The left sees children as the property of the government. As such, children can be exterminated in the womb. They become the wards of the state at ever younger ages; in kindergarten, pre-K, nursery, school, etc., etc. They are indoctrinated in the government schools and this goes on through college. They will then hold the proper stances on major issues and refuse to discuss those issues with anybody that disagrees with them, labeling them as haters and bigots. The only real opposition to this plot is involved parents with traditional values. These parents are diminished in the eyes of their children by the brainwashers at school, who undermined those traditional beliefs and values. Finally, these children are taught that if they are white, they are racists, and if they are a minority, they are victims. Further, they are taught that there is no such thing as male and female and if they question their gender, they should change it, and the government will assist them in doing it, despite the protest of the parents. If the parents get to uppity and try to assert their rights as protectors of their children, the courts will take the children away from the parents.


How dare they learn things and back up their arguments with facts. Brainwashed sheep!


Sadly, the leftist schools don’t teach facts, but indoctrinate the kids with leftist propaganda. The proof is in the pudding and often times on college campuses, conservative speakers will be screamed down or violently forced off of the campus, because the leftist little sheep can’t tolerate a differing thought. that is tragic for America. If you were right, those students wouldn’t be screaming at and threatening people with opposing thoughts, but would be debating them with their supposed facts. They are incapable of that.


They start liking them again once they reach voting age.


Chicks don't want to be burdened with motherhood.




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By the look on the babies face it knows dads a dickhead