PGE is hiring right now.


I just applied for the apprentice position at pg&e and It doesn't require your class A for 6 month's, but i have my permit. They sent an email saying I didn't meet the minimum requirements. Any info on that?


Idk man. Good luck.


Sorry to say: Likely rejected off the bat because guys with CDL want it too. Happened to me for multiple positions. Guys who check the above average boxes will get to the next level


Just get a job in the industry, a groundman job is better than a truck driving job, unless you're desperate for money. These hiring managers want to see that you started working in the industry after school. As for OSHA 10, I graduated with an OSHA 10 ET&D, and my company still made me take the basic bitch OSHA class when hired.


I'm just having trouble figuring out how to apply. Or where to go to do so. Also don't have much experience applying to jobs. My current maintainace job I've worked at the past 5 years (also my first and only job) I got into cuz I knew someone working there. My interview was telling me what I'd be doing and when I can start. And all I had to do was fill out a application so they can have it on file.


Just use indeed. It's not really different from any other job. Look for groundman jobs, apprentice jobs, etc. Dont be afraid to move.




Wait your school didnt help you find a job? Most schools(at least mine) help you find a job


No not really. Told us we can apply to w/e local or (regional) IBEW. And told us how we need to make good resumes and cover letters.


What school is this and if you don't mind how much was tuition?


Non union contractor as a groundman