We are buying him for the potential, not because he is a top 5 at this moment. Hes playing in portugal..


To an extent but you don't by potential for 80 million. It beats our transfer record of Van Dijk and also Allison who we knew exactly what we were getting from


But we are buying potential though haha. He's played 50 odd games in a 'first division league' last season only scoring 6 goals. This season scoring 26 league goals. We are buying him because he has good attributes and is only 22 and has obvs just had an unreal season. I hope we sign him because from what I saw of him in the CL this season i liked.


We are obviously paying that much because he is a great player now as well.


He’s had a great season


You knew that another Southampton player will be the Messi of Defenders? I didn't! I just trusted the process as i do now. The recruting team has proved themselves as the best ever among so many.


I agree he has good talent however has aspects of his game he can really improve on. The fact we are looking to buy him now will give the coaches time to work on him all summer.


Not sure why you're being downvoted. He's not the finished article at 22 and why would he be?


These are stats from the champions league.


Which is a small pool of games to make substantial conclusions from.


yet they are at the very least suggestive that he's not a complete statpadder against lowly Portuguese opposition. Scored against Ajax, Bayern, us, 6 goals in 10 CL games is not to be sniffed at. Question of replicability, sure, but encouraging nonetheless


it’s so funny how much people want to parrot “bUt hE pLaYs iN pOrtUgAl” then go on and on about wanting Bellingham when the Bundesliga is a shit league that’s seen numerous flops come here recently including Naby to an extent.


I humbly disagree, with Mane leaving and the recruitment team guaranteed a replacement is on the way, Darwin Nunez is the "replacement" as per revealed. We would most definitely immediately slot him in into our front three and get him started just like Luis Diaz. We did not buy him for his potential only, we are buying him to immediately improve our performance. Just like Luis Diaz, even himself is surprise how quickly he is being used as a regular starter, I am sure Darwin Nunez will be exactly the same. Our front three for 22/23 will be Diaz, Nunez, Salah Then, front three for 23/24 will be Diaz, Nunez, Anthony, the LIVERPOOL DNA! \*\*sorry I was kidding at the end but mostly true at the upper half of my comment


I didnt say we bought him only for potential. Obviously hes a very good player that will be starting for us. But normally you see the fee like this for a established world class player. The reason hes this expensive is because he has potential to be world class and is young.


And cause Klopp thinks he’s handsome too duhhh


While I agree that 80m should get a more proven, it maybe that a young striker will be even more expensive if proven. Like we saw with Joao Felix or Kai Havertz. I think even Lemar was around that when Atletico got him. While there's a few bargain deals like Diaz, this isn't one.


He said the price tag is for the potential not that he's one for the future haha. He's obviously gonna be Mane replacement and at £80m he's obviously gonna come straight into or around the first 11. But the Price tag is taking into account his age and potential future ability/transfer value. Like any player that moves in their early 20's really. Look at Ousmanne Dembele, 2 good seasons at 19-20 Years old and and then a £140m move to Barca, Salah has scored the same amount of goals this season as Ousmanne Dembele has in the 5 years since joining Barca haha.


Out of interest it would be interesting to see where Salah, Mane and even Kane and Son figured in a blind test like this. The other 4 chosen are absolutely elite.


Great post. There is a loads of work for kloppo and his team to do with Nunez.


People really think stats matter in football, Ancelotti really just went 🤨 and won the CL. Klopp will go 😁 and this lad wins the Ballon D'or next season. Source: trust me bro


I've seen people be concerned at his first touch and decision making/difficulty finding space against low block teams. But he is also 22 and so I think we're banking on the potential to certainly improve that. No one is a finished product at that age. He'll have room for improvement but we're also not spending that much unless he has something to offer now. Scouts and coaching staff should know more about that than us, otherwise he wouldn't have been recommended.


The problem with this is that its biased by the number of games played, Haaland playing the least and also the quality of the teams they play in... Benfica are a much lower quality side than Real, PSG, Dortmund or Bayern and spend a lot more of their games under pressure


Depends, if he signed for us then yes, if he signed for United he is a useless overpriced donkey.


In Klopp/Ward we trust.


I got killed in downvotes claiming exactly that, while he has potential, he is not in the 100 million bracket as of yet and don't see why Liverpool would risk investing that kind of money on potential only. He plays in Portugal for one of the best teams and yet his conversion ratio is below a lot of other strikers that play in much more competitive leagues with much better keepers. Don't get me wrong, he is good but he isn't 100 million good.


These stats are from the champion league alone. So you can’t claim league bias here


Agree with this tbh. 100m is a lot of money. That’s a bid for kane. Lewandowski is out there too. We really need to be winning the league in the next 2 years to be taken seriously domestically. 1 title isn’t good enough for klopps tenure. He looks like a good young player but so does martinelli and saka and still would be very shocked if we bid 100m. Hear great things about Julian Alvarez also that city signed for like 17m.


That's exactly my point, 100 million is the price of high end striker... but I guess common sense is not something I should expect on Reddit so here go the downvotes.. It's mostly the fans that weren't there in 2011 when we were close to collapse... We gave invested smart in the last 6-8 years...Edwards would never OK this.


Yea I doubt Edwards gives this move the nod. He could still have a good career and be a good player for us, it just isn’t the smart move right now imo.


Because he’s really good, and Klopp wants to give him hugs after he scores goals for us


I looked at all his highlights and goals, i dunno mate, all i see is a young Edinson Cavani.


Wow, that’s actually my exact player comp. Young Edison Cavani with more speed. I’ve even said it multiple times on previous comments. If we could get a 22 year old cavani + a little pace. Coached by Klopp, and playing in this squad? That would be miraculous. I think Nunez is a much better dribbler than Cavani was at 22, but Cavani was more efficient aerially.


well,l if he is 22 y.o. cavani without that little more pace, he would be still very good. Can't disrespect Cavani at all. Anyone near him is already is already quite great himself. Cavani is one of the best strikers past decade, unfortunately for him didn't get any serious play time at United, but I still like him very much. I remember seeing him at WC and at PSG, when the guy just presses from front and sprints back to defense to help out.. crazy crazy guy!


Oh no. A young version of one of the best no. 9s of the last generation.


You say that like Edinson Cavani wasn't an elite, world class striker for many years during his prime...?


Cavani was one of the best #9s in the world in his prime so thays really a good thing.


Oh my god a young Edison Cavani the horror!!!


If we had this much money to spend, why didn't we go all in for halaand?. City bought him for much cheaper. The only issue was with his asking wages which could have been negotiated


Your last sentence answered your own question.


Dortmund got £50-60 mil Daddy + agent got £30 mil each Haaland getting £400K a week, £30 mil a year That’s £120 mil, near €140 mil. Haaland specifically asked City to insert release clause between £128 - 178 mil because he wants fuck all to do with City or any other club for that matter. He’s a mercenary and you’ll see, he’ll skip from one club to another all his career. As soon as Pep walks, Haaland will fuck off to either Madrid or Paris. We don’t do mercenaries.


If the release clause is true , then city will earn back most of their money they invested. Not bad if you ask me


Fee (Inc agent /signing on): 87.5m + Wage: (375k x 52 x 5) = 97.5m = 185m total Yeah - if they sell him for say 150m after 3 years and he performs for all those years they've absolutely cashed in. Nunez fee in total is about 90m and his wages will be drastically lower so hes still much cheaper. I doubt he'll start above 150k pw.


He better be for 100m


Nunez numbers are going to improve straight away when he plays for top clubs. It's going to be close to haaland. Dortmund are very creative club thier defence is what let them down.


Apparently he could learn some godly passing from Thiago.


He is also prone to giving away possession with a poor first touch. But I think all of his shortcomings can be overcome and his ceiling is high enough to justify the investment.


This is an absurd jump off for the lad hahahah, come on guys. Give him a chance to fail first.


I knew which one he was based on passing stats alone. It's an issue as is his touch at times but he is a player I wanted us to get.