Davide saying “apart from my perfect body” during the recoupling absolutely sent me


he is bringing the comedy and he's not even trying lol honestly


he’s fantastic tv lmao


Funny coincidence that the funniest guys (him and Luca) are fighting it out for Gemma


Man is a comedian.


That was the highlight of this episode


Respect to Liam for knowingly choosing to not become the next Hugo.


You either leave a nice guy or stay long enough to see yourself become a "Nice Guy"


Or a girl follower


One of the strangest insults on Love Island ever that


>In retrospect Toby probably wanted to call him a simp but I feel like that was part of the banned vocabulary for islanders.


THIS is how you do a cliffhanger without ending mid-recoupling. Hats off to the producers on this one.


I feel like they finally listened to us omg


Yup. And it’s gearing up to be like season 5. Fingers crossed


Davide in his speech: ‘I’m amazing i’m wonderful i would say i’m gods gift to the world, this girl is alright i guess i pick ekin-su’


The whole speech was about himself and she was still so happy lmaoo


She just wants a place in the villa, I doubt she's actually interested in him.


yeah I feel like she is there PURELY for the drama and I love her for it


I'm sorry I know it's unpopular but I'm here for Davide he makes me laugh! He used his speech to big up himself and his body🤣 no one's ever done that before (I think) & I want to hear at least 1 more speech so he's gotta stay for now! Also he hugged Afia 1st after the recoupling & seemed genuinely happy the girls got to stay...brownie points.


he's unintentionally funny away from gemma, he's actually enjoyable tbh


I saw him hug Afia and I honestly liked Davide a tad because of it!!!!


i don’t even mind gemma but 70% of this week was spent on her and now her ex is coming in? it’s a bit much


this show is already cheap enough and it doesn't need to be cheapened further, it is the perfect amount of horrible as it is. They should leave out ex's.


Ooh this season is getting juicy, but the focus is too much on Gemma, I want the focus on the other islanders as well!




In fairness besides Gemma, these are the most ‘normal’ contestants for a while. Fewer influencer-types, plastic surgery and steroids (for the most part). Pleasantly surprised.


In an alternate universe we hear “oh my god that’s my dad” as Michael Owen strolls into the villa


Damn it why couldn't I be watching in that universe


I dunno. Davide just gets more and more funny to me as each episode goes on.


Single girls should not be under pressure to couple up with essentially a novelty bombshell whose one unique selling point is that he's someone's ex and either be picked by him in yet another boy's choice recoupling 😭


Yup. The boys are still in control for the second week in a row. Totally unfair to the girls, especially because they have more personality


It really made vibes weird last year when boys had weeks of being the ones who were never vulnerable and always picking, you would think they would have learned that it just creates a scenario where the girls are anxious and have less confidence and the boys just sit back and never graft and never get sent home (cough Hugo)


Novelty bombshell is the perfect way to describe him. It feels so inauthentic


I have to say joining love island for just 4 nights and walking out with 144k+ followers, being loved by the public and minimal mental health damage isn’t a bad out come!


In a few weeks when they play the best bits people will wonder who the heck he was.


I appreciated Davide a little more tonight. He jumped up in excitement after the text at the re-coupling when he heard that Paige and Afia got to stay. I noticed most people beelined it for Paige to hug her. It looked like Davide was heading her way too, saw Afia alone, and changed course to give her a hug instead. I actually do think he is emotionally intelligent, and a good person.


I also noticed this and it made me like Davide a lot more! I felt bad for Afia because no one ran up to hug her, but that was very nice of him


I noticed that as well and thought it was really sweet that he went to hug Afia!


Yes!!!! I actually noticed this too!


They should’ve sent in 2 new guys like they had for Anna and Maura in S5 and for Siannise and Jess in S6 Not Gemma’s ex. They’re trying to turn this into the Gemma show and it’s annoying


Sorry but how has this become Gemma Island? Or rather ex on the beach format, what the actual f\*ck?


i don't think davide likes either gemma or ekin-su that much, he just likes gemma more comparatively because she wasn't throwing herself at him


He only loves himself.


Paige needs to share some fanfic recs with Ekin-Su so she can learn what sexual tension is.


I love how Paige told us about her reading habits and managed to do so in the context of “a chat.” I wish they’d give us more of these kinds of things from the Islanders, because I think this alone made so many of us relate and root for her!!


Hahahahaha no fucking way they’re going with the ex boyfriend route already, DRAMA


Ikenna literally ROFLing over Ekin-Su and Davide’s workout sent me.


Indiyah and Ikenna just don’t have any chemistry.


Ikenna has no chemistry. "Treat her like one of the boys" is an interesting tactic. Even Luca started laughing when he heard him say that


Ikenna doesn't like her at all you could tell from his body language when he's around her. I don't think she likes him either.


Still in awe that Davide used his speech to say he has the perfect body That's Gemma's ex boyfriend coming in right? That should be fun Also, still no ostriches. What a disappointment.


>Still in awe that Davide used his speech to say he has the perfect body "I'm not JUST ridiculously good looking - but, to be clear, I AM ridiculously good looking."


Love that for him. Can’t even argue with that


I know it’s only been 4 days but where’s the chemistry with the cast?? It’s not giving


Yeah, it feels like the boys aren't gelling yet because there has been underlying tension between them depending on which girl they're chasing after. The girls seem a lot closer. Hopefully as couples settle down, the group dynamics will start to shine.


I’m ready to see the unseen bits. It really showcase all the friendships that has been formed. On the main show I see hints of Indiyah/Amber/Paige.


Anyone notice how ikenna wasn't that happy picking indiyah? He's just waiting for casa amor lol.


Tbf indiyah clearly is also not that into him. I reckon a bombshell comes in for her and she’s go for it


TBF, he did say getting into Casa Amor for more girls is on his bucket list


I think Dami and Amber may be the only couples to still be together by the time we reach Casa Amore.


I threw my hands up when Ikenna said he likes to treat who he’s into like one of the boys first. WHATTTTTTTTTTT


Yeah nah. That’s shite. Watch him eat his words when someone his type walks in.


Even Luca thought that was stupid and he’s the biggest playa ever


thats a typical thing guys with no game say


I kiiiind of get what he might have beeen going for in terms of building a solid friendship as the basis of your relationship because I actually think that's super healthy, but it rings a bit hollow when he looks like he wants to apparate out of the villa anytime he and Indiyah are talking.


is this the gemma show?? why does the entire show revolve around her let’s spice it up


Gemma’s ex gonna bring up her dad to the islanders


Another Gemma rectangle?? Tf is this maan🫠 Can we please see the other islanders for more than 2 seconds, thank you




It's not his fault, it's week one, they're not attracted to each other and you can barely use the friendship angle at this point either.


I mean they weren’t even romantically linked. It’s the best he could do given the situation


she’s very bantery


I can’t even remember it 😅


I’m sorry but I feel like we’re at a point now where we’ve got to bin any potential between Indiyah and Ikenna. It’s clearly not there.


Yeah I don’t even know if they want to be friends


Feels like they're sticking with each other out of safety rather than any connection between them


Watch Gemma’s ex-boyfriend be like a 30 year old man 💀


😂 it’s Jacques O’Neill & he’s 23


Thought Davide was going to couple up with himself for a minute there


Well finally the villa will know Gemma’s dad is Michael Owen


this has been a great first week. there's a good mix between burgeoning couples and singles still moving around. i'm liking the vibes between amber/dami and tasha/andrew, and bringing in gemma's ex right as luca made his "big move" and finally lost his safety net in paige was perfect timing.


Fans picking the couples has worked out just as well as them picking for themselves if not better. THANK YOU Love Island producers for not making this a cliffhanger [**the Insta for the new guy**](https://www.instagram.com/jacques9oneill_/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D)


Honestly, LI would be super stressful for me with no phone, no way to tell time, no control over when i can sleep/wake up, so I feel like Liam did the right thing and put himself first


Liam said yall not about to turn me into Hugo the housemaid lmfao 😭


How the fuck is Paige single, she’s absolutely gorgeous


And such a sweetheart. I’m genuinely bamboozled.


I feel like her personality is too gentle for this group. The boys seem to like brash women this series. I think she would have done well with someone chill like Ovie or Nas, or even someone like Niall from S4. I actually wonder if she and Liam would have done well if they'd initially been coupled up together. They're both similar physical types as their respective partners (Luca and Gemma) and both seem a bit quieter and more vulnerable than the average islander.


I'm over Gemma Island at this point and it's not like even her fault. She's actually likable to me but the producers' focus on her is just too much. Now her ex is coming in. give me a break. But I guess it could be worse. she could've been annoying and unlikable like Lucy when she had all the spotlight on her.


Reminds me of how they pushed Sophie, who the public didn’t warm to. I wonder if it’s part of the contract negotiated, the ‘big name’ talent gets an agreed amount of screen time.


I also saw that her family immediately hired a publicity agent to help negate the bad rep she was getting, I wonder if they’ve been able to talk to producers and that impacted anything


Is it Gemma's ex? I got distracted and thought it's Tasha's. If it really is Gemma's ex then I agree with you, there are other islanders that deserve some screen time too.


if they get someone in there for paige, i think she could be a winner. historically we love an OG girl, she’s very girl next door and has been semi mugged off early on…she’s got the makings of top 3 at least also reminds me of cara from s2 which is always a bonus


What’s your favorite breakfast was wild. The balls on the Bish


Ikenna laughing hysterically at Ekin Su and Davide was the best part of this ep😭


While Dami was looking dead serious, what a contrast lol


Why are they trying to make Gemma the main character


Probably got a good agent in her corner ensuring this season becomes Gemma Island 2022


Maybe Davide doesn't realise atm but Ekinsu is actually perfect for him


Not perfect imo but if she calms down and stops fawning they could have a decent time together.


She's his groupie


Luca is a great find by casting, he's not here to be a fan favourite or to be fake he's just his messy self and I really enjoy seeing someone like him


It's crazy that he can just be completely himself with all the cameras on and people watching, how does one get that confident


The man sells A LOT of fish


No clue honestly but it's making a good show and he's doing well, can see him doing all the typical shows like EOTB and The Challenge after this


They shouldn't have shown us Gemma's ex! We could have spent a couple of days speculating whether, like, Dimitar Berbatov or Emile Heskey was gonna to walk in. I love that Tasha wears her hair up and doesn't feel the need to hide her cochlear implant. I had a hearing impairment when I was a teenager and I used to refuse to wear my hearing aids because I was so self-conscious. It would have meant a lot to me to see a girl like Tasha on my TV who was confident and outgoing and just happened to be born deaf. Representation matters! Dami and Amber might be becoming the villa mum and dad and I'm here for it.


Emile Heskey dating a 19yo 💀


i hope they add in more boys since i dont want it to be guys to have the power with the recoupling again. one of the issues with S7 was that the guys always had the power and it felt unfair to the girls


Do you think Davide would have picked Gemma over Ekin-su if he had the option?


4th strike and he was out! 1st - Gemma/Davide gate 2nd - Lack of interest from Ekin-Su 3rd - Lack of interest from Afia 4th - His villa mate Luca ‘took over’ from Davide and Gemma reciprocated. At this point Liam was done and I can understand why. Bless him! He probably doesn’t ever have to deal with this in the outside world. Disappointment from the girls or Davide he could probably take, but coming from his mate (Luca) who he confided in about his desire for Gemma? I think that was the straw that broke the camels back.


it's not quite as iconic as "I want him to teach me how to dance", BUT I'LL TAKE IT


Her ex when she was in highschool? 💀💀💀


She’s always dated much older men she says so I’m curious of his age


Someone link the ex boyfriend’s ig 🕵️‍♀️


If this is Gemma’s ex, then he’s the one that got on with her dad as she told Luca. So great way to segue into who her dad is.


Davide sounding like he got a rock stuck in his trachea. Is it by force to workout with her on you💀


Paige is a beautiful girl. I really hope she finds someone soon.


It's not that I even particularly like or dislike Gemma as a person, I just think the producers have made a poor decision in casting her in the first place and especially now pushing her as a 'main character' because it just fuels the public vitriol more than she actually deserves.


‘That’s my ex-boyfriend’ PLEASE I don’t want this to start becoming Ex on the Beach 😭 Jack’s ex-girlfriend coming in in Season 4 was enough of that for me ALSO WATCH GEMMA’S EX-BOYFRIEND BE THE ONE TO EXPOSE HER DAD’S IDENTITY 💀


Might aswell just call this Gemma Island at this point. Now we got her ex in the mix. This ain’t even a triangle anymore


Not sure if Davide’s recoupling speech was lost in translation but the man was wildin with that perfect body comment


No cliffhanger and Sunday night preview! We thank God


gemma's ex? are they for real? make it make sense pls


Davide - Legend, get the ex stuff to eff please, especially when he’s a cradle snatcher and the ex of Gemma who I’m not interested in seeing as the main character. Get someone good in for Paige


Gemma needs to lean into her 19 year old roots and throw a shitfit over whatever girl goes for her ex. If she's gonna be the main character of this season, she better start Main-Character-ing.


Imagine Gemma’s ex comes in wearing her dads Jersey hahahahahah


Dont be silly, they dont wear tops




Poor Paige. Saw that coming from a country mile though. Girl are lucky that Liam left ( though he did what was right for him so that's good too)


Davide’s speech was the funniest thing. He’s actually growing on me.


Same. He's growing on me and I'm going off Luca. How the turn tables


Lmao, he basically made the whole speech about himself. That was one of the funniest moments


Ikenna’s speech is so forced 🫣🤣


A teenager runs the villa 😭


@ u/loveisland can you remind the producers not all the viewers want a show dedicated to Gemma


Right. I’m hoping they’re just using her to draw in initial viewers for the season in weeks 1 & 2 and then pivot away once other actual relationships form


I feel like Gemma’s ex (or anyones’s tbh) is kind of set up to fail in this situation kinda related but i feel like trying to have a “main character” isn’t going to work well w the format of the show


Pretty sure that was Gemma’s voice at the end. The question is... did they intentionally put her ex in there? How?!


It was Gemmas voice and it was her saying 'that's my ex-boyfriend' TBH its beginning to feel less like 'Love Island' and more like 'The Gemma Owen Show'


Guys thirsting over her because she’s young and petite. Wait until they throw someone hotter in, then her storyline will decease at the drop of a hat tbh


I hope this entire season doesn’t just revolve around Gemma. It has so far and now her ex- boyfriend? So glad Paige is still around, though.


I can't wait to see the look on Luca's face when he sees Gemma's ex. Only thing is, will the other girls feel comfortable going for him given his history with Gemma?


so the natural next question is...how old is he?


not to sound weird but gemma better watch herself dating these older men at such a young age. i was just like her, thought i was grown and okay, and it almost never ended well. but i also don’t wanna place all the blame on her


This. You realise as you reach your mid- late 20s.


Paige you need to show him the best date he's ever had 🙏


- This season continues to impress me - I truly hope Liam is okay. he seemed a bit down for the past few days so I’m glad he decided to prioritise his mental health over reality tv. - Paige and indiyah deserves better. No girl deserves to be called one of the “guys” - new boy v luca or davide?? hmmmm 🤭 - amber and dami 🥹


Liam "I like that she can look after herself" (as long as she's living in daddys mansion with her allowance)


No way Paige the probable winner was going home this early


Man am I the only one here who actually likes Luca? Seems like he's bringing the most drama to the table and he and Gemma get on pretty well, much better than Davide at least. Seems like the only one in the villa who's actually showing that they're attracted to the girl they're (now) coupled with.


I love this series so much already and its way better than at least the previous series. Also not everyone incl. Ekin-Su running to Paige while Davide was the only one who ran to Afia. Actually kinda unexpected on Davide's end but, very nice of him. Im glad they both get another chance. And yes, Luca is great casting. I know his interest in Gemma is 100% shallow but, I dont mind someone who would rather mix things up than go for security. However, I also looked at the other Islanders reactions and they didnt seem to be too happy about that. (prob because they didnt wanna see Paige leave would be my guess)


Luca is great tv but IRL would be a walking red flag


Each episode I watch I change my mind upon who I like I swear. Luca is a literal red flag 🚩, but I sort of rate that he has made a bold move and gone for Gemma, even though I think he’ll drop her as soon as another bombshell arrives or Casa Amor. I’m getting a little bored of Ikenna and his “let’s be friends first” tactic, it’s total BS and he knows damn well he’s just stringing Indiyah along until someone his type comes in. It’s LoveIsland mate not FriendIsland. Davide is still continuing to be the dryest talker on the planet, I feel sorry for Ekin-su because getting information out of him is like talking to a plank of wood. Paige, Indiyah and Afia seem to just float along hoping that something will happen and do absolutely naff all to help. Then Liam just gave up after 5 episodes, looks like he’s only been on there for the fame. They’re all being painful, but alas it’s bloody brilliant entertainment so keep it coming 🤣


I feel bad for Ikenna and Indiyah because I think both would rather be talking to someone else and feel that they can't because of what it looks like. Ikenna definitely would like to pull Paige for a chat. Not sure if Indiyah's crush has walked in yet. But it's not Ikenna.


Gues I almost cried for Liam, he is actually a genuine guy god bless him


I reckon Gemmas ex will go for Paige


Dami and Amber feel like the only couple in there at the moment, everyone else definitely feel like game players. Mind not really seen much of Ikenna and Indiyah. Luca and Andrew definitely have a fair few red flags. Paige must smell of pickled onions or something as she seems a really good catch, maybe too mature for the lads in there. Fair play to Liam for leaving, he was a bit naive going on the show knowing what it is but has done what is best for him. Rate that.


Gemma really reminds me of a friend I had at uni. Gorgeous petite girl that every guy lost their minds for, she knew it too and would completely act up to it just like Gemma does. Wouldn’t even mind flirting with guys who were in relationships, and just like Gemma this friend also had a thing for older guys (the guy she had a massive crush on for AGES started flirting with her when she was 16 and he was 21. Worst thing was, her mum encouraged it). Let me tell you, being around someone like that was draining. As lovely a friend to me as she was, everywhere we went together, I felt like i didn’t exist lol! I think this is why I totally understand and connect with Paige, poor girl.




They've brought in exes before like with s1 where they brought in Cally for Luis. Edit: Still season 1, I remember Jordan's ex girlfriend that he was seeing for years that he broke up with over text came to the show as one of the "bombshell dates" hated Jordan after that episode especially.


Gemma said earlier in the week that she has been single for a year & a half.. so her ex that is coming in went out with her when she was 16/17?😂 seems pretty weird to me?


She turned 19 a month ago or something so that means she was just under 17...hopefully he's like 20 and not 30 😭


Yeah, not weird that she had a boyfriend then but weird that he's coming on TV and presumbly is gonna talk about their relationship...


How much did Michael Owen pay Love island to make Gemma the main character? I was hoping a square head mixed race walked in who was fair game for everyone


suddenly it's ex on the beach then 💀


It was great seeing a bit of Love Island in between that episode of adverts.




Like I would enjoy an ex coming in a bit later on to make a few waves, rn I really am not invested in who is with who yet and the islanders themselves aren't really either and so... meh timing wise. Love to see two proper bombshells for the single girls, couple of silly challenges, maybe a date for Amber and Dami, a vote and a dumping before bringing in Gemma's ex but oh well here we are!


Not me sat here watching on catchup, SOBBING over Liam leaving😂


Bringing in Gemma’s ex-boyfriend right after she’s coupled up with Luca is just the perfect recipe for drama. I can’t wait


How old is this new guy? Because if Gemma just turned 19… when did they date??


I really don't need this to become "Gemma's and her suitors" Island pls 😩




Hoping the next recoupling is girls picking plus hope we get another new guy next week aside from gemmas ex, which ew, why push that burden on other girls.


Liam quitting really looks like it really messes with the producers' plans, honestly. They were clearly gonna dump a girl, bring a boy bombshell in, then have girls pick. They'll have to be creative now to get the boys facing any real jeopardy any time soon.


Liam died for everyone else


i think this is the new guy's insta - https://instagram.com/jacques9oneill_?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


I know Luca is a fan favourite but for me the speech was a little too "cat got the cream" he's entitled to happily move on with Gemma but he didn't need to make it seem as if it's always been Gemma and everyone knows it like Paige was a non factor.


I liked him but he's turned me off a bit this ep


It's sad Liam left but i will 100% have forgotten about him by monday 🤷🏼‍♀️ his leaving did end up saving the girls I jus ***knew*** that the producers would make Luca choose before Davide! It's the best way to insure Ekin-Su stays Dami is defo my fave an the way Ikenna was buckled on the sofa laughin at Davide an Ekin-Su had me rollin 😂


Agree with others this is Gemma Island and its annoying


Anyone else pick up on that soft sultry voice Liam was trying to give the girls on that date? 😬


So glad Paige and Afia were saved! Liam such a cutie but I’m glad he left now 😭


If the new guy is Gemma’s ex, he must be like 25


Can’t wait for him to tell the islanders who her dad is


Andrew doesn't see the black guys as competition but i don't think Tasha likes him. He's just the best option for now.


He should've been grafting Paige. Just seems like safety for Tasha


If Gemma and her ex broke up when she was 17 and he was 21 when did he start dating her? 🤢


How did they even meet lol


her last relationship was 2 years and her birthday is may so she may have been 16 and 20


Dunno why you’re being downvoted, absolutely gross eh


Paige and Afia are both so pretty and nice😣 i hope they can find nice men🙁 luca was trash to her


Afia seems like such a sweet girl. It’s sad that none of the girls pulled her aside to clue her in on the makeup mishap.




The whole season is being morphed around Gemma, she’s duller then dishwater


Someone on Twitter said the new guy is called Jacques o Neill! He's 23 so if he's gemmas ex that's quite strange, especially since she's been single for a year and a half...


new guy looks hot af. hope he didn’t come in just to try and get his ex back, that would just be sad to watch


That guy was rumoured to be going in ages ago!! Him and Paige are gonna get together I am calling it now. Jacques o neill and a rugby player christ o mighty


Finally caught up. I was absolutely gutted Luca chose Gemma over Paige, although felt better to know she wasn't dumped from the villa. I think Gemma might end up being the Brad character (obviously she's not a dick, I mean more that she's the one that will get chosen by someone different each week). I really hope that they send some more men in soon as would love to see Paige get a proper shot. I really love Ikenna and Indiyah individually but they don't seem to be sparking each other up so would be happy if they both found someone too! Really loving this season so far!


this season is mad, a teenager runs the whole villa