Fabinho hendo Salah vvd are having quite the dip..... They have mediocre.....when Salah and fab came on........ Twas time for the burnley ultra instinct tactic..... The mentality from the starting is evaporating...... Getting in that top 4 this season is like winning the epl..... I hope klopp is able to drop the dead weights of the team....


When an FA Cup 3rd round reply in the middle of January, represents the best performance of the season, you know how badly the season has been so far.


We’ve beaten City 1-0 and Bournemouth 9-0, it’s not even top 5 performances.


Bournemouth was an outlier performance against a poor team, with an even worse manager. I’ll grant you that the city game was a good result. But given we’re we are, the failings of the team at present, the changes Klopp made and the performance last night. For me; our best game of the season.


Agree to disagree! Hopefully we’ll both be able to agree that Chelsea on Saturday is the best of the season 😁


Hell yes. And the game after that all the way to May!


I thought Bajcetic showed both the technique and the temerity required of a top class centre mid today and I look forward to seeing more of him. I really liked Clarkson the other year as well but Stefan is well clear. Stereotypical though it might be the kids seemed to have more energy and determination in them tonight and that showed constantly with our pressing. Harvey showed his quality in possession, passing and having that moment of magic in him that playing him in the rcm limits. Similarly I thought Carvalho looked far more comfortable at LW than Ox has. I enjoyed seeing Gakpo drop deep, he showed a great awareness with his first touch constantly, linked up with the wide players and midfielders well. He was also dictating pressing traps to Harvey, Carvalho and Keita at times which was great to see. Milner was slower getting forward in support than you'd preferably want for your RB in our system but was comfortable in possession, handled Ait Nouri pretty well (especially compared to the previous match) and remains a remarkably dependable player at 37. Konate is excellent, as is Tsimi though his delivery was uncharacteristically poor today. Gomez was for me fantastic today, won aerial duels which has been a weak spot of his forever, passed well and stepped up to full back towards the end. Kellaher is a prem level goalkeeper already and I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone for more minutes in the summer though I hope not.


Press was much better in the first half and this is the first performance since the WC ive felt anything positive. Far from perfect and we dropped off after subs started coming on but a huge positive step that we need to build on. All our defenders were strong today and deserve praise. It was so refreshing having a midfield that actually managed to make an impression. They retained possession far more effectively than ive seen most of the season. Bajetic was very impressive despite some loose passes. The Thiago/Keita/Bajetic interplay was really smooth in glimpses and the quick feet they showed in both possesion and defence really pushed home that Hendo is no longer a starter. Love the guy but he's slowed down too much. Still have hope for Fab but Bajetic needs to start the next few games, as does Keita. Not going to read into the attack too much. This game was all about defence and effort and we ticked those boxes. Carvahlo has potential but I'm yet to see proof he's premier league ready. Gapko quiet but showed glimpses of his quality, looking forward to see him start on the wing. Elliot led by example, what a hit! He's definetely more comfortable on the wing but I think in our system, he's better served continuing to learn the midfield role. Onwards and upwards!


Against Chelsea, I’d like to see a Bajcetic, Thiago and Milner midfield with Milly as the captain and I think we can really do something to them. Let’s keep it going lads, YNWA


might not win the league this year but we're gonna play the boys and i'll enjoy it. bajcetic, thiago, naby midfield from now on would be nice to see. it's actually frustrating how good keita can be at times because this year could have gone incredibly different if he was available regularly.


So our attack options are now these now I guess: Diaz,Jota,Gakpo,Carvalho,Nunez,Firmino,Salah,Elliot,Doak Hope that Doak,Elliot and carvalho get more playing time


Maybe give Doak a loan, get him the playtime he deserves/needs at the moment.


I prefer Doak to Carvalho, if anyone should be going on loan it’s Carvalho


Or just play him? The kid is intense.


I missed the game but saw the highlights as my daughter was being born. Today's a good day 🔴🔴🔴


Mazel tov! 🎉🎉🎉


Treasure her! Also, congrats. 🎊🍾


FINALLY a change of playstyle at least in the first half: pressing. Just the old fashioned Kloppo tactic to bring us some joy. That is the team I wante to watch. The second was pretty poor but the first one made me happy.


second half tactics changed.


Can we get a little love for Harvey for once, please? Dude gave it his ALL today, he left everything out on the pitch. No wonder he collapsed at fulltime. I'm a **big** fan of Harvey. I'm a **massive** fan of Harvey played out on the wing.


He always gives his all, it’s just probably easy for people to pick out a teenager playing out of his natural position. Still a big fan of his as well


Some of the senior boys who played against Brighton hopefully got a mental slap seeing kids actually put the effort in today.


This Team against Chelsea please. Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Gomez, Robertson, Bajčetić, Thiago, Keita, Salah, Nunez, Gakpo.


I know gakpo is the new player but we are gonna just ignore the man of the match and only goal scorer today? If anything we need to look at Nunez Salah Elliott Hell give thiago a rest and put gakpo there ..he feels like that Gini style player so could easily fit the midfield


We’re all gonna be disappointed when we have Henderson Fabinho spearing midfield with ox left wing


Nah. I'll not be disappointed. It's almost expected. I hope however that they find a rare streak of form and club Chelsea >!2!<-0.


Clean sheet feels so amazing.


Not that I want to be a downer, but as I missed the game, I'm reading that everyone is very happy with the performance but then I look at the stats and I'm a bit confused as they indicate this was a smash and grab? We had 0 big chances created, 2/7 shots on target, minimal xG(lowest in quite a while), Wolves had more/similar xG as our opponents have had in the last 5 games, we had low pass completion and possession.


A lot of that was the same reason we "played poorly" v spurs in the CL final. We had the lead and controlled the game. There was no need to take risks and try and score more given the form we were in and the position we found ourselves in. You'll probably also see a lot of "good stuff" was before the goal- we were well on top until then.


Harvey got a great goal pretty early, but I don’t think we were playing smash and grab. We bunkered down at points, and without a ridiculous amount of luck showed these kids can defend with heart and effort. Much needed victory against our run of form. We did try to push the second when the counters came, but that might have been the sloppiest part of the match. Solid defense and promising youth means everyone is happy


It’s a game that passed the eye test, not our best performance but definitely a highlight with this season in context


You know how a lot of times in football, whether it be certain footballers, certain plays made, effort displayed, organisation in mid, defence attack etc. data doesn't give the full picture and certain things pass the eyetest? Yes this game was that.


It's cause we needed this one. It's the fighting spirit. It's the energy in the midfield. It's Harvey Elliot screaming and fist pumping to the away crowd after a tackle in the 93rd minute. It's the fans singing fields of anfield road over the home crowd. It's the feeling of having a team actually fighting for the shirt. Might not have been a top performance, but it had a lot of energy and passion. We really needed that.


Our off the ball work was much much much better than it's been in the past few weeks. Wolves had more of the ball but we were chasing them down, tackling, pressing, putting them under pressure


Ahh ...So refreshing!


Wolves fans are absolute Scum. The chants today were vile.


Them and Leicester fans are the worst with chanting the vile shit they chant.


Thaigo - Bajcetic - Keita. They definitely need to play more and start often.


Was really impressed with Bajcetic. Seems to have a knack for retaining possession under pressure and in tight spaces. Hungry too which is something we are missing in spades. Doak as well.


Misplaced a couple of passes but generally just looks like a really cultured player who likes to retain the ball and try things.


Yea he had that awful pass right to Traore I believe. Just tried to do too much. Loved his energy though and looks promising.


It appears we have Brighton away again.


We finally pressed a team after ages! And DEFENDED well in the last 20mins. Stefan Bajcetic is a baller. He needs more starts. We need our revenge on Brighton and go on to win the FA CUP.


Play them kids more. They are hungry at least.


Klopp: "I hope Darwin is back in training tomorrow or Thursday, so he might be in contention for Saturday." Yessssss




You gotta really save it or the phrase loses all power. But damn if Ben Doak doesn’t have that something special


Yeah he looked very impressive, shame he didn't get much opportunity to show what he could do in the final 3rd but he used the ball really well.


How did we play? Missed the game cause I’m working


Missed the last 2/3 games but that's the best I've seen them play in a while, there were very few sloppy passes for once and if Bajetic, Keita and Gomez start the next game or two based on tonight I think they'd be an improvement. Gakpo did some good things off the ball though he was a bit quiet but he was playing centre forward so that's maybe not too surprising,


Defintely doesn't seem like Gakpo is suited for up front, more of a wing player based on his stats from his time at PSV. But to be fair, its his first few games in England. Harder opponents, more physical all around. Its gonna take a bit of getting used to. Hope to see him given a bit more time out on the left when we're a bit more full strength.


Looked like a klopp team, not perfect by any stretch, but lively and hungry for every ball. The kids were great, Gomez had a great game as well


That’s all we want. Thanks


Bajcetic greatest CDM of all time, literally made prime Makelele look like a small, toothless child.


I was at the leipzig pre season game. Bajetic came on at half time. Had to ask people who this kid was. Other players couldn’t get near him. Knew from then he was something special. Bisquets 2.0


Yeah he's got something thats for sure. I was at the Strasbourg friendly and even though we got absolutely manhandled he still held his own. He just has to play most games now, if you're good enough you're old enough.


aggressive, winning tackles, Lots of tackles. thiago is a god. great goal by elliot, solid win, back against the wall at the end, close game all in all, lots of young players performing.


Nice. Cheers mate


Great first half. Kinda fizzled out a little once subs were made, but our starting lineup were really good.


Thanks mate. Anything is an improvement on playing like complete shit so I’m happy. Was it a young line up?


Kelleher, Milner, Gomez, Konate, Tsimikas, Bajcetic, Thiago, Keita, Elliott, Carvalho, Gakpo.


Thanks mate


We were pretty poor and lucky to win overall, if wolves finished better we easily could have lost


Reluctantly upvoted you. We were defensively sound and the midfield really turned up the aggression as well as pressing smartly Main concern would be barring Harvey’s banger winning us the game, I don’t remember a single big chance we created


I think most people are just blinded by the win, we created almost nothing and they outshot us 11-7 , creating far better chances


Think tonight proved why Klopp hasn't been using Carvalho, he just doesn't look ready yet at all but the technical ability has been shown in flashes and tonight he did work really hard off the ball.


I honestly think he's lacking consistency that only comes with more playing time. Also tbf, Tsimi let him down tonight a bit. Both were rusty.


really? i thought he was pretty good. i mean dont get me wrong he wasnt amazing, but i felt he put in some good pressures and tried to get things going in attack.


if bajcetic isn't starting klopp hates winning, OX should never start again. thank you


Also, you have to reward a player for putting a shift in. He's earned a start for the next match.


Thiago - Bajcetic - Keita against Chelsea. I will love it and I think I deserve it.


I would truly love that as well. I could see Klopp starting Fab or Hendo for some reason unfortunately.


He’s looked good when given the chance, but it’s a really high pressure environment to trust a young prospect to start in. - See Tyler Morton starting v spurs who arguably had a worse midfield than Chelsea, getting subbed at half time. But then again pedri x gavi are mainstays at barcelona so maybe I’m a mollycoddler Fwiw I think bajcetic is my favourite “youth team” player, can really see the tutorship of thiago in his play


That’s fucking football!


Shout out to The away fans.. Molineux stadium was ours.


I'll take it


Harvey as a winger is best Harvey


Finally fucking time he played Bajcetic and we looked so much better. Can he please start more games now? And use Harvey as a winger when his work rate is gonna matter more? Also please use Henderson as a sub cause it was obvious that he is not there this season.


Bajcetic has to start getting real game time, particularly with Fabinho struggling


Especially since they have written this season off, let the kids play!


Well done lads very good game today.


Wolves were pretty bad so hard to tell how much of a resurgence it was, but we got the result and that's what matters.


They were bad because we didn't let them play though. Which is how we always played


I don’t wanna sound overly negative, but I don’t think that’s the full story. Wolves didn’t really press us much at all, they were slow, and largely gave us enough space to complete passes. One thing we’ve really struggled with this season is coping with the pressure of other teams pressing us, and wolves didn’t really do that. Also, they had some really good chances, but their finishing was horrendous. Still think we played well, but Wolves were also definitely poor.


Well like I said the first half .. every time the had the ball one of our players was on them getting a foot in somewhere


not bothered that we didn't create much, with our full team creating chances is one of the few areas that isn't an issue. all i cared about seeing today were changes in the midfield and a strong defensive performance. we definitely wore down last 20 with thiago and bajcetic out and keita and elliott running on fumes in the midfield, but otherwise this was the only game since the break where I was confident we wouldn't give up anything soft


Missed this one due to country Antrim shield final. Linfield’s 2nd goalkeeper, David Walsh (who’s been playing for us in the shield) took a knee to the head in the 90th min. All medical staff surrounding. Match abandoned and had a pen shootout there and then for the shield


I must apologize. I said ages ago that it was clear I had lucky underwear after we beat City, Napoli and Spurs, but I have neglected the superstition recently and we've seen the result. I haven't been doing my part and woke up today on a mission. I'll be scheduling my underwear rotation and laundry days according to the fixture dates until further notice.


I think I realized today that we win when I can’t watch. I don’t know what to do.


Do you have an underwear that either heals midfielders? Asking for a friend named Arthur.


You fucking stupid prick But at least you're showing remorse. Be better.


One thing is clear… Hendo and Fab need extended break on the bench. The first half of the game was reminiscent of 2016-2017 Liverpool. It was a joy to see SOME heavy metal football


Out of possesion was a lot more like a 4-5-1 than a 4-3-3 which I think made a clear difference in how good we looked defensively


I’m good with a Milner extension for another year. Like not that I want him playing regularly or even semi-regularly, but he’s still shown more than capable of putting good performances when in a deep rotation role and remains a great example for the squad especially the younger players. He played well.


Give Milner a youth coach/ players contract we will called him back when Klopp need


I'd like to see him transition directly into a coaching role with the club.


He was really good tonight not seeing anyone talk about it. Think I would extend as well purely for the fact that the homegrown quota might be an issue with him and Ox leaving


That run he made when he outpaced ait nouri was amazing. Won the foul as well


Klopp: "The whole midfield was really compact today. I liked the game a lot."


Didn't watch bc of work and we won. Guess I'll be skipping out this weekend.


I’m sure he’s managing minutes but Klopps subs never make sense to me. The last 20-30 minutes of games we always look very disoriented because some players have had to move positions twice by that point to accommodate for subs. I wish he just did more like for like subs is all. Other than that can’t complain great win


I think most of them are fairly logical: Milner is only back from injury, so the medical team probably recommended he only gets 60minutes, that’s quite a common sub. Gakpo has played every game since he signed, and will likely play against Chelsea too as Nunez isn’t guaranteed fit, plus it makes sense to play Salah as a counterattacking option pushing the last line (and no other forwards to bring on anyway). Curtis Jones is coming back from injury so less minutes for him, but he and Carvalho are quite like for like out there at LW, so fresh legs going forward and back is no bad thing. Bajectic was cramping up so made sense to throw on another DM in his place, and Thiago was on a yellow and also has played quite a bit of late, so again with Doak, you’re giving the young man minutes in a game where he’ll have plenty of space to push the defence back, which he did to be fair. He moved Elliot over to Thiago’s position, and Elliot made a great late tackle and headed the ball away from goal in the last moment of the game- so Elliot showed his skill as an 8 and a RW tonight.


The issue isn’t necessarily the subs off it’s the fact that players have to move around so much when subs come on we look disjointed


Naby is easily our best presser from midfield, easily, perhaps the entire squad. Every time he's stepped on the pitch since the break our press has stepped it up massively, we're simply a better team when he's on the pitch, his win % speaks for itself.


He’s one of this biggest what ifs of this generation, he’s fantastic when fit


Our 20/21 season turned around after a 1-0 away win at Wolves. Just sayin


We won 9-0 this season…


We won 7-0 that season…


we were lucky to win but hey i’m still happy. i’m begging klopp to please play bajcetic over one of henderson, ox, or fabinho in midfield going forward.


How were we lucky? It wasn't pretty but they hardly troubled us at all.


wolves looked bad but we didn’t look exactly great offensively. we won off of an incredible goal, not some generally good attacking play.


I agree with this part but it's not lucky to score a screamer and the opposition create nothing. I don't think we were great but definitely not lucky.


fair enough. i’m probably being too harsh.


Love Bajcetic, if we signed a midfielder and he had a debut like that, we would be going crazy.


Our midfielders playing with patterns and first touches for once 😭😭😭😭😭


Was beautiful to watch. Bajetic w the faints, just what a DM should be doing. Fabinho simply cannot do those little things. Of course, Stefan is young, lacks experience and all those sorts but that’d come with time. I just feel like he’s got it, lovely on the ball and glides w confidence. He’s got grit aswell, gets in there and makes more tackles and isn’t shy. Bulk him up a bit and we’ve got a gem on our hands, genuinely.


missed the game but how did Gakpo look?


Out of position. Didn't get much service but was getting attention from the defenders which opened up other avenues. He was moving a lot more than his other appearances which was good. Came back deep a couple times to get involved and tracked back a few times. Overall its definitely too early to say, I personally think once we get Diaz and Bobby back they could link up well with him. He needs the ball to his feet.


Linkup play was good but nothing special going forward. Tbf to him we barely created any chances at all


A few nice touches and bits of skill but wasn’t really in the game again. Defo not his strongest position playing down the middle.


He was strong there in the World Cup. Maybe just an off game?


Different formation in the World Cup, could just be that he isn’t used to being a sole striker at all


Just play this exact team against Chelsea. More heart than any of the shite we’ve put out in the prem.


Darwin has to start if he’s fit




Add a little chaos to the mix I’m excited for Chelsea


Nobody is mentioning it but Gomez had a good game.


That block on Jimenez’ header was incredible.


Agreed. He did so well that at times I forgot Konate was even playing because he hardly had much to do.


Unlucky for Wolves, should have had the game wrapped up in the 1st match.


Yea, but the second that game ended I had a feeling we’d beat em this time. Tis the way many other “big” teams have advanced in prior years, and as fucked up as it is to Wolves, Im glad we got the benefit for once. We going all the way to the end


Bajcetic and Doak the bright spots for me. Both looked really good and put in more effort than we've seen from most of our players in recent months. Overall we didn't create much of anything though. We had some nice moments of fluid one-touch passing, usually through Thiago but it never led to anything. Defense wasn't super impressive either, Wolves just couldn't strike a ball cleanly to save their lives. Elliot goal was nice but let's face it, Sa's positioning was God awful and a lot of players could have scored that.


Bajcetic Thiago Naby needs to be tried with the rest of the first team now


Harvey Ballbanger 😅 not that funny but it is, you deserved that laugh Gary


Ok, so. Overall we played fairly well in the first half. Second half we dropped off and didn't look nearly as threatening after the changes however we held out well. Against a bottom of the table team. Can't praise Bajcetic enough. He showed that we really, really lack that athletic destroyer who isn't afraid to get stuck in. Comparitively, Fabinho looked shot and we lost so much impetus once he came on - though it was the wholesale changes and not just him. Doak is young, you can tell but he has desire and he's fast. He'll get chances in a couple of years to really impress. Elliott looked so much better as a RW than as a CM. We lost a lot of cover once that change was made and Doak is young and didn't influence the game nearly as much. Tsimikas looked alright, I think he picked up a knock as he was holding his back a few times from goal kicks. I think we look pretty good with this set up - at least we're harder to beat than with Fab and Henderson in the team. Gakpo offered little. I hadn't seen much of him and there had been a LOT of hype around his ability but I've just not seen it so far. He's here to stay and I'm sure I'm wrong about him. Just seems like he isn't a fit for us just yet but like all Klopp signings they need a good bedding in period. Never mind whilst we're playing like doo doo


Gakpo looked isolated. I thought he did well in the 9 role overall and would actually like to see him there with Nunez and Salah either side of him


I don't think it's his position. Could tell he wasn't comfortable and kept naturally drifting wider so he could cut in. I think Nunez will gravitate towards the 9. Excited to see how we evolve with a fully fit front line because it's got to be one of the best in Europe. Struggle to think of a team with better depth than us up front. Salah, Nunez, Jota, Gakpo, Bobby, Diaz is a terrific front 6


Yeah you can’t ask for much better depth. Sort the midfield options and we’re onto something


Doak is such a typical klopp forward, it's so refreshing watching him play. Bajcetic should be starting. Carvalho was decent. Harvey looks much better as a winger


Carvalho needs to bulk up and learn to sell the fouls.


The way Doak runs reminds me so much of Robbo. Hard worker as well. Hopefully we focus on developing him and playing him as often as we can so he can evolve.


Maybe I missed the parts where Carvalho was decent. Didn’t think he offered much and lost the ball plenty. Otherwise I agree


Bajcetic won 5/6 duels made 2 interceptions and 3 tackles. Henderson on avg in the prem this season has 1.5 duels, 0.7 interceptions and 0.9 tackles a game. Even if not playing as a 6, Bajcetic needs to be in contention to start at Rcm along with Keita


Bajcetic was excellent today but I don't understand how you see that performance and look at those stats and think he should be replacing Hendo at RCM. The lads positioning is great but he's not got an engine to drive up and down on the right firstly and even if he did he's clearly shown an aptitude for that deeper central role. For me today has shown that Harvey is wasted in a Midfield role in the current system (I know about the salah, Trent, harvey triangle we wanted but it's currently not clicking), if Keita was fit he'd be first choice RCM and that the majority of our first 11 are physically (and maybe mentally) too shattered to play our preferred system at the minute.


It’s not like Hendo has an engine anymore and my reasoning for him to play there is so that he can tuck in for Trent so that the latter can start making overlapping runs. Secondly, alot of our goals concede comes from counters on that side and having someone on the right who can win the ball back is crucial


Bajcetic and Thiago looked class together, injuries aside there's no excuse for not starting Bajcetic from here on out. That being said I fully expect to see Fabinho starting on the weekend. Elliott put in one of his best performances of the season, he looked a lot more positive and energetic when the burden of CM positioning wasn't there. Sometimes at CM he gets a little overzealous and leaves holes, but at RW he was free to press. Both Gakpo and Salah were disappointing to invisible up top, which makes you realise how much we missed Nunez as an outlet. Jones is a few levels below the rest of our young players, and he isn't particularly young anymore. I think we should look to shift him to a mid table side in the summer tbh. Despite looking a lot sharper there's still a lot more work to he done, truth be told we still created fuck all


Stabilizing defensively is a lot more important than creating chances at the moment. On average, we have created and scored a decent amount. We've let in 25 goals compared to Arsenal's 14, City's 18, Newcastle's **11(in 19 matches!)** and Manu's 21.


I wouldnt say we have work to be done going forward, missing Trent and Nunez basically guarantees it will be tough going forward. If we create so few vs Chelsea with those two back then sure


wait a moment, trent is out aswell? you got to be kidding me!


No trent and Nunez didnt play this game they will play the next one


Lets not kid ourselves, we scraped a win thanks to a masterclass finish from Harvey... we are so far from the Liverpool from 2 years ago that isnt funny. I am absolutely happy about the result, doesnt mean we are playing our best footbal.


We were clearly much more organized and controlled the game a lot better than we have been which is a big improvement.


Getting a win where we aren't in shambles defensively is fine for me. We need to sort out defensively over just creating chances at the moment.


I don't think ANYONE thought we played our best football today, haven't seen any comments like that. It's more the improvement from our recent run of dire football and the team actually playing with drive and passion.


8 changes and also one year ago not two.


Milner has no right to be as good as he is at this age also he looks faster than both Hendo and Fab which is kind of crazy.


Hendo and Fab are probably so deflated by the fact he’s more fit than them, although being older lol


Honestly, if wolves had better finishers, this doesn't end at 1-0. We put up more of a fight than any game since the world Cup, which was nice to see, but we are still far from our best. Look forward to the next games, as long as they keep the same motivation on the pitch, I'm sure the creativity and danger in attack will follow.


Tbf though, I don’t think it’s like flicking a switch and you’re good again. It’s going to take grinds like this to make progress. Be tight, be quick, be hard to play against and then you can start looking more like a Klopp Liverpool side. I’m so pleased with tonight because they dug in and were there for each other, and that’s not somethings that’s been happening this season.






I’m Irish and biased but given it’s probably Kelleher’s last season in Liverpool I’m hoping he gets the match against brighton (and beyond 😂🤞🏻)


He's far too good to be a backup sadly so I expect he will leave, which is a real shame.


I just liked the fight the effort and the will to grind out a 1-0 win some positive signs far from perfect, but it's the first sign in a while of yeah they have some fight in them.


I hope to fucking god we do not extend Keita. Get him the fuck out.


Better performance - happy to see some intensity


A win, a clean sheet, and still gotta chance at silverware… ![gif](giphy|hbW6UNeaQH39u)


Mate i thought we sign prime Busquets, until i put my glasses on, holy tits its Bajcetic


Bajcetic reminds me of that 62 rated player we all gave a shot to on fifa career mode who turned out to be so solid


then gets a crazy 90 rated promo card


I really thought fabinho might come on the pitch, realising that Bacjetic is away to Rob his spot, and put in a performance but he didn't. Bacjetic needs to start more games


I actually saw desire in our players for the first time in what feels like forever.


Nice that Klopp mentioned better midfield play


Maybe we need a fabinho rethink and convert him into a cb. Positionally he plays there only these days. Doesn't have the legs for the Klopp system.


he’s too slow for that


That's even worse in the midfield though.


i don’t think so - i respect your opinion tho. i don’t think fabinho would work as a CB now. he’s never been fast or really agile but nowadays he plays like he has weights attached to his feet and lost a lot of his press resistance. even virgils drop of pace has shown to be a big weakness for him the past months.


Tbf he would be a 4/5th choice. Other than that we have no place in the team/squad for him.


That performance was right up my street, youngsters fighting for the badge, midfield was compact and played passed forward quickly instead of just hoofing it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a midfield of Fabinho, Bajetic, Elliot against Chelsea, Henderson needs dropping.


Doak’s movement is fantastic. Explosive on the press, then in transition and attack, and has a permanent stinkface, which shows us he cares ❤️


I need Darwin back we don't create shit without him


Life is simple when Liverpool is winning


Fab Thiago and Bajcetic vs Chelsea maybe


I’m not getting carried away but Bajcetic is the best midfielder in the league


Absolutely reasonable. Just don’t let John Henry see this or the bellingham fund is GONE and instead a new 5 year deal for Stefan “Stevie G” Bajcetic…