If we end the window with the logic of 'well Thiago and Keita are back in a few weeks' then that's such a ridiculous risk I don't know where to start. Even if by some miracle all our midfielders are fit by mid September, it's just a matter of time before injuries hit again because they're mostly sicknotes. And obviously we can't sell them and replace them, because they're all always injured. So the 'one out one in' logic is fucking dumb as well.


>If we end the window with the logic of 'well Thiago and Keita are back in a few weeks' then that's such a ridiculous risk I don't know where to start. That'll be worse than us begging for a defender and then being forced to play Nat and Reese, or Fabinho or Henderson at CB. Which CB wants to play in midfield this season then?


Matip the maestro!! /s


Except no sarcasm lad, imagine the dribbles


Klopp's midfield just doesn't generally have space in it for such a creative player as Matip.


Can imagine him in a vieira role but just more smooth elegance


Sweeping across the midfield like a giraffe strutting along the savanna!


I wouldn't mind seeing Matip in midfield, and whilst my instinct would be that you don't test that out in the prem without having tried it in friendlies or lower division cup opposition first, surely it's not worse than chucking Hendo in at CB was?


Also firmino could, maybe even Kostas?


I've been saying this since last season, put bobby in midfield! What's the worst than can happen...


Yep! It was suggested elsewhere that Bobby could be redefined as a creative playmaker. He has good workrate and he can string in gorgeous passes into the box. If we team him with Hendo + Matip in a double pivot, we could reap awards. The back four would be Kostas/Robbo - VVD - JoMez - TAA.


If we were to play a 4-2-1-3 or a 4-2-3-1 as opposed to a flat 4-3-3, Bobby would work as that central attacking midfield role; it’s pretty much the role he plays for us anyway, he’d just be given more onus to do it.


442 diamond with Bobby at the tip.?


Thinking of Bobby’s tip ![gif](giphy|Zk9mW5OmXTz9e)


Trent in midfield, Gomez at RB?


Matip is also down fwiw.


True now yes, however I was replying in the context of "this season" rather than just this week. ie on the expectation (or is that desperate hope?) that we should in the near future have Matip plus at least two out of Virgil/Gomez/Konate fit, and still no closer to a midfield solution, then why not try it, he did play there for Schalke.


Klopp forced to play Trent in midfield? If the league challenge is already scrapped it would be fun to watch the experiment.


He already does when we’re attacking. He sits so narrow this season which I think is part of our problem going forward because if Trent sits narrow then Salah has to be wide to provide width to the team and completely takes his danger out of the game. I’d much prefer if the two rotated more often during the game as it took until the 70th minute in the last game for salah to sit narrower and challenge the cbs.


And play Ramsay first choice? Such a massive risk. We only move Trent to midfield if either A) Ramsay becomes amazing or B) we buy a top level RB. Otherwise he’s staying put.


Play milner if klopps going to play him anyways lol


If we are so adamant on our transfer policy, why can't we look into the loan market for the short term. It seems they don't even wanna do that.


I can see it happening honestly. It was absolutely asinine 2 seasons ago to go into a season with 3 senior cbs especially when two of them are injury prone to the extent of Gomez and Matip. It made absolutely no sense. We were waiting for Konate, cool, we were still lacking in the then and there and it was abundantly clear. The absolute stubborness to not go for a stop gap really hurt us and it will again if that stubborness continues, whether its Klopp, Edwards at the time, Ward now or FSG its just bad management and planning. Our midfield situation shouldn't be as much of an issue as we have the bodies, just the bodies are failing to different degress. Thiago, Ox and Keita are injury prone so cant be relied upon consistently, Thiagos quality gives him a pass on that but point stands. Ox has been sub par for far too long. Keita looks good when he gets a run but the next injury pops up and derails it. Milner is 36 and beginning to show it. Hendo is slowing down drastically performing worse and worse over the last while. Fabinho cannot be relied on for every single game, he needs cover from a player that is defensively astute. The midfield needs an overhaul and it needs to start ASAP.


Thing is we should absolutely be capable of winning the last 3 fixtures with the players that are fit. We have Diaz and Salah, Henderson and Fabinho, and the same back 5 that won the title 2 years ago. Injuries or not we’re floundering on the pitch with the healthy players we have.


I think it's a mix of their being exhausted and the few screaming holes in the XI throwing off the entire way the squad operates. Players are performing below their capabilities for any number of reasons (exhaustion, age, distraction, effort), and so while they have the same names on their shirts, they're not the same players.


Agreed, and it's not even about their availability. When fully fit and on form, how many of our midfield would really get into our rivals' starting line ups? Fab and Thiago, that's all. Maybe Hendo at his best, but that was almost 2 seasons ago. And the likes of City and Chelsea have at least 4-5 midfielders of that level within their squad and have the luxury of rotating them without relying on players way past their primes or kids with potential.


>Chelsea have at least 4-5 midfielders of that level within their squad and have the luxury of rotating them without relying on players way past their primes or kids with potential. Definitely true for City. I don't know about Chelsea. Their fans have been constantly moaning about their midfield situation. And their midfield completely capitulates without Kante, like it did against Leeds. What I find bizzare is why we weren't in for Zinchenko. He was available for such a cheap price.


It's a bit more subjective with Chelsea, fair. But I reckon at this point we'd have taken any of Kante, Kovacic, Mount and Jorginho over any of our midfield that started against United.


It’s clear the objective isn’t to win the prem, it’s to be top 4. If FSG had aspirations to win the prem they would know that any slip up in form during the season costs you and would be spending right now. Instead we are only going to buy a midfielder if Naby is sold.


We were buying Tchouameni so that logic doesn't hold up. If it wasn't for Real gazumping is he'd been here. I've been looking through the leagues at midfielders that would be gettable and a buy for the now and the future and I'm struggling to find some. In Germany you basically have Bayern's midfielders and Wirtz. In Italy maybe Barella but he plays right-side midfield as a bit of a jack-of-all-trades where I think we need a play-maker. France has some interesting players like Caqueret and very maybe Majer, the other good players play for PSG there. Then in Spain outside Real and Barca I don't think there are any midfielders that would fit the profile of being good now with the option of becoming great in the future. Parejo is the closest and he's past 30. Might be someone available in the EPL that's already very good with promise to get better. Joey Veerman from PSV is doing wonderful things in the CL-qualifiers but he's very unproven. Definitely a play-maker though. Other than that I've gotta hold my hands up and say I wouldn't know who they feasibly could get that's a Tchouameni-type in terms of promise and immediate quality. Was watching Benfica the other night and he's not playing there either. Porto are tapped dry. Sporting, meh. Ajax has a few promising players but none good enough yet. Really wouldn't know who we should get.




No, he said that last season, about last seasons squad when he was asked about our forward depth after signing Diaz.


>Nobody could foresee this injury crisis, Are you for real? >The only thing worse thing than us being shit now would be being owned by oil-money cunts covered in blood or some asshats like the Glazers. We are actually in a solid position in that regard. Why does it always come down to this. You know it's not either or choice right.


> Are you for real? Yes, are you? Look at the amount of injuries. Klopp thinks there's a witch in the building. Guess that's normal talk from Klopp, right, because it was all so obvious. >Why does it always come down to this Because if were to be sold that's likely the type of owners we would get. You are aware that prior to them buying Newcastle that the Saudi head-choppers were looking to buy us, right?


How the fuck have you backflipped to land on that conclusion lmao


We'll risk it. We have before. The stubbornness is ridiculous.


I’d drive Keita myself, but unfortunately i’m not qualified to drive an ambulance


Reckon you'd get the license and some experience under your belt before he comes back and gets hit by a curb on the street or something


if we really need to get rid of him we can just dissolve him in a big bowl of milk.




God damn people here turned on Keita so quickly. I get that he’s always injured but some people here legit like hate the guy now. Harsh for a guy who started 3 finals for us last year


Quickly ? It's been years of the same shit


I don’t think people hate him, he’s just taking up a place in the squad and it’s frustrating.


I mean I would rate him but his knees are built like prawn crackers from the Chinese


holy shit LOL (thanks, I guess)


How did Jones get injured again? I can't remember.


Him, Ramsay, Konate and Jota all fell down the stairs on top of each other at Melwood.


Keita pushed Jones down the stairs and got injured as well in the process


Its everytime we need him and he would get a run of games in the side hes out. Times running out on Jones to come good, he would beneift from a loan and actually playing football.


He’s 21 he’s got plenty of time


Ageing doesn't make you better,it just makes you more experienced.A superstar has a lot of flashes of brilliance but still not able to put it all together.Jones is an average player that will not change by 24


I know it doesn’t necessarily make you better but Mo Salah was playing at Basel at 21 scoring 9 goals in 3 years. Bit harsh saying Jones won’t change by 24


I wasn't referring to output.Salah was dubbed the Egyptian Messi while at basel coz he already had world class attributes e.g explosiveness,pace and dribbling.He stood out against the likes of Madrid in a game he could have scored a hattrick with better finishing.There is a reason he was attracting interest from top clubs.In contrast, if Jones started his career at a championship team and wasn't a scouser ,he would still be there


I can tell you now if Jones was born in a remote village in Egypt he would not be at Basel by 21, can't compare the 2 situations as if one wasn't born into a near hopeless situation (when it comes to making it in football) and another with all the same tools at their disposal as every other young English talent.


Bruh, Jones is a scouser and good enough to be a rotation for the rest of his career. Trust me, he isn't going anywhere.


Basically a nothing article that quotes Klopp's press conference and draws conclusions. Caceido was already reported by some journalists. The Gavi link is just hilarious, like pulling names out of a hat.


Caicedo looks great but why would Brighton sell another key player? At best we will be massively overpaying.


Worst call imo, they will want a huge fee to even talk.


Exactly mate. Someone else proposed Haidara in this thread and I think he’d be a great shout. More experience and less chance of being ripped off.


I'd be going all in on Laimer. If that fails then tielemans or ruin from napoli are not the worst shouts for different reasons.


Fabian Ruiz would be cheap too given his contract is up, could be a shout. I can’t believe I hadn’t really considered Tielemans much tbh, I think he’d do really well deputising for Thiago and he has been touted as available for £25m which is easily affordable. With 5 subs and the rest of our midfield eventually getting fit again I wouldn’t really care about his stamina, which I know some people have questioned.


Leicester fans are constantly complaining about his work rate and fitness lol, no way we sign Tielemans


Yeah ruiz is pretty good and tielemans has the advantage of knowing the league. I've never been blown away by him but still relatively young and Leicester clearly want to offload so could be a good option.


I agree that he hasn’t really blown me away but he’s looked pretty solid and is clearly quite talented. He’s also had 3 injuries in his whole career and only 1 since joining Leicester in 2018. That’s enough for me tbh. Keita had his best season for us last year and still missed more games through injury than Tielemans has in his last 4 seasons.


If someone wants keita and that funds tielemans then that is a no brainer


Honestly just have Tielemens. He's dropped off a bit but fuck it, he's cheap and if it doesn't work out we've not lost anything


Gavi isn't that random. He's stalling on signing a new contract because Barca are skint. Ultimately I think they come to an agreement but its not "pulling a name out of a hat."


He’s not stalling at all they were waiting for him to turn 18 and now they gotta register kounde. No chance of gavi


*they are waiting for him to turn 18* So we do just make things up as we go along now and get upvoted for it? Gavi has been 18 for nearly a month now lol it’s widely known Barcelona do not have the money to re sign him yet, nor register Kounde. If they continue like this then Gavi will 100% leave


They can’t even pay De Jong’s wages. Says everything.




We also can’t pay his wages but for different reasons


500k a week?


Barca need Depay and Aubameyang to leave in order to register Kounde. A 14 year old playing career mode will do better than Barca at this rate


Auba left to Chelsea done deal


They’re both leaving…


He won't renew if they sign Bernardo. Even then, the oil vultures will throw 50-60 mill and get him


He’s already renewed in effect, per all the Barca tier 1s. It’s literally just a wage cap/registration thing. No one is getting Gavi for 50m quid. Or if it happens you have my permission to tell me you said so and I’ll be shocked


Read a good article on this is anfield that had some great armchair picks. Barella, tielemans, ruiz, laimer were the top picks imo. Which of those fit what we need I dont know however. We really should have bought nunes from sporting, class player


I'm gobsmacked that he didn't get any interest from bigger prem teams.


Yeah really odd one. I trust the club but that seemed a bit misstep to me. Barella is another one, absolute beast but no one seems keen.


Barella is probably my favourite midfielder on the planet but I just don’t think he’d even consider leaving Italy/Inter - hence the lack of interest.


I thought I heard about psg or someone like that being close to a deal before but may be wrong.


A few strange transfers (or non transfers) this summer.


Considering Barella is Italian, you have to do something special to lure an Italian out of his home country, especially in a team that is consistently competing for titles. It’s the same for most countries tbh, You have to do something special to lure someone out of their home country (unless you are Madrid who love taking English players)


It's money and prestige really. We are in theory one of the top clubs around with a chance at cl titles etc. Then seria a teams can't pay as much


Barella is a rare sort in the modern game. He's a boyhood Inter fan who has 0 interest in playing for any other club. He will stay there his whole career unless they decide to walk him out the door. Shame for us because he's a brilliant player and the sort of dynamic, energetic forward who can contribute in the final third that we really need.


If that's the case then fair enough. Inter would most likely push him out the door if you offer enough.


Why would you want him when he doesn't even really want to be at the club though?


keita and 60m for Jude please john henry hear my cries


lmao no way keita is worth 40M with a year left. We would be lucky to get 20M for him.


20? Be lucky to get 10, the man's body has failed him


Be lucky to get a freddo and a pack of crisps for him he’s got knees like uncooked pasta


The Weetabix Man


Time for Edwards’ padawan to become the master


then its a good job that jude isnt a 100m pound player


Yeah true but the transfer window is broken for some years now. Dortmund will get more than that because there will be a bidding war for him


Whether people like it or not, that will likely be the minimum he goes for. Especially now that Real have apparently entered the fray and they will bid 100m for him.


They'll probably bid higher than 100m. They have the Casemero money and have navigated the COVID crisis very well, being the only top team to earn a profit during the height of the COVID pandemic. Only reason we would be able sign Jude is if he wants to return to England.


Plus a fee for releasing him a season earlier than they would have liked.


He’s probably worth more and this is why we’re not going to get him.


Jude is not getting sold for less than 120 mil pounds, Dormund can easily wait next summer when clubs start a bidding war.


Honestly, as someone who's not prone to hyperbole about young footballers, Bellingham will be one of the best in the world in the next few years. £120M to buy him now or a genuine lottery next summer when City/RM/PSG all get involved with their massive wages and unlimited bids is a no-brainer: pay now, throw Keita in to sweeten the deal and lower the price a little, and happy days.


Why not just go for Barella instead. There’s no projection, he’ll be cheaper, and inter might want Keita. Barella fits Klopp like a glove too and is so much more available. Great technique on the ball and has an unbelievable work rate. Intelligent player and has an eye for goal. Jude is the catch long term but he is so expensive and u never know w teenagers man.


120M + Keita now + bringing in other players next summer sounds the best outcome.


As someone who is not prone to hyperbole about footballers, I was SURE that by the time he's 25, Naby Keita will be a ballon d'or contender, lol. His underlying stats for Leipzig were absolytely fantastic. But here we are.


Keita is a player whose career has been ruined by injuries. Had he stayed fit, he would have 100% been seen as one of the best midfielders in the world.


For sure. We were right to buy him. His performances prior to Liverpool were amazing, albeit in a weaker league but, most definitely, persistent injuries have made him a liability when he plays (sometimes).


I really hope we will not say this about Jude in a few years after we paid 120 fucking million pounds on him.


Well, I’ll wait until the rumours get stronger before I invest too much into the idea of him being a Liverpool player. I’d also love to see Barella at Liverpool.


Barella would fit Liverpool like a damn glove. Would be a perfect signing. He’ll be expensive but still cheaper than Jude. If skriniar is 60m player I think barella could go for 70-80. Could maybe even do something like Keita+60. Inter could def be interested they get a guy who when fit has a lot of talent, plus w the China situation unfortunately for them they’re cash strapped. The only issue is barella might be the only untouchable on the team.


I do wonder if we can put an agreement in place for Jude alongside Keita deal if he leaves


It’s not John Henry you’d need to beg for that deal, he’d bite your hand off for that


They Naby and some cash for Jude makes sense … but I have no idea why any club would wanna sign our Naby as good as he is he’s made of glass. So in summary it ain’t happening …


I think a German team would take a punt on him. Less physical league, they give more space. Probably the best league for him to actually stay healthy and play more than 3 games in a row.


He was great in the BuLi and has definitely shown some signs of not being complete shit. So I see why teams are interested but it wont be for much


I literally breathed an audible sigh of relief when I read > Borussia Dortmund are interested in Naby Keita Thank god for BvB.


So basically what every fkers been saying all summer but being told Klopp/the club knows best? While I'm at it we also need Klopp to rotate Robertson, an understudy to rotate with Mo, and a forward that can play the 9 like Nunez so we don't mess up the whole team when hes not available.


You’re spot on. It’s sad that the needs are so glaring and obvious and we’re said for the last few months and you had fans calling you a plastic if you brought this up.


But now that the journalists are saying it, it's suddenly obvious.


Tsimikas should be getting a run I've been saying it since last season, Robbi is gassed and badly out of form


Keita is injured now so why would anyone buy him when they can agree a deal for him for nothing in a little over 4 months time


Bundesliga teams still remember him being just about the best player in the league. There'll be a line of teams thinking that if they can just solve his injury issues, there's a £100mil player available for £30-40m. They might even be right. But it's gotten to "this isn't a risk we can take" territory for Liverpool.


This whole “we’ll sign a midfielder if Keïta leaves” is starting to sound more and more like the whole “we’ll sign a forward if Shaqiri leaves” bs from last summer.


It's exactly that, It's sell to buy.


The fact a transfer depends on keita moving is baffling. What a shit show.


I do like FSG as owners, they’ve invested well in infrastructure, we’ve had success and when we do buy we buy well… But I just wish we could have one single summer like Chelsea do every year. Just one year of having a £200m net spend to really refresh the squad and bring in some quality reinforcements, no matter who we manage to sell.


We'd need different owners for that because they don't even do that with the Red Sox. To your other point the Dodgers have zero problems spending that kind of cash and now apparently that translates to Chelsea as well


Are the dodgers successful on the back of that? I’ve never watched baseball. I agree though, big spending just doesn’t seem to be in the FSG business model. Not unless it’s directly funded by transfers.


Depends on how you define success... they have been to 3 of the last 9 World Series (Won 1), 6 of the last 9 National League Championship (Won 3), and made the playoffs every year during that time. Then as of now they have the best in the National League and the MLB altogether. To sum it the Dodgers show great ownership that knows what it takes to be Champions. They are able to fill a star studded roster through solid recruitment and paying when they need to luxury tax be damned. Los Angeles Dodgers Postseason Results YearRecordResult 202284-37Pending – Season Ongoing 2021106-56Lost NL Championship Series (Won 2 Rounds) 202043-17Won World Series  2019106-56Lost NL Divisional Series (Won 0 Rounds) 201892-71Lost World Series (Won 2 Rounds) 2017104-58Lost World Series (Won 2 Rounds) 201691-71Lost NL Championship Series (Won 1 Round) 201592-70Lost NL Divisional Series (Won 0 Rounds) 201494-68Lost NL Divisional Series (Won 0 Rounds) 201392-70Lost NL Championship Series (Won 1 Round


They invested fuck all in Infrastructure. The club is paying them for it as a loan. They are not good owners, they just have a good manager propping them up.


People keep forgetting this piece]


How can FSG think they can get away with this sell to buy bullshit every time and Chelsea are about to spunk 60 million on that toilet brush Gordon.


Because they *can* get away with it. Many of the club's fans revel in this transfer strategy, soon as we win a match you'll see them popping up again, telling you to go support City or United.


I was one of those who reveled in the smart transfer dealings, but I think this summer is the one thats changed my mind, how anyone can justify no midfielder coming in, or not being able to buy one until another is shifted is beyond me...if its obvious to me that Hendo and Milner are on the decline, Thiago, Keita and Ox cant be relied on to be available regularly, then that just leaves Fabinho, plus the inexperienced Ellliott and Jones...surely the senior figures at the club recognise this too And here we are not even end August and Thiago, Keita and Ox are not available, Milner and Hendo gor outrun by fucking Fred, McTominay and Fernandes The good news is there is still time to get a reinforcement in, the bad news is they probably wont


The problem is that the smart signings have largely been so good that it seems they are relying so heavily on finding deals that they aren’t willing to blow the bank even though it’s clearly necessary. We can’t moneyball through this right now, we just need to spend. A moneyball signing would be a bonus.


Not bringing in a midfielder is on JK imo. Plenty of serviceable midfielders moved this window. JK doesn’t like serviceable, he likes starlets and bright shiny objects. I love the guy but the fact that we have no proven midfielders between the ages of 20-25 is in fair part due to Jurgen keeping his favorites too long, hoping fragile guys suddenly won’t be fragile, and letting perfect get in the way of good enough in the transfer market. EDIT: oh and let’s not forget we did bring in a midfielder this window. But as with many new players we can’t play him for 2 months because of reasons.


>bright shiny objects. You are two steps away from calling Klopp a Fifa virgin and a plastic.


Haha, this is so true. I've said before but this same shit happened with Keita as well, he wasn't performing well last season (or any season for that matter) if he wasn't injured but you weren't allowed to point that out because we were consistently winning.


This. It baffles me why this is the case. The only thing I can think of is the influence of US sports ownership and a US heavy user base on this sub. But even then I'm not sure that's a good explanation.


Bullshit. Online fans are much quicker to attack the club at the moment than match going fans. Yes, it would be nice to get more lads through the door but lots of us have seen decades of this club and know we're in the healthiest position we've ever been thanks to FSG's competent governance, and that's appreciated. There will always be things that dont work, or times that don't go well - that's life. They've been very good for the club overall and they'll keep trying to improve us too.


I think it’s also people realising that for a healthy mental state, like Klopp has said time and again, accepting these things for what they are, rather than complaining that reality is not unfolding how you want it to, is a much better perspective to have. Certainly that’s also the conclusion in most of psychology, philosophy, and a lot of religion too. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to get involved in a movement to actively change the ownership group a la Man United fans, and you’re actively taking steps to change things then absolutely, all power to you. From a positive psychology perspective, the theory (backed by quite a bit of science) is that simply complaining about things offers nothing to anybody, and just adds more negativity to the swell, but working to find more positive solutions is a different story entirely. It’s the futility of shouting into the void, and holding onto anger and bitterness about things you have no control over, that for a lot of people probably just seems like a wild waste of energy- of everything, of positivity as Klopp said last week. It’s not about loving the owners, or not caring what happens to the club, but about most people trying to maintain a wider sense of perspective, holding both the positives and the negatives in mind, recognising that you can huff and puff and catastrophise and struggle with anxiety around outcomes you have no input into for years and all you’re going to accomplish is a feeling of greater stress and disappointment - as reality inevitably continues to fail to live up to your expectations. Or it could just be the yanks I suppose.


Well put!!! It's the yanks!


I do wonder if some yanks here equate an attack on American owners as an attack on themselves, but surelllyyy not.


I've always suspected this as a factor. Think a lot of them are enamoured with the Moneyball approach.


Is it really Moneyball anymore? We let multiple players leave for free, its gonna happen again next season with what it looks like three players in ox, keita and Firmino. That's not Moneyball, that's not even a good business practise.


Which is dumb because the moneyball approach should factor in that Keita is injured so often and can’t be relied upon.


100% is the case for some. Same for those who might support us as a result of FSG’s ownership


Have you been to the stadium? Because the bulk of match that I have spoken to think the same thing


Oh absolutely they'll get away with it with the sycophantic fans. I meant more how do they think they'll get away with remaining competitive without investment. But then I suppose you get into the questions about whether winning titles is important to them or is steady top four income all they're really bothered about.


They are already doing it, some of them use really weird circular logic to justify their love for Fsg, like one commented the other day, that anyone who is anti FSG is pro H and G. Another one I ran into, asked if I had the funds to buy the club 😂 and some of them think there are no good owners out there it's either fsg or becoming an oil club.


The squad is bloated as it is, you can't just keep adding player


At this point I'd have thought it would be simple: buy a midfielder. There shouldn't be all these other qualifiers like if Keita was to be sold or anything.


The FSG way


We won't buy anyone lol


So we have squad space - check. We have funds to buy a new player - check Is it a covid season ? No Do we need a new player? Very much so. All these factors means a transfer can happen, but we have to first move Keita for that tranfer to happen. Please tell me how we are not a sell to buy club?


Dortmund are usually very clever with their transfer business. I don't see them getting mugged into buying Keita.


Timo Werner came back to Leipzig and instantly blossomed in his first game. I think Dortmund know that Naby might need a new start, and he knows the Bundesliga.


Sell him to Dortmund, while negotiating agree a fee for Jude for next season and sign one of Tielemans or Soucek for depth as we need 3 mids at least in the next couple windows


Just don’t know anyone who will make a move for Keita for a fee, especially with him injured again. Don’t think anyones going to be desperate to punt on him until he’s free


They’d want him in Germany. They’ve love him There. Imo he should go Ligue 1. Less demand on his body


Ligue 1 is very physical


I love Caicedo, but he's actually played very little first team footballer and we already have enough young midfielders. Someone a few years older like Amadou Haidara would be a better signing


OK Dortmund. Let’s swap. You know who. 😂. It does sound like Keita on his way out imo. I could tel Klopp was lying regarding his injury 😂


> I could tel Klopp was lying regarding his injury 😂 We have machines that can tell if an injury is genuine or not. According to Neil Jones, it's a genuine injury and he'll be out for a while.


A while? Goodness me.


Is it his back?


>OK Dortmund. Let’s swap. You know who. 😂. Dortmund: You were interested in Dahoud and Brandt a few years ago, no? Or would you like Can back?


Tbh I'd have can back


I would take can in a heartbeat


He is shit.


Emre Can would be our 2nd best midfielder now


That’s all well and good but are you lads ready for Matip-Fabinho double pivot because I don’t think the rest of the world is Imagine the dribbles


Of course it's sell to buy again


Barella all day for me but he’ll cost an arm and a leg.


They can take keitas arm and leg then


They’ll use both as door-stops.


King Maddock saying a lot without saying a damn thing


Not replacing Keita, Chamberlain, and letting Gini leave has been some really poor squad planning on our part. The decline of Milner and Henderson, and injuries to Keita, Jones, Chamberlain and Thiago were all depressingly predictable. Relying on a 36 year old and some youth prospects to compete against Man City is not going to cut, and we all know it.


this year is technically out of our hands lads, unfortunately


Thiago is only out for another 3 days?


Shit, games. Edited


ah.. why do you give me hope like this haha


To *kill* you with Mwahahahahahahahahahahhaaa! **Evil laugh, then crying**


Probably 3 weeks?


See people keep trying to talk about tier lists and stuff.. But when i see articles like this one i just roll my eyes and dont even look at it. Inside the mind of klopp? unless its written by klopp or his wife or something then its just going to be a bunch of made-up bs because no one knows whats going on in klopps mind.


I don’t watch the Bundesliga, so my knowledge of Keita is based on the hype from him signing for Liverpool and the praise I read on here. Would him going back to Germany maybe be like Eriksen being available where clubs knew it’s a risk but believe his talent is worth it or did he not actually make that kind of impact in Germany? I’d assume teams would take him on a free but any transfer fee will be relatively small and more about freeing space in the squad and getting rid of his wages


there was a period where he was unstoppable in the Bundesliga


Naby Keita was IMMENSE in the Bundesliga. Maybe a move back there suits all parties and Dortmund can be convinced he’ll rediscover that form. Bring in Jude and then a cheaper utility option. PLEASE.


Dortmund interested in keita? Let's make a deal we give you 70 for Jude and you take naby and his medical staff


Genuine question....does our team have a higher rate of injuries per player than other teams in the Premier League? If true, is this down to bad luck or more related to the training programs? Curious to understand why we are always on the back foot with player injuries.


No we don't get rid of our injury prone players and have loads of soft tissue injuries because of the intensity of our play. On top of that we don't refresh our squad well enough, you can't keep playing 60 games gruelling campaigns and just go on about the next season with no new faces in the engine room, it's madness.


Caicedo would be an incredible signing. Would save us 50m down the line while giving us an instant impact player now.


Klopp tanked the start of season so fsg would pay for Jude this year


Reminds me of a few years back after lovern left. Everyone was screaming for a new centre back but Klopp had faith in the squad. A few injuries later and Liverpool loose SIX, yes 6 games in a row at anfield. Now everyone knows we need a midfielder or two but Klopp are is putting faith in the squad again. I love the guy but does he have to be so stubborn


It's so sad that if we're to look at the level of midfielders a team that's considered one of the best teams in europe should have. Probably only Thiago and maybe Fabinho would qualify.


Fabinho - Caicedo - Elliott midfield would be well balanced.


errr would it?


If there isn't at least 2 signings, yesterday, we'll be lucky to be in Europa next year.


We are going to see these articles every day but end up getting no one at the end of the window. Just fan service.