Twitch will not be co-streaming the Nintendo event in solidarity with streamers.

Twitch will not be co-streaming the Nintendo event in solidarity with streamers.


## **Tweet Mirror:** [@Twitch](https://twitter.com/Twitch) > Nintendo tweeted from their official account that co-streaming today’s event is not allowed, differing from years past. While /twitchgaming has permission to air the show, we won’t be airing the event because all creators can’t co-stream. https://t.co/Cx7kNsIIdJ ^(Posted: 2021-06-15 15:29:19) ------ **This message is from a bot. If you feel like this action is wrong, please [message the moderators](https://reddit.com/message/compose/?to=r/LivestreamFail).**


most streamed it anyway pepelaugh dmca


It felt more illegal to watch it than one of those ppv boxing fights where there’s just a face cam in the corner with a dude holding a controller.


Dude I think you just watched somebody play one of the UFC games...


I wish. Would have been more enjoyable than watching hugfest 2021 recently.


Nah, people do that so that everyone thinks they’re playing UFC but its actual real footage


I was watching the Jake Paul fight on twitch, and a few people tried that but most streams got shut down within minutes


Hint: Watch streams in other languages besides English.


Didn’t even think of that tbh. I ended up finding the streaming website that most people were streaming on and got it to work that way


Khabib said it best himself: 'buy? We have russian link. Never pay.'


Didn't think I could love the man any more. HE'S ONE OF US BOYS.


No way! Really?


[I think there’s more than just this guy](https://www.reddit.com/r/ActLikeYouBelong/comments/dfyzzt/guy_streamed_the_ufc_fight_pretending_he_was/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)


Twitch doesn't want to get dmca'd and lose their channel


Just delete the VOD 4Head


Just have your database engineers delete it manually in the backend 4Head


[Obligatory Doc Disrespect streaming in the toilet clip to show they still store everything regardless of ban or deleted clip.](https://clips-media-assets2.twitch.tv/34493358144-offset-4996.mp4)


It doesn't surprise me that they store and keep everything regardless of ban or deleted clip. It does surprise me that this archived material is both web facing and accessible without any type of credential challenge.


It's amazing how Twitch keeps it all there for free access if you just know how to find it


It's the reason why some creators had been getting hit with DMCA even though they had deleted clips/vods, Though is anyone surprised at this kind of incompetence from Twitch.


From twitch's legal team, that's because clips are the province of the user that clipped it, not the creator who's stream it came from. If I clip your stream, the clip apparently doesn't disappear unless I delete it.


Yeah.. that doesn't explain it I'm afraid. It doesn't disappear because they don't delete it is the answer. Any 'reason' is just an excuse for "We're incompetent" "we're lazy" or "We don't want to delete it"


Small startup btw


Touched his hair before washing hands, and didn’t even use soap DansGame


Touched his hair to dry his hands after washing aswell


what does CD stand for?


circumcised dick


Haha! Want to see my CD collection?


I thought it was champion's something or another tbh.


The cd thing originated from the emote forsenCD. It was forsens face with docs glasses and moustache and CD meaning "cool dude". And after the doc cheating scandal the cd started to become synonymous with cheating, wether it be in a game or in a relationship, or just doc in general.


Nah. People were donating "D OMEGALUL C" spam messages to forsen (doc with an omegalul), and TTS read it as "D omegalul CD omegalul CD omegalul....". That's why the doc-inspired forsenE variation emote was later called forsenCD


how do you get these?


Directly after taking a piss he instantly touches his hair, before even cleaning his hands






PeePee Gang


Well now I’m gonna


Some streams do get deleted from VOD servers when streamer deletes it according to Twitch Recover Github page. EDIT: https://github.com/TwitchRecover/TwitchRecover#twitch-has-just-started-fully-deleting-a-greater-percentage-of-vods-also-from-their-vod-servers-when-a-streamer-deletes-the-vod-if-you-cannot-find-a-vod-it-is-because-that-one-has-fallen-fate-to-twitchs-updated-deletion-process




Is there then an option for streamers to hide the VODs? I downloaded Lulu's latest VOD from less than a week ago which I assume she deleted.


Just click Not Interested on the DMCA notice


SMH idiot twitch cant even delete their own vods




aren’t xqc and lirik streaming it right now? are they just risking the chance of dmca? or am i trippin?


As twitchgaming got permssion I would assume Nintendo gave some high-profile streamers permission as well. Edit: It looks like this was not the case.


Nah both of them were asking each other if it was safe but in the end they just streamed it cause other big streamers were doing it aswell


Ah, that's classic, haha.


Not classic yet, first they have to get DMCA'd then follow that by crying about how unfair it is. Then it's a classic


I mean, it’s pretty stupid for them to not be able to restream it.


Nintendo wants to be the Apple of a gamecompany, clean and in control of everything. It's not a recent development


Don’t forget releasing the same thing 100 times and calling it new and exciting each time.


Whaatt? U don't want another Mario game?? Heretic! /s


For example what happened on YouTube in the early days.


Streamers yoloing DMCA and hoping nothing happens, the classic


And then getting mad when something does happen


yeah, about that xqc was doubting to stream and then he saw liric with nintendo thing. Xqc asked liric if he was going to streamed and he said yeah. Then xqc said " we go down together"




Lirik's Vod's are getting deleted after every stream.


## **Tweet Mirror:** [@Twitch](https://twitter.com/Twitch) > Nintendo tweeted from their official account that co-streaming today’s event is not allowed, differing from years past. While /twitchgaming has permission to air the show, we won’t be airing the event because all creators can’t co-stream. https://t.co/Cx7kNsIIdJ ^(Posted: 2021-06-15 15:29:19) ------ **This message is from a bot. If you feel like this action is wrong, please [message the moderators](https://reddit.com/message/compose/?to=r/LivestreamFail).**


Why would a soft-core porn site be streaming video game content anyway???




I wish people would stop defending Nintendo.


Remember when Werster was DMCA'd by Nintendo for streaming Pokemon Ultra Sun "early" because they didn't know Australian time zones existed?


Nintendo are really strict with early “leaks”. That was not a leak like you said and was total BS. I hate to sound ignorant but I think Nintendo as a company is stuck in some old weird Cultural time. Idk if it’s old Japanese ideals or just the ideals of their old ass business heads but they really seem out of touch with their policies.


This has been a staple of Nintendo for a long time. Hell, this sort of attitude is essentially what led to the creation of one of their biggest competitors, the Playstation, which was originally going to be a product for the SuperNintendo manufactured by Sony.


Yeah, nintendo as well as a lot of japanese companies are still living 30-40 years ago, sony managed to escape that but the bureaucracy in japan is crazy


Japanese companies almost singlehandedly keeping alive the fax machine


German bureaucracy would like a word with you


The US medical industry, too


Worldwide medical industries.


Funeral service still thrives on fax machines and typewriters so lump them in too.


and thanks to the Gaming section of Sony, because the rest of the company makes some big mistakes, Playstation is really well managed


This is not only a problem at Nintendo, it's Japanese boomers in general. A lot of Japanese companies suffer from ignorance but the younger generation is slowly making a difference when given leadership positions (i.e. Capcoms Monster Hunter director)


Japanese boomers are keeping a lot of their talented staff and younger staff on muzzles. It's really sad to see in gaming, since a lot of games are aimed at, shockingly enough, younger people.


The same happens everywhere the passing of the torch. But in Japan they really drive the seniority and elder respect in. I follow sumo a lot and you’d think they’d have concussion protocols after so many have died from early ages and showing concussion symptoms. They threw a huge bitch fit when someone had a heart attack in the dohyo, the sumo ring, and women jumped up to help him. They kept telling the women to get out of the dohyo. Women are not allowed in the dohyo under any circumstances.


Better to let their star athlete die or forced to retire, than a WOMANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN to enter! reeeeeee


It was one of their elder officials lol. But still some fucking bullshit right. They bitched after the fact of the event too. One of the "mayors" who is a woman had to actually make a speech and point out the bullshit to them to get an apology to the women who jumped into help.


Women literally run those stables and keep them alive. You'd think those old men would fucking realise that, given the centuries it's existed.


Sad news, within the last year two auld fuddy Politicians had to resign because of their sexist comments against women. One literally said having a meeting with a women was a bad idea as they'd have to have things slowly explained to them. -\_-


You can't just let competent people expose your irrelevance, think! /s


I think you might want to research the lengths Nintendo went to in the USA to stop SEGA from selling Genesis/Megadrive games and see if that argument holds up - Nintendo has one perspective and it’s only about making money, not the fans and has been for decades, otherwise they wouldn’t have lobbied in Japan to stop piracy - which the laws have now caused a big upset in the archiving of games that physically are beginning to fail.


Nintendo has always been firmly 10 years behind everyone in almost everything. They don't innovate on the cutting edge like Microsoft and Sony tries to, but look at technology as it becomes cheaper and more readily available. Game and Watch was literally created because the calculator-like screens became cheap to produce. And that applies to how they handle their marketing as well. Nintendo of America is generally trying to keep up with the world, but is beholden to the decisions and whims of Nintendo proper. While almost every games publisher in the world has not only accepted YouTubers and Streamers as effective FREE marketing, Nintendo hates it that you are not experiencing their games when and where they decide you do. They are worse than Apple, because Apple is at least innovating.


> I hate to sound ignorant but I think Nintendo as a company is stuck in some old weird Cultural time. Nintendo still stuck in the 90s with their internet perception. their servers seem to be running on 56k modems sometimes.


Nintendo is basically following what other Japanese companies do. In Japan the vast majority of companies require you to ask for permission (as in, directly ask the company for permission) to stream games, *especially* if you want to monetize your stream/videos, and they will absolutely go after you if you do not. They see it as you making content using their content, and by extension making money using something they made. And the same goes for something like Direct. Recently more Japanese companies have started to loosen up, or at least make separate terms of service for streamers outside of Japan since the streaming culture is different here. But Nintendo is still very much in line with "it's my content so you need permission to stream it" and of course absolutely no one is going to challenge them in court over it so they'll keep doing it. It's gotten a bit better lately with them allowing you to stream games (remember how you weren't even able to do that before?) but they're still stingy about things like Direct. Perhaps eventually they'll also follow the regional model of allowing streaming w/ commentary from streamers outside of Japan.


Youre right but a company like Nintendo should be taking the lead, not continuing the trend. I watch /r/Hololive streamers, since the corporation is from Japan, they ask every single developer and publisher for rights to stream their games because in the past several Japanese companies filed DMCA's and created issues. But being so cautious creates problems too, there are dozens of Hololive streamers, but they all play the same handful of games, because they can only play what Cover (owner of Hololive) has gotten permission for. I dont know about other people, but I prefer if my favorite streamers dont all play the same game, like how many times can you watch RE:8 playthroughs? Japan is pretty weird about how they can be so forward thinking about technology, but so backwards thinking about rules and social norms. Apparently their version of the DMV is a far bigger headache than America's, which is impressive.


They can still play pretty much all non Japanese games, no? As far as I know most American and European developers give you the right to stream their games.


> is stuck in some old weird Cultural time. 1992


That's fucking weird considering Japan Time is one hour behind Australian Eastern Standard Time. I'm guessing the takedown came from Nintendo of America and not Japan.


I remember when they took all the money from a four hour podcast because TotalBiscuit put a Pokemon game trailer on silently in the background for five minutes while they were discussing it.


Friend of mine got his twitch channel taken down for streaming AC New Horizons on the day of release for some reason.


Dunkey flat out streamed the entire thing LOL


Cuz dunkeys one of the baddest MFers in gaming


incoming diss track on Reggie incoming


Him, Maximilliam\_DOOD and XQC as well as many others, AFAIK. Don't think they're gonna go after them so thoroughly tho, specially since they are already big on Youtube as well.


Nairo did too, I don't think it really matters as long as you delete the VOD since they'll have to live DMCA you which is rare.


They make some good games, but man some of their business practices are just dumb af


Nintendo's like chris brown. everyone knows they're assholes but they like their product too much to do anything about it


OOTL: Whats up with Nintendo?


For example they claimed Totalbiscuits whole 3.5hr podcast over 12 seconds of trailer video. Nintendo are a bit stuck in the past.


Decades of anti consumer business practices


And honestly just recycling the same old tired shit for years and years for nostalgia nerds with too much money.


Nintendo stans coping and downvoting as if half of the switch's library isn't just old games being resold for 60 fucking dollars. Lmao absolute dogshit company, remember that its always morally okay to pirate Nintendo products.


For real. I have a switch that is just a Pokémon machine basically. And even then I think I put about 20 hours into the newest games. Which considering cost of console and game, can’t say it was worth.


i wouldn't be surprised if mario odyssey was still $606 years after release. they are insane.


There are some insanely good emulators out there for Switch games, like Yuzu or CEMU.


My torrenting policy is something like this: Download game, see if its fun. If I enjoy it, I'll consider buying a steam copy (usually through greenmangaming or some other site). If the game is owned by some large company that I dislike, such as EA or Nintendo, I won't pay for it. If they're a smaller developer, I'll pay for it. Ended up doing that for Total War Warhammer, They are Billions, Rimworld and Factorio.


It is fun to watch them almost get online multiplayer right, only to come up with new ways to fuck it up.


Guess you forgot or were unaware of the 'Nintendo Creators Program', where they expected a 30-40% revenue cut on every Nintendo video/stream or they would DMCA you. They lost content creators over that and eventually shut down the program for obvious reasons.


They just figured out how the internet worked a few years ago


yeah we should support these starving indie devs financially by buying at the very least 3 copies of celeste


but mario zelda bing bing wahoo?????


I don't care about people defending Nintendo, but I am sick of people constantly forgetting their business practices whenever a new switch game comes out. They could murder half of their employees, and people would be outraged, but they'd immediately forget it if they announced Super Mario Galaxy 3.


You expect gamers to have long attention spans? Blizzard is another great example with the Hearthstone fiasco, they just release another WoW expansion and tease OW 2 to redirect everyone's emotions in there.


But how else these nerd going defend buying a another reskined version of Pokemon??


Even hardcore Nintendo fans hate nintendo


Fuck nintencucks


Nintendo has been shit for as long as I can remember.


People should stop defending companies full stop. Most cucked shit imaginable. Like the billion dollar company isn’t going to fuck you dude


This might just be due to them having copyrighted music during the Lets Dance portion of the direct.


Their games are top tier quality but jesus christ their business decisions are actual 2head


Nintendo bad




This but unironically.




Well, yes it is.




I was gunna say... I dont know if Twitch/Amazon knows what Solidarity even means.


didnt they try to brainwash their workers to not agree with unionizing or some shit?


Almost every huge corporation in America has a welcome video where they talk about family, and talk about not needing a union and all that Bullshit. so yeah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpInyHRVjic


damn, it's crazy to think how different they do things there and even crazier that it leads to shit like that


Okay who had Twitch actually doing something right on their 2021 Bingo sheet, because I sure as fuck didn't


At some point it’s a numbers game. They were bound to get one thing right eventually




Even a blind squirrel occasionally find a nut.




If you do the right thing for the wrong reason can it really be considered the right thing?


depends if you value intent over result. personally, they are worth more in different scenarios. here, result is a worth a bit more. considering twitch rarely gets that in the bag.


Broken clock is still right twice a day. Or maybe in this case, once a different company is worse than them.


Companies not wanting their message to reach maximum number of people via streamers due to: 1. They are stuck in dark ages; or 2. They know streamers will provide constructive feedback, discouraging people to buy most of their recycled content (HD, remakes, DLC and other rip-offs) ​ I wonder which one it is …


Honestly with Nintendo they are stuck in the dark ages, they don't listen to anyone outside of the company and with the strength of their IP they really don't have to


"Uh oh, sales are down, time to shit out another Zelda game and win every award again"


Nah, they'll shit out Mario games. Even spinoffs it's basically all Mario.


At least they can consistently make good Mario games. Zelda has had quite a few stinkers.


That's Mario mate, zeldas come out once in a blue moon.


Have you heard about how Japan bureaucracy is run? It literally is in the dark ages. Everything has a form, Everything needs your stamp (Think of the stamp like a signature), For many things you need to go to the actual place and fill out the form (Think DMV).


And if you disagree with a superior, your career is fucking over. Try to get a new job after it? LOL you're gonna get fucked there by your previous employer.


As with most Asian cultures hierarchy is the rule of law including in the workplace. It can get really toxic which is why you see quite horrifying practices and stories come to light.


> They wouldn't even lift a finger to save their own grandmothers from the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal without orders – signed in triplicate, sent in, sent back, queried, lost, found, subjected to public inquiry, lost again, and finally buried in soft peat for three months and recycled as firelighters.


Then why is Sony, a Japanese company, completely different?


Because Sony interactive entertainment is based San Mateo, California, United States. this is why they can just say fuck it and not use Japanese outdated law. Sony the electronics manufacturer is based in Tokyo.


Kaz Hirai was the best thing that ever happened to Sony. Unlike many other Japanese executives, he had extensive business and life experience outside of Japan, but still had enough Japanese connections to move up the ranks in Sony and have his ideas be accepted. His predecessor, Ken Kutaragi, deserves credit for pushing the Playstation hard, but he had too much pride to accept that Sony could no longer dominate every segment of the electronics market, so they kept losing money. Hirai downsized a lot of Sony's electronics divisions, such as focusing their televisions for a more premium market. Hirai also didn’t fuck around with Blu-Rays, Sony had often been the loser of format wars, so he made sure Sony didn’t lose another one. Sony spent a lot of money putting a Blu-Ray player in the PS3 and securing exclusive deals with movie studios, and it proved to a great long term investment.


Well someone already replied to you below but basically "Sony" is a conglomerate (multiple entities under one "Banner") instead of one giant entity. EDIT: And if you are thinking "Well Nintendo has Nintendo America, Nintendo America doesn't do anything except distribution, HR, and maybe some localization help...But it's still Nintendo and they don't have any say in the choices that Nintendo Proper makes such as what games and what products to push.


Nintendo makes great games but really doesn’t understand the internet


Their games are good Sadge


Since only nintendo of japan tweeted it, it may have been a japan only thing, as many streamers there need permission to stream Japanese games in general. i think twitch may have just been wrong here.


Yea Japan doesn't shock me. Nintendo US doesn't care *usually*.


How should a small startup know better


going off the other tweet, Nintendo is concerned about the audio only, not the content on the screen so it’s probably some bullshit dmca.


Yep. They were warning folks because of the Just Dance portion.


What's the over/under on some streamers ignoring the giant warning signs, then having a tantrum if they get DMCA'd for it?


I streamed it today but didn't realize this lol Deleted VODs but I guess we'll find out now lol


More like solidarity with themselves - since the ban was JP only


Heads up for all EU streamers. Nintendo EU confirmed you are allowed to stream it with commentary.


I'd still not risk it if I was a streamer because like on Youtube, Nintendo US is pretty chill whilst Nintendo Japan is extremely strict.


Got a link? The problem is the other Nintendo branches can still strike. We have seen it happen when people play games after Japanese/EU release before where they got banned for 'playing early" since it wasn't out in the US yet.


Hobosen can restream it Okayeg


Damn, the EU putting their pro-consumer pants on this evening.


Wasn't it a huge mistranslation? IIRC Nintendo said no direct restreams but commentary / reactions are fine




Not like they’d need it regardless.


Only top streamers like XQC are untouchable and are restreaming it


That isn't true. Everyone streamed it lol


He already got 2 dmca strikes LULW Next one is a (perm) ban


Imagine thinking Twitch will permaban their biggest streamer over DMCA.


*cries in doctor disrespect*


Never in a million years will xqc get permad


why the fuck do people think a japanese company sending out a japanese tweet on their japanese-specific twitter account would be speaking about anywhere outside of japan when neither their NA account nor their EU account have sent out similar tweets please use your fucking brains


Nintendo: K.


woah a good PR move from twitch? what year is it 2014?


Twitch, the qween of virtue signaling.


Nintendo is such a shit enterprise lost in the 80s. Old mentality with no visions. Always behind on games , always the worst console on the market , always the last to get triple AAA games on their console. Always release the same 2 franchise. Also the worst internet online service for online. Still not bright enough to release old games on platform like steam for free cash. Imagine pokemon red on steam with online multiplayer for 20$ . No vision whatsoever , they still sell old 5 year games at full price. Literally out of touch with their customers


Nintendo at least has some niche with the handheld stuff. Whereas xbox and PlayStation are just subpar pcs. The only reason because they exist is because console fanbois exist and eat up the 'exclusive' titles that sony and microsoft pay ransom money for. If people would finally accept that consoles are bad for gaming and boycott them, we could have all games on pc.


No vision? Pretty sure their wii and switch have been the most outside of box mentality consoles from this century


yeah but zelda n mario are really good


Yeah but then it's the void. No new IP. Mario is everything . Mario kart 40 Mario party 70 2d Mario is pointless now with Mario maker. Odyssey is the only good thing from Mario and Zelda I guess , even tho I hated the last Zelda mechanics but that's my own opinion


Take a look at Nintendo's financials over the last 5 years. You simply don't know what you're talking about.




So brave. Twitch standing up for Gamers.


So Nintendo Japan tweeted not to do it. So one could assume it's ok outside of Japan. Nintendo Europe said it was fine but since Nintendo America apparently doesn't know how to use Twitter said nothing. So 99% it was ok but if streaming is your always meansof income, I don't blame people for not streaming it. The fact twitch can't contact someone fr Nintendo is a joke though


European Nintendo didn't tweet anything either. The stream had some Just Dance songs that could cause DMCA issues.


Lol solidarity with streamers, on ironic for twitch.


wow this AMAZON company really cares about it's users!


Nintendo just really hates their fans


Nintendo the ultimate fun police: "Stop enjoying our property! Community interaction is not allowed!"


Imma be real, Nintendo do be making some fun games but they sure are assholes.


If I were a company I would want no association with twitch either.


There it is.. the one non dumb thing Twitch does this year.