**REALLY** hoping that this one gets over the line. Would be - by a country mile - our most ambitious signing in terms of the target's perceived potential globally. Pairing this with the Diego Chara re-signing and I'm getting sweaty.


Fuck. Yes. Would be a home run signings I think. Gives us a true backup 6, but this guy is young and has a really high ceiling and is destined for Europe (says Javier Mascherano). Really loved his highlights


A high potential D-Mid who would be mentored for a couple years by Diego Chara? Hell yes.


Always a beast for me in FIFA 22, literally one of my "must buys" when I start a career mode alongside Ryotaro Araki and Alexander Bernabei. Good move Portland, I'll take my scouting fee when your ready.


Glad I’m not the only one on here that knows him from fifa


He has 84 potential in fifa and has good potential on FM. Take of that what you will


Lol I always signed this dude in FIFA when I was rebuilding a smaller team young n cheap midfielder with high potential.


Niezgoda and Chara can’t be bought down… Blanco must be leaving then.


Blanco was never going to be a DP this year, the plan was always a TAM deal. Pretty sure the disagreement is over the number of years or salary in the contract


We’re trying to sign Blanco to a TAM deal anyways


Was this confirmed?


Apparently you are trying to sign Blanco on a DP deal where he can be bought down (makes 1.6 million or less). Niezgoda was signed for 3.8 million on a 4 year deal meaning that he has a 950k cap hit in addition to his 900k salary. His roughy 1.85 million dollar budget charge is above the 1.625 million maximum budget charge to be bought down. Yimmi Chara makes 1.5 million and was brought in with a 3 million dollar transfer fee. He definitely cannot be bought down. Since the Timber’s plan to use all 3 u22 spots rather than just 1. They need to have a DP that can be bought down or a DP that was under the age of 23 when they signed with the club. I think this rule is stupid and restricts teams who want to spend but it’s in place to promote some parity to prevent teams from having 3 in their prime designated players making millions a year and 3 top quality players signed when they were under 22 for millions of dollars.


Every time I think I have my head wrapped around the TAM/GAM/DP rules I’m always thrown for a loop. Thank you for this even if kind of a bummer. I was hoping we would at least be able to buy down Niezgoda and open another DP.


What is your source for this? Indication from early on has been that they were TAM negotiations and we would be of our minds to sign him as a DP.


All reporting thus far has said that both parties know this is a TAM deal and disagreement is over duration of injuries. This would leave the possibility of a cheap DP (likely not happening this transfer window), the two new U22s, AND Blanco. That's a best case scenario because even all those signings only have limited hit against the cap, the transfer fees, etc. actually have to be paid out, so it's not actually happening, but there is no way the Timbers give Blanco a new DP deal. He's good but but epic, 34, and has a knee busted so bad that no other MLS team has even been reported to have even put a number out there and the Argentinian teams have pretty much noped out of his agents's pitches. If we re-sign Blanco, it'll be a TAM deal because it is clear that the Timbers are shooting for those two new U22 rule signings.