There it is. Rip Jude transfer. Pack it in.


I'm honestly surprised these posts are coming out so quickly. It's like Pearce thought "Fuck it, nobody's buying this progressively lowering expectations shit, I'll just throw it all out at once."


I knew this was coming, I am just livid that they wasted the entire transfer window with bullshit about the 'right player' and hyping Jude as excuses to not sign anyone else. Half the midfield injured and the other on life support after a string of horrible results? Sign a Juventus reject on loan for pennies. Because you know, literally no one is an upgrade to a 37 year old Milner or an extremely inexperienced Harvey Elliot. FSG can fuck off.


FSG are pumping money into the infrastructure - so they can sell us for even more on a few years time - they're driven by money and nothing else.


FSG: "It's moneymorbin time"


Been calling this for weeks now, it's sad how predictable FSGs nonsense is to avoid spending.


People have been calling it for months. This shouldn’t shock anyone except the absolutely deluded.


Absolutely. The only ones more delusional are those who thought we were gonna get Mbappe with Nike paying most of his wages.


I think people have genuinely conflated club success with our owners actual ambitions for it. The fact we've won trophies is down to Klopp and their luck at appointing him, not their desire for us to genuinely complete on the level that required investment matching our competitors.


I don’t get where the prize money is going... 3 European cup finals in 5 years, and consistently competing for the title. If we can’t afford to spend with this level of success, what was the plan if we hadn’t achieved such greatness…?


Absolutely expecting to be debunked here, so please take this as an unsourced viewpoint, but my understanding is that money has either been spent on running the club operationally OR counting towards profits. This sounds like a reasonable way to run a business, but top football clubs actually require active Investment to stay competitive which is clearly not happening. Laymans speak though so please tell me I'm wrong.


You’re probably right, but that’s exactly my issue. Running operationally would suggest we wouldn’t have been able to operate if we finished 5th or got knocked out of Europe in January each season. Wonder what the plan was if our goalkeeper hadn’t scored a header… Counting towards profits would be a joke, we’re a football club, not a money making scheme for some rich yanks.


I'm seeing the same lot who said 'the club know what they're doing, they've got a deal lined up for Jude' all summer now saying 'never made sense to spend £100mn on a single player, good decision'. It's been a month between those statements.


People are just massively coping. If you’ve been a fan for more than 3 years you should know we were never gonna sign a 150 million player. Especially one that hasn’t touched a single blade of grass in the PL. It’s one thing to splash the cash for VVD, who was already proven in the PL, or gets funds from Coutinho transfer. We have zero players going out this will net us any decent amount of money and we are going to spend 150 million on Bellingham? Hell no. Tbh I don’t think he will be the star everyone thinks he will be, so I am fine not paying that much and getting others.


I have to say I don't particularly care about us not getting Bellingham. I do care about us not having bought a midfielder this summer because we banked everything on a mid who wasn't available to us this summer (Tchouameni) and another who isn't available to us next summer in Bellingham. It's either utter arrogance or incompetence. Actually, scratch that, it's what it always is - FSG are sell to buy and there was never any intent to spend on a mid after we bought Nunez, because our world class manager who's won them everything has to constantly choose between having cereal or milk with these owners because he apparently hasn't earned both after a wildly successful 5 years.


Feels 100% like they just stalled to a point where he would be too expensive and they can be seen to "try" or he has a shit season and his value drops so we can get a deal. The best we can hope for at this point for the midfield is for the Arthur deal to be made permanent and we snipe someone decent from a relegation club.


Hopefully at least some of it is actually that the player is buckling down and working hard, but there's a reason there's been all these posts from club friendly journos about how hard Arthur is working. He's the marquee midfield signing for next summer if it works out, maybe they'll bring in Caicedo or a young player from a team that gets relegated.


I was thinking more along the lines of a cut-price for a relegated 26-28 year old, need to paper up those cracks...


That's Lewis Cook's music.


Welcome to Anfield Sander Berge.


I guess this is why the rumours started for this Joao Gomes dude from Brazil. He is the one we are going to get instead of Jude.


Jay Spearing it is then…..


It was never alive to begin with. Anyone that believed it is a sucker


That is me. I'm a gullible sucker... Forever the optimist. But even I am beginning to doubt now.


There is nothing wrong with being optimistic my friend - just don't take it too hard if things don't work out


At this point, I'd rather take five 30 million players over one Jude or three 50 million players. But the problem is we'd get one 30 million player and someone on loan.


Right Player FC


yup we need some one to play on the right






Not viable for a top 5 wealthiest club in the world. What a shame.


We are watching Klopps best last years melt away being cheap


Everybody should be FSG out.


Why is he even laying the groundwork, just come out and say already what he will say eventually , surely no one is under the illusion that 150 mill euros is a viable option for Liverpool to pay. The game they are trying to play is so Amateur. Surely fans aren't that dumb not to see through it.




But how gullible do you have to be not look through the obvious BS


Half this sub last week was under the illusion that yes we would indeed pay 150 million for a player. There are even some still but less and less now.


If half the sub thought that was possible, they need to get their heads checked.


I agree but it’s accurate lol


FSG have been doing it for years and the narrative has been lapped up every time by the fanatics.


I can't see the shut up you lot fsg have a plan gang on this thread. They are hibernating at the moment, I'll give it two to three wins for them to show their colors once again.


Oh they are here. When you say fuck FSG for screwing Liverpool, they come out in droves to defend FSG saying it's not FSG's fault Bellingham is so costly. Right bitch, its not their fault, but not getting us good midfielders as alternative is.


I mean would you be mad? He’s a good player undoubtedly but I would rather us plug obvious holes in the squad than pay that sort of money on one player. We need in my eyes next summer: 1. 2 x midfielders to replace Milner and Ox 2. Firmino replacement should he not sign an extension 3. Another young centre half 4. Cover for Salah If we have 150 mill to spend I would rather these covered than blowing it on a single player and still being short, everyone gets caught up in the big money signings but the truth is we need obvious cover covered first.


I would not want to spend 150m on Jude. To answer your question though, I am already mad. We won’t be signing Jude which was apparently why we didn’t sign any midfielders this summer. “To wait for the right player” who we never had any guarantee would come to us. We will probably end up signing someone we could have signed this summer, so why the fuck waste this season over that? Fuck that


This is my take as well. We are now hearing more teams are in the running for him (big surprise there). I’m sure management knew what kind of absurd price he was going to fetch eventually, so they’ve probably known for a while that he’s not going to come to us. If that’s the correct assumption then this summer was an absolute catastrophe. We didn’t sign nearly enough players to bolster the squad, our midfield was already a combination of older players and players that can’t stay fit. We are just going to have to spend even more next summer to refresh the squad. The caveat is I can’t see them spending enough and signing as many players as we will actually need next summer. The whole waiting for the right player is absolutely ludicrous because they’ve shown us that there is no plan B and plan C when the player inevitably signs somewhere else for more money.


You know, Mane was plan B to Gotze. Salah was plan B to Brandt. Sure we didn't sign Tchouameni and he's wearing white, but why wasn't there a plan B for him as well? Next season if Bellingham ends up going to of the other big clubs, what're we gonna do then? Waste another season under the pretense of 'waiting for the right player'? Sure this works for certain players like Virgil but they gotta stop this shit. Klopp won't be here forever and they gotta make use of his tenure here.


You know, Mane was plan B to Gotze. Salah was plan B to Brandt. Sure we didn't sign Tchouameni and he's wearing white, but why wasn't there a plan B for him as well? Next season if Bellingham ends up going to of the other big clubs, what're we gonna do then? Waste another season under the pretense of 'waiting for the right player'? Sure this works for certain players like Virgil but they gotta stop this shit. Klopp won't be here forever and they gotta make use of his tenure here.


The crazy thing is that even if we got Jude we’d have to sign other starting caliber players to fill the holes


Yeah but we won't do that either. The club's made it painfully obvious that they'd rather have no player at all.


Just wait until the club realise that it's cheaper to extend Keita than to sign a midfielder


My god, no, please god no..... *Naby Keita has emerged as the ideal alternative to Bellingham*


The sad thing is that it'll only take 2 or 3 good performances for fans to unironically be happy with a Naby extension. Most fans have the memory of a goldfish.


3x midfielders because it seems like Keita is done here


Spending big on single players made us a title contender, but they just have to see that it also thinned out the squad over the last couple of years. I'd take four 40m players over one 150m player in a heart beat. It was always a team effort that made us great.


Best I can do is two £40m players and a few outgoings to balance the books


This guy is going places. Most likely Boston, but that is still a place. ;)


Exactly my thinking tbh mate. We are undoubtedly a sum of our parts side, we may have the likes of Salah who’s undoubtedly world class but he’s been made that because of the team around him and not the other way around, we have seen time and again players fall over once they leave, we are seeing it with Mane now to a certain degree too. My point being that strengthening the squad should be priority over massive money signings.


>I mean would you be mad? He’s a good player undoubtedly but I would rather us plug obvious holes in the squad than pay that sort of money on one player. No I wouldn't be mad about not spending such a huge sum on one player, what I am mad about is how obvious this situation was. What you have listed is what we should have been doing two windows ago. But we are slow and lagging behind, window upon window. Some of us have been saying that Bellingham is being used as an excuse for some time now. Not only Bellingham I don't even believe the Valverde story or any other big name they often throw around here. We were once good at finding value for 40 mill to 50 mill players, don't know why we stopped doing that.


I think we need firmino backup regardless of if he signs or not. Some good defenders coming through, young guys like Tiago Djalo, or Badiashile(left footed, could be a good thing to have). I think Luka Sucic is the much cheaper option than Bellingham. The speculation has grown well beyond irksome, as we know our straighjacket board hardly spends money anyway.


would prefer a sucic level player tbh, guys got a big roof - lovro majer from rennes would also be a good option i feel whilst we’re on the subject of croatian mids


Can’t see us sitting with three strikers again, unless it’s promoting another from within.


I said this yesterday, Origi position in the squad was replaced by Firmino, we aren't signing another CF since we have Jota and Nunez to cover that area. Someone like Gordon will be introduced into the squad as a forward option, which may be on the right to cover Mo. If Firmino leaves on a free again I don't expect us to buy another forward right away.


Agreed mate.


Mate we need 4 midfielders: 2 to replace Wijnaldum and cover for Hendo and Thiago 2 to replace Keita, ox and Milner (And even then you’d say we looks a bit lacking in cover probably) And as you say, other areas need strengthening as well. We should be bringing in top going talent if we can though and FSG have made so much money out of Liverpool they could do all this AND buy Jude if they wanted


4 midfielders Jeremy? That's insane.


“Surely fans aren’t that dumb not to see through it.” I think you’re mistaken. So many people on this sub eat up the FSG bullshit.


> I think you’re mistaken. So many people on this sub eat up the FSG bullshit. Yeah I understand that, hopefully they will also start opening their eyes soon, but in reality they will probably downvote in silence and speak up when the club goes on an eventual good run. Everything is so predictable with the club and it's fans these days.


need to milk out clickbait otherwise they need something else to post about


haven't you heard about Arthur Melo and the psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist, personal trainer, gardener and criminal lawyer he's just hired? the man even shows up to Tranmere's training in his free time 😤 Why would we need Jude Bellingam when we got such a mentality monster at home??


I'm genuinely excited to see Arthur get some proper minutes with the team and show what he's capable of. What angers me is that he's now being used as a tool by the club to already try and justify why they can't get the player who they decided to wait an entire year for. He doesn't deserve the pressure and target on his back, he's only here on loan as of now.


It completely blows their excuses out of the water as well. "Only the right player, not just any player" *panics on deadline day after another injury and gets a player nobody heard of any interest in beforehand on loan with no option to buy*


The club often contradicts itself, it's like tying your shoe laces together and falling over.


For fucks sake I should have known they were leaking this Arthur shit for some reason. I despise FSG and their constant stream of propaganda. Pearce and Joyce really should have their own tag at this point. Sick of them just serving as FSGs machines, they have no purpose as tier 1's anymore. They just do what they are told.


Fucking hell you are so right, I didn't even think of the timing of it and the fact it was top guns Joyce and Pearce reporting on what is essentially a run of the mill story of an athlete in last chance salon trying to grab the opportunity with both hands.


It's the FSG way, they did the same with Elliot when they didn't replace Wijnaldum. Or else they give someone a new contract after failing a goal.


They are basically hiding behind the players and scapegoating them, whenever Melo starts or comes off now, if he is not able to give an 8 out of ten performance. Watch people turn on him next, I urge people to have low expectations of him whenever he gets some playing time.


Thats the thing, they wasted all summer to sign someone who isn't even fit to play, hasn't suceeded anywhere he has been in Europe and is now expected to help fix our midfield. For a team that played every single match in pursuit of the quadruple last season. There is no reason to have any expectation or optimism around him at all. Then they almost immediatly pull out of the signing that was meant to be the reason we wasted an entire window. People thinking FSG run us all well are starting to be just hilarious to me these days.


Fsg haven't been well run for some time now the narrative needs to be changed around them already. The updated narrative is they barely do enough to scrape by. Mel Reddy and Pearce must feel like mugs when they suggested that players like Bissouma, Telemans are an easy deal for the club to do only for them to sign a player which Juve fans couldn't believe their luck that we were in for him. I wish him well of course but this is just Aqualani part two.


I heard he’s been sleeping while tied to a treadmill


Don't think it ever made sense. I'm not even sure I ever really liked the idea of spunking £120mn on one mid when we need three. But it's hilarious how many know-it-alls here justified our summer transfer ineptitude with 'the club isn't stupid, if they're foregoing a purchase now for Bellingham it means they've had confirmation from the player / are confident we'll get him". And as soon as the window closed we're getting the managing expectations articles, making a mockery of the idea that we've sewn it up. It's incredible how smug those fans were all summer, and how they don't realize how much the owners actively use mouthpieces for messaging.


At this point, buying Declan rice woud be cheaper than signing Jude. West ham have started poorly, may not get any European competition. Wonder if Klopp can convince him to leave west ham.


>Wonder if Klopp can convince him to leave west ham. Of course he can. But again with Rice we are looking at a 100 mill outlay he is worth that much investment? Also the clubs who won't get Bellingham will probably scrape it out for Rice next, especially chelsea. Let's just go back and find some gems from likes of french league, Portugal and other leagues. Let's go get Nkunku he will solve multiple problems for us and can play as a 10 until Elliot or Carvalho are ready for that role you can then move him on the right to be Salah's successor, get him and a proper box to box like SMS who is ready to start now and be world class and a young lad like that guy from Brazil who can also play 6 and 8 when called upon. Forget overpriced English talent. The three players I mentioned can be bought for 150 mill outlay plus whatever money we get from some player sales, maybe around 200 mill spend in the summer will put us back in the track.


It's nice we wasted this summer for a next summer target which we're already out of the race for.


It's a joke to say we were ever in for Jude when our official bid was what 86 million which is peanuts for him. Tchouameni is worse imo and RM still paid $100 million.


lmao this is like the 4th window we've done it: # hint: with FSG at this helm this will literally never change. force them out.


It's not going to work once Klopp leaves as well it's a pretty terrifying thought of a less competent manager working with basically 0 budget trying to compete with clubs who can just drop billions on transfers


Yeah. Klopp ability to push player to their best ability and Edwards transfer master class are two factors that lift us to this point.


Yeah I’m really pessimistic about the future once Klopp is gone. If Elliot or Carvalho don’t become good enough to sell for ridiculous fees, then we could be in trouble


Unpopular opinion - Elliot is a very tidy footballer who's completely unsuited to playing at CM in our system, so he's best used as a forward. Same as Carvalho. But as forwards, neither of them are likely to become as good as a Salah or Mane, so even if they improved massively with age it would be a dip in quality as a squad.


>force them out. I am genuinely perplexed about how we do that. Liverpool fans like to think they are above petty protests for transfers and investment. In an ideal world I would agree. But we are not in an ideal world, in this world we have stingy owners, the future is scary.


It has begun. I wonder which big player we’ll be saving up for next and trying to buy in 2024 after a quiet window next summer.


"Keita's new contract and Bajcetic's emergence has meant that Liverpool don't deem it necessary to recruit a new midfielder. The club prefers to wait for their preferred target." Reality: 37 y/o James Milner starts the first 3 games of next season because their is no midfielder in the world that can be an improvement on him


I hate how real this is.


Don't forget next summer's hype. "The stadium expansion has cost the club some of its revenue therefore we will wait till summer 2024 for the next best generational talent" - club sources.


Fucking hell man, 2 years. 2 fucking years before the inevitable “huh duh expensive”


Expectations are being managed early on Bellingham, and at the same time we are being flooded with news on how hard Arthur is working to adapt to what is expected from a Liverpool midfielder. The conclusion, we can't afford Bellingham, and we are being readied for Arthur being signed permanently as the alternative.


Has Arthur even clocked 30 minutes? No way anyones made a call on what to do with him yet


I dont mind not getting Jude. We have holes in the team that we all know would not get fixed if we spunked 100m+ on him. Instead we could get 2 midfielders as well as add to our defensive and attacking depth. What I am fucking livid about is the fact that they have pissarsed all summer. Deciding after Tchouameni failed (which they knew in April) that they would go get a marquee in Jude next summer instead of addressing clear issues with the team this year. We have fucked away another year of necessary investment for a player that anyone and their blind Grandma would know was going to be obscenely expensive and part of a bidding war


With our policies, we can pick up 2/3 other talented players that Klopp can mould. I don’t get why we are even considering +£100m for one player.


Because we are at the top of the food pyramid, it's cut-throat. Many of us are already lamenting our league campaign this season because of our poor start - The margins are that tight and consistently gambling on players with potential but who are not yet the finished product will just burden the squad with more Chamberlains and Keitas, players who for one reason or another just do not make the grade. Those gambles are great (and we have an incredible success rate) but they need to be suplimented with certainties (or as close as you can get, like Thiago but preferably younger and less injury prone) to ensure that our level does not drop, once you drop it's a long climb back to the top.


Don't think that is sustainable anymore. We are running out of time to just mould players, our midfield is embarrassingly bad for a team that was just in a UCL final and took the PL to the final day. You remove Thiago from it and it loses almost all quality.


Klopp isn’t going to be around forever and fundamentally this is the problem. We should be in win now mode not win in 3 seasons mode - we’ve never used our position of strength under FSG to really make things happen. It’s utter stupidity.


mate, what in the actual fuck are you talking about? we aren't signing 2-3 midfielders in 1 window if we couldn't sign 1 in 3 windows. anyone who has followed FSG in the states knows we can expect exactly what we're being given until the day they sell. flat out. full stop. this is what FSG does and they've got no reason to change that. expect zero actual investment in the team unless we have outbounds. they don't understand, nor do they give a fuck, about football or what it takes to stay on top. if we could come in 4th every season, still make CL and turn over the revenue targets they set they would be happier than pigs in shit.


>if we could come in 4th every season, still make CL and turn over the revenue targets they set they would be happier than pigs in shit. I don't think fans gets this yet, we're no different to Arsenal under Wenger's top 4 meme years. Winning trophies is a nice bonus and they'll sign marquee players with the help with some sales to make themselves look good. As long as Klopp delivers CL football season after season there's no need for them to be truly ambitious, in their eyes they have the club in a good place right now


I would say this is the actual expectation from FSG pov. We just overperform.


Lmao the way FSG conduct their business is way too obvious now: hype a large summer transfer window with big targets - push the idea that Liverpool have the money to compete and absolutely will; slowly release articles about how the transfer hinges on "acceptable" fees and that Liverpool aren't in the business of spending too much; push the narrative that, actually, it's better for us to not spend that large amount of money because it's not value for money and, anyway, we're planning a massive summer next year so we need all our money for that. You know we're lining up in the 23/24 season with a 37-year-old Milner still starting.


Now that the summer window is closed, Bellingham's role as a PR distraction for the lack of transfer activity is done. We're now entering the "oh, we aren't actually signing him" phase, where they will convince you that the next signing we make will be a bargain gem that our scouting system have cleverly uncovered, and that other players' fees have become "inflated" by the world cup etc. We have no valuable assets to sell next summer. Don't expect us to make significant investments in transfer fees. We don't buy unless we sell.


we are genuinely looking at bottom half in the coming years with FSG in charge. rotting corpse of a great side being allowed to fester indefinitely. # \#FSGOut


It’s actually a fucking sick joke that the club have a manager the caliber of Klopp at the helm and refuse to back him. They think the “safe” money making bet is to buy mediocre players for cheap and develop them into world beaters, which only works 20% of the time. If you actually want to run the club as a business, it needs investment. Like every single business ever. No business has ever been successful whilst lacking investment just like every other club. FSG can’t be so stupid as to believe that our business model is sustainable the way it is, selling 1-2 depth players every season, selling a starter and a depth player just to bring in 1 player. Using the same players for 5 years despite never being available, simply because we can get a couple games out of them while running the starters into the ground and it saves us a few Pennie’s. It’s a joke.


So why didn't we get a midfielder or two in this summer? The narrative was that we were going to go all in for Bellingham next summer and the PR spin is already beginning. When is this fanbase going to wake up and understand that these owners have been negligent when it comes to strengthening the squad?


I can’t remember anyone official from the club saying anything about Bellingham. I agree with everything else you said


Because Klopp is always going to give the current players a chance to succeed and isn't worried about getting massacred due to hindsight. >When is this fanbase going to wake up and understand that these owners have been negligent when it comes to strengthening the squad? That's pretty funny about a team that came within two games of winning a quad less than four months ago.


Just because we almost did the impossible and did the quadruple (which we didn’t do) we actually only took home 2 of the lesser cups doesn’t mean that the board haven’t also been negligible in strengthening the squad? Both things can be true, we overachieved and the board have been negligible in transfers.


>That's pretty funny about a team that came within two games of winning a quad less than four months ago. Every muppet who parrots this line should be shot into the fucking sun. Why not bring up 99 points from 3 years ago while you're at it?


Would you stop with that? What even is that argument? The point obviously is that when we NEED to strenghten to keep up, we aren't doing it. What will happen the day it is ride or die for our sake? In two to four years this team can be at the verge of death compared to what we were used to. At the same time, FSG has literally done exactly this before with Red Sox and STILL you have people like you defending them.


They already want €150m, which is twice what we'll pay. It's over, forget about it. Arthur is better anyway lads.


We'll be lucky if Arthur actually shows up and makes an impact. Imagine if we renew Ox and Keita instead.


If we renew Keita I'm two-footing John Henry the next time he's in England


You laugh. But I genuinely think we're gonna pull all the stops to get Keita to renew. And another year of Milner. Keita on a long term deal with more money Milner: The Last Dance 2


We've been playing this game since Sterling left. Don't worry Jordan Ibe is better anyway. How some people fail to see whats infront of them baffles me.


I'm so glad we did basically nothing this summer for a player we're not getting. Could have brought Nunes ffs


Don't worry, I'm sure the majority of fans won't notice the methodical, gradual let down of expectations for the fourth successive season. People on this sub could have drafted these exact 2 successive articles months ago, it's so damn predictable from the ministry of LFC propaganda. Either the club is ran by deluded morons who genuinely thought Bellingham would be available for £70m next summer, or they've knowingly used the false allure of Bellingham to manipulate fan opinion and will ensure any expectations are eroded and forgotten about by next summer.


There are a couple of cunts on the this is anfield Forum that need to have this headline and comment thread shoved down their throats. Deluded arselickers shiting on about bellingham being a literal dead cert for months and months


How on Earth Klopp makes it all work is a miracle. The problem is Americans just want a return on their investment. The mindset is the complete opposite to European and South America. Winning is nice but it’s not essential for them. While Liverpool is profitable Klopp’s job is safe.


So glad we've waited to price ourselves out and leave our midfield bare-bone 👍


They were never gonna get him in the first place. Remember after we won the league and all the stories about how LFC has a war chest for summer signings and we signed konate for the following season and watched out defense collapse


I don’t see what’s wrong with paying big numbers when you have the money, especially these days. The game’s the game


Wasted another transfer window and probably another season too. We now need to spend the entire season praying for Thiago to not get an injury and hoping the 4 or 5 out of form players are really just in bad form and not regressing from age and attitude issues. Just another terrible window under FSG.


Welcome to City 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


They may walk the league for the next decade with Haaland until Newcastle catch up in spending. I'm worried for top 4 in the future if we're seriously a sell to buy club. (Especially without Barcelona bankrolling us)


And so it begins. This transfer just isn't feasible for us to make given the other business we need to do this summer.


FSG are so predictable. Next summer FC


We WoUldNt WaIt WiThOuT SoMe CoNfIrMaTiOn ThAt He WiLl DefInItElY ChOoSe Us


Yeah, turns out they're just tight-fisted and negligent. It was hard to believe that they just fucked it up this badly.


Liverpool have properly messed up this midfielder signing. They put all the eggs in the Bellingham basket and unsurprisingly got priced out. At the same time, the best cheaper alternatives all made their big club moves this summer: Vitinha to PSG, Nunes to Wolves, and Fernandez to Benfica (all 3 combined this summer would have cost less than half of what Bellingham is being quoted for next summer). Next summer if any of them move, it’s going to be for near Bellingham money. Waiting for the right player works when it works, but too often it seems the right player we wait for is just the cheaper alternative to the option that we could get if we were more aspirational. With that being said Welcome to LFC - Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall, Summer 2023.


This signing was NEVER going to happen. Another excuse not to spend money on the squad. Joke. FSG are tragic. If we want to continually challenging for all trophies than we need to move onto new ownership. Otherwise we have to settle for mediocrity. When Klopp eventually leaves we are in big big trouble.


Our journos putting this info out there while simultaneously gassing up Arthur who has barely kicked a ball for Liverpool probably have nothing to do with each other 🙄


We are gonna buy Arthur instead


Imagine pinning your future on a midfielder who couldnt get a game for barca and a shite juve side in an ailing serie a instead of starting to strengthen that area a season ago


We waited for the right player. Wolves signed Nunes for 40mil and Benfica signed Enzo Fernandez for 15mil two players could have transformed our team. Some idiots the transfer comittee are?. Nearly winning the quadruple to transformation season it's not like we lost 4to5 legends due to retirement.


This isnt the transformation season. Next season is with Keita, Ox, Bobby and Milner heading out the door and Matip/Van Dijk/Henderson being another year older


It should have been this season. The problems were evident last season.


Our signing policy is literally so desperately to wait for the right player that we wait until they're unobtainable it's glorious. I still hope he signs though it would be massive, quality player at a young age.


So we were saving our funds this summer for something highly unattainable next summer? Or the club just gaslighting us with bullshit. My biggest fear is Klopp, VVD, Salah, Allison, Thiago wasting their prime years ahead cos lack of world class reinforcements.


We should protest if the owners do anymore penny pinching


United fans protest glazers out every summer when they’ve spent as much as City every window… Meanwhile half our fanbase can’t wait to white knight and be FSG bootlickers after a decade of their 0 net spend 🤡


And so it begins 😂




# \#FSGOut


Fuck me why has it taken this long to sink in for some people. There was never a hope. The numbers were never going to work. Just a smokescreen for what they're (meant) to be doing elsewhere.


Moreso a smokescreen for how incompetent, negligent and tight they are


Numbers are already to big.


You might as well come out now and tell us he's too expensive and isnt an option. Instead we'll be left wondering till next Summer. And then to be told we're priced out of the market.


As usual our spending is pathetic


Meanwhile, Liverpool football club post record profits…


The mouth piece articles are getting ridiculous. The club's inept level is gonna make the club stale and stable with no ambition whatsoever. I believe they are striving for Wenger's state of affairs. That is, Get top 4, anything beyond that is a miracle. Which will be used to promote false promises...rinse and repeat.


Yeah, it's over. We know. Fucking hell this club sometimes.


This is why I've always hated the "let Player X go to Club Y to prove himself first before coming here" argument. The Anfield Wrap used to spout this all the time, I'm not sure if they still do, but I specifically remember them saying that Haaland going to Dortmund when he left Salzburg was "perfect" for us because it would let him develop in a top league before we take a risk on him. 18 months later he's in double figures for the season **in September** for another club. We were never in for Bellingham the instant he went to Dortmund. Dortmund is too big a club in too big a league to let him develop quietly. That tactic is good for less-popular Bundesliga clubs like Leipzig or Schalke, or for less popular leagues like in Portugal. Now Bellingham is too sought after and far too expensive for FSG to consider him.


We’ve been preparing to buy him for 3 years now, There’s no excuses if we don’t get him.


This is so disheartening tbh, anyone with two braincells could realise the price for Bellingham was going to be absurdly high and given all the noise I (naively) believed Liverpool knew this but had identified Bellingham as a future stalwart who could serve in the midfield for 10+ years so they would justify the price. Seemingly being out of contention already does fill me with doubts about how our team will look in 2-3 years time. Finding world-class players at knock-down prices is not sustainable.


The longer this goes on, the less likely I think we are to get him. He is good, but is anyone really worth €150m? Also, listening to the Athletic podcast right now and I’d not realised James has a very prominent tic where he says ‘You know’ after almost every word. It’s infuriating!


Not a chance we’re signing him.


Everything that’s been said in the last week or two is just damage control already. Just hope he doesn’t go to another PL team.


Getting really tired of being "priced out" of players even though we have the 5th(?) highest revenue in world football. Makes zero fucking sense. I've been an FSG apologist for a long time, but if they fuck around with these last few seasons we have Klopp they can fuck right off. I just don't get it. Everyone thinks they want to sell for a profit, but if we collapse to 5th or worse for a few seasons they can kiss that profit goodbye. The club is with more when you keep winning the big trophies. OPEN THE CHECKBOOK!


Lol anyone with half a brain new this would happen. So why the fuck did they waste time this summer?


It's almost like....I was right in saying fuck FSG and get them out almost the entirety of last season! We are where we are because of Klopp. Klopp alone has worked absolute magic with these players. I want to remind people that Sadio Mane was "good" at Southampton. He wasn't world class. I also want to remind them that Salah was playing well at Roma but had never, once shown the player he would become. Henderson wasn't close to how good he became. He was "alright" but a leftover from the Rodgers era. How about some defenders? Andy Robertson. We bought him from a relegated team. We had no idea he'd become this good. Trent was from the academy. Matip from Schalke. We have bought these players and made them world class. FSG have never, once - let us buy a world class player. You may argue Alisson. No. He wasn't the keeper he'd become while at Roma. Think about if they stayed exactly at the level they were when we bought them. The only player even close is VVD and guess what? We almost didn't get him and it was funded by Coutinho money. They can fuck all the way off. All the way. The Super League idea was the last straw for me. Irredeemable. You've got some FSG bootlickers here, they'll argue "but investment" and "run at profit, it's a good model" fuck off too. Football clubs are not bought to run at a profit and I'm sick of saying it. They're bought for ego and enjoyment. Ask almost any football owner over the last 30 years, including Mike Ashley. Yes, that horrible man who gave actually quite a lot of investment to the club who wanted his money back when he sold it. Do you think PSG runs at a profit? City? Barcelona? Real Madrid? Even United with their shit owners have put an astronomical amount in. If I see this net spend shit again to defend them or us I'm going to lose my mind.


fuck me Haaland goes for 70m but Jude is 150m. Before anyone replies, no I don't understand release clause.


So that's a no then


They're briefing the journalists already then. "Don't expect anything nice"


We're totally gonna get priced out by PSG or City or someone with piles of dirty oil money...i can't see it happening, someone is gonna offering him £400k a week and we're gonna be getting Milner out until he's 45.


Rory Smith was on Football Weekly and he was talking about one of the Portuguese teams that sold several of their best players in the summer but seemed completely unaffected by it. His comment was "there are a lot of very good footballers out there". He spoke about how teams and fans get obsessed over individual players, but the truth is, there are a lot of good footballers out there if you can be bothered to scout. For £150m I'd rather have three £50m midfielders, but frankly the good scouting teams seem to find them for £10m. As long as there's a decent plan b, let's bin this one and get on with lining up the alternative(s).


Every passing day I find more and more evidence that without Michael Edwards, this club would genuinely be fighting for top 10.


So the feel-good story on Arthur is basically to say "we have a world class midfielder, with the right attitude, in the team already" in the end.


Can we stop posting about him now? I’m so bored of it already


If they want 150m then we won’t see him in our shirt that’s for sure.


We put all our eggs in 1 basket. So we gonna end up with 2nd.


I hope they don't panic buy and spend awful sums of money. Just give Klopp a time. The problem is that they don't even have proper breaks between the seasons. They were fighting for champions league and Premier league so they're exhausted. Not like those teams who didn't. So for others it's easier to focus on new season than us. We just need a bit longer time to relax and refocus. And we will be on top again. Klopp is very good. Don't forget it.


I dont agree with it but I get the idea that we’ve waited a year with a really shallow amount of depth in the midfield for a season if we had a pre-agreement in place with Dortmund for Bellingham. What I do not get or accept is if we’ve waited a whole season on a whim that he’ll be available but possibly not affordable. Why sacrifice the current squad’s potential for a whole season? If that is the case, I’d much rather have seen us bring in 2 reliable, prem proven CMs at 30m or even 40m, like Bissouma, Tielemans, McGinn, Nevez etc.


Come on Pearce can you make it any more obvious mate? Just say 150m is too much for one player for non-oil clubs/RM. I would be over the moon if we even got a $150 million window without selling Salah for funds.


Definitely being let down gently here


As good as a player Jude is once his fee crosses the 100 mil mark , our interest shud exponentially decrease. He’s not worth the 150 mil or even 120-130


Maybe another “Arthur is working hard” piece will make things easier. We all knew we’d be priced out of Jude transfer. All you had to do was to buy healthy midfielders. You didn’t, now you’re already priced out on Jude 4 weeks into the season, potential targets have been bought by other clubs, we’re out of healthy midfielders and all our eggs are in a single basket hoping some new kid emerges as the next best thing.


Don't get why this is a bad thing. The top 1% of players are bringing in fees that should be unthinkable. If UEFA had a spine this market wouldn't even be possible. But here we are.


Kind of make sense now why they are hyping Arthur, but I sincerely hope he comes good. But this shitty tactics from The mouth pieces are embarrassing. The should have just signed some one in the current season by getting rid of keita, OX I still feel he has a good attitude


I’m sick to death of losing out on players that clearly would want to play for us because we have owners that consistently refuse to put any money into the club. We’re getting outspent and when klopp goes we’re going to go to shit. I love this club but it’s so frustrating having out transfer policy


Just the usual FSG PR bullshit. During the transfer window = We won't spend right now because we have an exciting big name player lined up for next summer After the transfer window = Start operation lowering expectations, said big name player is suddenly too expensive or too much competition anticipated. What makes it even more annoying is the number of gullible fans who still fall for that bullshit.


I'm already bored of this. I also hope we don't sign Bellingham. We need three or four players next window, so blowing what is likely the majority of the budget on one player does not seem sensible. We can get three decent players for what Bellingham will likely go for.


Worst thing is we seemingly burnt this season by not signing any proper midfielders this summer so we could save up for Jude next summer. Even though it was extremely obvious this would happen


Get Moises caicedo and a passer like Gavin instead


The likes of Jude Bellingham are not for the likes of us. They're Marquee signings. We don't make those kinds of signings and the rare time we do we muck it up (Darwandy Carolnez)


Another one we’re not signing


Any one of 5-6 other clubs would snatch him up for whatever his market price will be. Liverpool will double down on Arthur after he puts in a few solid training sesshies


100% It will be too big. Whoever didnt think so was delusional.


😂😂😂 it has truly started. We have to protest these owners. If you guys continue to sit there and sing their praises then nothing gets done.


The ‘core’ section of this fanbase still has FSG on a pedestal. It’s fucked. If they ever do get protested against, it’ll be too late, post Klopp when we’re back in 6th-8th


I can’t see it happening now it’s gone past 100 million. Ridiculous amount of money


Hot take: I don't want us to spend 150 million on 1 player.


The athletic is such a wanky publication. And of course the question about any signing should be is he overpriced? Thats called smart business.