Introducing my boyfriend to LBK

Introducing my boyfriend to LBK


The Buddy Holly Museum is always a good start for a local culture pitstop. Also, since you're coming in the Fall, the Football games can be pretty fun. Lots of coffee shops and local restaurants to try out. And also, the First Friday Art Trails could be a good thing to look into for food, music, and meeting new people and stuff.


Take him to some Mexican food. Austin has that also, but something like taqueria Jalisco, montelongos, taqueria arandas... There is evie Mays bbq!!! There's also a really tiny little hole in the wall BBQ joint that has been here since my dad was a kid on 18th street on the way to slyer. It'll be on the left and it looks ROUGH. You'll love it. I think it's called Powell's, but idr. If he's into herping for reptiles, there is land all around you to go drive around and look. White sands and the nuclear missile range in new Mexico is close. Carlsbad caverns and the Guadalupe peak is also close.


Ahh Mr. Powell!! What a BBQ joint and what a man!!


It slaps does it not?!


I used to have a monthly tab in Powell's, but haven't gone there in 2 years after changing workplace. Powell's BBQ should be declared as a Lubbock heritage site.


Tbh I kinda thought it was for se reason


Which bbq joint is this you speak ok?


Powells country BBQ. Will change your life. Google it.


Thanks. Glad to find a new place. I’ll check it out.


Crafthouse Gastropub. Married chefs own the place and create great meals. Everything is from scratch, as it should be. Limited menu that rotates with the seasons. Only craft beers and some decidedly good in house created cocktails.


I'll second Flippers. Cool vibe for beer and hot dogs (their specialty). Two Docs is cool too for beer.


Yes. Definitely take him to Flippers.


Thai pepper, Mackenzie park mountain biking trails, two docs, texas water rampage, joyland, 4ore golf but the range is a better value (cheap drinks, golf, cornhole, etc.) funky door has a good atmosphere but it’s pricy. The food isn’t as amazing as it used to be but the entertainment is pretty solid. Adventure park if y’all want to do some go karts. If he’s into any sort of racing there’s the Lubbock motor speedway; it’s a dirt track with nascar type racing. If you’ve never been it’s fun for anyone and it’s an experience- it’s not bring your own car and race, you’d be watching. If you want to do that there’s the drag strip. Palo Duro is about an hour and a half drive, New Mexico isn’t too far but the mountains are a solid 5 hours. Pedros tamales are damn good. Holly Hops Ice Cream Shoppe has 50’s vibes. Capital Pizza is great “gourmet style” pizza but can get expensive. Our mall is nothing to brag about but time flies in there. There’s a speakeasy behind Stellas on 82nd and Iola ish, it’s called Manhattan 9. You need to look at their social media for the password and they’re open Thursday-Sunday. Feel free to message me for more ideas, I’ve lived here for 20 years and can tell you all about the “haunted” places and all that. My mom was born here as well so I can always ask her for anything I might’ve missed. More stuff; Buddy holly performing arts center just got built and they have musicals and plays and such. And after a long night of drinking Big E’s BBQ is a good little spot open late. Rospados Colima (check spelling) is a solid Mexican food place, very authentic. I remember we ordered in Spanish when I went. Also Taqueria Autlan and Taqueria Jaliscos. Orlandos/Caprock cafe are local but honestly not amazing quality food. Used to cook at Caprock. Most of it is microwaved, can’t speak on orlandos.


haunted places?


“Haunted” Hells gate, prison house, 3rd floor LHS, TTU chemistry building, angels feet at the graveyard, Memphis man might be gone, to name a few


Since he is into music, join the Facebook page Lubbock Music Live. It’s run by a local musician and every band posts their upcoming gigs will help really enjoy the music scene in Lubbock.


LBK Brewery and Two Docs are 2 great breweries in town. First Friday Art Trail is my absolute favorite thing to do in Lubbock - a sprawling art walk downtown with food trucks and live music. Some of my favorite restaurants include Dirks chicken, La Diosa Cellars, Funky Door, the Pecan Grill at the Overton, Cafe J and La Sirena


If he likes food - the Nicolett is top notch. It’s too good to be in Lubbock. And it’s a really cool building. You can also reserve a table in the greenhouse.


There are several breweries in town that I’m sure he’ll want to check out. Great coffee shops. As far as food, I love spankys. Got some good local pizza places in town too. Buddy holly museum is a great start for rock n roll. For hiking, both caprock canyon state park and palo duro sp are stunning. There’s several more state parks within a moderate driving distance. Big spring has a nice trail at their sp that’ll keep you in good shape. Monahans is cool to see. For national parks around here, you’ve got Carlsbad caverns and Guadalupe mountains at about 3ish hours away. White sands and big bend will be about 5 hrs away, a good weekend getaway. And then of course you always have the mountains in nm for hiking. My personal favorite is cloudcroft. My favorite spot to get away near some water is lake Alan Henry. Water is nice for kayaking/sup/boating/swimming, and the hikes are nice too. There are some really pretty views overlooking the lake with the mesas in the distance on that trail. There are tiny gems all over this area if you keep your eyes peeled. I can see how, if you miss them, this place would seem boring. But I can’t help but love it here because it feels like such a great location for exploring the area, and the atmosphere of a college town is something you can’t beat.


The state parks made my husband and I fall in love with the area the weekend we came to visit Lubbock for the first time. When we eventually move closer to our families, it will be one thing I will miss greatly. I’m also really excited about the new performing arts center. We had one that was built in my hometown which revitalized the downtown scene. Husband bought me Lion King tickets for Christmas one year, and he is now hooked on the performing arts too. I think it’ll be neat to have that in Lubbock.


I haven’t been able to explore the performing arts scene as much yet! But I do love the state parks. Lubbock area has a lot more than people give it credit for, to be sure!


Must eat at La Sirena. Almost worth living b in Lubbock. .......almost


Show him the things you love about Lubbock? I don't love anything about Lubbock, honestly, except maybe the geese migration. OK, I love that. And the prairie dogs. Also, the big beautiful flat horizon when I drive out of Lubbock to places like Caprock or New Mexico.If he's into the outdoors and learning, encourage him to look into the Texas Master Naturalist program. It's really neat - you get to learn from experts on topics ranging from soil science to insects of riparian areas and conservation in Texas. It's really fun.Also, Flippers Tavern. Take him there but don't oversell it. Be real lowkey about it and let him enjoy his untrammeled first impressions. I moved here with my wife so she could go to grad school, so I know what he'll feel somewhat. Best thing is for him to meet like-minded people who'll introduce him to the things in Lubbock they like.


There’s the farmers market in Wolfforth along with evie maes


Kongs!! It’s really fun! Try it out!!


[I love that I can watch my dog run away for three days](https://youtu.be/nWSPjlKQGMo)...but making someone love Lubbock is going to be hard. Show him why you like being here, that'll mean more.


Prairie Dog Town


Have him check out the Facebook group "LBK Foodies." They're always dropping some great restaurants. He would probably be interested in Claraboya Scratch Kitchen, Two Docs Brewery, maybe even First Friday Art Trail.


Cool! What kind of cook is he? I’d recommend the axe throwing place


I was born and raised in Lubbock, but I spent 8 years in Austin after I graduated from Tech (the first time). I moved back here because living in Austin was madness (for me--though Austin has a hell of a lot of plusses, I'm just not cut out for the big city). We don't have traffic like Austin does, so that's super nice. You can get from one side of town to the other without having to get on a freeway, which Lubbockites don't do so well on. Also cost of living is super cheap compared to Austin. Sometimes our weather sucks, like sandstorms in the spring. But when the weather is nice, it's fucking *nice*. We don't have the humidity, but we do have heat--but it's a dry heat, lol. We also have the most beautiful sunsets and it's cool to watch the storms roll in. There are a lot of solid reasons to not like Lubbock, and I totally get that, but Lubbock has its own plusses, too. Worth keeping in mind when you're trying to sell your boyfriend on moving to the Hub City. Also, E&J barbecue is a really nice place to have dinner or just drinks. Peacocks!


If One Guy from Italy is still open take him there.


2 locations yup


Big plate restaurant supply might be cool to check out if he loves cooking


Kingstreet Pub has a really nice menu and excellent cocktails. Flips is really neat and has vegetarian/vegan options if that's something you're into plus they have pinball machines. The tamale lady has a pop up french restaurant on the weekends, reservation only and BYOB. Laugh Hub City is a stand up comedy group that performs weekly at bars around town.


Mono Negra Brewery, inside the cactus alley next to Short and Sweets bakery and La Sirena. If he’s into craft beer he’ll love this little micro brewery 👍🏽


Go to the [First Friday Art Trail](http://www.ffat.org).


Buddy Holly Ave entertainment district. Live music, nice street scene, good food. There is also a craft brewery here that was just voted first in nation, forgot the name, sorry.