May his legs never tire


Absolute legend. You want to hate him, until you see that smile. Cool to see he'll probably retire with Portland.


Wish we could have seen that ozzie Chara battle for a few more years


He's probably my favorite non Sounder player in the league


The goddamn beating heart of this team. Love this man the world over. Now let's get us a CB and a RB!!


Three years left to get the 35 yellow cards he needs to break Beckerman's MLS career record. Gonna be tough, but I think he could do it if he really buckles down and works hard.


Three years left....so far ;)


Dude just needs to stop smiling at the ref so much and he will have no trouble.


If he didn't have that smile, he would've shattered that record by now


https://www.mlssoccer.com/players/diego-chara/stats/ averages about 10 a year


Love how you have the river hounds flair! I lived in Pittsburgh for a year in middle school and went to the first game at their new stadium back in 2013 with my dad. Go Hounds!


Best player in the world. Only slightly exaggerating


can't stop, won't stop.


Never stop never stopping.


May his smile forever haunt your dreams MLS


Initial thoughts: "Dang Really? Portland offering Chara a 5 year extension?!" then "Wait...oh....Ooooooooooh." ​ Time gets away from you in a pandemic.


For fucking real. I was recently chatting with someone about how I’m getting some serious deja vu with Omicron, all the celebrities and politicians reporting infections, hospitals filling back up, and discussions about shutting down schools and other things again. And then talked about how I had it last March when things were still super early, unknown, and generally a pretty fucking scary time to have COVID. Then I realized… holy fuck that was actually almost 2 years ago now and I had basically erased a whole year from my brain when thinking about early pandemic times. 😨


Pandemic babies are just about ready to get learners permits


IIRC Diego publicly has said that he wants to play until he is 40.


Not that he has shown signs - but at some point you would think his legs will give out…hopefully for him and the fans he can go until he is 40


MLS Cup [rundown of Castellanos when everyone else on the field was dead (0:57)](https://twitter.com/TimbersFC/status/1482058605557952516?s=20) was one of the most epic plays I've ever seen. Dude is 35!


Then it will change to 45 when he turns 40 but has to a Florida team


DC has been my favorite MLS player since I started watching MLS, it will be great to see him finish in Portland.


Greatest defensive midfielder in MLS history.


Next to Osvaldo Alonso and Shalrie Joseph.


I'd have said Ozzie was better in his prime, but he fell off too far and too fast. Chara is still one of the top DMs in the league, and Ozzie's a league minimum depth piece. And we in Cascadia all know Shalrie Joseph's best position was striker.


I don't think a longevity argument actually favors Chara. At least, not yet (he's still got the possibility of tacking one or more great years onto his career, while Alonso is clearly just winding down his career at this point). Alonso hit the ground running in 2009, and remained a great d-mid all through his time with Seattle *and* his first year (2019) with Minnesota. That's 11 great years. Then age finally caught up to him. Chara had a bit of a learning curve when he first arrived in 2011. It's not like he was a *liability* that year, but he was rapidly improving and adjusting d-mid who was overall pretty average for the year. 2012-2021 is only 10 years so far.


Fair points, but I wouldn't say the last year with Seattle was particularly great. I certainly wouldn't classify his first year with Minnesota that way. He certainly had lost more of a step than Chara has lost now.


Alonso has much more to his game than Chara though. Alonso is a crushing D mid, but also provided insane long balls. Alonso's pass completion percentage is higher than Charas per year and Alonso also commits about half as many fouls a year. Yes, there are "tactical" fouls that save breakaways, but Chara fouls quite a bit in situations that dont call for it, putting timbers in tight spots (also good for at least a red a year) It's 1 and 1A for best Dmids in MLS history, but Alonso has the edge in my book.


To counter my own point. Portland is a far lesser team with Diego off the field than Seattle was when Alonso had to miss. I forget the exact details but wasnt there some insane 17 game losing streak Portland had if Diego was off the field compared to on field? Edit: Jesus it was even larger than I remember. https://www.nbcsports.com/northwest/portland-timbers/no-chara-finally-no-problem-timbers 26 games. 4 years where the Timbers couldnt win without Chara on the field


I think a legit case can be made both ways, so the tie-breaker goes to the best smile in MLS.


Id rather have a scowl than a smile on my dmid




I hope he beats Beckerman’s yellow card record.






Damn you Portland, good signing.


He slowed down a bit this season. We still don't have a capable backup for him. Interesting all around


Rivalry aside, I hope he knows when to hang up the boots. Between Pineda, Dempsey and Marshall, we seen a bunch of great players try play one year too long. It’s hard seeing players go through the realization that their bodies aren’t up to it anymore.