It’s crazy finally being able to put a face & body to a person you’ve grown to be so close with. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him when we first met because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that he was real and he was here :’)


literally me too! when i was in the car with him when i just arrived, i thought all of it was a dream i couldn’t believe that i was actually sitting next to the loml 😭


It’s the way we all feel the same way about meeting our ldr partners. It’s like, this surreal dream that the person on the screen that you fell in love with is finally here. I felt no awkwardness at all either, I had that exact feeling like I’d known him in person forever. It’s the best feeling honestly and when you instantly click and just vibe like you always have but in person and being able to hold eachother and show that physical affection that you’ve yearned for over the time you’ve been online. Like wow. Best thing ever. So happy for you and so glad it all went well hehehehe, it really is the best thing ever isn’t it 🥺🥰


Absolutely wonderful news! Definitely wishing you nothing but more beautiful days together 🥺♥️ love is genuinely such a wonder to be part of!