This has to be a watershed moment I.e the Spurs game because if it’s not we’re in deep fucking shit. I’ve not got any words for how bad they are at the minute.


I don't understand why Klopp hasn't adjusted tactics this season. The midfield being shit isn't his fault, but it's his job to then compensate for that shit midfield, and he so far hadn't done that. It's like he's hoping they'll just magically regain their form.


I mean he also can’t stop players falling asleep on the field as well *cough* Trent, Gomez *cough*


Only way to stop that is to drop them if they make it a habit. Imo mo, robbo and Trent can all be dropped off recent form


Oh he has changed the tactics, I’ve just got no fucking idea what they are. We’ve got fullbacks who don’t try and get to the byline, they also don’t do deep crosses or cut inside. Trent spends half the game on some bizarre half midfield half full back position which doesn’t get the best out of him AT ALL. We’ve got midfielders who can’t progress the ball, can’t track runners, can’t win second balls and can’t win tackles. Finally we’ve got forwards who are playing too wide with no service and feel like they have to drop 10 yards to get on the ball. The club absolute fucked it by not getting midfielders in but it’s on Klopp and the coaching staff to stop the rot and get us being AT LEAST compact and competitive again. They are simply not doing their jobs.


Arguably the worst I’ve ever seen us perform since that Spurs game. Hard to explain how large a cliff we have fallen off, but it isn’t like the signs weren’t there towards the end of last season. A lack of proactivity and some serious ownership penny pinching have effectively destroyed our season when it has barely begun. Good job lads.


We’ve become way too predictable in attack and way too lax in defense


if I see Trent lose his man and jog back to position one more time...


Not for the first time, why doesn't Klopp mouthed him off or if he does and Trent still does it. FFS


Like he goes back to his position. Ha


Get used to it. We'd think that'd been solved by now because it's a painfully obvious problem in a long list, but clearly no one's spoken to him about anything.


Seriously wtf is wrong with Trent, does he need Hendo to be there to give him a kick in his face


It's also so odd that he's being like this tonight. Just in the last game there was so much praise for how good he was defensively. And tonight he just doesn't look like he gives a single shit.


It's like he's taken his own decision to give up on the game already


I wonder if he's angling to be moved into midfield. Like this is just an effort issue. Bare minimum stuff for a defender.


Hopefully it's not a Dele Alli situation where he's peaked early and let success get to his head, starts thinking he's so good he doesn't need to put in max effort


Yea we are not asking him to run like Diaz, but at least don't pretend like he's Messi or Mbappe...


There's no replacement for him so he knows he'll never be benched


the issue is we've set up over the past years to cover for him in this situation because we need him up front, but Gomez and our midfield simply isn't up to it. fucked how little he seems to care in response.


His position and ball watching for the second was embarrassing


Gonna lose his WC Spot to Wan Bissaka at this point if he still has one


You should have gotten used to this by now. This happens at least once a game


Lazy cunt doesn't even jog half the time. Mostly see him walk back.


It's infuriating


Trent should be subbed off. That was a disgrace. No one is bigger than the club to walk away from the play after getting beat.


He's got too full of his own shit. A lot of them have. VVD, Salah, Firmino, Gomez...


Disagree with Bobby, he has been great for us this season. I agree about the rest though.


Yeah Bobby doesn’t come across as arrogant like Trent or Virg. He’s just past his best and has these inconsistent games


milner shouldnt be playing tbh.... play firmino at the cam role


The tactics are bad but they genuinely don’t fucking care


Nope, huge psychological block. We won games last season because we fucking *had to*. I did worry that completing the set of trophies would kill that drive for some of these players, and it seems to have.


Think Klopp should have given them more time off over summer and less pre-season games too. They needed a rest to recover both mentally and physically.


Should have spent less time in the summer talking about how they were so special and going to win it all this year.


Trents checked out since the second game


They are completely fucking mentally gone, it’s a piss take. No team press, 11 shit individuals out there. Fucking joke


And inexistent in midfield, which most likely leads to your point.


Klopp team is built on total football. Without an energetic midfield, the wingbacks are caught out, centrebacks caught out, and it all breaks down. We need energy.


Our midfield is completely spent for energy even if everyone is fit. How the fuck was he so adamant we didn't need anyone for so long?


nah mate, we need sustainable finances


Summed it up perfectly. I feel like there's a guide going around other managers which shows exactly how to stop our attack and we just can't adapt. And then the whole defence can't be bothered to stay focused or track runners.


Pretty sure if we made a team of 11 on here, we’d have a chance to beat this Liverpool at the park.


*painfully grunts while getting off the couch* Alright, I'm in.


You’d still get past Trent


We definitely could. At the moment, anyone could beat us.


Would run rings around Milner till he snaps my leg.


Oh for sure , they are absolute shit. And there are no words to describe what Joe Gomez is. Maybe if shit would take shits he would be that then? Like the shit of the shit? I dont know anymore


I’m quicker than Milner. And I’m not even being a nonce saying that. I wouldn’t doubt there’s a good handful of people in this sub who could beat Milner in a shuttle run at this point. I don’t know if I ever seen a more stuck in the mud looking player. He should just be running half marathons for charity at this point


But but he wins the lactate test every summer !


We do neither of attack or defense. So you are wrong


Exactly my opinion, very predictable, we just cross and do Longballs,we've played the same for years, isn't anyone surprised that we are shit because we've played the same for years and all teams have pretty much figured us out? It's worked in the past ,but not all good things will last don't they? Why not try a new formation or tactic is my main question


What an embarrasing showing first half


What. The. Fuck. Was. That.


A Milner and Gomez masterclass


I love Liverpool. I love Klopp. But this is brutal. Gomez, Milner and Bobby off at the half. Bring on Matip, Thiago and Nunez. We need to do something


Games is done. Let's not risk more injuries.


Incredibly lucky to be 3-0 down


Could easily have been 4 or 5


That's the the upsetting bit. Should really be 5-0


Yeah flatters us massively


5 or 6 😡


Trent and Gomez should be ashamed of themselves


VVD as well. And not just this game.


Defence has been shocking all round this season


There are people who flew to Italy to watch that.


Literally put themselves in physical danger to watch Joe Gomez put in a Lovren vs Tottenham like performance


There are also players who flew to Italy to watch that.


We can’t play a high line against quality and pacy opponents when we’ve got no legs in midfield. Looks like they’ve learned nothing from the United game. They’ve all been shocking but Gomez and Milner need subbing off right away.


Well if not Milly will end up sent off. He just cannot stop doing aggressive needless challenges


He should've been sent off about three times, I actually think the ref has bottled it there




Yeah if that was Twatkinson we'd be down by 1 man. So we'd play 3 Vs 11


Milner on yellow made 3 fouls, next touch he makes he will be out unless Klopp subs him immediately edit: Masterclass by Klopp, let's see how long it will take


They just not good enough for this style of play... Injuries have killed us. All the below will be starting ahead of them. Matip Hendo Thiago Naby Konate


Milner will get a red if he isnt subbed


It’s all so fucking predictable. Exploitable space behind the high back line. Getting burned down the right hand side. Concede first. Milner, Gomez and Mo having a mare. Trent giving the ball away. Bobby and Luis too deep. Hopelessly porous, ineffective, and weak midfield. Couple good chances poorly taken. Something has to change.


Lucky it’s only 3


Make the 5 subs at half time.


Absolutely embarrassing. Lost for fucking words. Whole fucking team need to just get on the plane and fuck off back to Liverpool and sort themselves out because Jesus fuck they are gonna get this manager sacked playing like this


Haven't seen such a poor Champions league display since we drew 2:2 with Ludogorets Razgrad in 2014. We played Joe Allen as a CAM that day so at least we had an excuse...


Joe Allen would like the Welsh Pirlo with today's midfield


Our identity is intensity and we have got absolutely no intensity.


Where do we even start? Every bit of us looks as soft as some melting Neopolitan ice cream


There is zero fight left in this team, getting outfought and ran by everyone


From almost winning the quadruple to this fucking embarrassment. Do better, ye overpaid wanks.


The pay should be form based, imagine getting 400k a week to fail to control every ball into you


Question marks all over the pitch but Gomez might have just put in the worst performance by an LFC centre half since Lovren at Spurs.


Doesnt help that when he went to close the player down Trent LITERALLY STOPS no where near position


I'm amazed he's not been subbed yet, surely he can't start the second half.


even worse I’d say, should have been down at least 5-0 because of him


Talk about midfield all you want but the basic tenants of a Klopp side just aren't there. We're getting outran, outmuscled and outfought in every single aspect of our game.


so that’s how scum fans felt this past 3 years


I mean this has been 90% of what its like being a Liverpool fan unless you only started supporting us once we started winning everything. The last 3-4 seasons have been the exception not the rule over the last 3 decades.


Didnt have a team that "should" be challenging though. When we did it was almost against expectation United, like us now, should have been performing far better than they were


Nah, this is worse. From fighting to quadraple last season to fighting for Europa League spot with Rangers


Shelvey up top against Young Boys is only 10 years ago


Well.. we had it for 20 years. Newer fans who’ve only had joy don’t know that bad times can happen. We’ve had it for 3-4 weeks. We can get out of it (but really needs to happen soon)


The worst part about it is that we might be about to keep feeling it! I Hope I'm wrong.


Absolute disgrace. We can point to individuals but it’s the system again. A high line with no solid press in front of it. It’s constantly asking to be punished


Thank you. Klopp is showing himself to be a one trick pony these days. Where the fuck is the creativity?


Fly the class of 2004/05 over. We've got work to do.






Never start James Milner Never start James Milner Never start James Milner Never start James Milner


Lads, we’re washed


Completely. Do we even make it out of the group? I actually hope that we finish last so we don’t have the embarrassment of losing in the Europa League


Pep Ljinders really picked a stellar year to release a book called ‘Intensity’ lmao. Maybe give it a read at half time mate


I can’t blame a 36 year old Milner way out of his element for having a shit game. He should not be in a position where he’s a starter for a CL side. FSG (and to a smaller extent Klopp) are to blame for this. He is simply not good enough to start for Liverpool FC, yet we continue to do so (both out of choice and necessity) With the decline of Hendo and Fab’s bad form, Trent has been exposed this season without anybody to cover for him. He is a bang average defender at best. His positioning is diabolical, he’s regularly jogging back into position without intensity, and Klopp needs to change his tactics to accommodate for that because it’s currently way too easy for attackers to lob balls to the right and beat him. Robbo seems plain burned out and isn’t the player he was the past 3-4 years but at least he keeps putting in a decent defensive shift. VVD can fly to Qatar already and prep for the world cup. Time and again this season he casually jogs, gets beaten by his man and makes a last ditch tackle to cover his position. He’s too casual and not what I’d expect from the ‘leader’ of this defense Gomez…idk…he was IMO our best defender so far until this game, but this is a pure disasterclass. Nothing much left to say. Play Matip. Salah needs to play better to justify being the highest earning Liverpool player ever. Period. Alisson continues being the unsung hero of this team, and his defense is letting him down. Harvey is a star in the making. The team and Klopp have not been good enough this season. FSG frugality aside, we should be playing better with the team we have, and we are not, and something needs to change tactically or with the player attitudes.


Agree with all, except I think Ali is very much credited as a hero and fully deserves to be


Agree on all your points and a further issue underlining the squad we rolled into this season with was the departure of Michael Edwards. Julian Ward overpaid for Darwin Nunez and was left with little else to address the deficiencies in the squad. Calvin Ramsay? Arthur on loan? Fuck off


We should’ve began refreshing our midfield 2.5 years ago after we won the league. Madrid three-peated the CL with Kroos/Modric/Casemiro but still added Valverde & Camavinga into the mix. They win a league & CL double then move Casemiro on & replace him with Tchouameni. Top clubs refresh while they’re still on top. We wait for the worst case scenario before taking action.


It’s seriously incredible how bad Gomez is


4th choice for a reason. Had so much promise next to virg a few seasons ago but I'm losing faith. Sloppy on the ball, can't play the offside trap, easily beaten.


I don't think there are words that sum up how bad Joe Gomez has been tonight. He's of course not the only one but fuck me every mistake he's made has lead to a goal or a great chance. Other than that a truly embarrassing performance. There are no positives.


Did other people not see this coming? 9 of our 11 starters also played in the 2019 UCL final, four seasons ago. Every single one of those players, bar Alisson, is now worse. Some of them have just declined (VVD), others don't seem to give a fuck (TAA). Klopp built a squad to win trophies, he won trophies, but now it's time for a huge rebuild.


The sooner Ransey is ready the better because Trent has no desire to defend AT ALL Gomez has NO defensive awareness what so ever Milner offers nothing on BOTH ends of the pitch It's simply embarrassing.


You know that point in Football Manager when you realise the AI has figured your tactic out and you need to change it? That. 7 games ago.


Is Trent on the path of pulling a dele ali and becoming a super swaggy guy instead of a real footballer?


Watching the half time highlights on BT showing Trent’s efforts, just fucking bench him for two months


chris pine at venice film festival mood


We might be losing, but after the match we will get a soulful, heartwarming essay with an YNWA at its end, maybe a few red circle emojis 🔴 and that's what truly matters 😍🥰 Fucking pathetic. All for the sake of that positive net spend.


The overly positive self proclaimed "real" fans will definitely be out in force calling anyone who criticizes this performance a "plastic fan".


Dont forget "If you cant support us when we're losing dont you dare support us when we win 😡😡😡"


We still support the team, we’re just calling them out on what they are: absolute fucking shit


That was the most cringeworthy shite I ever read on here.


I don't wanna hear a single word about "getting the right player" ever again. Anyone from the Napoli squad would be "the right player" right now.


“What’s with all the gloom and doom” “Go support City” “Do you know better than Klopp?”


You forgot "fuck City for improving their team"


💪 we go again


“Difficult night in Naples. We’ll sit down and have some frank discussions as a group, clear our heads and come back stronger. Stay positive, we’ll get back to our best 💪 We go again 🔴🔴. YNWA”


Talk about net spend and investment all we want, let’s also ask ourselves what happened to our world class contingent. Not hurt, not out of their prime, etc….. but Fabinho, Van Dijk, Trent are absolutely shit this season


What happened is that they're jaded from losing the league and the CL within the same week and we should have brought in more fresh blood, switch things around a bit so things don't go stale.


Disappointing result, but we go again.


Think of poor John Henry during these trying times, his yacht is down to just the 3 trips a month. Poor fella.


Can't wait to be called a reactionary bedwetter later 🤩🤩


We might be 3 down at half time, but look at our balance sheets !!


Can't wait for an instagram post


Sleepwalking into mediocrity. This is the worst football i've seen us play since Hodgson. And it clearly is not gonna get better this season. I dont even want to rant. Because the players dont deserve the passion from it.


Late Wenger Arsenal. Got complacent and got too loyal to certain players, lack of investment because of organizational arrogance that they'd always contend and always make Top 4 at the minimum. And now here we are. Bellingham alone won't fix this and he's not coming if they don't make Top 4.


For a while I thought Klopp could get a pass, but he has showned to be completely incompetent when needing to adapt. With all of the players gone, he still wants to play the same exact way, he doesnt change anything. Predictable and not dangerous. He insists that the team has intensity, well intensity is nothing if you are not effective.


Klopp lacks a plan B, if we're not playing plan A well and we're being countered. We just keep at it when its obvious its not working. The team doesnt look motivated, transfer activity has been shit, tactics have been shit. And Im worried that Klopp might not last the season the way we're playing


We’ve lost our mojo. I don’t want to hear about playing shite, yes we are, but this is 100% down to mentality. This team out there should be good enough to get the job done against Napoli.


We’ve never beaten Napoli though. It’s not that I expect this team to beat Napoli, I just don’t want to watch them get embarrassed.


3-0 before half time in the CL against an Italian team… Get Rafa on the phone for the half time team talk


my thoughts exactly but now we have milner instead of gerrard


No other midfielder has looked half as decent as Harvey. The teenager. For all Klopp and Co. have said about the right midfielder not being out there, there have been plenty of midfielders who look better this season than any of ours bar Elliot, maybe Carvalho. Also, interesting tactic from Klopp having the defenders not defend.


The right midfielder was absolutely out there, the stubbornness to put all of our eggs in the Jude basket when he might not even come next summer if we don't get our shit together is beyond baffling


I just want answers man. I want the journos to stop ask about X player and start asking about tactics and decisions. Why don't you bench Mo despite being shit? Why Milner keep starting despite being a liability? Why do both TAA and Robbo looks completely lost and out of form? Why are we sticking to the 4-3-3 if we constantly better with a 4-2-4? Where is Matip? Such a shit pre-season with this stupid Asia tour, why did you agree to go there while you know the weather is so shit and doesn't fit the conditions we need? Why Diaz and Fabinho look so gassed? Why Trent look so complacement? I didn't expect anything from Napoli (A) given the history but our problems is so clear its fucking frustrating he doesn't even try to issue it?


> Why don't you bench Mo despite being shit? We didn't have options before. I want to know why he's playing where he is. Why do we have our biggest goal threat spending a total of 4 seconds inside the box?


People will continue to blame FSG for our lack of signings (rightfully so) but the fact of the matter is Klopp and the players should be doing better. Klopp should be able to adjust his tactics for a defense that can't play a high line anymore. Klopp should be able to bench players who aren't performing. The players themselves need to play better, some are clearly coasting for a variety of reasons. Harvey, Alisson, Diaz and Bobby are the only players who can hold their head high from the starting lineup.


why why why when when when


You can't bench Salah because you wouldn't create chances if you benched him.


Bench mo for who??? trent has no competition


I’m not surprised


Still at least that 9-0 was a confidence builder right?


Napoli today reminds me of peak us under Klopp. The intensity the absolute fear in the opponent's eyes. The way Mane and Salah used to terrorise backlines. That looks a real long time ago now


We’re an absolute laughing stock, just pitiful defensively.


Only two of the players on the pitch deserve to be wearing that shirt. One of them is a teenager, the other is the goalie.


Mentality Muppets


What an embarassment. Trent is lazy as fuck, gets beat too easily over and over and over and over. Gomez is having a woeful game, so is milner, firmino, salah, it's just pure fucking shit in every single bit of the pitch. Disgusting, they don't deserve to have that shirt on their backs from that first half.


At what point does Klopp get some blame for continuing to play a completely exploitable high line and a completely toothless high press when neither has done shit all season and going back to last year.


Change the fucking formation if we don't have enough midfielders. Milner and Gomez should simply not see as little game time as possible if we want to make anything of this season.


We never even conceded a goal like that third goal with Kabak and Academy kids at the back


It pains me that I no longer enjoy watching my favorite team play.


VVD has been fucking shocking. Marking fresh air.


That half time analysis of Trent is pretty shocking. He needs to be out of the side for a while. Trotting about can't be accepted.


Klopp is too loyal he needs to be ruthless. Should have taken gomez and milner off at 30 mins ffs


Klopps loyalty to many players in this team has been the downfall of this team. Our decline has been obvious since late last season


Since late last season? We nearly won the fucking quad mate.


Maybe he means the very tail end


We were absolutely running on fumes in the second half of last season, every single player was working 25% over capacity


Who would you play?


Thank fuck that Half's over


We are done.


Looking forward to a year of pain


I dont understand why Gomez doesnt just kick the fucking ball. Dude thinks he's a dribble god or something. Just clear the fucking ball you idiot. You're not Virgil and you're certainly not Matip. Just do a Carragher and clear every ball. At this point i'd rather see Nat play ahead of GomeZ


If I was a Napoli fan I WOULD NOT have liked that half time celebration. Luckily I'm not, ask Barca haaaaa I miss Gini


YNWA. Time to sleep. Rest my heart


Fucking Mo has done a Ozil on us! From one of the most devastating attackers in the world to someone who can't even control the ball. This is embarrassing and painful to watch. The defence looks fragile every time someone attacks us, our midfield (bar Elliott) is slow and effectively useless, and we rely on some Diaz magic otherwise we barely score (unless we play Bournemouth, of course). And the worst part? We don't seem to be doing anything to change it. There's no tactical changes evident each week: it's the same "pass it around very slowly and see if we can eek open a chance somewhere" over and over again. TAA hitting hopeful balls in doesn't work when we don't have Nunez on the pitch; Robertson barrelling forward only to stop, turn and pass it right back to VvD doesn't make us any more likely to score. I hate armchair managers, but I'm finding myself increasingly confused & annoyed at how this team can't even do small things right. Our high line is fucked. We got undone by a give and go, for fuck sake!


Is this what it feels like to be Manchester United?


I still believe in the this team but there needs to be some serious knocking about of heads. Gomez is making tons of mistakes, doesn't look anything like his former self that helped out on that immense clean sheet run a few seasons ago. Milner is slow and is making poor decisions left and right. Lucky to not have a red. I can't hear him shouting to organize the team, so maybe that's why he's in the first 11 but otherwise, this is perhaps the worst match I've seen him play as a Red. Has to come off. Trent is an embarrassment at the moment. Looks like a player who knows he has a juicy Man City or PSG contract on the horizon and will just coast until then. I'd honestly rather have Trippier, at least he gives a shit. Has to come off. Salah has had some shockingly bad touch today, but otherwise, I can see the work and drive. He really needs to be coached into his good form or something.


so easy lol. High defensive line combined with no-legs midfield is the greatest combo for failure. Elliot is going to turn out great, the only positive from this half.


Hello darkness my old friend...


Fast Forward 2026 : Klopp still starts Milner


So many players look like they don't care...like they've given up on each other or something. The lack of effort sometimes is astounding.


As a Union man myself I fully back Liverpool going on strike.


Can gomez please stop playing like someone put andy fucking carrol in defence


"We are waiting to buy the right player!". Meanwhile get rinsed by Napoli and by younger players...


Besides Elliott and Allison, fuck the lot of em right now.


Been a fun ride with this squad. Should have won more with them, but it is what it is. These last few years made me forget that football in 90 percent pain and not a nice 60 percent. Shit hurts to watch.


When your Captain is the absolute worst player on the pitch it can start to infect the rest. Trents downed tools for a few games now.


Too cheap to buy a new midfielder when it's been clear that we've need reinforcements in midfield since last season. Not just starters - but actual rotation too. This performance is what we get for twiddling our thumbs in the transfer market.


Turning this game off. Not worth ruining my afternoon watching a team that can’t be bothered to show some effort or correct their mistakes.


It’s all good. We are getting Jude next year and all problems will be solved!


Im so confused how we go from contending for the quadruple to this in span of 4 months…..


Trent needs benched by Ramsay whenever he’s good to go. Gomez was rightly 4th choice behind Konate and Matip last season. That’s for damn sure. Milner should be here for moral support. He shouldn’t be near a PL team let alone Liverpool. Fabinho needs a DM who can step in for him because he plays too much and he’s horrendous when he gets tired. I don’t even blame the attack because they’re being fed the ball in shit positions and asked to do something impossible every time.


Jurgen has maybe been too sentimental towards a few players. Nowhere near the levels required to compete at this level.


Owen is right for once on the halftime analysis, most Liverpool fans could see this coming. I didn't expect it to be this bad granted, but we've looked absolutely awful to start the season. This better be a fucking wake up call to get it sorted. Another month like this and we get knocked out of the group stage and are way behind the 8 ball on top 4.


We deserve this. Not us fans but everyone at the club needs this rude awakening. Everyone’s become complacent and other than Diaz no one looks like they give a fuck. Also feels like we go into every game underprepped. The press ain’t there, high line isn’t as effective, can’t cut through defences and attackers look lost. I feel training has been significantly reduced due to the congested schedule and we’re seeing the results of a lack of prep.


The investment and ownership is a serious issue, but we’re supposed to be looking at a world class XI and not a single one of them has been even close. Even Diaz isn’t beating people off the dribble and looks much slower than last season. And Klopp, he’s so culpable as well. Fabinho, Van Dijk, Milner, Trent, etc are all in absolutely horrid form yet he hasn’t changed a single thing. He’s playing the same damn way and it hasn’t worked one time this season except against fucking Bournemouth. No one’s calling for a sack of course but he’s showing some major flaws that need sorting before the end of the season, because we genuinely could see calls for a sacking by then. Shambolic