Inter Miami vs St. Louis City SC: I actually like STLCSC's crest and colors but the SC tacked on to the end of the name in the branding was just unnecessary. Inter Miami has a kept it clean, and simple with a good looking logo, Inter is unique for the Euro names and I think speaks more to how they style themselves. Pink is cool to Montreal vs LAFC Montreal The crest doesn't look that much like a butthole imo and while the name is weird, it's something different. Gets more hate because they got rid of a perfectly fine brand in the impact with loads of history LAFC Not a huge fan of LAFC but the initialization works and the Euro name works in contrast to the Galaxy. Same with the simple black and gold. Also living in SoCal you see the LAFC logo, it's a pretty wearable design


"doesn't look that much like a butthole" is a ringing endorsement if I've ever heard one.


Maybe it's just my background in computing but I low key like that snowflake... but had to go for LAFC for "broader brand" stuff. You'd think they were founding members of the league the way the fans are- and the way the club engages fans and the community. They've done that outreach part so well.


CF Montreal: The crest doesn't look that much like a butthole! ^TM


St Louis CITY SC


So far these selections have given us some very interesting comparisons - yesterday was a tossup of D-tier logos (one lived in and one brand new) and a matchup between two fundamentally bad logos that are still fairly aesthetically appealing. Today it's art deco vs like a sort of 70s modern aesthetics I don't really know the name for, but a matchup between explicit adoption of a style in LAFC vs Montreal and designs that serve as more of an homage like with Miami vs St. Louis.


It's been really fun to compare these one on one. I think it'll get even more interesting as we hit the inner seeds such as NYCFC vs Chicago Fire.


We're gonna lose to a team that plays in a baseball stadium and exists because of oil money. I'm already bitter about it.