Her Shrek quote was the cutest thing ever! "Can I stay with you, pleeeaaase?" Love that girl


Her little laugh after was so cute 🥺


It was 🥺 And in the Unseen Bits when she was walking around making the toy dance while she showed it around 🥲 I want to be best friends with her so bad!


she’s funny as hell.


For me at least I read those comments in jest. I think she’s been really endearing, the way the girl has come back fighting every time, brushing off all the rejection and shade. If I’d had a drop of that confidence when I was her age… and now she looks like she’s really glowing with a bit of excitement from a new love interest. Whether or not that’s gonna work out I’m glad for my girl finally having some fun, cos she bloody earned it! Also love seeing glimpses of her female friendships. She’s really delivered some nuggets of TV gold imo


She’s been keeping the girls morale going. When is unseen bits?




Honestly out of all the ladies in there I have been rooting for Danica - it takes so much courage to keep getting pied but carry on and keep going while also making light hearted remarks about yourself.


It was kind of amusing at first, but it's boring now! It's not just Danica though, people on social media tend to repeat the same jokes/observations until they're done to death.


That’s what I meant! If for every comment it’s been said if I could earn money charge 50 per joke 😂 I’d be making some good money.


😂 😂


She so lovely! I think people just want her to relax in front of the fellas. I don't think anyone is being nasty to her. If she was my friend in there I'd suggest she just chats to the lads instead of hosting competency based interviews!


The lads are giving her nothing to work with. I would’ve loved to see her and Andrew. They would’ve been compatible.


i think it's mostly jokes maybe not to you but i don't think anything is serious.


I know it can be but it’s jarring as hell to constantly see it. It was one thing at the start but now everytime she’s on “ Danica talks like HR” or “ Danica talks like she’s doing a pitch work” 😂


that's social media esp twitter. people watch the show at different times, people see tweets going viral and want to jump on the bandwagon and sometimes it's just a cultural thing.


Exactly bandwagon feels. You worded it perfectly.


I'll be honest, I didn't like Danica back in the main villa but since she's been in casa, she's really started growing on me.


I love the way she speaks. What these people are talking about? The stresses on some words are my favorites especially “HONNNNEY” 😍


I like her accent Tbf


The way she says but, put etc sounds so weirdly unique. That's like the only thing that has really stood out to me about how she speaks




Exactly 😂at least she graduated from university and seems like a well rounded girl about to start her career.


I love Danica but you’re intentionally trying to not see their point lol


I like her but she flirts like she's in a business meeting. it's funny People on here need to stop taking everything so seriously.


The jokes are dry now


Take a chill people and stop worrying about what people on Reddit say. Will probably help you and your issues


I love Danica but the way she speaks is so annoying. It's like she's constantly filming a TikTok or swallowed the whole of teen-sphere Twitter. Every other sentence is a TikTok phrase, even her mannerisms when she's in the diary room. And I understand why she does it, it's a defence mechanism to hide her nerves but damn girl you need to stop.


Can’t stop if you can’t control it. I don’t even think she notices it.