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What was his mission?


buying Minamino and giving us 20m before joining us




Jesus Christ just had a look at Minamino's record for Monaco. 1 goal in 21 games this season, how on earth did we get 20m for him?


Wait till you see Sanchos and Richarlisons G/A record.


Sadio is struggling too. Needs some inhalers


They've both scored and assisted more this season and are quite a lot younger than Minamino.


I mean 60 mil vs 80 mil vs 20 mil. Taki isnt even half as bad as you're making him out to be. According to Ligue1 site he has 4 G/A in 506 minutes. That roughly translates to 4 G/A in 6 matches. You can also excuse his "poor" performance to him not being regularly played or the fact that its his first season there and he's not acclimatized yet.


It's not a reach. Young, talented player that just delivered two awesome cup runs for Liverpool and a huge fan base. Plus he can run forever. In this inflated market, it's a good price


“Young”. He’s 28.


I thought he was like 24, what the fuck?


Oh no we've done a Lingard




Lol this doesn't change the fact that a French club paying £20mn for him was bonkers. Guy never got a minute in the league for a reason with us.


italian clubs were interested at 10-15 ....he had a pretty deep market due to his physical metrics and the Liverpool name on his cv


I remember lots of Liverpool fans jumping for joy when we signed him, and it was hailed as a brilliant transfer coup. I couldn't understand at the time if we had a great relationship with Salzburg, why didn't we get Haaland before he went to Dortmund? It was clear from day one that he was a certain star in the making. We acted like we'd got the gem in the crown. Don't get me wrong, Minamino did turn out to be a good bit of business for us. We turned a profit and he helped us go on the domestic cup runs. But it's still a head scratcher we didn't do a bigger deal for Haaland too, even if he treated us as a stepping stone to eventually head to Madrid we'd have got several years of goals and a huge profit to reinvest into the squad.


Because Halaand wanted a release clause. Isn't that why United didn't go for him too?


Something about Raiola being his agent was the sub's main complaint


mitchell recruits a lot based off of physical metrics - there's a huge profile on him on the athletic. he brought over the red bull mentality to monaco to rebuild. he got horny for minamo's sprint/accel/decel data he's a decent director - albeit formulaic his monaco record has been solid - though a bit too meddly on the management side (sacked kovac for a belgian gaffer and the sample is larger enough that kovac was better)


I guess it was to rebuild them? they were a mess after Campos left


Feel like shit, just want Michael Edwards back.


If we get this guy he could be as good as him but agree losing edwards was shite for us if there was any chance of him returning we should be begging him to come back


When did he leave?


I feel like it was around this time last year? Or that's at least when it was known, but he didn't actually leave until the summer.




As soon as I read Paul Mitchell I thought of Zohan. Lol




You mean Scratchy Coco


It’s Scrappy Coco, you uneducated swine


Please don’t kill me Zohan. The Phantom made me do it.


“Including #LFC” aka “I need clicks”


? We have been linked to mitchel for a while


More than a while even, especially by French media


Not saying it isn’t necessarily true, it’s just funny seeing these journos highlight Liverpool in these things because we generate more interactions


We've been linked with him repeatedly, this sub has such a random hate for Romano its weird.


It’s because he’s a bit of an aggregator but it doesn’t mean he isn’t right. He’s always right. + he does break a fair bit of exclusive news as well, just not everything.


> He’s always right. + he does break a fair bit of exclusive news as well, just not everything This is dead wrong. He is never first and still misses a ton.


I mean i can come up with a list of examples where he has been the first to break news if you need the receipts? And sure, he doesn’t report on literally every transfer, happy?


> I mean i can come up with a list of examples where he has been the first to break news if you need the receipts I don't think you can. He is an notorious tap in merchant.


Weghorst to Man Utd Cucurella to Chelsea Fofana to Chelsea Lamela to Sevilla Gil to Spurs Literally just now Tuchel to Bayern Trossard to Arsenal I could go on, this is just examples from this past summer/January, and I haven’t even looked through half of his exclusives.


I still don't think you could. I mean, this doesn't prove he was first. You just threw out loads of names. No way he is first with players from all over the world in different leagues as well.


What random hate, he's a tap-in merchant, and the opinion is not restricted to Liverpool fans.


The tap in merchant stuff is also stupid. Goddamn journalists doing their jobs.


Tier 3.


Should be at least 2 if we’re honest


I feel like its much more likely for him to end up being the new director of Football at United once they are taken over tbh


He doesn’t spend huge amounts, he finds hidden gems


So how long was he there? Fabinho long?


He joined Monaco in 2020


You've probably seen more of fabinho than we'd like to.


Goodbye then.


Oh it was just a joke mate 😋


Be a serious appointment if we get him need it sorted ASAP though whoever it is that comes in


Luis Campos from PSG could also be an option this summer, according to some reports he’s been linked with a role at Chelsea. Maybe Liverpool would also be an attractive destination although he won’t have the blank check he’d get at Chelsea. Definitely a fan of his work at Monaco and Lille he can spot talent and bring them in for cheap.


Too explosive and I think his hiring would be a great conflict between his temper and Klopp philosophy. Just saw the man invading the field when PSG was losing plus he angry with the players in the dressing room. Ofc PSG is a clown fiesta for numerous reason but still just to imagine his temper to our current form... I would pass.


Yeah I don't want anything to do with the psg one


All journos should be nice like Martin




Hes got a lot right, been the first with accurate news at various points too. It feels like he has a source about LFC that the club mouthpieces don’t, and I prefer his outsider opinion. He’s still only somewhat reliable, but to his credit he’s careful and specific with his wording.


He’s fairly reliable as a whole


Hopefully credible here and rubbish for Bellingham


Tier: iwanttobelieve




It was Ornstein who said that. But he said that Mitchell was expected to stay at Monaco. Not that we were not interested in him. In fact even within that article it says Liverpool had strongly considered Mitchell Now that he is leaving it could very well be a different story


That wasn’t the jurno I was speaking of, unless he’s put his tweets out in French recently


Which one?


I don’t think this is worthy of a post if I’m being honest


Much more than the randoms giving their opinions on Jude