Well as long as Salah keep breaking records it's all good right. why not give him another pay rise and let rest of the team rot til he leaves, like barca did with messi..


Man this hurts a lot. When we came back from the World Cup break in that game against Villa to see that beautiful energy to seeing the energy in last night’s game is just painful. May the universe be with Klopp and the boys.


even vs villa, we only good on 1st half. after that, we became shit again..


I feel bad for Gakpo, coming into this mess


We are losing against teams who have wide difference against our high wage bill. So money arent be excuse, the big boys aren’t performing. Asking more money , new players to even beat Brighton is embarrassing


What did Klopp do during the WC break? We had basically a near full squad on break. We were lucky, no tiredness, it should have been a refreshed squad. Yet, same problems have only gone worse. And the buck stops with Klopp. On paper, its the same “great” players of last season, so change tactics, or sell them or just resign. Something has to happen , its not about buying new players panic. The status quo cannot persist.


how can players and managers earning millions can not play a different style of football based on the injury they have. Just park the fucking bus and try to hit on counter


Yes our midfielders are shite, but theres no way thats our only problem Trent got beaten by mitoma every single time Matip made a mispass at the back causing the 1st goal Konate failed to follow opponent for the 2nd and 3rd Robbo made errors in at least 3 simple passes What have gakpo and salah done for the entire game? I dont even want to mention ox. There is a problem with the whole team.


And manager? At some point it needs to be pointed out that we continue to play a press/counter press and you couldn't tell its happening. A player would lose the ball, closest player would press then brighton has already passed around that initial player while we are waiting for the team to take shape and have the press squeeze the space. It is slow and ineffective. If klopp continues to play this systems then serious questions needs to be asked. Had a month off to get a lot of the core team ready to make a push to get us into top 4. We look worse after the break than before? 343? Puts more body's on the mid field as well as allows us to have 3 center backs (understand we are missing players for this formation but we are currently as well). 352? 532? We need bodies in the mid field and need to stop leaking goals. We have allowed 25 goals and we aren't halfway, we allowed 26 in the whole season last yr? Also no changes at half-time? Took him till the 65min to make changes? Really not understanding the coaching decisions either? I thought putting gakpo in the middle was not good when I saw the line up. Every video I've seen of him play, he looks better in space on a wing either going at a defender or beating them with a well placed pass. Feel Salah is better in the middle then on a wing. Really does best with another dangerous player next to him. Then Ox on the wing?? Why? I have a sinking feeling that we are going to re-sign Ox and keita.. they continued to be used and I don't understand why (I understand completely that we have injuries but he looks about 5-10 lbs overweight and his desire to play looks at an all time low. He was our worst player today, in my opinion. Rather see our younger players struggle and learn)? There were times that the back line were 15-20 yards apart down the center of the park? Think it was the build up to the second goal that you can really tell the defenders do not understand there assignments or roles within the system. Was a super rough game to watch.


I agree with you on everything. I was say to the lads, even before Van Dijk got injured, we should be playing with 3 central defender. Robertson and TAA as wing backs. Our defence has been shakey for ages and I think if VVD Matip and Konate Al started, the might have felt more secure and not having to worry about Trent and Robbo getting skinned. Also Trent and Robbo attacking has been their strength ti's season. Thiago + 2 in midfield, trying to croud the midfield beuse running seems to be a bit difficult these day. And 2 up front because I'm sick and tired of us trying to did anything that a front 3 are supposed to do. Trent and Robbo can cross. I think our best chances of scoring right now will be from loose balls dropping in the box and Salah or Gakpo pouncing. It's sad to say it but I can't see another way of that team scoring a goal.


I agree!! Feel like with the personal we have a 532 or 343 would work (say the 343 bc klopp would prefer that as it has 3 up front). I mean this was the worst I can remember us playing. Remember bad games but nothing this disjointed and sad. For every fan that finished watching that match, we'll done!! YNWA


The club has become quite dysfunctional in recent months, from the team itself, to the actions of the owners. It'd hard to pinpoint exactly where this needs fixing. Things change in Football, happens all the time. It ebs and flows. We need to get into the champions league next season or we are in serious trouble IMO. The current team don't have any legs left. It needs a rebuild. I'm happy with a front three of Jota/Nunez/Gakpo. I think that could be dangerous as long as the midfield give them the service they need. We need some serious box to box midfielders. Not just 2-3. More like 4-5. Trent needs to move into midfield and we need a new Right Back. I think if we don't make champions league, I think Klopp could walk and that's not going to be good.


I think we need owners who don't see the club as a business, but are passionate about the sport. There is a disconnect where the fans want the club to be the best in the world like 40 years ago, but FSG just wants to achieve the best results through pragmatic financial decisions.


Fans want the best yet cant accept any criticism of Klopp or their favourite players FSG dont make us lose against average sides. Our players earning millions are just losing it against those earning 25% of them.


The worst thing about this is not that we lost (obviously that performance was shit), but going into the game EVERYONE knew that we were about to get beaten badly So if random fans could see what was about to happen, how can one of the best coaches in the world not see it? Like it just doesnt make sense. Surely Klopp knew that if he started with Henderson and Fabinho in the middle it was about to be a massacre and they wouldn't be able to cope with Brighton's midfield The only thing that I can think of is Klopp playing the same shit midfield week in week out to send FSG a message like "If you don't want to buy a midfielder, this is the shit that I am forced to play" Because nothing else makes sense about how Fabinho and Henderson keep starting week in week out I know Klopp doesn't have much options, but surely it was time to start something new. Maybe start Keita, maybe try a new system, just anything except the same shit that we are seeing every week but expecting different results


Agree, for me it is the system he chooses to play. We don't have the personal. Move to a 3-5-2. Leave Trent/robbo on the wings. Move konate beside Trent, Matip next to robbo.. you can have Nat/Gomez play central till VVD is back. And again who is playing mid? And do we continue to press/counter press?


Agree. First time ever I have bet against lfc in a multi. I knew they were going to lose badly. The collect gave me zero joy.


Just goes to show how much your club doc was ‘helping’ your players now he’s gone 😂😂😂😂


I'm old enough to remember when Michael Owen left us. That was my first reality check. I remember when Torres left. That was my first real heartbreak. And everything just felt shit. Then came Suarez. I remember how he energized everyone at the club, and then when he left it just felt like the wind in our sails left. I cried when Gerrard left the club, especially the way his last 12 months, which should've been a celebration of him as a player, turned into a depressing story. I can genuinely say that if Klopp leaves like this, I might be done with football once and for all. This man made me fall in love with the sport again and made my childhood dreams come true. He made us whole again after decades of heartache. He deserves to leave on a high. Not like this. I legit hate FSG for how they have repaid this man. I don't think theres a word in the English language that could describe how I actually feel about them. Theres a special place in hell reserved for John Henry and co.


Traitors and gaslighting manipulative scumbags would be appropriate


Surprised they only scored 3.


Klopp can’t really think Henderson is good enough playing the ball is a grenade hoofing it out of the stadium and panicking


I think you could say a similar thing about any one of them today.


Well, a lot of other teams have got frustrations too, so hopefully this provides a bit of a perspective shift: Spurs have got to be hurting, falling out of the top 4, Levy being Levy, Son not quite firing, Kane near 30. Man U fans have got to be pissed about the Glazers taking so long to move on, there's a chance if they'd fucked off quicker Utd would have mounted a challenge for the title this season. Everton and West Ham in the bottom 3, absolutely fucked if they go down with the amount of players they'd have to release. The likes of Paqueta and Rice alone .... Chelsea spending 100m on Mudryk won't get them into the top 4, or even the top 6 this year. Arsenal missing out on Mudryk, the Jesus injury, need to add depth to feel more comfortable of holding off a possible City resurgence. But then City are not what they were in recent years, despite Haaland, best striker in the world this year.


This is a pretty awesome response to all this and is putting things on perspective for sure…


Cheers : )


This too, shall pass.


I've tried to reserve judgment on FSG, give them the benefit of the doubt because the club has been well-run and they've hired good people and spent before when necessary. But at this point, refusing to bring in at least one (and ideally two) midfielders in this transfer window is unquestionably a declaration of not giving a shit. A total surrender, setting an old, damaged squad adrift. They're abandoning a squad to be shred apart after they accomplished so much, and asking fans to continue to support a club they won't support themselves. Klopp deserves a fair amount of criticism, too. He is a tactical and motivational genius, but refuses to see how teams have caught up with his once-revolutionary ideas or admit that his players have gotten too old. Allowing Pep Ljinders to treat the squad as an experiment and Kornmayer to run their legs into the ground has also proven disastrous. He's a defensive and combative person, and right now he needs to take a step back and really look at his club through an objective lens. I don't know how possible top four is at this point, but if they continue to be this appalling, it won't be the lack of Champions League football that chases top recruits away.


THANKS TO THE AWAY FANS, traveled and was behind the team doing their best when they knew we were going to get embarrassed before the game even started ... True legends.


Chelsea just signed Mudryk for 100m lol. Not hoping we were like them, but just once I wished the owners showed some fucking ambition. Can't wait until FSG are gone.


We spent 40m on Gakpo when we could've gone for a midfielder instead. That's not FSG's fault. You say you don't want us to be like Chelsea but I don't believe you. We are in top half of net expenditure this season. It's not comparable to some of the other top PL clubs sure, but throwing money like Chelsea isn't the solution to the problem. The year we won the PL we had only spent 10m. Blaming FSG is a very easy cop (no pun intended) out.


......What the fuck?! How much are they paying in wages to deter a man from very likely winning a title in a few months, and settling for mid table, no Europe, no hope of a title for at least another 2 years?


Wages don't matter if the club aren't offering the right price. If arsenal offered £75m and Chelsea offer £100m, the selling club are going to accept the Chelsea offer and the player has no choice in the matter providing Chelsea meet his contractual requirements.


They can't make a player join a certain team 🙄


When FSG eventually fuck off I really hope we don't see "well they won the lot with the club so give them credit" sentiments. They're leeches. We are only in the position we are in because of Klopp. Before him we were directionless for the better part of a decade under them, selling our best players and then signing under 25s in the hopes we could develop them and sell them too. When we won the CL in 2019, we strengthened the club by signing Van den Berg. What a piss take these owners have been. The sooner they are gone the better. Klopp is the reason behind our success and deserves minimum another season to get this right under owners who actually back him.


Oh, fuck off. How is spending 200m+ on forwards but 0m on midfielders FSG's fault?


I just wish FSG would sell us. Like even if you sell us for 2b that's still an amazing ROI. Why keep us if you aren't going to maintain the squad? Just end the misery and pull the trigger, please! That photo of Klopp apologizing to the fans really fucking hurts to see. He shouldn't have to do that. Just because a lack of investment from owners, that's disgraceful.


If I had something worth 3 euro I don’t think I’m selling it for 2 never mind 3 billion it’s not that easy


If you bought something for 10% of that and it needed constant investment to keep its value, and you weren't willing to invest. Then surely selling it for 2 euros would be better.




I would sell Fabinho and Matip in the summer. Fabinhos legs are gone and we should cash in while we can. Matip as good as he has been most of his time here, is ageing and as anyone knows injury prone. Buy a new energetic center back, someone like gvardiol and three new midfielders. Bellingham/Enzo, Rice/Caicedo and Nunes. But I dont see any of that happening under fsg.


Bro 1CB and 3 Midfielders from this list would be £400m plus their wages which would probably add £50m a year to the wage bill. Jude: £120m Enzo: £80m Gvardiol £90m Rice £90m Caicedo £70m Nunes £50m


Plus think about all the freed up wage bill with selling those mentioned plus Ox, Keita and Milner leaving on free


Unfortunately that's the kind of money we need in order to be competitive again


I think the CB situation and Fab are fine but we still need 3 or 4 Midfielders. Especially because we'll lose Ox, Naby and possibly milner next year. A midfield group of: Rice Jude Henderson Fabinho Caicedo Nunes Thiago Would get us back to where we need to be.


Where’s all that money going to come from then?


Oil wells


Klopp is literally the only person within the club that can put pressure on the owners, and he has to. This midfield either no longer has the physicality or the motivation to compete at this level. Forget tactics, they're getting out worked and out played. Klopp has to signal to the owners that this is crisis mode, he's the only person who can do it.


It's honestly depressing to watch. These guys should not be out there right now, getting chewed up by younger, faster, more athletic competition match after match. Hendo should be a sub. Fabinho should be splitting time at best. They're letting players who have won everything for the club be embarrassed out there.


We are already halfway through January... The sad thing is if he does, all FSG will do is sanction the usual stop-gap with a random player on loan until the end of the season because there's 'no money' - we seen it already with Kabak, Davies and Arthur etc.


I don't know if you want a view from an oppo fan who was at the game or not, but here you go, feel free to downvote if not. The setup was bizarre tactically and played into our hands, but obviously Klopp's hands are tied to an extent with injuries. We had so many outlets on the wings every time. Gakpo and Salah didn't really get a sniff. Matip and Konate- both good players but I feel both need Van Dijk alongside them to perform. They looked so disorganised without him, which left Robertson/Trent exposed to the ball in behind- March and Mitoma had free reign on the flanks. Thiago was the only player out there that showed his class for me, but playing with two defensive-minded midfielders really holds him back. It was a mixture of Liverpool underperforming and Brighton being superb today, the highlights really don't do the dominance justice. Had Diaz, Jota or Nuñez been available, I feel we would have been very susceptible to a high press and it would have been a different story. Having said that, I was listening to TalkShite on the way home and heard three LFC fans, two with southern accents and one Welshman, calling for Klopp to go and be replaced by Pochettino. You have to have a pea brain to subscribe to that. Klopp is an outstanding manager, being let down by massive underinvestment IMO. Your fans were a good laugh pre and post game, proper fans who see it and say it as it is in the main. Keep dreaming if you think you're getting Caicedo for less than £80m btw! He would be perfect for LFC though. Genuinely GL for the rest of this season, I'd rather see Liverpool in top four over Chelsea, United, City and the like.


Brighton are a class team. Brilliantly run, fantastic scouting and transfer departments, excellent run of managers in Potter and De Zerbi, and most of all, extremely entertaining. Plus I have always had a massive soft spot for Solly March, so felt nice for him to score twice. Once the game was lost I was at least happy for the Brighton fans and players, they deserved it. Fantastic game from them in every way. I hope yall do well the rest of the season too. Might tune in to some more games of yours, been looking for a team to watch alongside Liverpool this season that doesnt make me want to wash my eyes with bleach.


Thanks brother. We're in a really exciting time, playing outstanding football under De Zerbi, scoring loads and he is getting the best out of players like Lallana, Groß, March etc which we never saw under Potter. But unfortunately, supporting Brighton, you have to acknowledge that these moments are fleeting, hence why I made extra effort to soak it all in today. Trossard sulking and stabbing the club in the back as he attempts to find a way out being a prime example. Not to mention Potter and his staff jumping ship the moment things started to click. It seemed like the end of the world at the time, yet here we are. Problem being, you can guarantee a lot of bigger clubs have De Zerbi on their radar for example, let alone Mac Allister, Caicedo, Mitoma etc. it's imperative not to get too attached to any player or coach as they're obviously going to take the chance of playing for/managing a big club if they can, sometimes without even giving BHA a second thought. Let's face it, nobody grew up dreaming of playing for Brighton. We are extremely fortunate to have a lifelong fan running the club and a world class recruitment setup tbh. I do get it though, and unfortunately, we're never going to be able to keep hold of world class personnel, only develop for profit and start the cycle again. De Zerbi has done one hell of a job with Solly. He is a proper confidence player that needs someone in his corner, RDZ publicly got behind him from day one and his recent form would be enough to get him an England call-up, if England had a competent manager of course. Genuinely a pleasure to have the Liverpool fans at our place today, regardless of the scoreline. Such a stark contrast to fans from the likes of Chelsea.


Not a supporter of Liverpool or Brighton but just wanted to say I'm genuinely happy for you and your fanbase. Enjoy it.


Why would anyone downvote you for that lmao. All of us agree with everything you wrote.


I wonder what role Gakpo will play, he has no pace at all


Why did we sign Gakpo? This guy is going to get loaned/sold to some lower half PL team within the next couple of years.


I think where we are is just the reality of where our type of expenditure lands u at this point in the League. When we assembled our world beating squad in 2018 we had to make sure every single acquisition was perfect and adopted a data driven approach to do so. That’s why we saw 5m relegated Robertson lifting the UCL, or 12m wijnaldum on the double on our best European night ever arguably. This is further reaching, no one thought when we dropped 35m on salah he’d become top5 itw or mane for that matter, same for firmino. We had a great prospect in Trent who solved our right back issue. Allison and vvd were generational so we went all out for them. There were still misses mind u, looking at ox and naby, but we had a great hit ratio in the transfer market during this time which meant that with luck from injuries, we were able to ostensibly overachieve. Now in 2023 as Klopp’s ‘rebuild’ or ‘second team’ is in its fledgling stages without the data driven analysts led by Edwards our budget just isn’t enough if we want to compete at the highest of high levels. I love Diaz and jota, and both of them still have loads of time left at the club, but could we honestly say that so far they’ve had the same impact Mo or Sad had when they joined? They’ve both been great tho, and r the two signings I think have the best chance of exceeding their potential. I love Konate when he’s confident, but as is glowingly obvious, he’s a bundle of nerves and injury prone. Again not the same impact as when we signed VVD. ( I get it these players need time, I agree, but when we signed players who were proven to not pick up niggles, the immediacy of their impact was great). I’m an advocate for darwin, mostly because this season his undying willingness to try has been lacking from much of the team in my view, but we could hardly call his first season a success? (Again ik it’s all ‘so far’ but think of the impact Mo and Sad had when they first joined- both were our poty’s those seasons). Tsmikas is a great back up but I think it’s been established that he’s not the heir to robbo’s throne, carvalho and Elliot are young players being overworked out of position and whilst Thiago has been great, we bought him knowing that he’s essentially a luxury player. All this to say, with our current player scouting being less reliant on analytical data, we are more likely to miss a bit more, hence we will need more investment. When that investment is not forthcoming, we will b eternally stuck in limbo as we are now, with ageing legends who are run done, players with loads of potential who r as yet unproven, and young players being shoehorned into positions they are incapable of fulfilling. This is all hindered by our horrific injury record over the past few years as well.


Thats an absolutely insane level of standard to hold new players to. You do realize Mo Salah, Mane, and van Dijk are among the best players to play for Liverpool for the past 30 years? How can you justify holding every new player to that level of scrutiny, especially when you dont even give Diaz and Nunez more than a season to play before judging them to be subpar? Absolutely insane comment. Give the boys a chance, ffs...


That’s exactly my point. It is an INSANE standard to hold them to. That’s why we will struggle to be successful with low investment without data driven recruitment. Literally the thesis of the post was saying that we were successful under klopp in the first place bcos we signed so many diamonds who hit the ground running straight away. And that without that transfer team and the analysts, alongside our current (low) level of investment making those *perfect* signings is increasingly difficult and henceforth, we won’t be successful.


you keep saying we arent engaging in data-driven recruitment. how do you know we arent? has there been some sort of shift in the recruitment strategy?


Even during all this success we’ve had, the one thing that’s bothered me the most (especially when weve lost league titles in the end) has been how we’ve had so many absurd calls go against us directly (referee and VAR) yet we’ve been labeled “livarpool”. While manU, after being utter shit year after year literally had the refs carry them with 115minute penalties, Pogba/Rashford/Bruno/Martial dives thats led to point-winning pens, and other absurd decisions. Here they are again, now on the up still getting these decisions. This season, a clear offside goal that won them 3 pts against their biggest rival because theres a new rule (that applies to Rashford of course and not others), and another super controversial call to beat their second biggest rivals in Citeh. A big reason if they keep their momentum I can see them beat Arsenal to it. Im sure there will be many many more controversial calls go their way while Arsenal may get fucked (as they did in the past, more similar to us).


Must hurt everyone as nuch as me that Utd are quite clearly better than us. Unforgiveable we've allowed that


Nike cursed us. Bring back new balance.


Especially if we can’t use any of those funds for transfers


everything good that happened, happened during NB era alisson’s goal is my most memorable moment in the nike era and it wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t signed him in the NB kit lol


Thiago is literally a caipirinha drinking Paul Pogba


Brighton fan who was at the game here- Thiago was the only one of your players that didn't underperform from where I was stood.


he's the least of our problems rn. Imagine if we didn't brought him in and relied on Curtis Jones lol.


An overcorrection is needed to get the team back on course. It is obvious to everyone except the ownership, apparently.


oh they’re fully aware - they just dont give a shite


Their work was done, in their eyes, when they won the title.


Everything about the team has been woeful to the point where I don't feel like watching games anymore. 😔


I know there's wages and stuff but look at United going out and signing someone like casemiro whilst we were happy with the dogshite we have running around. Comical really


Surely he would have rather signed for us at the time too


Now suddenly most players probably don't want to sign for us if they have other options


Covid still affecting us.


If we don’t sign a midfielder we NEED to change the formation because our midfield seems to be sliced open with one pass. We have now been beaten in midfield by Leicester, Brentford and Brighton. We used to bully other teams


Even a minor suggestion that Klopp is the problem and you get banned at RAWK


He may not be THE problem but he is certainly part of it


> Klopp is the problem Maybe don't use "the"


whats RAWK?


redandwhitekop com


It might not be a scoreline like 6-1 Stoke or 7-2 Villa defeat but in my 17 years as a fan of this team, that's absolutely up there with one of the worst performances I've seen from Liverpool. This has been coming - it was mind-blowing seeing people talk potentially catching Arsenal or even top 4. Like have you even watched us this season? You can count on your hand the amount of good performances we have in all comps. You can't compete by getting late winners, lucky VAR calls or teams scoring own goals for you. Over the course of a season it generally evens out. We aren't even half way and we've gotten to that point where top 4 looks out of sight. Midfield is the obvious issue, but this team was 2 games off a quadruple 7 months ago. We look like a bottom table side - there is clearly a ton of fatigue as well. Yes, we have a few injuries like Diaz, Jota and Van Dijk but even when we had those players there's something off about this team. There's no build up in our play, no urgency. We sit back immediately at the start of games waiting to concede. That's a sign of no confidence and Hendo has came out himself and said that. Klopp is at cross roads now. He's earned this season and the next to get it right no matter what happens. But he has to take some accountability for this. Watching this team play long ball up to our 5'8 Salah - is that why we gave him 400k a week? Get a few midfielders in, get new life in this side and go again next season. Do something different.


Well, that 7-2 was a blueprint for what is happening to us now, no pressing and a high line. I know we had players out and they got lucky with deflections, but they also ripped us to shreds


Klopp has earned the right to show up and get the team relegated 10x over. You all don’t appreciate what he has done


Khephran Thuram and Caicedo in this window for 100m, and Enzo in the summer for 80m instead of Bellingham and we have a revitalized and lethal midfield engine again.


2 of them are coming to chelsea


Plus sell Gomez and Nat and bring in Gvardiol


Ah yes, because bringing in 4 none homegrown players and getting rid of 2 makes perfect sense. Not to mention we’d get around 30-35m max for both Gomez and Phillips so it’d require FSG to add another 70m for Gvardiol


I can't even blame Klopp or the players. He's got no other options in that midfield. Fabinho is done, Henderson is done and Thiago is a luxury when you've got two midfielders to do his running. We don't. The fans know what we need, the manager knows what we need, I bet some of the players know what we need...do FSG and the staff not see the same as us?!


We've tried nothing and we're already out of ideas


Any of the youth team CM we can fasttrack into the team?. Cant be worse right?


Alright tried that with Harvey and Curtis for 3 years running now, look how that's turned out


What happened to the Polish Messi?


We've only had like 2 or 3 comfortable wins this season, one of them was gameweek 2 and one of them was a CL dead rubber. End me.


I forgot about this game and I’m glad I did


I miss Van Djik and Mane... :( and an addition to the midfield would really be nice


My favorite goal I’ve seen in real time is the 2019 second leg vs Bayern. VVD launches the ball nonchalantly over the top Mane stops it takes it on a turn leaving Neuer in no man’s land. Lethal pair


We were ridiculous then. Probably the main reason Bayern signed him


what a goal. fell off my sofa for that one. what a player.


If we beat Wolves we are probably going to have relive this match again


All I care about from this season now is that we knock Real Madrid out


Haha oh my days, please don't get your hopes up for that. That's just not fair to you.




Ok I’ve worked it out, Klopp needs to go back to wearing glasses


Actually watched the highlights of Everton vs Southampton to make the sadness go away and I feel dirty.


Time to sit down with each of these players and ask if they still want to be here. If they’re not committed they need to be sold. Defence for each of these goals was positionally a shambles. Go back and watch how our defence loses track of the players that they’re meant to be marking. A midfield doesn’t solve that problem.


Mane come back!


Mane couldn't fix this.


I'm incredibly skeptical that it'd be anywhere near this bad though I do agree with you


I can't even explain how much I despise and hate FSG and that cunt Henry.We are in our best years in decades and they are wasting it by not buying players.If we would've got a Wijnaldum replacement when he left in 2021, we would have probably won the quadruple or at least one of PL or UCL, and we would fight for the title this year, too.Bunch of fucking snakes, bought the club for pennies and can't even invest properly despite having record revenues.But the fuckers can buy hockey and NBA teams for hundreds of millions.


Liverpool have conceded the first goal in 21 of their last 35 games


and 4 of those remaining 14 were 0-0's


We are fucked


This stat was bad 15 games ago and now it's worse :(


Mirror linking us to Ruben Neves this month... thoughts?


The Mirror just making clickbait titles after we got wrecked lol


agreed \^\^\^ and FSG doesn't open the checkbook for midfielders.


Don't think he is the kind of midfielder we need right now.


no midfielder in the world is going to fix our problems BUT if we want to fix our short term issues a DM would be the most important


Would rather have Caicedo surely Chelsea can’t get him after dropping 100m on mudryk right?


Meh, need someone more athletic with pace and power.


Never happening, he’s Barca bound


I'd open an incognito window if I wanted to watch a group of people get fucked. It would be less time-consuming, too.




Klopp: "I had absolutely no sign for this performance before the game.” Is he for real?


He said it’s the worst game he can remember in his managerial CAREER, I think he means he had no clue it would be that bad. Yes tactical changes were needed but this was a dire performance from most of our players, I honestly think they’ve mostly checked out.


I guess they'll only check-in again when we play City. That ship has sailed, they're not even title favourites anymore.


Tbf this was beyond abysmal by the team today. I mean we've been bad this season but this was a whole new low. Barely threatened the Brighton keeper and struggled to even get the ball for a decent spell.


This result was expected by a large portion of our own fans


I agree, while most of us expected the loss, the way we lost is genuinely concerning. In all the others games this season, we atleast had the ball for occasional spells and laced a few attempts together (albeit wasted) This was a game where we looked absolutely spineless, no sense of purpose to our play, no passing accuracy, even Thiago who's managed something this season occasionally looked out of his depth. Probably our worst performance by a huge margin in Lord knows how long


I’ve been a Liverpool fan since the year 2000 so this level is actually par for the course for about 75% of my time watching them. It may take a year or 2, but we’ll bounce back.


Wish we had a 20 year old Steven Gerrard in the midfield like those days though.


I wish I could be optimistic of that fact but I just can't right now tbh, at least without a full takeover. Arsenal are a young project which will receive plenty more financial backing to consolidate their top 4 position. Utd are building something positive for a change, only this time they're going to finally be rid of the Glazers. City and Newcastle are oil clubs who have bottomless finances and Chelsea might as well have bottomless finances with the way they're spending. With such opposition it was paramount that we maintained our position at the top and now that we've fallen off it's gonna be incredibly tough to turn it around. We used to be able to outperform these clubs with tremendous planning and spending efficiency but now we're sat here with apathetic owners and a sporting project which appears to be falling apart with backroom staff leaving right left and centre. Arsenal and Utd spent a decade in mediocrity to be where they are now, and their owners actually spend money every now and then. If we can't bounce back and get top 4 next season then we might genuinely be 5th-7th placed club when the dust settles. Imo we've outgrown FSG and right now we're at a crossroads where a full takeover is a prerequisite if we want to compete with these clubs long-term.


Great comment


Holy fuck thank you hahaha. Been supporting this team since 2009. A lot of supporters don't know how to distinguish between a capable manager sticking by his players in hard times, and a manager who is *actually* out of touch and out of his element.


If you've been a fan since 2000 then you should know it can take a lot longer than a year or two before a club bounces back to the position we were in for the past few years.


I’m trying to be positive here


Doesn’t really help anything. Let’s be realistic instead.


1996 for me. I’ll willingly admit that the last few years under Klopp made me forget the bad times, which makes putting this year into perspective very hard. It stings, mate.


Lots of new fans who have not experienced this side of Liverpool.




Ran circles around our entire midfield, but then again that doesn’t say much


People shitting on Klopp here have lost their fucking minds. He's taking the flak because that's what a good manager does, he protects his players. Doesn't call them out in press conferences, he does that privately. Some of the people commenting here are either new or just an ungrateful bunch of cunts. We can talk about midfield all we want, Klopp is never going to shit on his own current players so would people please shut the fuck up about that and stop saying Klopp is arrogant or isn't aware of the problems. Do you think he's fucking stupid? The players are to blame for a lot of this. Sure, we have problems but look at the team we have there and they played shit. Forget tactics, the players themselves made a lot of individual errors. It isn't good enough. We've been through much worse than this, do you know who will sort it out? Klopp.


Finally a sane Liverpool opinion


I agree that we should be backing Klopp in these times but he should take some of the blame. He knows Henderson and Fab are liabilities yet he’s starting them every game, players like Keita and Bajcetic aren’t world beaters but they’d at least be an improvement on those two. I also don’t see how carrying on with this pressing style of play makes any sense when your midfield can’t run anymore


> but he should take some of the blame He does though, he's taking all of it and accepting that he got things wrong, but people are then shitting on him and asking how he can't see the problems in midfield. That's my issue. They actually think Klopp doesn't know what the issues are just because he doesn't say it in a press conference. > He knows Henderson and Fab are liabilities yet he’s starting them every game Your solution is to start Keita and Bajcetic? Holy shit.


It’s not a solution, it’s an improvement. You can’t seriously tell me Keita and bajectic could be worse than Henderson and Fabinho. Literally any midfielder that can make more than 1 tackle a game would be an improvement


Keita isn't an improvement on anyone.


There’s no way you’re saying Keita is worse than Henderson


He is absolutely worse than Henderson but maybe not on current form


Other than today he's been leveled with Thiago past few games. Henderson is fucking useless


They look defeated, which is probably the worst thing you can say about a group of people who have a collective goal. People often exaggerate and say their team played like they were a couple leagues below the opposition but it genuinely looked like that. Last thing I needed to read on here was a reminder that we have Madrid in the CL lmao. Strap in boys, we're in survival mode now


They were defeated. 3-0


Indeed they were, indeed they were


For the love of christ.


At best, I can interpret Klopp saying this couldn't be foreseen as some shit for the media. That doesn't make much sense to me either, but I absolutely don't know what to think if he is serious.


He’s on about in training people are reading way too much into it everything he’s doing is taking all the attention of the players


But it looks like half the team doesn't care, surely Klopp should understand what that is about? I just don't know man


He also went on to say it was the worst performance he’s seen if you listen to the full interview it’s clear what he’s on about


What makes this so much more difficult to accept is that just last year Liverpool were on the verge of making history.. now the same players can barely manage a shot on goal vs Brighton. Klopp did it before and he can do it again. Head up chin up


Really funny though isn’t it


I don't know if it gives them a pass by saying it but it feels like the players have aged by a decade in the last 3 to 4 years. It's like buying a 5 year old car with 300,000km on the engine. The only players with our old energy are the newer signings.


I mean… It’s hard to get too frustrated at these boys after all they’ve given us the last 3-4 seasons.. but even if they’ve aged they should still be experienced enough to know how to drive a dang Ferrari even if it’s old!


I miss Mane though…


Could you imagine the hero’s welcome he’d get if he returned? The prodigal son


We need the Saudi owners right now I’m sick of this lack of investment


Get a life


I hate social media at times like this.


We’re being Elon musked


This was coming — this was absolutely 200% coming. Gakpo didn't look settled in his debut, and didn't look particularly good here. Ox on the left wing is a meme — no Virgil, who it will become clear to everyone before long was doing an admirable job papering over some of the cracks in our defence.


Does the strategy of tanking for better draft picks work when there’s no draft?


What was that saying Philly had? Trust the process or something


They’re still trusting it lol


This will be us soon




It’s a joke. In America w the NFL and NBA when an aging and declining team needs reworking some teams intentionally lose so they can get better draft picks. It’s fairly controversial. Obviously there’s no draft here, there’s zero reward for poor play but this looks like a team that’s tanking.


Praying it’s not near the end of the Klopp era


Feels like it’s a matter of time


I for one am quite looking forward to thursday night away games with the likes of FC Astana and Djurgarden. The Bearnabeu and the Allianz are overrated anyway. (I had to goggle both those teams btw).


I'd be shocked if we get a europa or even conference spot. I think 8th or 9th is more likely.