Alex Cox, Lori Vallow's brother, interviewed by Chandler Police Department: full video

Alex Cox, Lori Vallow's brother, interviewed by Chandler Police Department: full video


Tylee, Lori and Alex “can’t remember” what the fight was about or what was said by any of them in any detail. That’s your red flag Chandler pd.


And they all say Charles was enraged and they were all so calm…


omg this cop is filing in the details for him. unbelievable. yeah "I don't remember what they were saying". right. Lori says Alex called her and she tells him to call 911. Alex says he called 911 no mention of the call to Lori. and again I think he can hear what's going on in other rooms. I can hear some one say something about Tylee and what sounds like Lori's voice and laugh.


Alex seems so upbeat, positive and happy. If I had just killed someone, even in self-defense, I would be shaken to the core and probably very somber and withdrawn. He acts like he just won a free trip to Disneyland.


Alex had so many more contradictions (it seemed) than Lori's tape. The biggest being that they'd never seen Charles so angry before, but then mentions Charles threatened Lori via texts, that Charles blocked their car one day when Lori ran off/Alex had Tylee, and that Alex had no reason for staying there the night before--didn't he also live in the area?! And of course we now know that there were texts stating Lori was scared of Charles and wanted Alex there that night/morning.


Interestingly, Adam Cox told the police that Alex took that whole week off seemingly for no real reason. Adam thought that was strange, because anytime Alex took off a week, he always went to Columbia “to be with women.”


I caught that, too! I already thought it was strange that Alex stayed overnight but staying for a whole week for "no reason" was definitely not normal.


Where are his garments?


Thanks for posting will watch soon!