Take that Seattle… y’all added Rusnak, get JMo back, and brought back Roldan but we got Bobby!


This is definitely the greatest MLS free agent signing since the last greatest MLS free agent signing.


We got Bingham tho so who’s the real winner here


Not Cincy?


Francisco Calvo, welcome to Atlanta! I'm pretty sure there is a MLS roster rule stating that any Bobby Shuttleworth signing must be accompanied with Francisco Calvo.


Good pick up, he’s still pretty good.


I know nothing about if Brad is performing or not, but Bobby played really well all season! Could fight for a spot


Pride of Buffalo, we're certainly not known for producing pro soccer players.


He's done pretty well for a back-up Keeper.


He’s like borderline top 10 all time in starts for a GK 🤷🏽‍♂️




I used to sit in the fort during games, and there was one game that we were doing the Bobby Shuttleworth chant and the opponent scored a pretty shitty goal right in the middle of it. The entire place goes quiet, the chant stops, and some dude a few rows behind me shouts “fuck you bobby” but with vigor so it was like bobayyyyyyyyyy. Bobby actually turns around and kind of shrugs at the fort. The dude follows up with “hey Bobby I’m going to bang your mom tonight”. Then for about 30 seconds the fort starts chanting fuck you bobby(clap clap clapclapclap), but we had scored basically off kickoff so it ended. Bobby celebrates a little by himself, drinks some water and turns and looks at the fort like ‘yeah wassup now’. Fuck you guy shouts we’d be winning if you didn’t let in that bullshit and then we did the Bobby chant again for what must have been 10 minutes. Seriously one of the best moments I’ve personally been involved with at a sporting event.