[A reminder... ](http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20150822/9060a1a18d4e1e80d83806a9bdc73fd3.jpg) This should really be considered throughout round 1. This branding competition is a classic.


Putting a lot of trust into r/MLS to not just vote purely either hometeam FC or solely on the badge instead of the brand.


You're not insinuating that a certain red and black team is going to ballot stuff, are you?


Those damn Metrostars


I've been impressed with people's objectivity to be honest. But it's all just for some off-season fun.


It's almost a shame that Sporting ~~Lisbon~~ KC is going to advance because they're going against the worst crest that's ever been made, but I think it's the right call. Fade me, fam


That Crew rebrand is trash. Return to the roundel!


I know SKC is going to win because of the focus on crest over almost anything else, but Columbus has one of the strongest, most distinct brands in all of MLS. The team and name mean something to people, and that's rare. The crest is ass, though, so they will lose. But the actual brand is stronger than the crest AND SKC, IMO. The Republic versus the Energy Drink should be a far bigger blowout.


Hell, I even admire the Ohio flag choice for the Columbus crest, it's unique. Part of the distaste for the new crest comes from getting rid of a superb previous one. For SKC, sporting seemed ridiculous at first but given time it's grown on me, and if you're going to ape a Euro name it's at least unique.


Yup. The Crew would have won had the FO not re-branded like idiots


I try to remain neutral, but I agree. Personally, I think the overall brand (colors, name) of the Columbus Crew is better. SKC's colors are pretty basic and I've never been fond of the Sporting terminology, though I also didn't like the Wiz. Tough call.


Is this all-time or current? Because we weren't the Yellow Soccer Team last year. Nothing is unique to the Crew colors any more. Nashville is yellow, and LAFC call themselves Black and Gold.


Mostly current. Vote vote with your heart. If you want to take into all time branding, then go for it.


Doesn’t your same argument favor Red Bills here? As far as stronger branding, recognition and history in the league.


Yeah, I thought about it. The challenge for me is how much of that is wrapped up in Red Bull that's not NY. In the energy drink, in Leipzig, in Salzburg. It's not really just their brand. It's not really a fair competition to that point when the brand is spending an absurd amount. I also think what the larger brand stands for overall in terms of name recognition also weirdly differs from their soccer teams, although the latter is more consistent within soccer.


Yeah, I suppose my argument wasn’t really in good faith anyway. Just cause it’s recognizable doesn’t make it better.


I thought it was a good argument and I had already considered it. Red Bull definitely MEANS something. But they have a multi-million dollar marketing organization behind them. That's cheating. ;)


No? I don’t think any Red Bulls fan is attached to the Red Bulls name/crest/identity to the point that they would not be grateful for someone else to rebrand the team. They’d probably disagree on wanting something new vs. wanting a return to Metrostars, but strictly from a branding standpoint I’m positive not many of them love the Red Bull identity itself.


This is not true. Some dislike it but the majority of RB fans like it and/or are indifferent.


IMO Red Bull and NYCFC wouldn't be so bad if their kit schemes were unique. When there are multiple teams wearing the exact same kits, competing at the highest levels of continental competitions, it gives off the impression of an afterthought. Like you're watching an MLS Next Pro team. TThey are ran independently (and competently) and I think a unique kit would better reflect that


NYCFC is a direct extension of the Manchester City branding. It's not as much a kit as a marketing scheme...and I'm an NYC fan. At least they aren't tacky to look at.


I completely agree on this. Sporting KC has the infinitely better crest, although the SC will always trigger me... it should be KC... it would be so easy. But yes, the Crew branding is iconic, and one of the best in the league. Unique and memorable. Such a damn shame ownership group ran away from it. Just the fact they thought they could get away with "Columbus SC" is gross, and the co-sign by league personalties (extra time radio hosts) was extremely lame. I know they do have to try and spin things since they are league employees, but still, gross. They should ditch that e-sports logo as soon as physically possible.


The SC is for the owner group, Sporting Club. Not that it makes it any better, or less corny, but that’s why it’s on the crest.


When is that lacrosse team starting up?


This is accurate and well argued. CB gets my vote. Sincerely, a CF97 support that is disgusted by the color yellow. \*thumbs up\*


Counterpoint: their brand is yellow and they let Nashville have it. Also counterpoint: if the brand is so good, why did it need saving multiple times? Also also counterpoint: yellow is ugly. Also counter also point also: bring back the construction crest! They're not the crew without the crew!


As a general rule I don't downvote for simple differences in opinion but every word of this triggered me and I came reeeeeeeal close


Good, that means it's working!


No, this was super easy to downvote


Counterpoint: Sporting never really let the whole "sporting club" concept take off, so their name really is a lie. Also counterpoint: if the SKC brand is good, why do people dunk on it as bland all the time? also also counterpoint: yellow is hot also counter also point: I miss the Wizards


How did the Sporting Club concept not take off? They have over 50 sports affiliates across multiple sports and non-sports organizations to go along with 2 pro teams and several youth teams under the main brand and it's not all soccer. They don't have multiple professional teams across multiple sports, but they are very much a diversified sporting organization.


I miss the wizards almost as much as I miss when Columbus didn't have a crest that looked like climbing equipment


Your takes are all horrible. My god.


Thank you, that's a badge of honor.


When the Rapids rebranded in '07 the primary kit was burgundy and the secondary was sky blue. When sporting debuted their primary became sky blue and "coincidentally" the rapids secondary lost the majority of the sky blue.


I don't have anything against NYRB, but seriously, fuck Red Bull. They're bad for sports.


I know glass houses and all that with our tragedy of a crest, but SKC’s crest feels like it is aging really poorly. It has a weird bloat that makes it look like you’re looking at the real crest through a fisheye lens, sporting is an odd choice for an American club, and the font feels very early 2010s.


Agree. Looks like middle-age bloat. Source, am middle-aged, bloated.


I'm obviously biased, but I agree with your statements.


I love the mixture of names in MLS. I don’t want every team to be “SC” or “FC”. Give me more “Sporting” or “Real” or any other naming convention. We gotta mix it up in MLS and yes I mean American style names as well.


Our crest sucks, I hope we get last.


This is the way.


Not really within the scope of this contest, but did SKC ever set up/sponsor local teams in other sports? At the time of the rebrand I seem to recall them justifying the name by saying they were going to be a true sporting club.


No they did not. Rugby was something they were initially interested in with the KC Blues and then it just never happened. So yes this is part of my grief.


I'm a Sporting Fan and Columbus wins. Our crest is stupid and has an SC for sporting club which turned out to mean nothing other than the ownership groups ambitions for other teams. We also have boring white billionaire owners who were cheap and wanted a free land deal so they built by a Nebraska furniture mart and within an outdoor (outlet) mall area in the middle of nowhere Kansas. I will say without Sporting doing this Columbus wouldn't have the rebrand and downtown stadium due to Sporting being early for smaller clubs taking a leap but damn that new stadium is beautiful for Columbus. xoxo


RB branding is top notch but no one wants to say that just because they don’t like the concept. Anyone will recognize an RB team when they see it. That’s the point.


Fun fact Timbers are the only MLS team with no words on the crest