happened, but ok. This Valeri move is best for both player and team, it would be worse if we kept him imo. We didn’t “get rid of him” Blanco posted a few ambiguous posts, we don’t know what’s going on with him really


I don’t think it’s bad either, it also hasn’t been official yet. When that happens my approach will change. Add Blanco back and it’s not a bad off-season outside of the front office doing their best to ruin any relationship with TA/107st.


I just strongly disagree with the “Thanks for nothing, this off-season has been terrible” sentiment, and especially the “Why did we get rid of Valeri this is disrespectful to a club legend this is terrible” sentiment. Valeri leaving hurts, a lot, but it’s the right move that was most likely made months ago


There is nothing bad at all about this. Valeri wins, we get the salary off the books, and Lanus fans get to see him again.


This is the best possible scenario other than him retiring. He's just as beloved at Lanus as he is in Portland, and having him riding the bench for another year would have left a bad taste in everyone's mouth. The statement also confirms that his relationship with the club continues, and the testimonial will be in Portland. All in all this is a win-win for the player, Lanus fans, and Portland fans.


Hey man, relax. This is what Diego wanted, and it’s a good deal for everyone. We’ll all miss him, but he deserves to get what he wants and we should be happy for him.


Where did he say that at?


When he accepted the terms of his contract and salary with Lanus and agreed to play in a testimonial game in Portland. If he wasn't happy with Portland, he wouldn't have agreed to the testimonial.


Again doesn’t show where he said that at. If there was verbal or typed up proof, then I’ll relent. You’re all assuming a lot.


[Its in Spanish](https://www.tycsports.com/liga-profesional-de-futbol/nicolas-russo-la-vuelta-de-diego-valeri-depende-de-el-20200817.html) Lanus's president says: Estamos abiertos siempre para su vuelta. Depende de él" Our doors are always open for his return, its up to him. Then: Está muy bien en norteamérica con su familia, pero si toma la decisión haremos lo que haga falta para que pueda retirarse con la camiseta del club. Sería una satisfacción que regresara" He is doing well with his family in North America, but if he makes the decision we will do whatever it takes so that he can retire with the club shirt. The biggest thing here is that this happened because Valeri wanted it and if Valeri wanted it, Lanus would do whatever it takes to have him back.


[And then in another interview with TYCSports](https://twitter.com/JuliMicheles/status/1294112989499535364) I love Lanus, its my home and my school. Theres a desire for me to put on the shirt again (Lanus's kit). Its not just my choice, we would have to see what happens, but i certainly want to do it again.


For someone who comes off like you know everything about the club, you sure sound like you know nothing about the club.


Show me where he said that at. Still waiting.


I don't have to, I didnt claim he said anything. A smart person would see that he agreed to a contract (not forced) and agreed to come play a friendly (could have chose not to) as signs that he was ok with the move. You would need to double up on the flintstone vitamins to comprehend those things though.


He agreed to a move, doesn’t mean it’s how he wanted things to go. Y’all assume a lot.


Well since you're his BFF why don't you enlighten us with everything you heard?


I never stated I had heard anything. Lots of other folks have said “this is what he wanted.” I’d just like to see where that was said. Nothing more. Until that’s shown, it’s all speculative.


He said years ago that he wanted to play in Argentina again before he retired. I don’t have a source because it was sometime before he renegotiated his contract last, maybe in 2019? Edit: he didn’t make a big deal of it at the time, so it might be hard to dig up. I don’t remember whether he said it in print or in an interview, but he definitely said it, and something like this has been expected ever since. That he gets his wish in a way that’s a win for everyone is wonderful. Be happy for him.