Welcome back you lot.


Also for fuck sake sell Keita, even Ox did provide and tried to do something. Whenever Keita touches the ball I am afraid to death and I hate it, the funny thing is I really love Keita and I want him to shine, but it seems he cannot stop underperforming.


i mean Nunez had a shit game but people forget he was on good form before the WC break. It happens ppl don't put everything on one game


Alright everyone, just take a breath


We really lost because Nunez wasn’t clinical. Defensively pretty poor, especially Gomez, but we created enough chances


A note on Elliott - not quick enough, and cant run at players at all


I will genuinely only judge Nunez once we have a quality midfield with manuel ugarte and Enzo type player. I believe he misses the goal because in his mind he knows he's got shit quality behind him.


What a bizarre thought. A striker that can't finish because he's worried about others...




I think Nunez will come round and in all fairness he is really young but I think Gomez just isn’t what he used to be anymore and can’t be a reliable backup


I swear we only came to life after they scored, story of the match. Salah, bar the goal, was quiet. Nunez good assist, but fluffed 3 big chances.


Second best the entire game so can't complain about the result too much. Ox coming on at least gave a bit of excitement which was good to see. Keita gave absolutely nothing, he just needs to go


Also those saying Nunez is a flop, did not you see the chances that Haaland missed at the first half? Not the biggest advocate for Nunez but our midfield and Backs couldn't provide for their life today, even Salah did not have many chances.


Haaland is leading the league in goals…I’ll give him a pass for those missed


We better come out for Leicester and get a win. I'm still not convinced we have a successful season on our hands.


We’ve got villa next


Bro wasn’t even threatened by any City player on three of his chances. Can’t make my mind up on how he missed the target on ALL THREE. It’s even worse knowing that Ederson wasn’t even playing today


Everyone saying it's just the league cup are stupid, we aren't getting the PL unless investment ... CL is Madrid next who own our club, FA cup left .. in December...pathetic


It’s not like we didn’t try to win Jesus Christ. We can’t have everything our way when playing the best side of the last decade. Could easily have gone the other way!


2 shots on target to their 9.


Well whatever you can actually tell how badly we need a ball carrier. One less competition for us so whatever


Despite the result and the performance of some players, it was a decent game, we had our chances and couldn't convert


I feel like we’ve been saying that a lot, at some point it’s an actual issue


Wanna hear a joke? Imagine our midfield against Madrid.


Nunez is a flop


we concede minimum 2 goals a game without virgil


tbh i feel that some how this season is kinda scripted already.... how is it possible that we draw man city in the league cup, while drawing real Madrid in the last 16 before that???


i don't really think it matters who we play in the cups mate, we struggled past Derby in the last round


That loss was on nunez


Darwin catches up on the xG against Villa don’t worry


Villa with Unai is gonna be a tough challenge, hope so


You'd have to think we can't buy 3 CMs after today. Some of that money will have to be spent on another CB. I also continue to find it interesting that Tsmikas can't play RB at all evidently. Not having a go at Milner, but you'd think he'd be adaptable enough to play RB.


He's bound to be able to play *fine* at RB the question is whether he'd be better than Gomez? Not having go at Millner here either, he does put in a shift, but he should be nowhere near RB. Gomez should also never play CB for us again, man's an accident waiting to happen at the best of times, which is alright on the wing but in the middle it's too risky.


I do not have problems with losing if it means evolving, but for fuck sake if we do not bring any midfielders than we are fucked and the medical and fitness team is a big question mark.


Another trophy for ManCity


My bet is on Newcastle, honestly.


If we're not gonna win the whole thing again, might as well get out early. Not too fussed.


True, is anything I would prefer less games for the lads


Keita looks like an AFK gamer lmao


Half of twitter must be watching a different Keita to me ffs I’d rather have Grujic


The lad has been an absolute waster since the CL final where he put in such a stinker of a performance I wanted him out of the club at half time. He needs to get the boot sooner rather than later.


Honestly, I hate City as much as the next man but we played a good game, put up a good fight and it’s probably a blessing in disguise in the long run as it does mean a few less games for us now.


We had 2 shots on target all game


Nah we were only a couple games from the final of a cup we should be winning as often as city do


New quality players in Jan, so many old crocks knocking about


Regardless of the result, who's playing and where and why. I fucking hate the phrase being spewed by Carra repeatedly this game, 'the ref has let a lot go tonight', the rules of football shouldn't be dictated on what side of bed the ref got out of today. There's no consistency at all over a season and apparently we're happy with that as long as there's consistency over 90 minutes.. My main issue is when this happens in a premier League game. A ref that lets something go one game could give a penalty to another team for it the next. Why are commentator's.. especially ex football players, seemingly happy about this? It's football, not WWE, these arent guest referees.. such a bizarre phrase. If the offside rule has to be thoroughly followed to the millimeter, why is there room for interpretation in everything else..


Exactly. Why are we letting referees use their own interpretations of the laws of the game. They don’t like it when VAR does it but it’s ok for the refs????


remember the Haaland and Nunez comparison lol




The only ones making that comparison were the delusional fans on this sub


Keita fucking stinks, got to go ASAP. Wish that Fab crunch did Rodri's ACL the unbearable prick, new Fernandinho. Shit Andy Carroll shout had me laughing, Darwin just cannot finish a scran can he...


Thank fuck we're out of this tournament


Hendo going straight over to De Bruyne and licking up to him, Liverpool show way too much respect to this team that behave like absolute cunts on the field and get away with it. Then their manager likes to run off and spread lies about our fanbase to villianise us. This is also a team that have robbed these players from 2 league titles thanks to dodgy refereeing decisions. Don't know how anyone can go and be friendly to such pricks immediately after a loss


Hello there, Mr. Roy Keane.


A loss but a pretty good performance for the first match back, just wish it wasn’t city.


Good performance? Defensively shocking


Big Nat and Matip were great!


Does that mean defensively we were goodV no!!!! We were awful mate


Same as last season in PL. we lost last season by 1 point because of a shite midfield. Went into this season with the same shite midfield. Pissed off at Klopp and FSG tbh


would have done the quad with one new midfielder last season


Tbh our defence was to blame tonight. Only Nat was good defensively


Why are you blaming Klopp?? It’s all FSG


FSG didn’t start Milner right back and Carvalho out wide. And trust me I’ll find any excuse to blame FSG


Klopp has a hand more than we think. I love him but he declines good players so he can stick his favourite Henderson in midfield and it’s him who extended hendo, Milner, Curtis Jones. He has this loyalty to mid players it’s disgusting.


Lmaoooooo FSG ain’t giving him anyone 😂😂😂😂😂 what else is he supposed to do.


He can… idk, not extend mediocre players? Allow the likes of Edwards to fix up our midfield at the time ? Not decline scouted midfielders? Also, mainly, maybe put public pressure on FSG? He could stop constantly going up their assholes that would be really nice. Maybe publically comment on what sorts of players and profiles we need, exactly how many, like Conte did for Tottenham or Arteta just last week. The fuck is this constant cowering beneath them in public


Thank you, Darwin. 0 shots on target




That's a huge overreaction bro come on


Defensive line didn't push up for that last goal. Too basic and VVD would've rallied them to push up.


If new owners don’t make 11 new signings we will go back to finishing 8th every year. This team should have been sold already the fact they are still playing is pathetic


11 is a bit drastic, we just need to refresh midfield and increase confidence


Lol have a mince pie


sadly we're not on City level anymore


We lost 3-2 at the Etihad with half a team. Calm the fuck down.


Nunez waste of money man


Lol it was the last min of extra time and fab played the back pass to keeper.


How is rodri allowed to behave like a rabid animal whenever any liverpool player touches him without getting sent off


Decent game from our B team. Good bits of play see. Can't be gutted to lose to this team in this comp.


nunez just ain't it guys


KDB is such a ginger nonce cuck


Do city have any songs about their own team? They only seem to want to sing about us.


Football as a whole needs to sort this out a little bit.


They have the one where they just repeat the word City


While I don't think it changes the outcome of the match, you can't have a ref of this standard at PL level. Got it consistently wrong for both sides. No clue.


Thank god we lost, don't need anymore matches. But my god if the org can't wake up and see this team isn't gonna make UCL places I don't know what more they need to see.


English referees make my blood boil


Forget the cups top 4 is vital for us this season.


We call him the agent of chaos because not even he knows how he's going to play


We said the same about Mané before


Well that was shite.


Deserved tbh. The ref wasn't great but wasn't the reason for our loss Impressed with Kelleher, Phillips, and Bajcetic


Nunez is a great player he just needs to improve their long passing short passing dribbling through balls shooting finishing volleys penalties attacking awareness dribbling pace strength jumping defending tackling


KDB is a hell of a player


Torn on this result. On the one hand I didn't want to be in this competition anymore. But on the other hand, going out to City just sucks.


Ultimately good with lesser amount of games to play. Focus on the league and CL


We missed chances and a quality midfielder was the difference


David Coote needs to stand outside in the job centre plus, in the fucking cold.


Tinpot trophy anyway


This team of ours aren't fit Sell em all please


Ah well. In fairness that was a good game. Take bowing out this comp if any tbh.


Fucking Peter Crouch


Darwizzy has a hat trick in him next match i can feel it


Fun game. Dont care that much about this loss.


Ref was weak as fuck


Not bad honestly. Just wish it didn't - in the end - come down to three terrible missed chances by Nunez and terrible defending on the goals. Solid game in the end though. Less match congestion at least.


Thank Christ for var in the prem It saves us from bottlejob refs like him missing blatant pens


Man this hurts


r/shitposting🤝r/LiverpoolFC Fuck Kevin


I know this might get me downvoted to oblivion, but Joe Gomez needs to take a long break and reconsider his career, and if he chooses to continue as a footballer, he needs to undergo a fundamentals rehabilitation program. It seems he’s forgotten the basics of interception and kicking a bloody ball! I’m seriously worried about him.


The fuck you saying? He’s plenty good enough for the championship. He can go to any of those clubs and start, make a few million per year. Sounds like a nice life. Why give up the game if you aren’t good enough for one of the best teams in the world? Most aren’t.


This is getting downvoted because it's a shite opinion. So disrespectful. Completely unnecessary.


He should’ve been carted off to Villa when Gerrard was there. We give him a new deal instead. Sentimental FC


KDB not getting booked at the end shows the refs performance in a nutshell


This sub is far too reactionary. I really am not bothered about this result, we'll be fine when it comes to the prem. Darwin was doing great before the WC just everyone take a chill pill lmao.


I thought we were alright honestly. We've gone toe to toe with a pretty much full strength city side. It wasn't perfect, still a lot to improve on, but some comments in here are acting like we've just been done 5 - 0


Why do you assume we will be fine? We’re 6th for a reason


Because pessimism is tiring


3s across the board


Helps having the refs in your back pocket I guess? The foul on ox was 100% a pen.


Fuck sake man


Man I miss diez and jota. Remember them




Really, Salah had an abysmal game by his standards. I lost count at the number of times he gave the Nall away. We were outclassed...we bring on Hendo and Keita...Citeh bring on Foden and Silva.


Abysmal defending and equally abysmal finishing saw us off


City can have all their energy drink trophies they want imo won’t make up for their total failures in Europe.


I miss the world cup


That's exactly my thoughts after watching this match. Man, we are so far off the pace and desperately need midfielders. This team feels like an old Aston Martin in a Formula 1 race.


Fucking hell Gomez was dire, at CB and RB.


the Carabao Cup is shit again


Can we just skip the constant cock tease of Keita potentially leaving and get to the part where he signs a 2+1 year extension


Hope the fuck not, or maybe just so we get a fee for him in the summer


Kelleher is a special talent. Nat Phillips is too good to be our 5th choice CB. Fabinho played really well when he came on. Nunez is, well he's Nunez.


Time wasting for a tinfoil cup lol, City are hopeless


Not sure if I'm just high on copium, but I'm rather relieved we dropped out of the Mickey Mouse cup. We need all the focus we can get to save our season in the league.


What we get for having someone like Naby Keita still on the books. Get rid of deadwood players like him


sorry but 10 players on the pitch were shit for us I cannot blame this on a single person for this


That’s why I said get rid of deadwood players like him, I’ll let you decide who that is


Ok so the only thing Klopp did over the international break was injure a bunch of our players. Our defence is as shit as ever


They've just injured like 3 of their players for an energy drink cup lmao


Alright fuck you Kevin you ginger cunt


Him and son are the only players that I know are going to shag us when we play vs them


Why does KDB not get a yellow for that? Time wasting is rewarded. Fuck these people


City winning with grace as usual


The fans spent the whole time singing feed the scousers yep typical performance from them, won’t be mentioned even though the audio couldn’t be fucking clearer


Yup, sums them up as a club.


We haven't really bothered reinforcing our team since our UCL and EPL win, you can't be a top side like that. Our midfielders are too old, or too injury prone. Keita & OX have had more injuries than goals and assists.


The Darwin sitter was it then


Which one?


The? I remember 3


What a scum club they are. Sportswashing cunts


The defense was absolute shite today, but 3/4 of the personnel were backups. VVD/Konate will be fine back there. The midfield, however, is very close to our actual reality and it’s pure shit. If there are no moves effectuated in January, you can write off the season. Darwin, again, puts together another disasterclass of finishing which also doesn’t lend itself to optimism.


I want to us to be physical against Rodri and KDB. We're less physical and that sucks to see.


Hard to be physical when the refs do all they can to protect that lot


We'll get carded for touching them. We can't play physical


Get the cards. It's only a mickey mouse cup anyway.


Why are we not sending everyone forward?


bellingham watching this : ok if i go to lfc im definitely starting every game


Blatant time wasting unpunished. Fuck you Coote


Feel bad for Kelleher


Following the ball out to kick it away not a yellow?


There's nothing new to learn from tonight really. The same shocking players are performing shockingly, the same poor finishing, and the same corrupt manc ref is helping the same corrupt manc team every chance they get.


Let’s not blame the refs this is all on the players


Man I love Keita but have to admit he’s been dire since coming on


I expected absolutely nothing from a Caramello Cup match and I'm still disappointed.


Keita is fucking dog shit. Should've sold this guy years ago


Ref just doesn't give a fuck I see


Losing this game just reduces opportunities for youth players loon


Fab looked ok today I guess


Glad to be back with you miserable fucks. ❤️❤️❤️ Onwards and upwards.


Always hard at the city ground, but team played well today much before then the weeks before the World Cup.


Ref has no spine


Not really arsed with the result it’s the league cup, just worried about our defensive unit making the same mistakes as before hoping that’s just because they’re not the A team


I miss the days of the world cup 10 minute injury time


We need a new midfield. The geganpressing over the years have done our players legs.


Never seen anyone get as much hate from our own fanbase as Darwin does


Deserves it, 100m player and can’t finish for jack. If he was in a Real Madrid kit they would’ve thrown tomatoes at him


The lad had three exact same chances and missed the exact same way, I don’t know what you expect mate


I expect criticism. Not straight up insults to a 22 year old who’s moved to a completely foreign country where he doesn’t speak the language. He’ll take time to fit in, I don’t know why everyone expects him to be scoring a goal every game


It'd be more worrying if we spent 80m euros on a player and didn't have higher expectations than skewing every chance wide.


Much deserved hate tbh Thats what you lot get for dickriding Darwin Carroll since day one when he hasnt proven a thing


rightfully so tbf


Bullshit. Our fanbase has stuck by him even though every other teams fans mocked him


Every players gets hate from the fans… hendo, Trent, Salah, mane, bobby…