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I get chest tightness/pain if I inhale lots of dust, mold, or pollen. The glands in my armpits tend to swell and cause pain if I eat histamine rich food or inhale the stuff listed above.


Do antihistamines help?


Could very well be thoracic outlet syndrome as mcas is associated with connective tissue issues.


Totally agree here. I also have hEDS and I have costochondritis and chest/shoulder pain partially due stressed out pecs (muscles are often held too tight when you are hypermobile). For me, ice, Aleve, and stretches (use caution with both NSAIDs and stretching - we are all built differently : )


this is what I have, diagnosed from a neurologist and spine doctor. Also have costochondritis as well


My weird chest pain ended up being autoimmunity. Try and get a full autoimmune panel done just to rule out, would be my suggestion.


Can I ask, what was your autoimmune disease diagnosis?


The rheum and my GP only tested for basic ANA and a few other autoimmune markers which all either came up negative or barely positive (the ANA fluctuates so not always a great indicator). I eventually saw an ENT (female) who knew right away to test me for more detailed markers (ones more specific to MS, srojens, and lupus). The most common markers for lupus that my other rheum and GP tested me for were negative but I did eventually test positive for Histone Antibodies (indicated in drug induced lupus - at that time I was on no medication and never had been) but something like 20-30% of people with lupus/SLE will also have histone antibodies without pharmaceutical history (guess that's me!) I also have(or rather, had) low C3/C4 which are also pretty standard for SLE (lupus). My Fx med doctor put me on Low dose naltrexone and we started working on Sibo + leaky gut. It's been a few years but my histone antibodies are no longer detectable, my C3 is back within "normal" range, and C4 is just barely under "normal". I also no longer have the weird chest pain and aches. So, just a reminder of hope - even if you do find something autoimmune, it's not always a lifelong sentence. There are ways to improve markers and chronic pain! I hope you can find answers and resolution


Thank you for your thorough response! I am not the OP, but came here because I am curious about MCAS (and whether I might have it). I do have lupus SLE (had 2 consecutive positive ANA's spaced 4 most apart with low C3 and C4). We'll, I am in a bit of denial maybe but I sought a 2nd opinion and my new rheumatologist says she sees no current active lupus signs. Though, she did not say I DON'T have lupus. So, I am really confused, and still in pain (discomfort at least) every day with weird symptoms. I had SIBO for several years, and then it either went away or the last test I took a few months ago gave inaccurate results. I was also recently diagnosed with autonomic peripheral neuropathy/Dysautonomia. It's been a long journey already, with my first symptoms starting over 10 years ago. I have chest pains too. It started with a feeling of pressure in my bra band area 8 years or so ago and progressed to the point where I no longer could wear a bra. Coincidentally, or probably not(!), I was on [email protected] for about 8 years, originally prescribed for anxiety along with Buspir0ne. Anyway, my main and most debilitating symptom is stomach bloating and burping. And now I get trapped gas in my intestines and it is horrible, especially when I can't tell the difference between the sensation (often sharp chest pains, not to be confused with the torso upper stomach nerve and muscle pain I get)) of having to burp (air in stomach), or the intestinal gas. Right now as I speak, I am constipated and have air trapped in the descending colon that will not go OUT, keeps gurgling UP and causing me to think I have to burp! This is now a common symptom for me. Sorry, this is getting long! (I have brain fog and tend to ramble sometimes.) I have had MANY GI tests, incl. motility, endoscopies, and a colonoscopy and all results were pretty normal. Were you diagnosed with MCAS too?


I get spams in those areas and pretty sure it is Kounis syndrome. Trying to get diagnosed. All the heart workup testing says I'm fine too but my vessels are seriously going into huge spasms. I found that baby aspirin and lots of benadryl gets it to stop. Takes a couple days though. Scary af.


I get the same pain whenever I eat anything.


Wow. For how long?


I don't know much about this issue...but just speaking from personal experience, do you think it could be muscle knots?


Yes I do


Yes I also get pain in those areas intermittently. It will Last three days or more and then randomly go away for a few days. It only generally hurts when I move. It’s so bizzare. I have tried deep massage of pressure points / tender spots and that seems to ease it.