Congratulations to Jasson Dominguez, who has just signed a contract extension with my team


My first thought is how does a dude who has never played in the majors have better stats then Griffey


He won't when griffeys final card is released. Lol How is that difficult for ppl to understand? How does Grienke have a better card than Pedro? How does every ASG card have a better card than Willy Mays and Mickey Mantle?


The difference between your examples is Griffey is a 99. Mantle isn't a 99 and neither is Willie Mays. When they get their 99s it'll be elite. They hyped up Griffey Jr. Earlier than they ever have and it was so disappointing


By the time he gets an end game card both madden and 2k will be out AND MW2 will be out. This game will be dead or close to it by then.


ah cool - griffey's final card in November - can't wait man


Yeah that final Griffey card will be better, but when are we getting it? It’s already close to the point where a lot of people either get burned out or are just plain bored. He’s not gonna get much mileage if he comes out late yet again.


My friends and I have primarily moved on already. Normally we grind the ASG program every year and we are burnt out by then


Yea but I mean it’s a joke for a 99


They are just really showing that overall doesn't mean shit.


i was hoping this WOULD be the final, goated griffey card. so, still a letdown. but if they had given us that mvp griffey from a few years ago, i’d think differently


Slurp slurp


Brian Reynolds has signed a contract extension for my team


Stanton is for sure staying in left now.


Bro I was literally planning on having Dominguez play out of position at 2nd base to have griffey in the outfield but I guess I don’t need to now.


How do you turn double plays by playing Dominguez at 2B?


I haven’t actually tried it yet. I was going to because Dominguez is so good for me I can’t not have him in my lineup, and I was assuming the Griffey Jr card was gonna be usable. But I don’t have to worry about it anymore.


I think SDS has said that if the player doesn't have a middle infield position on their card, they don't get the double play animations, so he won't be quick enough to turn it.


Tell that to Rafael Devers. His monthly played 2nd base for me last season and was one of the big reasons I made it to World Series. Keeping him Brett and Frank in the infield was huge. Edit: turned 2 double plays with him actually covering the bag


That's awesome, I've never tried it. I might try devers tonight and then see if random outfielders with high fielding can do it.


It’s real hit or miss because I’ve tried other players out of position at second but he’s the only one who could turn a DP


This dude is giving away the secret sauce.


That’s not going to work my guy


I have no idea how this card is a 99. It feels like a 97-98. The only thing that substantially changes from the 96 to the 99 was the clutch was raised by 40, Power v Left was increased, and the fielding was increased by a little bit. Everything else is either offset by something else or only 1 or 2 points higher.


They upped the base running attributes this year due to it being impossible to steal.


Doubke tap the LT and you can't steal ata decent rate. Manually timing the pitcher doesn't work this year. Plus since noone steals people don't slide step or try pick offs


Thanks, I do know the ways but the point remains it's stupidly hard for the best guys to take a bag


What does double tapping LT do?


Tbh, im not sure exactly what it's called, cause I've always used manual steal, but basically the CPU will decide their jump and it's been so much better than manual. You still need high speed and steal guys but id say im close to 70% vs like 10% with manual


Yeah I have extremely high success with double tap as long as their steal and speed stats are good


Oh shit I thought I was just terrible at getting steals, I didn’t know there was another method of sending runners


What’s the difference between double and single tap though?


You don’t like the random times where a guy gets no jump at all and any catcher with 70+ arm can get you easily? /s Btw, all but 2-3 catchers have an arm above 70, meaning your fucked unless you run on a ball in the dirt or get lucky with a jump.


They keep using clutch to juice overalls so that might be enough to get it there with the smaller other bumps


That's a small part of it. It's bc defense is valued so much in CF.


He's a CF on both cards, I don't know if the 6 point difference is that big here


It's partly because CF defense/Reaction is weighted highly so a +6 boost to each of those will probably juice the overall +1 or so. I think if he had 92 fielding/reaction he'd be a 98 if nothing else changed.


It’s because the attributes don’t matter. They can literally slap any overall they want on a card.


I mean the showzone calculates true overalls


Showzone true overall isn't fully accurate to how SDS calculates their overalls


Has zero to do with how SDS makes cards


Huh? I never said it did. You can check the showzone to see the true overall.... Thats all I said. But the overall is not random lol. Its from all the attributes


The overall is obviously not fully random lol. SDS can literally change a 98 overall to a 99 without changing any attributes regardless if showzone says it’s a 103 overall. They don’t make decisions SDS does. Overall means nothing


To add proof to this point if you throw the cards stats into ShowZone’s true ovr calculator it spits out 98.37, which doesn’t even round up lol


Lmao, thank you.


This seems like a headliner card maybe even worse


+19 in the fielding ratings and +16 in power ratings (combined). Add in increases to things that people don't look at like steal, BR agg, and clutch while also shifting the contact more towards RHP. This card isn't a good 99 by any stretch, but I don't get how people are confused by it being a 99.


So what you are saying is you have no idea how this card is a 99, but it feels like a 98…??? Well shuck my corn! I would demand a refund.


Exactly! Like try the card first my guys


He also got an inch shorter lol


It feels like a 95 to me... Truly disappointed in this card


Who in their right mind at SDS would think anyone would have interest in this card after hyping it up for 2 weeks?


To be fair, I’m willing to bet 90% of the player base isn’t informed nor understand card comparisons. As a result, all they see is a new program and event with a 99 card for Jr. and Sr. So, worst case scenario, if they get x% of that base to stick around while a certain less stellar experience Football game drops, SDS still wins. The piñata is pretty, but there’s no candy. Only worthless putty.


Relatedly, many of us did not pull the 99 Sr. 🤡


Ah the old Soviet Russian piñata.


I don’t know how they could think this would be a cool program to give on a Friday, they’re holding endgame Griffey for ransom


They're holding it to be assholes, I can't even buy the dam thing


If they are going to start giving players 2 different 99s that’s stupid. If this is our only 99 Griffey that is stupid. It’s all stupid.


SDS about to breakout the 100s


Yeah, it's fucking annoying. They're definitely going to make it a chase pack or some bullshit. This is of course bullshit because for my testing so far on the drop rate of Chase packs, the chance of just getting the pack is <0.5% (small sample size of only 3 chase packs). This doesn't factor in the chance of pulling the card from the chase pack which just further delves into Fifa-esque territory. Unfortunately, with pack types having increased odds compared to last year, and SDS mysteriously removing the pack odds from regular packs (which has reflected on me opening 260 packs with no diamonds), it just means we're going to get more bullshit down the road. Sony/SDS agreed to disclose all pack odds to the FTC, but did not sign anything; this is why they can remove the odds. The only reason why they would remove the odds is to avoid immediate backlash and/or to avoid lawsuits regarding false advertising.


There will be a 99 as an event reward in November lmao


SDS definitely screwed up here. Announce two weeks ago that it's a 98 Griffey Jr. with the same attributes, and hardly anybody would bat an eye; we'd understand the card wasn't endgame. But hype a 99 on your content schedule for nearly two weeks, and people are going to assume it to be Griffey's best. I'll admit I was skeptical from the get-go, but did start to lean towards "endgame Griffey Jr." when they confirmed it would be a 99. But seriously, they could've hyped him two weeks out as a 98 and the majority of the community would not have taken issue, I believe.


They could’ve dropped this card as a headliner and the most complaints they’d get would be that we’re not getting endgame griffey yet, but to hype it up as much as they did and have it be this is so disappointing


That's the issue with making him a 99. I have no issue hyping up a 98; we all as a community understand that's not endgame, but it would still be exciting to have a high diamond Griffey Jr. since all we have so far is the 88. But making him a 99 is subject to assumption that he'll be the best. And unfortunately, since OVR is capped at 99, there's a HUGE range of cards that earn said rating, and this is definitely the low end of that scale.


Who knows, maybe they’re currently playing 5D chess with us, and it’ll be a finest Griffey Jr. and this is just a super elaborate troll lol


Making him a 99, giving him his own program like David Ortiz for the first time in forever and that Ortiz is a beast, building hype for 2 weeks, releasing him on a Friday to make even more hype. They did everything wrong


I agree. It's more we always have to wait for the true end game Griffey that ineviatbly comes out after the game is dead and they hyped us into thinking we'd have it much earlier in the year. If it was a 98 or 97 released a couple weeks ago, we'd have loved it. We got bamboozled and that's what the hate/frustration comes from.


96 Griffey is even a inch taller.... amazing


I mean the power creep has been better compared to years past, but this game is nothing like ‘21 and ‘20


Feels like they overcorrected tbh


100%, all they needed to do was not have pitchers like deGrom be obtainable through a few exchanges and/or moments.


Insane how you can manage to hurt your game by releasing a free 99 Griffey. SDS is tripping balls thinking we would care about this trash ass card


I mean, we clearly care, they're not wrong. It's just that we care how bad this is lol




Lol you nailed it. Had they done nothing but released a new conquest map, we'd have all been happier than this griffey program. How do you release something new that makes people less happy with you than doing nothing is amazing.


I just compared the new Griffey to MA Matt Carpenter and Jared Walsh. You could make argument the 99 overall is the worse of those three


Very lame 99. Won't be making my team. Just release his MVP card already. Why do we always have to wait 6 or 7 months to get a legit Griffey Jr. Card.


Keep you playing


You're absolutely right, but due to making the game a grind-fest, very few people are going to play this game into January. Not many people are going to play the same game that long, especially a repetitive sports game that demands daily playing to complete sets.


Then you’ll miss the Griffey or some other top cards just the nature of the beast


So will the other 98% of players. And the people that do have him will have no body to play with him against🤷🏿‍♂️


People will still play and then most these people leave or not will pay for it all again next year


Obviously difference due to the 1" LOSS in hight 3 years older. Never new avg people get shorter in their mid 20's.


They decide to make Griffeys attributes realistic while they have 3-4 future stars aka never played in majors or barely so that are as good or better than him. And that came out a couple months ago. Very fukin odd decisions this year


The 99 is only slightly better lmao


Game was better last year , they drawing it out too much this year, and ranked seasons is trash now


I like the drawn out slow approach tbh because it keeps teams balanced and multiple approaches to how you play. Not excusing this card tho because this is worse than all future stars and probably topps now players for august


Yea I like it being slow too, but you can’t hype up that ur dropping a 99 overall card for a fan favorite player and it be complete garbage. So I get why people are angry.


Yeah no doubt. People were legit parading in the streets 10 days ago that free Griffey was coming. Truly something for players to look forward to.... and then he has 80 contact


thn they announce Griffery Sr. retro finest 10 minutes later LMAO like there is no way


Less squad variety this year. Don’t like the coMbined super programs either. TA player missions was my favorite grind. Now there are only a handful you can do each program.


I really don’t wanna be playing this game in January


Then dont


I wanna be able to use the best cards. I don’t want to be playing this game the whole calendar year. I want a break at some point. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that.


It's how SDS has us by our (proverbial or real) balls. We want to use the best cards and the only way to do that is to continuously grind year round. Based on how these cards/programs are being released taking a break is probably going to prevent you from getting the best cards by the end of the cycle, especially if you're NMS.


So do you want every card released in the first 3 months? This logic is so scuffed


When did I say that?


"I want to be able to use all the best cards but I dont want to play the games whole cycle" the games literally been out for 4 months, and fyi you can take a break whenever dude its not a job.


Well you can use the best cards right now, just like you can use the best cards when the game first comes out. It's all relative to what's already out there. What difference does using a batter that has 85/85/85/85 ratings in the past, 100/100/100/100 splits now or one that has 125/125/125/125 in the future? If they're the best card in the game at the time, they're the best card. It's not like they're going to stop releasing even better pitchers too. Just enjoy the game, and if you don't want to play, then don't play. If you're forcing yourself to play a video game, then why do it at all?


ranked was ass last year


You rather just play innings than get wins ?




id rather not reward 700+ players for dropping rank every season to 400 and doing everything they can to get first inning quits, while also quitting every time the opponent scored first there was literally no incentive to finish games for anyone that wasnt going for WS (99% of the players) it was easy as fuck to get WS rewards last year, yeah, but they’re supposed to be difficult to get. no one finished games <7-800 rating last year


Ok and now what’s the incentive of winning ? There is none , you can just mindlessly play , you play to win , not to get threw innings


the incentive of winning is to raise your rank bruh. its the only competitive mode in the game not everything has to be about finishing programs anf getting stubs the problem was that last year created an incentive to lose


With 250 innings instead of 400, absolutely.


It's literally just collection fodder what the hell


They turned durability up to boost the overall


The famously never injured Ken Griffey Jr.


As a Reds fan the thing I remember most about his career here was his durability. A real iron man.


I dunno.. I think the overall is completely arbitrary and they can just assign any number to any card they want.


How does this card make any endgame OF’s unless it’s for a team build? What an embarrassment


Dude this card isn’t making OFs now let alone end game lol


HAHAHAHAHA why the fuck is his speed so slow


Griffey pretty much always gets low 80s speed, even on his good 99s they only bump it to 85-86


Wow this card is so weak for a 99, big L


Oh this year has been horrible imo


Super stoked that HRD Julio is gonna stay in my lineup I guess.


The contact stats are fucking laughable.


they said “you can pay millions of stubs if you want a useable griffey”, i wouldn’t start this card in an event lol


Correct me if I’m wrong but this card is nothing to go crazy over.


You are not wrong. This card isn't worthy to scrape dog crap off of Matt carpenter's cleats.


Was gonna grind all weekend for him but just got the ps5 and just gonna play some exclusives all weekend now instead…this’ll prob be the beginning of the end of my MLB season lol


I had a ball smacking first pitches over the wall grinding for Junior. On my third beet and I'm almost there. Probably take a month to get my rhythm back after this rookie slugfe.


He grew an inch somehow


aaaaaand Julio remains my center fielder


I’m hoping this is a free card for everyone to obtain this week, then next week they drop his 500 HR Milestone 99 with proper batting attributes. It was the collection last year, but maybe a program boss this year? They have to have something better to combat Madden. This ain’t it, there has to be another one soon that’s not free?


Every year they hold out the GOOD Griffey card later and later. Maybe we’ll get it before football season is over.




Both cards suck. God those people working over there are idiots there is no one in the world who wants this card


I’m convinced they are purposely trolling us


They have to be right


I hate Madden but this makes me wanna buy it just to spite them. Woulda been better off releasing nothing.


Everyone needs to spend at least one year playing MUT so they can see for themselves how bad it can actually be EA would make you collect like 30 cards for this, only like 2 of which you could earn through grinding, and they would push a $100 bundle on you in order to get the rest faster EDIT: Oh yeah and they're exchanges, not collections, so you lose those 30 cards that you spent all those coins on in order to get the one


Oh yeah, 100% agree It's like the MLB Show players are all living it up on the Western side of cold war Berlin & have no idea what's it's like for all the FIFA players who live on the Eastern side of the border 😀 SDS obviously do screw things up - today is a prime example of that - but EA know exactly what they're doing which is worse


That 96 is arguably better lmfao


Typical L from SDS.


this new griffey can steal at least!


Bwahaha. SDS screws us over yet again. Can’t wait to play with the actual 99 Griffey in January.


98 Belli is better? Smh


I'd take most of the 95 future stars over this tbh


I was about to saw bye to PCA. Stick around a little longer, Pete


Same with 97 buxton


I'd take most of the 95 future stars over this tbh


This HAS to be a troll. I keep thinking that this is the card that you have to use in the program to unlock the actual 99. They’re just fucking with everybody and slapped a 99 on this card


What the fuck? This is the 99 Griffey? What’s the point of this?


Well, i was really struggling with deciding who i was gonna replace in my outfield for Griffey, and now i don’t have to worry about it anymore


He not even better than Babe or Mullins so he’ll go my fool around lineup


They just HAD to know this wouldn’t go over well. I was all excited to play this game this weekend for the first time in a little while and now I do not care.


On ShowZone his true overall is calculated as 98.37 This was a huge fucking letdown for somebody like Griffey; 100 power against righties? Really?


They do a horrible job rating random pkayeers to high and then disrespect Jr like this!!! For example someone has like 3 Hr in one week they get a bettwr tops now card then this Griffey... stupid


Definitely keeping matt carpenter


Congrats Austin Hendrick, you will stay on my team for a bit longer


Now compare this year’s 99 (so far?) with last years milestone 99. Last year’s milestone: Con R: 119 Con L: 108 POW R: 125 (not sure if base is lower, I have card p4) POW L: 125 (not sure if base is lower, I have card p4) Fld: 99 (not sure if base is lower, I have card p4) Arm: 99 (not sure if base is lower, I have card p4) ACC: 92 Reac: 99 (not sure if base is lower, I have card p4) Spd: 85 Steal: 82 BR AGG: 65 Stats mentioned that aren’t maxed at p4 I reduced by 4 points in the list. The maxed stats I’ve noted may have been lower on the base card. There’s no comparison between the two, really. The milestone was end game and this year’s is decidedly not. His 96, which this year’s is more similar to, also came out as a headliner much earlier in the game cycle.


What a joke


I’m trying to think of a weaker 99 in the game so far


SDS ought to explain some of their thinking of late


SDS and butchering the Griffey drop, name a better duo. They got it right in 20 when he came out in the 6th inning. Ever since, yikes




they’re having a mid off


I have played this game everyday since the beginning of April, and I am JUST NOW losing my enthusiasm, which is pretty amazing because with ANY OTHER game I would've moved on by now. They announce the 99 Griffey and I thought, well played SDS. Welp, I'll pick it up from time to time, but I don't have the willpower to grind anymore. And this ain't it. It was fun, though.


All i need in my outfield is Cutch, Clemente and Mullins. Greene may replace Mullins. So im good




At the end of the day all y’all (including myself) will grind out the program to get the card. If Griff plays above his attributes, great. If not, move on. Even the 99 from last year wasn’t end game for me and I’m guessing he wasn’t for plenty of others. Long story short, we’ll get over it and play someone else in the spot if Griffey ain’t it.




Do they assign the cards the overall or is there a program that takes the stats and gives out the overall because I dont see how it can be 3 overall higher then last year unless stealing and baserunning aggressiveness have so much say in it


What makes it worse is there was a legend collection for milestone Griffey later in 21, no way that’s corrected here. The 22 card is a joke


How do they make a guy like Mike Napoli have superior contact?


I’m not mad at his stats, I’m mad that they slapped a 99 overall on him


Congratulations 95 Austin martin you have been promoted from the bench back to right field and 92 Nelson cruz will be added back to the bench


Robert Hassell III has signed another two week extension I’m afraid


Griffey shrunk as he got older? 6'3" to 6'2"


I hit better with the 95 schwarber than Clemente or thomas so does the overall number really matter that much


Dude lost an inch off his height from age 23 - 26 lol and gained 20 pounds lol


So much crying over a free card. Should surprise me, but it doesn’t!


Knew this comment was coming. You shouldn’t hype the fans by saying it’s a 99 Griffey then drop this dogshit.


Yeah. What a greedy company SDS is for giving you a *checks notes* free griffey card!


Again, if they were transparent and didn’t hype it up to be his best card, no one would be thus upset. And it’s not free, you have to spend a decent amount of time to get it. Free would be, in a pack for 0 stubs. When did I mention SDS being greedy?


Just wondering / in your opinion what makes this card trash


It’s objectively bad for a 99. There’s probably 10 better OFs in the game rn.


Fair enough but what stats on this card should be increased/decreased for it to be a proper 99? This is my first year of the show so I dunno why this card is getting shit on


Go check out posts of the 99 Griffey from MLB 19/20/21 and you'll see what people were expecting when they said "99 Griffey"


The card sucks, don't get me wrong, but they didn't hype it up to be his best card. They just said 99 Griffey. Anyone that assumed a 2nd half card would be the only Griffey we got for the rest of the year is clueless. This isn't going to be the only KGJ card. If they just put both contact ratings at 100 we wouldn't see this outrage,


It wasn’t announced that it was gonna be a 2nd half card til this morning. I agree, I was immediately concerned when they announced it that.


I'm disappointed in the card, I am, but before the 2H announcement this morning everyone was thinking it would be a retro finest, which would be the best card in MLB the show history. Anyone that genuinely thought that they would give out a retro finest Griffey for free when Cutch is like 3 weeks old and worth millions of stubs is delusional. My expectations weren't really that high to begin with. It is a bad content drop, but the outrage wouldn't be as high if people just used their brains a bit




You mean like the free left handed frank thomas they gave us? Yeah no idea.


In what world is this card playable


This card is in no way playable above AS


Griffey is one of the greatest players of all-time and one of the biggest fan favorites. This is also his first card since launch. SDS hyped this release up BIG-TIME and then drops a card that isn't even Top 10 at his position. GTFOH about free card. There's a bunch of free cards that are better than this.


Haven’t seen this many people upset over a video game in a long time. This thread is full of salt 😂


How dare us want to have a usable Griffey when it was hyped up as much


🥺🎻 Someone is in this thread talking about “I don’t wanna play this game in January” lol. You all seem so childish. Its a lil embarrassing




Hey with the massive Crtl+c/v this game has been at least they're different card arts/years


Yeah he isn’t even a top 15 of option.




It was an early 20s set headliner. I think that would have been in like June if I’m not mistaken.