Gee is the DOJ watching this joke of an election in that state?


Yes and they're fine with it


Of course KGB is fine with protecting Party's correct tabulation of votes, Comrade. Am having problem with this?


Honestly is there a point in voting? I mean the great reset is gonna happen regardless we might as well just accept it.


Yes, but as we're seeing here, you need to emphasize taking control of the county offices before you can seriously think about statewide and Federal offices.


And how do you do that?


Build your local party organization. Probably the best guide (a little dated, but still good) is Heinlein's TAKE BACK YOUR GOVERNMENT.


DOJ sat on its hands while people threatened to kill Supreme Court Justices. What chance do the plebs have?


but the right's violent rhetoric.../s


… is far more dangerous than the lefts violent actions!


Yeah they're printing more ballots as we speak


It takes time to figure out how many they need to print!


Watching it like a hawk, to make sure Lake doesn't win, no matter what.


Don't know how Hobbs is even legally allowed to be anywhere near the tabulation area in an election she's competing in. Should be disqualified from election for that reason alone.


It's (D)ifferent


It's on fire if it cheats


[iTs DIfFeReNT](https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/06/voters-file-lawsuit-to-stop-georgia-gov-candidate-kemp-from-overseeing-election.html)




Parsonally I tink Obamna and Gina 🇨🇳 are the rel mastorminds behind this fraud "election". And honestly to prevent the Ginese and Obamna from wekenig ou're country any further, we should get rid of this sham "democracy" and put in DeSantis as the commender-in-cheef by militery cou.


Where are you seeing that she’s in the tabulation room?


Theres video of her in the room


Link it


https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/posts-falsely-claim-to-show-hobbs-in-arizona-election-tabulation-room/ar-AA140UJg This is the closest I could find. I hope for the sake of the people you’re replying to that there’s actual evidence.


There is a picture time stamped with her in the room. If I'm not mistaken wasn't Kemp in the same position 4 years ago.




So what is the name of this “observer “ if it’s not Katie Hobbs???????


Sir/Ma'am, didn't you read the fact check? The government investigated itself and determined it did nothing wrong. /s The fact check article literally does not prove or provide any evidence that the woman in the photo isn't Hobbs, and I'd argue we don't need to know if Hobbs has an alibi, but that is also not in the article. Fact check sites are so fucking stupid.


And the people who believe them wholeheartedly.


Exactly, this woman must doxx herself in order to clear out the suspicions of the biggest rubes on the internet.


I’m sure it is publicly available. But as I’ve been told by many liberals doxxing isn’t illegal. But then again numbskulls like you only care if there is a (D) next to their name


The point isn’t whether it’s illegal it’s whether someone minding their own business should have to give knuckle dragging idiots like you their information.


But I’m sure you believe you have the right to Trumps tax returns? I see by your other posts that you don’t believe people are entitled to their own money


Does your brain work properly? What the fuck are you talking about?


Dude if she’s a public servant her name shouldn’t be a big deal. No one’s asking for her address or blood type lol. They’re saying it isn’t Hobbs then who is it. They’re fucking lying


An official observer? Why? Do you want to look her up in the yellow pages or something?


But she caught me on the counter (It wasn't me) Saw me bangin' on the sofa (It wasn't me) I even had her in the shower (It wasn't me) She even caught me on camera (It wasn't me)


Lol. They don't even show the photo in this "fact" check. Because anyone with eyes would recognize her.


What color hair does Hobbs have?


The color is off, good thing cctv camaras have perfect colour pallete management and hair color doesn't exist, especially if one could go to a stylist to "wash out the grey" to prep for a victory speech maybe. The question for you is why does this woman have the same length of hair, styling of hair, shoulder width, body type, jawline and even glasses as Hobbs?


I love how this all hinges on the belief that this exact look is extremely rare among white women. I know like 10 women off the top of my head that look like this.


Are they all family with that jawline and shoulder width?


Substantiating my conspiracy theory with phrenology


You trying to say we all look alike....seems racist misogyny rears its ugly head, yet again. Get a girlfriend if you want to argue with someone, contrarian. You know Dems have decried election integrity about half of the elections since 2000, so it'd be an excellent example of liberal hypocrisy to claim anyone else is out of line to question it.




Brownish black with blonde highlights.


Last I checked it was gray, which does not match the woman in the video


It’s a grainy image as you said and it’s obviously not the most accurate coloring so who knows. I actually don’t think it’s her to be honest but what do I know. Aside from that what is your opinion of a candidate being involved in the election process that she’s in. The way I see it is if she won than she won but this seems to me like a very obvious conflict of interest. It makes it easy to question the integrity of that particular election. Do you think this should be allowed regardless of party affiliation because I don’t.


Notice how they don’t show the photo in this “fact check” lol. Get real


They directly link to it


It's not her, yeah let's take her spokesperson word for it they wouldn't lie. It sure bloody looks like her. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it's a duck.


A grainy image of a woman with different colored hair who the Maricopa County election board said is not Hobbs. At what point is it just easier to cease the mental contortions and accept reality?


Mate take your rose coloured glasses off. I don't vote because I'm not American but it's her.


What color is the woman in the video’s hair?


I have no dog in this fight so I'm a neutral observer, it's her. Mate you are a mosquito, an annoying little cunt. Now go play on the road.


Are you so stupid you can’t answer a simple question?


Lol, the governor is not counting the votes.


You’re right. The governor, Doug Ducey is not counting the votes. She’s the Secretary of State which is the head of state elections in Arizona.


She also doesn’t count the votes


Never said she did


Someone asked me for proof about voting fraud, I told them to look into the Keri Lake election in Arizona. Just an FYI, from what I’ve been receiving from libs all day, they don’t care. They truly believe that they are doing the work of gods.


Libs: if there’s election interference then show evidence! Us: *shows evidence* Libs: we’re just gonna pretend we didn’t see that.


What was the proof?


There is video of Katie Hobbs walking through a tabulation place.


They verified that’s her? It looked like her face but unless she dyed her hair recently it wasn’t the same at all


They didn't. Just more election denial bullshit that we will be hearing about for years, but nobody will say under oath.


Stop being rational, fucking all in or nothing bro!!! Seriously though, the chick who is supposedly Hobbs the shit brain looks kind of similar except for like you said, the MUCH darker hair


i got downvoted because people think I want Hobbs to win. I would love for Lake to get in. I think she’d bring an amazing change and hold reporters accountable. Hopefully if she doesn’t win she continues to fight the good fight.


Holy shit! She was walking through a polling place. The horror. I just hope she didn't steal any documents, that would be alarming.


not where people were voting, where officials were COUNTING VOTES


Good God, man! Think of the damage this one person could have done! The perhaps tens of votes she could have changed... if she was so inclined... for which there is absolutely no evidence she was.. so inclined.... wait, hold on! I thought you guys believed the Dems were super super stupid but then somehow able to pull this off. You gotta pick a lane or your just the asshole driving down the road straddling the median causing problems. It can't be Dems suck because they're awful but also, at the same time, capable of stealing elections. You're going to have to pick one for fuck's sake.


It doesn't matter if she did or didn't change votes. Her presence there itself is ILLEGAL, period. Democrat politicians brazenly and openly violate the law. That is the issue. I personally think Dems suck because they are bloodthirsty power hungry tyrants.


https://www.factcheck.org/2022/11/posts-falsely-claim-to-show-hobbs-in-arizona-election-tabulation-room/ Get a life, seriously. This shit is exhausting. Or come to the discussion with actual proofs. BRING SOMETHING TO THE GODDAMN TABLE SO WE CAN HAVE AN ACTUAL POLICY DISCUSSION! That or go back to your room and let mom and dad handle shit. Fuck.


This seemed to be verbatim battlecry of Hillary, Gore, Stacy Abrams, and many other Dems (swapping parties/names appropriately) whenever Dems lost races they were favored to win, since at least 2000. For months election integrity has been at least occasionally mentioned in most news cycles. At what point is it reasonable to question elections? When your party doesn't win, if your party is allowed to dictate to news media what to report on, apparently. Must be eating you alive that Elon Musk bought Twitter, lol. You lot love to gaslight, and artfully practice denial of subjective reality, blatant hypocrisy, and skillful rationalizations of detestable actions, see BLM riots, COVID vaxxing mandates, media manipulation, and gender reassignment for kids, just to name a few.


So shady.


Democrats cheating like normal. Her being involved with the election is unethical and should be illegal.


Correction: it IS illegal. That would be tampering. I hope Kari really destroys this and everyone involved and allowing it


Was it unethical when Kemp did it a few years ago




Hmm strange how only now are right leaning people saying that. Curious




I like that it's the only example people really point to. That just makes it an unusual thing that has happened twice more than it should have.


100% yes!


What a coinkydink.


This is the first time in my life I have seen this word spelled out. Thank you.




Can also be formatted as "Coinky[-](https://mlp.fandom.com/wiki/Coinky-Dink_World)Dink", or two words without the hyphen.


Same. Lmao.


🤡 🌎


The great reset won


Makes you wonder how long this cheating has been going on and only has come to life because of the last presidential race for all we know the only reason why Democrats still existed on government is because they’ve been cheating for decades would explain why people like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are still in government especially since Joe Biden was caught perjuring himself and the 80s it was all over the news and they said back then he would never be in government but yet here is our president


It’s been perfected in California since the 60’s and slowly spread across each state since.


Democrats are like an incurable disease. They multiply like rodents.


Yeah they're like animals and I slaughtered them like animals. I hate them.


Lol nice


I have seen pics and videos posted. Lake better already have them in front of a judge!


Doesn't matter if the other side owns the judge.


How is it even legal for Hobbs to have anything to do with an election she is running in?


they made it legal


But my lord.... is that leeegal?


Sounds like a major conflict of interest going on…


The democrats are getting their steal on once again.


Guys... guys!! Its (D)ifferent when they do it.


What is going on over there? The vote count hasn’t moved for 2 days!


The leftist talk radio hosts keep explaining how it is the Republicans fault for telling people to vote in person which created mass chaos because so many people showed up at the voting offices with ballots they got in the mail and put in envelopes. They are calling these ballots "late earlys". "IT TAKES TIME TO OPEN ENVELOPES PEOPLE! NOTHING NEFARIOUS TO SEE HERE." They shout. So, one, those ballots should almost all go republican right? 295,000 or something like that were dropped off in envelopes. And two, they open and count all the mailed in ballots after the in person ballots, so had they been mailed it would be the same amount of ballots in envelopes, so how is it taking longer to count had they been mailed in? Which leads to the question that they won't answer is how many mailed in ballots are sitting waiting to be counted? Maybe, just maybe they won't say exactly how many need to be counted because the number needs to be known to be adjusted in the Democrat favor...hmm. All you hear here is excuses, like poorly callobrated printers that are off slightly but enough that they can't be tabulated, or people used a sharpie, or signature verification isn't science and on and on. Well, if you say these problems can all be fixed by legislation that the Republicans want they scream "most secure elections ever" after they know they won. The whole process needs to be changed.


Man I hope you are wrong, I fear that you aren't.


Ahhh the mighty Maricopa county, where ballots appear over night out of thin air.


Wow 8k votes magically appear for the democrat that barely no one outside of AZ has heard of, yet Keri Lake is basically a house hold name at this point? Let me guess Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald, and Jeffery Epstein all mailed their ballots in at the last moment for the dem?


Stalin would approve.


I keep hoping it's a sting operation and they are watching all this fraud and will do something about it.


Seriously - when WILL something be done about it so that we can have elections we can trust? How many more of these do we have to go through?


Don’t hold your breath they would’ve done something already


Depends. You cannot say the election was effected until its called.....


We shall see


If you told me like 10 years ago a contestant running for office was also counting those very votes that may or may not elect them I would have thought you were absolutely off your shit. We have completely lost control over our elections.


Somehow Texas and Florida were able to count almost every single vote but some states have districts that are barley above 70%


Maricopa county is begging for another audit


That they'll just ignore


The audit of the 2020 election embarrassed them. They have no excuse at this point


When 90% of the people who voted have publicly stated they voted for Lake, but Hobbs wins, you MUST KNOW HOBBS IS CHEATING!!


Okay, I live in California, just SSE of Silicon Valley and you'd think I'd be surrounded by liberals; nope, nearly everyone I know, come across, meet are conservatives. The only liberals I know are a woman I knew in junior high school and a man I met maybe 2-3 times as a teen in my hometown; she has lived in Ohio for many decades (practices witchcraft & ia an atheist), he lives way up in Northern California (also atheist) and is a dry bitter old man. Oh, I was trying to have a respectful conversation on Messenger a few days ago, he kept going on & on about what a great perfect being & president Biden is, how evil Trump is and accused me of being a republican who supports all republicans. I replied that I am not a republican, did vote for Trump (because of the alternative) but do not support our believe in him, and that both Bushes and most of all other republican presidents are evil bastards!! Then, I asked him if Biden is so great, why has he taken bribes, pay-to-play, quid-pro-quo, extortion? He got very angry, wrote some may things and called me a liar. So, I forwarded him the video of Biden bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired; he withheld a billion dollars until they fired that man - because he was going to investigate & prosecute Hunter Biden, and quite probably Joe & others! He sent me SIX LOOOONG RANTS! One said "You need to be dead!" &"I hope someone kills you and all other people who think like you do!" This from what many ppl think is a nice guy!! I did also check my FB about 1.5 years ago (I only use it to post my political or 19 vaxx articles & opinions) and found 289 of my friends were friends with and support Trump and subbed him, 3 were subscribed to Biden's. That's 99.3%!!!! I'm sorry, I was wrong, it's MORE than 90%, and I live in 'liberal' California!!


where is this story? 90% of what people?


It's disgusting how lost this county is and how we just let it happen


Why wouldn't we? Why would the average American give 2 shits about something as BORING as elections when they have muh SPORTSBALL and muh NETFLIX


Maaaan, Just fuck arizona, fuck em' right in the goat ass. sorry I've drank a few, then come across this. But I think even sober I'd say fuck em'. Again I apoligize for drunk redditing. lol


Soon the entire country will be blue/purple. Public schools & university’s lying and brainwashing kids will put the GOP out of existence.


That's their sick plan. We must stand up and protect our party before it becomes extinct


>We must stand up and protect our freedom/country before it becomes extinct


We MUST start teaching our own children; put down the laptops & phones, quit those super-high paying jobs if we must, but those children need to be taught right!!


Did I say otherwise? Defending the innocence and education of the next generation is not unrelated and I agree.


You're right. I'm sorry.


> the GOP The GOP are not the default good guys because Blue Team is a threat to Liberty. The GOP, just like the Democratic Party, serves the interests of corporations and the Military Industrial Complex. The GOP has ran up the debt and sold the American people out just like the Democratic Party. “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers. Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.” - Carroll Quigley, Tragedy & Hope, 1966


It’s only fraud if a Republicans do it….


Sunshine laws matter in Florida. Full disclosure even if it's a pain in the ass to follow. No dirty shit. Makes people feel good.


Yeah- “nothing to see here, just move along!” #sarcasm.


How is this ok?


Why is this even allowed by any means ? This truly shows how corrupt the democrats are.


I'm so excited to see the final results in a few months... Seriously, can we make a law that you're not allowed to count votes past midnight on election day? It's a day, not a fucking season.


This is happening because we are all letting it happen and just poking our chests out on the internet about it.


Hobbs' charm is comparable to a turnip and her social media presence and following is almost dead. It's obvious what's happening here.


I can't wait to leave AZ, this state is an absolute joke. California without a coast.


You're running out of red states to run to. When will you stand your ground?


Thank you


Just FYI, we're full.


It's not crazy if it works. Given that the national GOP leadership are a bunch of sad Nancy simps the DNC knows what they're doing.


And republicans are too scared to speak up.. wtf is the point in voting for any of these spineless pricks?


Counting corruption aside, Hobbs is running for governor and that level of leadership requires knowing what is best for the state. Everyone knows there is going to be extra scrutiny of the ballot counting process, conflict of interests notwithstanding. If she was the caliber of person to lead Arizona as governor she'd recuse herself from the vote/election process her current office oversees; to at least in good faith try to reassure the voters.


They are cheating their asses off #obvious


In completely crazy world, which is what we live in if you havent noticed


Don’t campaign, don’t debate…and the dummies vote for Hobbs anyway. Is it the former Californians doing this?


Conflict of interest anyway they spin it… this gives me a sick feeling in my stomach


I would like Kari to win this election. I also think women should have long hair. This is a tough one for me.


Your hair is ugly, Hobbs.


Reminds me of the 2018 Georgia governor election.


Hobbs is so well-loved and popular in Arizona, she knew she didn't need to campaign or even debate her opponent. Her counting the votes has nothing to do with it. LOL


The world of 2018 when Kemp, the secretary of state, ran against Abrams. He even voided over 600k voter registrations during the campaign. Did you have the same reaction then or is it only when the side you like is losing? Edit: Downvotes for facts? Feels more important then facts for you guys? Is that it?


More importantly the left is not having the same reaction when kemp did it democrats sued , media called for his resignation saying it would not be fair and his would position would give him influence over the election. Ex president, senators , congressmen were all calling on him To resign. But when it’s them doing it crickets 🦗. Kemp resigned before the race was called and did not certify his own victory.


Weird, I live in Georgia and pay attention to politics and I didn't hear any of that. Yes, there were some comments when he voided 600k registrations but not like you are hearing from Kari Lake


You may need to pay attention a little harder Simple google search is all you need. https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/11/08/brian-kemp-resigns-as-georgia-secretary-of-state-as-he-faces-stacey-abrams.html


Umm, that's not what the guy I was responding to said. Plus, it's nowhere near what Kari Lake or the OP is claiming. They asked Kemp to step down to make it fair. He did. How is that claiming the SOS was committing fraud?


I am the guy you were responding to and what is in that article is exactly what I said and you can find many instances of democrats claiming he would use the sos position to commit fraud. And he did resign has Katie Hobbs done then same ?


The downvotes are for being a hypocrite, bruh, see 2016 2018 and tons of other examples, none of which had either candidate involved in vote tabulation in any way whatsoever


* more important than


You are correct. I used the wrong then/than


woman in video had brown hair.


If a mafia boss orders a hit they're complicit under Rico. If the secretary of state is in charge of election security and running for office at the same time they don't need to be physically present to have an effect.


What effect was the woman in question having? All I saw was a still frame of a person in a room.


Lose=Cheating Win=Not cheating


Yeah. I want Lake to win, but it is actually possible that people did not want to vote for her and therefore, did not. We’ll see.


The governor doesn’t count the votes


We still crying?