Post Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams

Post Game Thread: Arizona Cardinals at Los Angeles Rams


Since I’ve had to ban like 6 Cards fans already. Don’t brigade our sub. You can come talk about the game by all means, but stop going through our posts being sore winners. Your mods literally told you this in your own thread. The same goes for any of our users, if you troll other subs and their mods tell us we’ll ban you here too. Don’t be a dick brigading other subs it’s against Reddit’s rules.


Flush it and move on. A lot of poor execution from the team, and a lot of questionable decisions from our coaches. We play the Seahawks IN Seattle in 4 days. Get ready for that test


I’m a cards fan, sorry about this asshole


Don't worry about it. Just celebrate with your fellow cardinal fans. You guys outplayed us from players to coaching staff. Can't wait to play you guys again.


Yeah yeah, good game, whatevs. They were bound to beat us at some point I guess…


Yep, it was going to end at one point. Also, this is the best cardinals team we faced compare the last 5 years.


Right on. Good to get punched in the mouth this early in the season. Riding a high beating the goat- we need to be humbled if we want the Lombardi.


I agree. We got a liiitle to high when we beat the Buccs.


No injuries. Didn't lose the streak. Onto Seattle.


when the rams stuck to play action and running the ball they actually looked good. they need to make huge adjustments on defense though, the offense cant do shit when murray scores on literally every drive


Three and out on the first drive. So, not "literally". Cardinals didn't get on track until after the interception on 2nd & 3. Rams played away from the Cardinals' weakness (run D).


The offense turned it over 2 times, almost 3. The defense didn’t play well but that certainly didn’t help.


No injuries is a fine consolation


Especially on a short week. The Rams will have to respond to this loss against yet another divisional opponent on Thursday. If they can beat Seattle, the schedule gets a lot easier for a while. Bad games happen. Green Bay looked like the worst team in the league week 1 and now they're 3-1 and pretty much got the NFC North clinched with how awful the rest of that division looks.


Silver lining is the injuries. We can bounce back.




I did not enjoy that experience


I wasn’t a huge fan of it either. Will not recommend.


Well, the streak against the Cards had to end at some point. That said, what a messy loss. Offense, Defense and special teams all looked like a mess today. It’s only one game and here’s to hoping for a rebound against the Seahawks Thursday. Lastly, retire the all royal uniforms. They are ugly and cursed.


Morris soft zone play calling exposed against a good offense. Our defensive players are too good to be schemed into this BS.


I was hoping for more blitz packages and I was left with disappointment.


Soft zone has been exposed in every game this season.


The bears.. again the BEARS… were able to move the ball against us without too many problems. It’s really hard for me to believe that the change in DC could lead to this much regression, but I guess that’s the value of good coaching


The more I see Brandon Staley with the Chargers the sadder I get about losing him, he’s such a good coach. Not too worried about this loss, hopefully we have answers for our defense going forward.


Yeah rapp had to run like 10 yards to make a tackle everytime. Once is player execution, two is odd, three + is coaching.


Blame Morris, not the uniforms


I agree and my initial reaction was to sound the alarm bells on Morris too like most of the comments here, but remember that even with Staley last season our defense was also figuring things out for the first 5-6 weeks or maybe even more. i would rather us lose now and make adjustments than getting lulled to thinking our defense being good enough as is and get exposed later when it matters the most. if this continues till the mid-season point, though, then yes i would agree Morris has to go. we'll see and hopefully he'll improve


One of my least favorite things about McVay's coaching the last couple seasons is how he moves away from the run when it's working well for the offense.


YES! Run the ball until it stops working, and then hit the long route. It’s like football 101.


This isnt high school. They dont stop the clock to move the chains. You get down by 2 scores you all but abandon the run. Against a good offense you have to extend the game to have a chance. Those 2 first half turnovers were the difference


They had plenty of time. Clock wasn’t an issue to make the call to abandon the run. Henderson’s downhill running could have turned things around enough for stafford to get his head on straight


The first turnover off the long pass when Rams offense was 2nd&3 or 3rd&3 was especially stupid. Don't get cutesy, just keep converting downs and keep the run going. There was no need for a long strike at that point lol.


A lot of NFL coaches fall for this, unfortunately. NFL coaches love to throw the ball. All the time. Running the ball a lot just seems to bore them for whatever reason. It’s maddening, you’re right.


Stop wearing all blue.


Just stop. Never again.




Burn those pants


Nah they’re fine with the bone. Just don’t bring them out for anything else.


Could actually see the blue pants being decent with the new white alternates.


I think it would look with weird with the sleeves being mostly yellow. I think those jerseys only look right with yellow pants.


Yep, I think you're right actually.


Burn the blueberries


Bone only uniform allowed now


No the blue shirt is fine with yellow pants, we allow it


Not the reason we couldn’t get a rush on murray


Yeah because THATS what caused us to lose


Obviously not, but I don’t think they look good.




This game was over in the second quarter. Any loss is disappointing but it’s early in the season, so just move on. That being said, I pointed out after the first game that this defense is - putting it mildly - suspect. The Bears, Colts and Bucs were running up and down the field on these guys. And I kept thinking they are going to be completely exposed in the NFC West. And guess what happened. Late in the first half when the Rams had a rare stop on 3rd Down, there was a holding penalty against the Cardinals. It was an utterly moronic decision to take the penalty and have them re-do 3rd Down. I understand they were playing field position and the thought was back them up, put them in 3rd and long, and make them kick a longer field goal. But holy crap read the room. The Rams defense had been absolutely terrible all day. Decline the penalty and get the fuck off the field. I had zero confidence they were going to stop Arizona on 3rd and 14. None. And guess what happened. Anyway, on to the Seahawks, I guess. But don’t hold your breath the rest of the way with this defense. Especially in division play. Unless there are significant changes.


D needs to be more agressive, and finish their sacks. DL was getting these miniscule holds against them (not enough to call) and Kyler just ran right around them. Without sacks and turnovers, this D is in trouble. Not sure about Ramsey inside either. They really exposed Long Jr. with that set up. Maybe against some O's, it works well, but against top recievers, we need Ramsey to shut them down. I also think we are really missing John Johnson and Troy Hill. Our DB depth took a big hit.


I'm tired of watching soft coverage, the defense is out there way too long every game.


Whatever the gameplan was for this one, burn it. AZ is looking good, outplayed us in every facet today. Murray looked like vintage Russ today, he’s going to be a problem. Gonna be a tough road in this division. Hope some of you nancies are up for the grind.


Obviously, it was the uniforms.


Why you gotta make so much sense?


We got out coached by kingsbury. Tough loss to a tough team.


Hey uh what the fuck


I hope Kupp is okay after getting leveled on that pass that soared over his head. That hit was rough.


How was that not a penalty?


They sort of phased out hitting a defenseless receiver, otherwise it was a clean hit and not worth drawing a flag


Literally everything went against us today. All about how we respond


Everything as in how we played? Our offense and defense was straight dog shit.


Meaning we got into the redzone but plays we usually hit on were just slightly off. We forced them into 3rd and longs and gave up several first downs by like a few inches. It was a handful of plays where if we get a TD instead of FG or make a 4th down stop, it changes the game.


Allowing the cards to convert those 3rd and longs are so deflating. Once is a fluke, twice is a concern, thrice is a pattern.


Raheem Morris' shit scheme will be an issue this season


There were cracks against Wentz and the Colts. Murray is a much better QB and can make those throws.


He got some fixin to do.


Down 14 points to a team who we could not stop on defense and they kick a field goal on fourth and four lmaooooo what the fuck was McVay thinking??


I thought McVay was going to be more aggressive now that he trust his QB?


I don’t get it all, I don’t care if Wolford was starting in the game. You need to go for that


Agree. There's times when I'm okay with taking 3. I was cool with it in the first half on the 5 because it was early. But not at that point in the game when there's no way you could think the defense could stop them.


It’s obvious!! You make the two score game, a two.. score… game..? /s


Defense sucks, can’t have that next week


Defense wouldn’t have a problem if the offense didn’t lay down goose eggs for almost 45 min of the game. I was anticipating it being like the KC game a few years ago, high scoring. Which it was for the cards but not for the Rams.


Defense was ass bro. The offense wasn’t good as well, but the defense has been ass all year so far. They have just been getting extremely lucky breaks, ranging from a stupid shovel passes to QB overthrows. When a team finally plays a mistake-less game, you saw what happens.


No doubt the defense was not the brick wall like last year, but they held them to like 2 scores for most of the game. But offense couldn’t get it in the end zone. Doesn’t matter how good of a defense you have if your offense cannot produce.


You aren’t wrong, I guess I just have more confidence that the offense will rebound than this defense. There were plenty of throws tonight that stafford wasn’t missing last week. Was just a bad game.


That is true. The defense isn’t as good as it was last year, but I think it’s good enough as long as the offense is on fire.


True plus the 2 turnovers in the first half didn’t help the D also Kyler Murray was like Russell Wilson on steroids.


When you miss an open WR on 3rd and goal from the 5, that’s the QB’S fault, no one else,


They also turned the ball over back to back it felt like. One within our 20.


Defense did enough to keep us in it if the offense had done what it was supposed to do. Stafford almost got a second interception that he got bailed out on a RTP penalty. He kept throwing into coverage, overthrowing or underthrowing passes that would have led to scores, Gay missed a bunny of a Field Goal, penalties all over the place. And then you have McVay abandoning the run game way too early in the game like he is known to do, especially when all we need is a couple yards for a first down or a touchdown. Just a mess from the offense tonight. Arizona had really good pressure all game long, but the offense was making unforced mistakes, too many when the defense was struggling to stop Murray.


The defense let the Cardinals run all over them. And let Murray escape out of the pocket too many times


Yeah, Morris is very unimpressive as a DC.


Morris seems to be have no idea what he's doing. Mcvay called a very shitty game in key situations today. Stafford missed at least 2 TD passes and maybe 2 other ones also. Ramsey is really good. AD was very quiet today. Cardinals offense is very good. Also, WTF is Tutu Atwell on this team for?


Agree 100 re:Tutu. Seems like a totally self-indulgent pick, like martz way back when picking Trung Canidate. Can’t do those reach/luxury picks when you’ve got depth issues and when you could use upgrades and depth for the o line/linebacker units.


Y'all have to stop being over reactionary. We drafted Tutu to be a deep threat after Djax/in case Djax gets injured. Mcvay didn't want his offense to be left without a legitimate speedster. He's probably not gonna have much impact this season (like ALOT of rookies in the Mcvay era) but sitting here acting like the FO doesn't have a plan because we aren't inserting a rookie into the lineup immediately is silly.


This. McVay just doesn’t really “do” rookies. It’s pretty clear he likes waiting a little bit before throwing guys into the fire. Very few rookies get a lot of run under him.


Oh god, Trung Candidate....


Kupp was 5 from 13 today I think. As much as they have a great chemistry, I would like to see Stafford throwing to Woods a bit more often. Otherwise it could become a bit too predictable. On a completely unrelated note I also have Robert Woods in my fantasy team.


Stafford needs to spread the ball out. That was some Goff levels of bad reading.


I blame the pregame Goff/stafford memes


Or the lemon blueberries....


Yeah I got Goff flashbacks today.


David Long got exposed today, in a bad way. Every team we play moving forward will watch that tape and see it. May be time to see Rochelle.


Rochelle is David Long Jr. lol We have GREAT taste in picking safeties and equally bad luck drafting corners


Looked like the 2011 rams, not the 2021 rams out there :(


We haven’t lost enough people on the defensive side of the ball from last season to justify this much of a downgrade this season imo. Not impressed with Morris


i think losing JJ3 and replacing him with Rapp is a significant enough downgrade tbh. JJ3 was a veteran presence that was both above average in coverage and tackling AND was our defensive signal caller. while Rapp is average at best in both areas and Fuller as the new signal caller is still very raw compared to JJ3.


My first game at SoFi. RIP. Stadium is fucking amazing though!! The Rams fans were hella passionate and tried their best to cheer on the Rams.


Same! Still had a good time


That performance was complete and utter dogshit. Maybe besides Henderson, literally every single player and coach on the field was absolute garbage. The only positive we can take from that game is that it’s only week 4, and we face them again later in the year. I certainly hope we perform much better on Thursday or we will have a giant hole to dig ourselves out of in the division.


Ramsey played quite well as did Henderson. Other than that yeah, team L


OLine performed well as well.


And Van Jefferson


That too


O-line was pretty good and Ramsey was his usual self also.


hopefully this is a kick in the ass they needed


Van and Hendo played well, everyone else looked flat and uninspired. A tough loss when we have a short week to Seattle is not ideal. They better play angry and punch the seacocks in the mouth


Bad games happen. We needed something to show us we had to rethink our defensive scheme. Play more aggressive, Raheem.


I think the Cardinals kryptonite the past seasons was McVays outside zone run scheme with a ton of play action. We are just not that team anymore with Stafford, we use a lot less play action. You could see today that we could still run on them, but McVay went away from it early. Good thing is, other teams can run on Arizona too, probably. On to Seattle.


Oh, and stafford HAS TO STOP UNDERTHROWING DESEAN. FIRST AND FUCKING FOREMOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think rest of season a reality check will do us well. Hopefully Morris goes back and can better prepare this defense for the next time we face AZ, Murray ran circles around us. I think we'll react well and move on, Cardinals are a good team this year says a lot about them too.


Shit game. Flush it.


Pretty rough game. Felt like the whole team came out flat. Time to look forward to Seattle and come out fighting like last week. Everyone has a bad day from time to time.


We'll probably bounce back, but my biggest takeaway is to target someone else not named Cooper Kupp. Also, fix the defense.


To those of you overreacting RELAX. This may be your first season watching football but this is how the NFL works. Every year the top teams in the league have games where they get smacked in the mouth. The truly great teams adapt and overcome after a week like this. You can panic if we consistently look like this over the next two weeks but we got a wake up call vs a very good cardinals team. Unfortunately we only have till Thursday to work through our issues but I believe in this staff and team will turn it around.


Well said my friend


I can brush off most of this game except our defensive philosophy. I don't like it all 4 games this season. Hopefully it changes but it's something to worry about.


Well, that was poop. Could not stop the Cardinals at all.


I don’t have really anything to say about this game. I hope when we go into Arizona we fucking curb stomp them


Stafford didn't see the field well today. There were several time there were options open and he threw to a covered Kupp or Higbee anyway. Something to work on but it took Brady a long time last year to figure it out. Not too concerning. Hendo played well just went away from him. Defense couldn't get off the field turnovers didn't help but they didn't help themselves. I expected a drop off with the new coaches and some players leaving. 3-1 at the quarter pole if the season. Can't complain about that.


One thing I'm very concerned about is the fact they had injuries at O line and we still kind of got pushed around it seemed. I wasn't specifically watching the line but that's what it seemed like


Our rushers got thru in the first half but they couldn’t catch Murray - think that was the “adjustment” at half


Its a long season. Only one team has managed to go undefeated and that was only 14-0. These games happen, i.e. Tampa started 5-5 last year. Lose early to learn and then peak during the playoffs. R.E.L.A.X.


I'm sorry but David Long Jr. needs to be benched or moved inside because he's dying on the outside.


Also McVay not challenging the TD was fucking the dumbest thing ever and made me mad that he didn’t have his QBs back after that gutsy run


I blame the blue on blue uniforms




Fuck their fans tho. Zero to shitty in 3 hours.


There fan base is hilarious bro, I live in AZ they are fakr weathered. They only ride with the team when they win. You should have seen the year they got demolished by Carolina, three fans showed up to the airport to welcome them home. Let them have it tho, they don't what winning i and what it feels like, this is a new feeling for them.


Always hate LA for some irrational reason or another. It's like San Diego was an entire state w/o the weather or the food.


Because they are second to LA. And will always live in LA shadow.


Rams haven't won shit in LA


I honestly think the defensive issues stem from personnel rather than the scheme, and coaching itself. Other than fuller and ramsey our secondary is serviceable at best. Losing johnson and replacing him with rapp is a serious downgrade. D will had one good season and now we are seeing the growing pains with him. As for David Long, now I think we all know why the long time ram backup troy hill got more snaps than him last year. Not having Justin Hollins this week is also big. As well as not having the depth at d line that we had last year. When donald and bash are out it really shows, we don't have that morgan fox player yet to fill in the gaps. That's my rant for the day, but in the end I believe that raheem is a good enough coach to get people in the correct positions to help us succeed. We just might need more help from the offense this year than in years past. We will bounce back and bring it in Seattle! Go rams!


Personally I’m not sold on Raheem at all. His defense hasn’t shown the ability to stop opponents at all on third down or in the clutch, and employing a bend-dont-break defense is a massive downgrade from last year.


Hold on.. replacing the best DC in the league last year with the DC that led the near historically awful Atlanta falcons the previous few years was a bad move??? /s


As I said in the post, I don't think this is a scheme or coaching issue but a personnel issue. It's hard to show what you are capable of if your personnel is lacking from the previous season. John johnson is a major loss. So are the 3 players from the defensive line last year. And we gave up 35 points to the bills last year and lost. From then on the defense looked different. Only one loss, give raheem a chance


Yeah but it’s ok we drafted tutu atwell


I don't understand the lack of aggressive calls at times and the very soft coverage. Feels like thats consistent through the game and that's frustrating.


That's what it looked like last year until after the bills game too. Staley very rarely blitzed and brought other packages at all, he mostly relied on the d line to generate pressure. This year they are not because of the lack of depth and talent at the d line.


Can’t win em all. Best not to overreact.


I think there is plenty today worth criticizing. It’d be different if it was close.


I think a lot of the issues on offense can be chalked up to a bad day at the office for players and the playcalls, as well as a bad game script. That stuff looks fixable. Defense looks like an absolute mess though. What good does limiting big plays do, when there is a wide open 7-8 yard play to be made every snap?


We’re not even limiting big plays this year. We’re allowing easy short and intermediate completions, while also allowing big players at a higher rate than last year. Raheem’s defensive scheme needs to go


For the most part they are not allowing big plays through the air, but they don't do a good job at all of limiting big catch and runs. Seen so many screens or 4 yd check-downs go for 15 yds.


Yeah it wasn't like Murray was hitting huge bombs, it was that the receivers never had a defender near them so they could go for a 30 yard run.


Which is part of the defensive scheme. Why are our guys constantly 5 yards away from receivers when they’re catching the ball? Ramsey even brought how susceptible the defense is in his post game presser


They’ve already allowed more plays of 20+ yards this season than all of last year


Hopefully this wakes up Stafford to throw it to Woods more, PLEASE.


I was saying something similar last week and people downvoted me like crazy. It can't all be just Kupp we need to get our other receivers involved more


Eh, whatever. On to Seattle


This reminded me of the Jets game. No one came to play cause they didn't respect their opponent. I still think we are the better team, but we need to show that and bounce back Thursday in Seattle.




I think we have more talent on both sides of the ball. I just think this loss was more about effort and preparation than being outmatched


Somehow this feels worse than the Jets game. Although apparently Cards and Jets "fans" love to brigade.


Fuck blue on blue.


Kliff Kingsbury has a very punchable face




Now it’s a short week and we lose a practice day to travel. Thursday is gonna be tough


Welp that was brutal. I thought it was interesting what the announcer mentioned regarding the Bucs early season kinks and taking 12 games to really piece it together last year. Kind of resonates well with this case. We aren't a perfect team and made some big fundamental mistakes but I'm optimistic of this team working out their issues that occured today for the long season still to come. Thursday night is going to be an interesting game to analyze and see how we respond to tough moments like these.


Stafford target Kupp 13 times; 13 I understand that Kupp has been great the first 3 games but at least try to throw to other receivers


All blue looks nice but its cursed. McVay needs to look himself in the mirror. Staffors played bad and needs to wake up for next game thursday. I need woods and stafford to "have breakfast" every morning. Defense played bad, only had stops when we really really needed, then offense did nothing again. I am most disappointed in settling for field goals and not running hendo.


https://i.imgur.com/RyTQTjP.jpg Sean having a post conference like he’s in witness protection


This gave me a much-needed chuckle. McVay went away from the run. Why? Stafford was off his shit. It happens, I'm not too worried. The defense? Ra better coach it up. I don't think it is all loss of players. Hopefully, this L focuses the team. NFC west is no joke.


I feel kinda bad for Seattle because we are gonna bounce back from this and take the anger of the mis cues and drops all out on them


Stafford was so brutal today. Gutless performance


4 games in and the defence looks below average lol we were never going to win this game with the soft defence that Raheem Morris has these guys playing I just couldn’t believe they continued to play soft coverage and not contain the pocket when it obviously was hurting us in the first half lol makes it seem like they were going to let Cardinals have this one with the main focus being the Seahawks in 4 days time




If that's our worst, I'll take it. It wasn't clean, but with a little work that's a winnable game when we see them again.


Fumble, bad interception, Stafford scored on the TD that wasn’t called at the one the list goes on… just forget this game


Raheem Morris get your house in order


Stafford was streaky today, playcalling was awful, Kupp was off, defense couldn’t stop anybody on to the next


I think the team was huffing their own farts a little too much after last week and we got got. Clean it up!


Fuck this shit!


Yup turn the page on that one, on to Seattle.


I hope we never wear the blueberries ever again.


David Long Jr. sucks, the dude got cooked several times


Time to punish Russ and the Hawks for Kyler Murray's crimes!


That interception and that fumble took the life out of the team. Onto the next one. We weren’t going 17-0


Think about it. If you were told we'd be 3-1 after 4 weeks would you not be happy? We've just been a bit spoiled over the first 3 weeks which is what led to this current disappointment


hopefully we play angry thursday to make up for the lack of performance today henderson looked great, ramsey was legit as always (under paid btw) getting smacked in the mouth early in the season, especially by a divisional opponent, is better than dealing with it later in the season I do hope that we seriously consider a new DC if things dont take a heavy upswing by later in the season. Our defense should be absolutely stout but we have really only looked good in the red zone. Which is fine I guess, but with AD and Ramsey we should be able to force more consistent 3 n outs than we have been Love my rams, horns half raised this week though until thursday lol


Sean McVay press conferences are all the same


We were bound to lose a game at some point, and the Cardinals are a very good team. That’s said, overall I think the Rams played pretty poorly today, and they were a lot of preventable mistakes and free plays given to Arizona. Only thing to do now is rub some dirt on it and get it together before Thursday. Can’t play the way they did today against the Seahawks, especially in Seattle.


Someone should tell Morris to get his shit together or he will get fired because we have too much talent to waste with his weak ass schemes.


I’ll just repost what I said elsewhere because I’m tired of the lazy narratives: No [this loss] is not on Raheem despite what everyone wants to say. That’s a scapegoat. Whole team played terrible. Two turnovers on offense that turned into TD’s. Stafford couldn’t get anything going offensively until it was too late. Just looked like an unfocused, poorly communicating team. Add to that the Cardinals looked like the real deal. Kyler could not be pressured. Cliff out coached Sean (for once). If you wanna blame the defense fine but a lot of our defensive regression is on loss of personnel. Imo it’s so lazy to blame one man, easy answers. This loss was a complete team failure. But it’s one L. Pack it in and move on. We’ll be better next week.


That Stafford pick which led to a TD had the Cardinals starting inside their own 15. It was the equivalent of a good punt which happened to come on 2nd down. Defense then proceeded to give up 85 yards to Murray. The whole team looked bad, but the defense was the worst of the bad.


Fair. It’s still BS to put that entirely on Morris which some are doing. The defense looked great last game. It’s very tough to scheme against this Cardinals offense. I don’t believe our defense is as garbage as people are making it out. Even if we played that way this game.




Rams are gonna take it out on the seabitches in a few days


Can't wait until Thursday.


Honestly we needed to lose one because we always get way to comfortable. We needed to sit down and be humble


No time to pout. Seattle on Thursday 🤘


On the one hand, shit game/flush it, on the other hand, I hope the Cardinals didnt expose anything


Yup, we’re gonna lose a couple, maybe even a handful. Hopefully this is a case of holding your cards close and not showing your hand. Plus the short week against another division rival plays heavy on this, you don’t want 2 straight Ls and risk a more difficult situation against the Whiners. On to the next, and keep getting better.


Clean up the silly mistakes and I think we will be alright


I was hoping this would soothe my pain after the Lions game, but somehow this just made it worse. :'(


Just a straight up beat down. Onto Thursday