Two cups, a point off the title and narrowly beaten in the champions league. I’m sound with us running sustainably.


He made more than that. Those 100k rumours are just that.


First of all, post things like these in daily discussion. If not this sub would be as bad as the premier league sub with every thing being a new post. Secondly, if we don’t stick to any kind of pay structure, we would just be inviting so much trouble. Just look at man utd and the mess they are in. Besides, we are doing really well with being ‘underdogs’ . Like a previous comment said, 2 titles, cl final and 1 point of the league.


I don’t personally think it’d of been worth breaking the wage structure for Mane who, apart from the last 4 months, has been in a decline for the last 2 seasons and is into his 30’s. It’s frustrating missing out on players of wages etc. but we have won every trophy possible in the last 4 years. And without pep and city we’d of won a lot more. And united and Chelsea pay players a lot more than we do and haven’t been successful of late bar Chelsea’s CL. End of the day it isn’t my money so I’d rather us have top players but I do understand how the wage structure works. We can’t sign someone on 400k if Salah and VVD are only on 200k. Just doesn’t make sense.